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Social Media Presentation for Student Support Servies at JDCC


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This presentation covers the fantastic five: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Presented by carolhbates for Student Support Services at Jefferson Davis Community College.

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Social Media Presentation for Student Support Servies at JDCC

  1. 1. Social MediaPresented by Dr. Carol H.
  2. 2. • Facebook• Twitter• Google+• LinkedIn• YouTubeThe Fantastic Five
  3. 3. FACEBOOKThe most popular destination on the Internet
  4. 4. • Connect with old friends and acquaintances• Get to know friends and acquaintances better• Share links, status updates, and random thoughts and comments with others• Share photos of your family and life events• Engage with potential customers• Opportunity to reach out and make new friendsWhat Do You Do OnFacebook?
  5. 5. • Friends, family, colleagues, and present and future employers or customers can potentially have access to your information so be careful what you post!• Remember, your information may last forever! It is virtually impossible to remove your information from archives on social media sites.• People have not be hired or have been fired because of posts on Facebook. This is not uncommon!Use Common Sense!
  6. 6. • Pages and Groups are primarily for business, while profiles are primarily for individuals.• When individuals “Like” your Business page or become a “fan”, your post will appear on their News Feeds.• The Wall becomes your default view• Create a Page for your club, organization, or business.Set up a Fan Page
  7. 7. • Unless you are working for a political campaign, it is a good idea to avoid ongoing political or other controversial rants.• Remove controversial groups or Facebook pages from your profile.• Keep Watch – If you have friends that continually post off color remarks, you may be considered guilty by association. You may need to “defriend” a few people.Facebook Basics forBusiness
  8. 8. • Profiles (for individuals), groups and pages (for businesses) are the three ways to establish a presence on Facebook.• But this is the easy part! These Facebook pages are useless without engaging, useful content that is updated regularly.Engaging Content
  9. 9. TWITTER
  10. 10. • Experience social media at its best.• Great way to practice your writing skills (140 characters at a time).• Keep up with current events in real time.• Stay in touch with people you care about the most.• Help you to make new friends.• Faster than text-messaging.• Helps you to be a more interesting person.Adapted from Michael Hyatt’s Twelve Reasons to StartTwitteringReasons to Tweet
  11. 11. GOOGLE+
  12. 12. • Follow people who share your passion.• Google+ is organized by circles. You add people to the circle that you create. For example, I have a student circle, colleagues circle, social media circle, and photography circle.• Send updates to everyone (public), an individual, or to the people in your circle.• Filter what you read according to circles.Google+ ~ Ideas & Interests
  13. 13. • Free video conferencing ~ allows you to connect with up to 10 people.• All you need is a computer, high speed Internet, and an inexpensive web cam.• You can also download the app to your smart phone and Hangout from your phone.• Google hangouts are a great way for you to form study groups.Google+ Hangouts
  14. 14. LinkedInYour Connection to Professional Colleagues.
  15. 15. • Build a professional network.• Find professionals who can help you grow.• Obtain recommendations from people who know you.• Search for jobs.• Demonstrate your expertise by answering questions and posting information.• Place yourself in a good position to be found by others needing your skills.• Connect with colleagues who share your interests.What Do I Do On LinkedIn?
  16. 16. • LinkedIn Gives you the Ability to Show Off your Work History and Accomplishments.• Profile – It is important to complete your LinkedIn Profile. Include a professional headshot.• Seek Recommendations – This adds credibility when you are seeking employment.• Finding a Job – If you are looking for a job say so. You don’t have to be looking for a job to find value in LinkedIn.LinkedIn Basics
  17. 17. YOUTUBEEvery minute 72 hours of video are uploadedto YouTube.
  18. 18. YOUTUBE2nd largest search engine in the world.
  19. 19. • YouTube was created in 2005 by employees at PayPal.• Google bought YouTube in 2006.• It would take you over1,000 years to watch all the videos on YouTube.• The longest video on YouTube is 48 hours.• 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US.• The most watched video of all time is Bad with Justin Beiber. It has been viewed over 200 million times.• YouTube is the 3rd most viewed web site following 1) Google and 2) Facebook.• Read more interesting facts at SpeakyMagazine.Interesting Facts aboutYouTube
  20. 20. A few ways businesses use YouTube• Share presentations.• Conduct an interview with an expert.• Record an important meeting to share with those who could not attend.• Make a creative video to demonstrate your product or services.• Create a how-to video to help customers know how to use your product.What Do I Do On YouTube?
  21. 21. Remember, YouTube is not just a video sharing site, it is a social media site. You add friends and message them. People comment on and share your videos. You will embed your video into your blog. But how do you let your friends know about your video. Here are a few ideas. Send a tweet with the link Post to LinkedIn Post to Facebook Email the link Post to Google+YouTube Basics
  22. 22. • Facebook• Twitter• Google+• LinkedIn• YouTube• Other social media sites such as SlideShare, MySpace, Pinterest.Right Tool for the Job
  23. 23. Still Not Convinced?
  24. 24. Carol H. Bates Division Chair/CIS Instructor Jefferson Davis Community College P.O. Box 958 Brewton, AL 36427 Website/blog: Facebook: Twitter: