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How to Get a Job Over the Holidays When Nobody's Hiring


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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How to Get a Job Over the Holidays When Nobody's Hiring

  1. How to Get a Job Over the Holidays When Nobody is Hiring Laurie Ruettimann aka The Grinch @lruettimann
  2. The Holidays Can Be Tough for Everyone: Job Seekers, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers
  3. Create a Google Profile
  4. Make Sure Recruiters Can Find You Easily • Google Voice • • Skype • Landline/Magic Jack • Fresh Email Address • Be present, be focused, and be available.
  5. Update & Scrub Your Social Profiles • LinkedIn • Facebook • Twitter • Tumblr • Posterous • Tumblr • Wordpress • Blogspot • Flickr
  6. Work Smarter – Not Harder – to Find Job Opportunities • • •
  7. Network (DUH) • Google Holiday Networking Event and Your City • Google Networking and Your Profession • Search on •Search on • Attend Your City’s Junior League Holiday Event • Read Your Local Paper
  8. Volunteer Smarter • • • Salvation Army • United Way • Goodwill • ASPCA or Local Animal Rescues • Donor’s Choose • Search“Forbes Philanthropy”
  9. Be Prepared to Work a Retail Job • More than 80 percent of organizations in customer service / consumer industries are hiring the same amount or more workers this holiday season than last year. – Aon Hewitt • Where do professionals in your industry shop? • Where could you meet people who have similar careers? • What jobs offer the most amount of flexibility during the holiday season?
  10. Summary  The hiring process doesn’t stop just because of the holidays.  Create a Google Profile. Now.  Make sure recruiters can find you easily.  Every website where you have a profile is a social network – update your profiles to reflect your job status, your industry, and your geography.  Work smarter, not harder, to find a job.  Network with a purpose.  Volunteer with a purpose.  Work a retail job that makes sense for your long-term career.
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