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Enterprise video challenges


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Enterprise video challenges

  1. 1. Enterprise Video Challenges By: Nadeem Khan, VIDIMZO LLC
  2. 2. Business Challenges Improving corporate communication, marketing, training and social learningamong geographically distributed co-workers, customers and investors. Empowering workforce to share their knowledge and experiences Keeping mobile workforce informed by delivering content and media to their mobile and personal devices Creating effective, engaging and measureable corporate compliance & training programs Improving and automating engagement with customers and prospects Tracking all communications, ensure delivery and measure ROI
  3. 3. Solution YouTube, Netflix and several Video Sharing sites have motivated organizations to solve these business challenges through the use of internet video Business goal is achieved by sharing related live or on- demand videos privately or publically Video is shared with a targeted user base to achieve specific business goals associated with the user base Finally, in-depth video analytics such as who watched, what, how much and when etc. provides the necessary intelligence and opportunity to relate this data with business results
  4. 4. Exponential growth of Video in SocialMedia, Entertainment , Commercials • Cisco predicts 80% Internet Traffic by 2015 will be video. • Nearly 33 billion video content views occurred during a month • 84.8 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video. • Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property in June with 154.5 million unique viewers, followed by Yahoo! Sites with 51.5 million, with 49 million, VEVO with 46.2 million and Viacom Digital with 38.9 million • The duration of the average online content video was 6.8 minutes, while the average online video ad was 0.4 minutes. • Video ads accounted for 25 percent of all videos viewed and 2 percent of all minutes spent viewing video online
  5. 5. Typical Enterprise Video Challenges  Video requires high bandwidth & CPU to host and playback  Video requires high storage consumption  Unknown Network support for playback of reasonable quality or high definition video delivery within enterprise  Manual Encoding & Transcoding of video is time consuming & painful  On-premises encoding infrastructure will remain underutilized  Cloud encoding is fast and cost effective but there may be security concerns  Universal playback across variety of devices is a must have but new devices are continuously evolving, how to ensure playback on all newly evolving devices5 1/11/2013
  6. 6. Typical Enterprise Video Challenges  Video playback integration with Line of Business Application  Video encryption & security  No HTML5 support for Video Encryption or DRM  Content access & rights management  On-Premises solutions may overload Enterprise IT Data Center  There are security concerns around Cloud Solution  Is Hybrid a good solution ?  Measuring ROI by co-relating business results with viewing analytics
  7. 7. Key Features for aEnterprise Video Delivery Solution
  8. 8. Key Features• A centralized Video Portal for private and • API support to extend functionality or integrate public video distribution with other systems• Fully brand able /white label portal • Brand-able players, ability to create players• Provide live or on-demand video delivery • Support Encryption or DRM• Content security & access rights management • Ability to export video analytics• Upload self-produced videos by authorized • Flexible deployment to suit business needs such viewers with approval process to publish as On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid• Content workflow management • Support Enterprise and Public Content Delivery Networks• Ability to embed video • Ability to edit content without changing URL• Video synchronized with PowerPoint • Provide tools for automatic ingestion and encoding of content• Ability to add meta data, search inside Video • Transcoding for multiple devices meta• Search spoken words in the video • Version control for published videos• Video playback across mobile devices such as • Support to ingest videos of all popular formats iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  9. 9. Key Features• Web based Movie Editor to perform basic video • User management, user groups, user rights editing , PowerPoint synchronization or management authoring interactive rich media presentations• Ability to proactively engage viewers through • Integration with CRM for close loop marketing campaigns scenarios or creating workflows to suggest video to viewers• Ability to analyze and compare campaigns • Ability to track and analyze detailed viewing history of all videos• Social media integration • Interactive Video with quizzes, polls, surveys etc.• Evaluate viewer through branch-able quizzes • Issue viewing completion certificates for compliance, education & training• Integration with Enterprise search • Ability to track viewership i.e who watched, what was watched, when was it watched and how much was watched• Support Smooth streaming or adaptive bit rate • Integration with Enterprise Applications such as streaming to adjust video playback quality based AD/LDAP, SharePoint, Content Management on available bandwidth and device screen size Systems, Learning Management Systems (LMS) for optimal playback experience , CRM or video conferencing systems such as Lync• Support for Progressive download • Support for caching content across WAN