TheBlogTV - Value Behind Community - May 2011


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Official presentation of TheBlogTV practices in building collaborative platforms for business customers

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TheBlogTV - Value Behind Community - May 2011

  1. 1. Value behind Community Corporate Practices 2011, May 4th
  2. 2. TheBlogTV is the first Social Media Company in Europe. Since 2007 we engage online audiences and convert them into communities for top brands and enterprises, leveraging on video content and social expertise.2
  3. 3. Our uniqueness Social TV Shows / We are pioneer and leader in WebTV & VideoBlog / building communities based onparticipatory value and video Vertical Social Network / communications Premium Clubs/ We engage ourselves in eachcommunity to make them grow and Consumer Labs / create a permanent dialogue betweenour clients and their audiences. Contest Platform / Crowdsourcing/ Social Enterprise /3
  4. 4. Our PhilosophyWe believe in participatoryvalue creationWe believe all brands and enterprisesare now facing a new challenge andcan leverage on their community tocreate new economic value.We have a top class teamin 4 countriesTheBlogTV has more than 120people in France, Spain, Italy and theUK. Experts in their field andspecialists in the social networking.4
  5. 5. The OpportunityCommunities can TheBlogTVparticipate in the Communities Internet CrowdBrand & EnterpriseValue Creation Userfarm ` Topic /Interest / Engagement /Web 2.0 has Engagement / Responses / Comments /disclosed newopportunities to extractvalue from real time R&D! Web 2.0 Creative ideas Customer Service! and Solutionscrowd participation,emergingcollaboration, Prod! Sales!knowledge sharing. Internal Marketing ! Process! & PR! 5
  6. 6. Engaging in real The Riskconversations is to lose grip with your target audience and let someoneCOMMON INTEREST else disintermediate your company We believe our clients should own their communities and have access to all information and insights. We track and crunch all data in order toMEASURERESPOND understand our communities. WithANIMATEENGAGE Facebook, Twitter, etc. accessing these RAW data are veryREACT complicated if not impossible and could be very expensive
  7. 7. Other CLIENTTBTV NEW COMMUNITY SITESsites We build a social media ecosystem for our communities Our communities are deeply linked with all main social networks through API and ad hoc apps. This, and a SEO constant activity, maximize audience engagement and project viralization. 7
  8. 8. What we offer?27/06/2009 8 8 8
  9. 9. Our practicesand format CROWDTheBlogTV has FUNDINGdeveloped aunique portfolioof 10 practicesaddressing allmain customer IDEAneeds PLATFORM INDUSTRIES CLIENTS VALUE CREATION PRACTICE Under development FORMAT
  10. 10. TheBlogTV - Full Service Approach • Insights and Creativity We find a strong insight in the market Develop concepts and ideas focused on a • Concept and strategy specific target to meet the objectives of the brand and build a strategy. Social Design, Graphic & User Interface • Construction & design Development and License Multimedia & Mobile Creation of a editorial plan based on • Editorial planning community focus • Content Content management and production Production Content Crowdsourcing Social Media Strategy • Diffusion Buzzing & Seeding SEO, SEM, SMM • Management Planning Community Management Project Management Reporting & Accounting • Reporting10
  11. 11. Case Studies27/06/2009 11
  12. 12. Social TV Shows / Babel All Colours of Italy Client CategoryThe first and only User Generated television channeldedicated to Italian immigrants created for civic Edutainment purposes, social and entertainment. Goals Countries Customer Acquisition Italy 12 © BABEL is a TheBlogTV property
  13. 13. WebTV & Videoblog / Wired TV To be replaced by a Wired Pic To be replaced by a Wired To be video replaced by a Wired PicWired TV is a Video section of the Wired Client Categorywebsite engaging the audiences around HiTech their editorial topics with a customizedvideoplayer and enhanced sharing Goals Countriesfunctionalities. Traffic Italy 13
  14. 14. Vertical Social Network/ Nokia Play Client CategoryIs a community dedicated to sharing happenings Entertainment and experiences related to the music, entertainmentand mobile. Goals Countries Retention Italy (ie Subscription) 14
  15. 15. Vertical Social Network/ Wind Business FactorWBF is a social network dedicated to start up Client Categoryand emerging companies with special deals, Small Businessopportunities, contests and training material. Goals Countries Customer Acquisition Italy (Subscription) 15 © BUSINESS FACTOR is a TheBlogTV property
  16. 16. Premium Club / Juventus Client CategoryPremium Club (e.g. euro 36/yr.) in which fans can Juventus FC Premium Clubshare their own passion.Exclusive content: Games, Videos in HD quality, Goals CountriesInteractive chats with players Revenues Italy 16
  17. 17. Consumer Lab/ Vodafone Client CategoryIs a platform where customers exchange Consumerinformation and advice with various participatory engagementtools: Forum, Blog and Wiki. Goals Countries Subscription / Italy Retention 17
  18. 18. Contest Platform/ Roma Europe FestivalREWF award the work of the talent people with cash Client Categoryprizes and offers the possibility of visibility and Festivalinternational relations for creative.• 6 competitions per year Goals Countries• Offline events Talent Scouting Italy • Media partnerships, all managed by TheBlogTV. (ie participants) 18
  19. 19. Contest Platform/ Compass 50th Client Category50annicompass.compassonline.itThe first community dedicated to group stories and Anniversary create a collective history of Italians.• Everyone can participate Countries Goals• Enriched with the stories and video interviews of publicfigures. Content Italy 19
  20. 20. Social Intranet/ Magma Solution Magma – The Easy Social Enterprise TheBlogTV has developed a Social Enterprise Platform that includes the following functionalities: • Management profiles. • Knowledge Sharing in all formats. • WebTV, VideoSharing. • Agenda and Calendar of events • Webmagazine and Microblogging. • Chat, Messaging Platform, • Brainstorming, Questions & Answers. • Creation of working groups with dedicated tools. • Publication and archiving with semantic search. Magma is a white label platform that can be customized allowing the customer to change graphic and choose the desired functionalities. Client Category Social Intranet Goals Countries Productivity" UK 20 (ie participation)
  21. 21. Crowdsourcing / Userfarm Userfarm is the first european platform of video crowdsourcing: a network of more than 25.000 videomakers Brands, Publishers and Broadcasters can engage videomakers able to create a full range of different videos, tapping into a large pool of creative talent, more than traditional production channels do. Clients provide videomakers with efficient and compelling brief including strategy and a determined set of requirements. Userfarm platform is also offered aa a white label crowdsourcing platform for all customers needs: content, advertsing, insight, show, ecc… Cliente Categoria 110 Clients Co-creation Obiettivo Paese Content Production France, Spain, Italy,UK Active Participants© USERFARM è di proprietà di TheBlogTV
  22. 22. Company Profile27/06/2009 22 22 22
  23. 23. Our portfolio of clients TheBlogTv “currently clients”23
  24. 24. CORPORATE STRUCTURE TheBlogTV Shareholders Innogest Capital - the largest Italian Venture Capital Fund, focused on Seed & Early Stage Investments. TLcom - a London-based Venture Capital fund, investing since 1999 in Telecom, Media e Technology companies. Zodiak Media Group - one of the worlds leading creators, producers and distributors of content for TV, radio, new media and cinema.24
  25. 25. TheBlogTV is 120 people across Contact: Claude Spasevski - Managing Director4 European countries UKLondon22a Cope Place W8 6AATel: (+44) 783 750 37 80TheBlogTV ItalyRome Milanvia Casilina 939, 00172 via San Vincenzo 24, 20123Tel: (+39) 06.97848159 Tel: (+39) 02.87286400TheBlogTV SpainBarcelona MadridDiagonal 329, PisoB, 1ºDerecha - 08009 " Calle San Bernardo, 20. 2°-2ª - 28015 Tel: (+34) 93.4765792 Tel: (+34) FranceParis38 rue des Gravilliers, 75003Tel: +33 1 44 61 50 75