Thinking and Working Digital First in College PR


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These are slides for a workshop for college marketing and public relations officials.

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Thinking and Working Digital First in College PR

  1. 1. Digital-FirstWorking & Thinking Steve ButtryNational Council for Marketing & Public Relations March 10, 2013 #ncmpr
  2. 2. Read more about it•••• @stevebuttry
  3. 3. How do you spend resources?1. Communicate through news media2. Communicate directly in print3. Communicate directly by broadcast4. Communicate directly in person5. Communicate directly digitally (website, blogs, social, apps, text, email …)
  4. 4. Class of ‘72 is on Facebook
  5. 5. Thinking #digitalfirst1. Story (or press release) is a process and a conversation, not a product2. How many ways can we share this?3. RTs, likes, shares, pins & links as important (or more so) than front-page play or evening newscast4. New gadget or social platform = tool for better communication
  6. 6. Working #digitalfirst• Work & think first for digital platforms• Communicate on all digital platforms (web, email, SMS, social, mobile)• Experiment & take risks• Try new tools & techniques• Listen & join community conversation
  7. 7. Facebook tips for college PR• Consider engaging as person and as college• Do all departments/schools/programs need/want Facebook pages?• Conversation is more engaging than one- way promotion• Tag people & orgs mentioned in posts
  8. 8. engagementPhotos engage better than updates
  9. 9. engagementBe conversational (not just promos)
  10. 10. Twitter tips for colleges• Follow everyone on campus who’s on Twitter• Set up & monitor lists of college users• Know & use faculty & student usernames• Use & promote regular hashtag(s)• Engage as person & as brand• Conversational, not just promotional
  11. 11. Save Twitter searches• College name (abbreviation, mascot, etc.)• College hashtags• Mentions of president, prominent faculty• Tweets around campus (use Geofeedia?)• Set up alerts
  12. 12. Wide range of video• Heavily produced quality video• Livestream (Ustream, Qik)• Live webcam• Vine, Tout• Hangout (live on YouTube)• Web newscast or sportscast• Google Voice + still photos• YouTube, Vimeo (post & search)
  13. 13. Storify tips• It’s easy to learn; jump in and try• Can use as main story (lots of writing, some social & web content)• Can be social sidebar (lots of social w/ some transitions, grouping)• List format works well• Great slideshow format
  14. 14. Storify tips• Notify people whose tweets you used• You can use links in text, don’t need to embed them all• Embed in blog or story on website• See how it embeds (might need to push down below intruding elements)
  15. 15. Pinterest, Instagram• Do you have your own accounts?• Curate content about your college• Share on other social accounts (Twitter, Facebook)• Seasonal contests: campus scenes
  16. 16. Faculty, staff, student blogs• Build reputation in niche audiences• Help set them up• Coach in blogging techniques, SEO• Link from college website• Promote in social media
  17. 17. Don’t forget SlideShare
  18. 18. Under the microscopeLet’s examine your:• Facebook posts• Tweets• Pinterest• Blogs• Something else?
  19. 19. Think defensively• Save search for #yourcollegesucks• Buy & park domain for• Don’t waste time w/ trolls who aren’t getting attention• Respond (on social media, blog comments, etc.) to valid or sincere criticism
  20. 20. Plan a digital project• Campus event• Sports event• New major or program• New college president• Celebrity visit to campus• College mobile app
  21. 21. Follow-up•••• @stevebuttry