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Advanced social media_for_pt_s_cs_template_v4


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Advanced social media_for_pt_s_cs_template_v4

  1. 1. Training for [NAME] Fellowship Marketing Subcommittee PresenTense Group Advanced Social Media and Campaigning
  2. 2. • You will be interacting with fellows: Fellows will be turning to you for coaching and advice and our goal is to have you trained with tools that you can use to help them. • You will be marketing the CEP program: You will use these tools—we hope—to better spread the word about this program to the community and find supporters, social capital, and great fellows • You are an important change agent: You should have these tools to use for your own causes and missions – and to make your life easier around projects you care about. So now: How do we use the tools of internet and social media—and more importantly a digital age attitude—to engage and mobilize community members? This presentation is important to you as a Steering Committee member for three reasons:
  3. 3. Let’s first check off a basic Digital Toolkit: Your Basic Website: Your Basic Web Form: …and social nets, contact management, etc.: Your Basic Property:
  4. 4. Our Core Questions: • How do our organizations authentically use the social media space to develop community and stakeholders? • How do we let others become a part of our story—literally open space? • While Facebook, Twitter, Seesmic, and others are important tools the key to success will always be in the narrative and idea Question: How do we build an engaged community? Now for Social Media: 50% of web traffic is moving through the social web
  5. 5. **Diagnostic based on the work of Sarah Kass, a Jerusalem based writer , PTG board member, and the Director of Strategy and Assessment at the AVI CHAI Foundation First, how an organization can think social, can think community, and can mobilize people around a vision….. Ask some questions about the way the venture thinks about itself, and the way it describes itself to the public
  6. 6. Is the venture a “What” or “Why?”
  7. 7. Service or Membership?
  8. 8. Product or Platform?
  9. 9. 100,000 or 1000X100
  10. 10. Fossil Fuel or Sun?
  11. 11. Noun or Verb ?
  12. 12. I or We
  13. 13. Professional or Amateur?
  14. 14. Our first type of media: TEXT
  15. 15. What is text good for? • Get your viewpoint out in the world • Produce a regular stream on content that is interesting to your market – i.e. Provide Value • You can become the defacto expert on the topic. • Build a core group of like minded people – Social Capital. • A blog of any type, short and long, is Real Estate – if it's popular, you can advertise on it, use it to collect addresses, or use it as a value property for connecting to others.
  16. 16. • A webblog is a website that is a periodically updated with new content. • Blog’s are now taking a place along side the more prolific short text engines like Twitter as a place for analysis, for longer thought pieces, for pictures, for articles. • Use the blog to build your story by offering thought leadership on your area of expertise, and more in depth commentary on current happenings • Make your blog energetic and intriguting Key Text Engines
  17. 17. • A short blogging site is a place to post short—usually under 140 character—posts about current happenings • Short blogging sites are becoming increasingly popular, especially industry leader Twitter • More these sites—like Seesmic, Posterous, and Google Buzz—let you display pictures and video • Be active in the space and give value to your community • For every post you talk about yourself you should provide value eight times (see Tony)
  18. 18. Major Text Streaming Engines Long form • Wordpress ( - easy • Blogger ( - Googly Short form • Twitter ( – industry leader • Tumblr ( – Lifestream • Buzz (in your gmail)—Up and Coming One-to-Many: • Ping ( • Posterous (
  19. 19. Posterous: One tool to rule them all, well at least your social streams
  20. 20. Why does social media work? It works because you are so interesting!
  21. 21. Five Rules to Live By When “going social” 1. Be your Brand’s Conscience: don’t do something your brand won’t do. 2. Don’t sell – share. 3. Show your human side – but not too much. 4. Write well. No slang unless it is a tool. 5. Commit. Remember your audience. (From Mashable,
  22. 22. Twitter Rules to Live By 1. Build Relationships by being you: Include your bio, link to your website, etc. 2. Keep a casual tone and be sure to retweet items useful to your community and mark using @ and #’s. 3. Make sure your tweets provide some real value. You know better than we do what is valuable, but here are few examples to spark ideas: o Offer Twitter exclusive coupons or deals o Take people behind the scenes of your venture o Post pictures from your office, trips, meetings, etc. o Share sneak peeks of projects or events in development 4. Ask q’s, float ideas, solicit feedback, respond to D’s 5. Post links to articles and sites you think folks would find interesting—even if they’re not your sites or about your venture. (From
  23. 23. Let’s Check out a Few who make their interesting selves work in public: • • • • • •
  24. 24. When campaigning: Individualization • Email and Social Media o Personalizing your Campaign:  Not just using a person’s first name but actually making it relevant to that specific person  This require significant segmentation o Using tools like MailChimp, Doorbell, Highrise, Salesforce CRM with social plugins, google alerts, xobni, Gist, etc. can help segment and track individuals and their interests o Moreover you need to use your conversations to engage people and bring them into the inside
  25. 25. Expressing Transmedia Theory in Email
  26. 26. Expressing Transmedia Theory in Email
  27. 27. Expressing Transmedia Theory in Email
  28. 28. When Campaigning: Being where folks are • Geolocation Aware: o Foursquare most popular application: Foursquare allows users to “check-in” at locations that they visit using their smartphone or SMS which is repeated to Twitter and Facebook. o Uses unlock “badges.” User who checks in the most is crowned “Mayor” of that location (ie, I should be mayor of Tal Bagels in Jerusalem). Mayors get major props – discounts, etc. o Other applications include Gowalla, Rally, Whrrl, etc. • Implications o Social Media Rewards (tast d light), Guides (chicago), membership (starbucks) o Communicate with those in your house o Real World – Online Interaction o User Driven and Challenging Poster to check in for social good. Can I check in to your organization? -Partial source to Mashable
  29. 29. When campaigning: Lend Your Brand as a Platform on Platforms • Social games and tools are powerful ways to engage people in furthering your mission o Iron Dome is an example of a game that furthered an idea • Thing about how Farmville and other social communities might be engaged to your advantage – where is there room to create games or point winning opportunities o Example from Chris Crum: What they did was offer a special offer inside of Farmville, that would give users free "farm cash" if they became a fan of Bing on Facebook, which would encourage continued user interaction with Bing. As a result: - Over 72% of users who clicked on the engagement became fans - 59,000 people published the story to their news feed - Over 70,000 clicks were received on secondary feeds - In 24hours, Bing had over 400,000 new fans to keep • Generate activity around your mission and the social networks will further it onward
  30. 30. When campaigning: Keeping it Real • Your community wants to “be there” and experience you • Use tools in a way that creates a real time feel for your community o Qik livestreaming off of your blackberry? o Livestream cameras at events and programs, and at conferences from the audience o Quick Twitter posts from the field from your most exciting people o Posts to Facebook of videos and pictures o Constantly narrate action, life, connection, relevance, and energy • The same point applies: generate activity around your mission and the social networks will further it onward • Reach out to meet in Real Life – a fan has 1000 friends? Get coffee. And Twitter about it.