Social Media + The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, "lessons and tips"


Published on is a social-media-fueled, homegrown, no-budget benefit party.

In this presentation we share our story, and the things we've learned along the way.

Our success is in part, a big thanks to the @SMCKC community and their efforts supporting the event!

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Social Media + The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, "lessons and tips"

  1. 1. @ramseym
  2. 2. what I’m going to talk about • who am i? • our story • learn about Operation Breakthrough • social media tips and lessons
  3. 3. Ramsey Mohsen, Consultant + Social Media Strategist • Practice Lead for Social Media at Digital Evolution Group • Prolific video blogger, one of the first life-casters on, over 1 million views on YouTube, globally featured video on YouTube home page for over three days • Named one of Kansas City’s inaugural “twenty in their twenties” emerging civic leaders under thirty
  4. 4. our story.
  5. 5. 2005 2006 2007
  6. 6. i wanted more out of life.
  7. 7. 14 friends.
  8. 8. finding the right charity.
  9. 9. we want to help.
  10. 10. In 2008 we raised $7,125 SOLD OUT ONLINE In 2009 we raised $18,575 SOLD OUT ONLINE
  11. 11. our digital efforts… what have we learned?
  12. 12. your website isn't a destination. get over yourself.
  13. 13. Your website isn’t good enough. • It’s not a destination. • Leverage the channels: – Email – Google Search – Facebook – YouTube – Twitter • A website is 1 component of a larger online strategy. • You must have “outposts” for discovery. • All roads should lead back to your website.
  14. 14. is social media the answer? no.
  15. 15. • You can’t rely on social media solely. • It can extend and facilitate …but it doesn’t replace. – Kansas City, “big enough to matter, small enough to care.” • Everything is “with” but not “instead of”. - Mitch Joel • Storytelling still counts for a lot.
  16. 16. Tips and Lessons • Send your emails during lunch time and NOT on a Monday.
  17. 17. leave foursquare tips
  18. 18. Tips and Lessons • Content is king. Make it (re)markable. 1.) Assess your content, your strengths of what you can create given budget, time and resources. Assume “the” reporter / blogger. - pictures, video, text - stories/sub-plots you can tell - people, businesses, organizations - top 10 lists 2.) Create your social media calendar + playbook. 3.) If you can, pre-write and/or schedule execution based on your playbook.
  19. 19. Tagging on Facebook. Using the @ symbol to tag people and other Facebook pages. Tips and Lessons
  20. 20. Take advantage of your profile photo. - 200 x 600 px of space Tips and Lessons
  21. 21. Tips and Lessons • Email your group copy -and- paste Facebook status updates and Tweets to choose from.
  22. 22. “No one reads all your Tweets. Get over yourself.” • Twitter is like gigantic gushing stream or river of many things… • The more you Tweet, your chance of being “noticed” in the huge river of Tweets increases. • @replies are the “email” of Twitter. • Time of day DOES matter.
  23. 23. Tips and Lessons • Within the description of each video on YouTube place links back to your website for more details. • Use tags. • YouTube = authoritative link-back
  24. 24. Use that Facebook page profile picture. Tips and Lessons
  25. 25. this party is possible because of the generosity of others. …like the support from @SMCKC
  26. 26. • $10 will buy a book for our library. • $20 will buy new shoes for a child. • $85 will pay for a complete physical for an uninsured child. • $150 will cover care for an infant for a week. • $500 will pay for a field trip for 50 children to a museum or theater performance.
  27. 27. what can you do to help?
  28. 28. carry our message. help us give back to this great city. RT, share, like, follow, attend, volunteer, donate.
  29. 29. thank you @kcsweaterparty by: @ramseym