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Tips & Tricks for Digital Marketing Campaigns this Christmas


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Patrick Conway from AdRoll’s Account Management Team gives expert advice and often-overlooked strategies to deploy in your marketing campaigns for Christmas.

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Tips & Tricks for Digital Marketing Campaigns this Christmas

  1. 1. Hosted by: Patrick Conway, Senior Account Manager, AdRoll EMEA Tweet us questions: @adroll #semrushlive Tips and Tricks for Digital Marketing Campaigns this Christmas
  2. 2. Online Retail Strategy - Why?
  3. 3. AGENDA: 1. Four tips to maximise sales this Christmas 2. Customer Spotlight 3. Next steps 4. Q&A
  4. 4. Tip 4: Be creative with your Christmas ads Tip 2: Spread Christmas cheer across devices Tip 3: Expand your reach by retargeting users across web, social and mobile Tip 1: Implement segmentation strategy and re- engagement tactics Four tips to prepare you for Christmas
  5. 5. Tip 1: Implement segmentation strategy and re-engagement tactics
  6. 6. Increase CPM bids and frequency caps
  7. 7. Timelines to look out for! FRIDAY 27 MONDAY 30 TUESDAY 1
  8. 8. Christmas retroactive segmentation strategy Christmas Campaigns
  9. 9. Christmas loyalty campaign strategy ► Target customers who have purchased in the past - return users are loyal users - deliver greater value! ► Things to keep in mind: ► How long does delivery take typically? ► Average time for repeat purchase? ► Ads should incentivise customers to purchase again ► Guaranteed Christmas Delivery! ► New products and exclusive offers! ► Free delivery on orders over X value!
  10. 10. Tip 2: Spread Christmas cheer across devices
  11. 11. Christmas mobile strategy 3 of every 4 smartphone owners will use their devices to research and make purchases 1 in 3 Christmas purchases will be made on a mobile device ► The Christmas shopping season is a huge event with total retail sales in the UK alone reaching £104bn in 2014 according to IMRG ► In 2014, Mobile purchases were up 55% on 2013, to £8 billion eMarketer ► MCommerce to account for ⅓ of UK E-Commerce Sales in 2015
  12. 12. Spread Christmas cheer across devices “We know our customers are living in a multi-screen world, and engaging with us across multiple devices. We wanted to ensure that we were creating a seamless advertising and purchasing experience regardless of the device.” — Casey Ueberroth, Senior VP of Marketing at Preferred Hotel Group
  13. 13. Capture your on-the-go audience to drive conversions and increase ROI
  14. 14. Tip 3: Expand your reach: Retargeting users across web and social
  15. 15. Target Christmas shoppers through Facebook
  16. 16. Facebook Best Practices ► A/B test ad copy by setting up multiple ads with different ad variations (20% text in images) ► Rotate ads for different Christmas events / promotions ► Newsfeed is great for driving social awareness ► Right-hand Column ads are great for exposure with less expensive CPMs
  17. 17. Multi-channel Full Funnel Christmas checklist ❑ Standard Web Retargeting ❑ Facebook ❑ Mobile ❑ Prospecting
  18. 18. Tip 4: Be Creative with your Christmas ads
  19. 19. Christmas ads: Best Practices Refresh ad creatives every month ► Ads with a strong Call-To-Action (CTA) – Christmas 2013, advertisers with a strong CTA achieved avg. 32% higher click conversion rates ► Ads with highly relevant products in addition descriptive text and offers performed much better than standard ads ► Always highlight sales, key dates, promotions and USPs around the Christmas period ► Landing Pages – Goal, competition, short and sweet, strong offer ► Christmas campaigns should have Christmas themed ads!
  20. 20. Dynamic Ads to scale personalised advertising AdRoll’s DynamicAds have demonstrated up to a 44% lift in ROI over static retargeting “We were able to launch a campaign with DynamicAds in a matter of minutes, without an engineer. We also really appreciate AdRoll’s great customer service throughout the process.” — Chip Tolaney, President, Cultural Elements Personalise every impression Deliver engaging ads Optimise design elements
  21. 21. Alex and Ani achieved huge results in Christmas 2013 “Alex and Ani had a high concentration in social which is an area where AdRoll was a top performer. Working with AdRoll has been efficient, effective, and seamless.” — Kristin Fernholz, Managing Partner at Fashmark ► Experienced a 6.1x ROI ► Ads with the Christmas promotions drove click conversion rate to 5x higher than average—resulting in a 14.6% Click Conversion Rate
  22. 22. Let’s Recap: AdRoll’s Christmas Campaign Wishlist You will see higher ROI from Christmas themed ads that clearly show your special promotions and offerings. Christmas is very competitive. Increase your CPM bid for a greater chance to reach shoppers. Competitors will likely be making a strong Christmas push. Make sure that you stand out by being in front of your visitors as often as possible. App downloads can increase the lifetime value of a customer and encourage them to view more of your products through their handheld device. Make Christmas themed ads Increase CPM bids Increase frequency caps and Budgets Incorporate mobile Use your own site data to retarget visitors on the web’s largest social inventory sources: Facebook Social platforms It’s common to remove converted visitors from your retargeting campaign but Christmas is definitely a time to retarget them. Target past purchasers
  23. 23. Download the guide now! Link to guide
  24. 24. Thank you and Q&A For additional questions or to set up a Christmas retargeting campaign, contact: or your account rep.