Xm Asia nokia ap digital case history


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A quick look at how much XM achieved for Nokia from 2004 to 2008.

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Xm Asia nokia ap digital case history

  1. 1. Nokia Asia PacificCreating a #1 digital brand2004 - 2008 1
  2. 2. What was the business need •  In order to maintain their leadership in the industry, Nokia needed to reinvent the way it has been marketing its mobile phones as consumers were moving online. •  Nokia’s corporate objective was to shift itself from a mobile phone manufacturer to become the mainstay of communications, enabling consumers access to information, services and content through their mobile phones. Nokia is Number 1 in the Make Nokia Number 1 in the land of telecommunications business Internet Giants 40% market share 140 million 17% market 8% market 8% market phones share share share Over time, we recognised that the evolution of digital & consumer trends were imperative in making digital the backbone of Nokia’s entire business 2
  3. 3. Digital Achievements 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Digital Age of portals Proliferation of Web 2.0 evolution Web 2.0 takes off Web 2.0 way of Trends portals life How to reinvent How to build Nokia’s Key How to create a How to focus on the business integration How to leverage Challenges one-stop platform consolidation and model to map between online on new media that synergised all enhancements evolving and office and trends and social 10 websites in APAC consumers’ build engagement networks consumption patterns XM engaged to XM’s site XM created XM continues to XM’s insight- XM developed award-winning maintain brand maintain 10 maintenance and driven Find and Compare work for site with engaging brandsites in Asia content creation solutions Pacific received a 75% in Tool Nokia Nseries content, and built satisfaction score utilizing social a social in agency review media community platform for music (2) Used data to (3) Facilitated (4) Leveraged (5) Built XM’s key (1) Made Nokia’s 10 increase site traffic target social trends to communities and achievements sites into a key sales and user understanding and optimise channel harnessed content channel with digital engagement increased user planning to extend Nokia’s engagement by service offerings over 420% Won Cannes Bronze Cyberlion 3
  4. 4. #1: How XM ‘s digital strategy transformed Nokia’s sites into key saleschannelsBusiness Challenge•  Consumers were using information online to determine purchase. Nokia needed to synergise all local websites and incorporate with timely and relevent content that will influence purchase.Solution•  We built a large-scale workflow solution ensuring seamless integration, smooth communications and maximising efficiency across the 10 local websitesWhat we did•  Continuously track how users navigate websites and constantly enhance websites with engaging content and applications.•  Create, localise, and maintain web pages and beyond-the-browser applications creation•  Set-up content management system infrastructure set-up•  Editorial planning across all online channels•  Created and maintained .mobi edition of the brandsite•  Database acquisition through campaign drivers.•  Create, localise and maintained Nokia’s “Be the first to know” newsletter.•  Content for newsletter is also used for RSS feeds. Turned around all new announcements within 24 hours.•  Systematic tracking of spends and efforts on a monthly basis.•  Robust campaign creation and dissemination process involving Nokia stakeholders (Global, Regional and Local levels) and key agency partners•  The output: we perfected the large-scale maintenance workflow•  Results: XM received 75% in satisfaction score in agency review! 4
  5. 5. #2: How XM used data to increase site traffic and user engagementBusiness Challenge•  We needed to measure the return on marketing investment•  digital marketing due to its natural ability to measure defined conversions, became the platform of changeSolution•  We created a sophisticated tracking framework in all digital work, enabling end-to- end data tracking, measurements and consumer trendingWhat we did•  Continuously track how users navigate websites and converted learnings into actionable enhancement ideas•  Created reporting dashboards measuring and cross-referencing site, campaign, and eNewsletter performance, thus providing an in-depth understanding of the customer journey in a multi-media environment•  Monitored and analysed social forums regularly as well as combined analytics and data reports to better understand audience behaviour•  Keyword learnings were used to enhance Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to increase searchability of websites, to increase site traffic•  Comprehensive SEO tactics helped increase visits to low-traffic pages, and also increase user relevancy by driving results to specific pages•  Results: Increased traffic by 30% over a year, user activities on site increased by 15%. Traffic directed to campaign sites increased by 25%. 5
  6. 6. #3: How XM understood the target better and increased user engagementBusiness Challenge•  Consumers were getting confused with the multitude of phone brands and products available. There was no real point of differentiation between products anymoreSolution•  Created a ‘living and organic’ application that took into consideration a visitor’s real-time journey within the brand site to produce contextually relevant recommendationsWhat we did•  Used Hitbox’s tracking tool, XM conceptualized and designed a solution that served out relevant products through tracking a visitor’s user journey during his visit in the brandsite.•  The output: A “Find & Compare” application residing in relevant touchpoints within a visitor’s user journey within the Nokia brandsite•  The Global Find & Compare tool provided a seamless experience while browsing through the phones – without the user realizing it, automating the target identification process, anytime, anywhere.•  Consumers were able to compare phones of interest, simply by tracking the phone models viewed.•  Results: Phone comparison usage increased over 420% after the launch of the new Phone Selector with record sales. 6
  7. 7. #4: How XM leveraged social trends to optimise channel planningBusiness Challenge•  The overwhelming range of phones available on the market made it hard for Nokia to communicate the multimedia benefits of the new N81 phone to consumersSolution•  XM created an experiential platform that seamlessly integrates offline and online channels to demonstrate N81’s high tech features, while creating user dialogues and building user participation•  This social platform allowed Nokia to ‘own and earn’ its media asset complimentary to it’s ‘paid’ media, thereby extending reach and credibility.What we did•  Digital Playzone was a regional, high-engagement activation campaign where contestants had to spend 3 days in a glass room without personal belongings save for a Nokia N81. Contestants compete for points over tasks that involve using key features of the device (involvement).•  Public participation was via the event, online campaign site and mobile shoutbox•  We also created a common communication platform for registrants, participants and the public to converse before, during and post event with real-time chat boxes, live blog entries and a mobile site that allowed users/promoters to access the website onsite.•  Results: 372,969 unique visitors. Post campaign analytics showed social bookmarks are well-utilised as a method for raising awareness of the event. 7
  8. 8. #5: How XM built communities and harnessed content to extend Nokia’sservice offeringsBusiness Challenge•  Nokia needed to develop an association with “Music” as a key lifestyle driver. And in turn harness music content for its mobile devicesSolution•  XM created an online music community platform, the Independent Artist Club (IAC), which allowed for sharing and downloading of music files. It creating huge brand equity and presence in the digital music space for Nokia.What we did•  XM developed a hybrid platform using 2.0 web technologies that enabled easy sharing and uploading/downloading of content, necessary for the success of a community platform like IAC•  Separated online registration and moderation for country level music agents and artists so that talent spotters could easily identify and qualify local artists by market and genre, increasing the chances of local artists getting signed.•  Multiple country sites accessing an APAC level database of songs could filter consumer choices at country level•  Results: Created an online music brand for Nokia. IAC is now 2nd largest online independent music site in Asia 8
  9. 9. How XM was resourced to create digital achievements XM utilised the following communication model to provide regional support to Nokia local agency vendors for smooth and effective regional coordination and exchange of work. Production Team (Based in Singapore) Technology Nokia APAC XM Program Rich Media Analytics Creative Online Managers Planning teameCommunications Mobi Brandsite eCommunications Mobi Brandsite Program Maintenance Maintenance Management Maintenance Maintenance Producer Team Nokia Local Country Local Country Agencies Online Managers 9
  10. 10. Team Nokia – Roles and responsibilities STRATEGY STEERING TEAM •  Provides strategic business direction & leadership within RMG/JWT •  Provides digital insights to activation teams •  Provides overall brand guardianship across APAC •  Engagement programme planning and content maintenance PROGRAM MANAGEMENT TEAM •  Integrate activities and maintain dialogues with customers with a segmented e-marketing and communications approach •  Provides regional support to local markets •  Key to account communications and support •  On-going collation, analysis and dissemination of monthly dashboards and measurements data collected from various Nokia owned channels (country advisory role to share data with countries) •  Core team which supports Nokia Digital Activation activities DIGITAL ACTIVATION TEAM •  Provide Activation Campaign & Creative Strategy development •  Plan & manage assets development to ensure seamless delivery •  Review measurements (web analytics) to ensure objectives are achieved and provide a recommended action where addressable •  Ensure alignment to other non-digital activation channels •  Implement Activation Campaign & Creative Strategy developmentTECHNOLOGY AND OPERATIONS TEAM •  Comprising site management, creative, marketing, analytics and technical expertise •  Ensure operational efficiency of site maintenance and systematic injection of innovative ideas and improvements 10
  11. 11. Results: XM’s thinking helpedshape Nokia’s business objectiveof becoming #1Reputation:Made Nokia #1 a giant in the digital space withbreakthrough digital campaigns that harnessedgreat brand presence and sales results by tappinginto the power of community, user engagement,data mining and new media technologies. Source: Digital Media Top Brands SingaporeRetention:We enjoyed a 5 year enduring relationship withNokia and has seen through over 300 phonelaunches, delivered breakthrough campaigns withoutstanding results; engaging multiple countriesand stakeholders with one team, one focus.RevenueXM Singapore has indicatively grown the digitalspend of Nokia more than 75% from 2003,expanding the jobscope from a brandsitemaintenance to a digital led marketing mix acrossbrand, product/sales (over 300+ phone launches),and service/content channels. 11
  12. 12. www.xm-asia.comTHANK YOU 12