Using social media to raise more money


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Using social media to raise more money

  1. 1. Using Social Media to Raise More Money
  2. 2. Agenda• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedIn• YouTube• Google+• Pinterest• Instagram
  3. 3. Where does social media fit in?Social media should align with yourorganization‟s strategic goals– Educate others?– Advocate for an issue?– Fundraise for projects?– Volunteer time?What are you trying to get people to do?
  4. 4. Where does social media fit in?Example of a fundraising goal:“Increases the number of donors, and asks for combined/increase annualgift and capital campaign contributions.”Example social media initiative:1. Video storytelling on YouTube accompanied by donate button/callto action2. Publish campaign landing page URL via social networks3. Photo series via Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to communicatethe mission and the ask
  5. 5. Where does social media fit in?Example of non-monitary goal:“Develop a system of services and trainings that provide homeownersupport, education and neighborhood development.”Example social media initiative:1. Provide visual resrouces using Pinterest boards about “owning ahome” or “home maintainence”2. Promote resources, training and local neighborhoodevents/resources through Twitter and Facebook3. Create Google “hangouts” for new homeowners to attend to learnabout their home
  6. 6. Where does social media fit in?AND … track you social media efforts!1. Identify what you can and should measure(clicks, likes, views, etc.)2. Develop a method of tracking social media metrics1. Facebook Insights2. Google Analytics3. Hootesuite Analytics4. Good „ol fashion spreadsheet3. Connect the metrics to your strategic goals4. Communicate the value of social media to your higher ups
  7. 7. Facebook Fundraising• Understanding Facebook Edgerankand the “newsfeed”– The more an individual interacts withyour page, the more they will see yourposts in their newsfeed– The more often an individual interactswith a certain type of post, the morelikely they will see that type of post intheir newsfeed– The more users engage with a post, themore likely a post will show up in others‟newsfeeds– The more users provide negativefeedback, the less a post willshow up in others‟ newsfeeds
  8. 8. Facebook Fundraising• What Edgerank means for you– Content quality is paramount• Visual content has the highest engagement– Aim for engaging content (always provide a way for users to takeaction, comment, answer a question, like or share)– Avoid “spammy” content and repeat posts– Have fun! Pass along a funny photo or quote (memes)• Think beyond the newsfeed and your own page content– Mention others– Comment/Like/Share as your organization on other pages• Remember that Facebook is mobile– A high percentage of people are seeing your content on a mobiledevice– Content should work well and look great on a mobile device (i.e. ifyou link to an online donation form, it should be mobile optimized)
  9. 9. Facebook Fundraising• Don‟t have an okay page. Have an AWESOME page!– Customize your cover photo• You are no longer restricted from promotional cover photos• Include a quote or text call to action• From Facebook: “All covers are public. This means that anyone who visits yourPage will be able to see your cover. Covers cant be deceptive, misleading, orinfringe on anyone elses copyright. You may not encourage people to uploadyour cover to their personal timelines. Covers may not include images with morethan 20% text.”– Make sure your square social media logo looks great, it‟s yourFacebook calling card– Complete ourorganization‟s historyusing “milestones”– Include a photo with most posts– Use video– Use memes
  10. 10. Twitter DOES NOT drive donations• Twitter DOES drive brand affinity, loyalty and engagement– Determine your personality for Twitter• Playful = more interaction• Educational = more followers• Professional = trusted source– Mention others, promote and praise– Use common hashtags (at conferences, during giving days, etc.)– Timing is important (test to determine your highest time of theweek/day for engagement)– Link placement within the tweet is important:• Use brackets (i.e. “[VIDEO] See how GiveMN is using mobile to maximize giving”)• Where possible, place the hyperlink ahead of text (i.e. “Give back and you could win a Golden Ticket!”)
  11. 11. [Example]
  12. 12. Prospecting on LinkedIn• LinkedIn can be key to relationship management anddonor/board/staff/advocate acquisition– Learn about organizations– Update and maintain your own LinkedIn Nonprofit page– Network with new people• You never know who might be your next big donor, board chair, superstarvolunteer or public advocate– LinkedIn Board Member Connect
  13. 13. [Example]
  14. 14. Tell Your Story (and more) on YouTube• YouTube for Nonprofits Program– Donate button– Call to action overlays on videos– Live stream events for free• Types of videos– Storytelling– Explaining concepts/promotions– Contests– How-to– Updates– Thanking donors
  15. 15. Tell Your Story (and more) on YouTube• Getting started is easy– Record straight from yourcomputer, tablet or phone‟s camera– YouTube links are easy to share via othersocial networks– Use your YouTube videos on your GiveMNpage
  16. 16. [Example]
  17. 17. Google+ = Engagement• Hangouts– Create hangouts for: staffmeetings, volunteer orientation, boardmeetings or with donors• Deeper discussions/engagement– Try organizing circles by uniqueinterests, geographical location ordonation history• Search is key
  18. 18. [Example]
  19. 19. We donors on Pinterest• Pinterest is the social network of “hey, you should SEE this!”• Create Pinterest boards with a specific purpose in mind– If you‟re doing videos on a regular basis, create a board ofour videos• “Like” pins or repin items that align with your mission• Collaborate with co-workers or team members to help buildyour Pinterest board by using the board edit feature “Me +Contributors”• Re-pin other nonprofits
  20. 20. [Example]
  21. 21. Picture more with Instagram• Purpose– Build awareness– Develop your brand personality– Earn brand loyalty• Strategy– Start following and interacting with otherInstagrammers– Tag your photos– Post content your followers want to see, not whatyou want to show them– Link to a good mobile site
  22. 22. [Example]
  23. 23. Thanks for attending!Questions?Our next webinar: “E-mail Marketing & Fundraising Fundamentals” onThursday, May 23 @ 11 a.m.Look for the registration link on GiveMN webinars are archived on the GiveMN Blog