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Power of Public Relations


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Covers the importance of Public Relations and how Virgin understands the power of Public Relations to build stronger brands.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Power of Public Relations

  1. 1. Power of Public Relations Overview
  2. 2. The actions of a corporation, store,government, individual, in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc.
  3. 3. The Importance of Public Relations •  Maintaining the organization’s relations with its publics. •  Explaining the organization’s policy through communication media.
  4. 4. Internal External
  5. 5. What does Public Mean? Audiences Individuals Stakeholders
  6. 6. Role of PR Practitioners
  7. 7. •  Proactive PR New product releases Executive statement releases•  Reactive PR Crisis response and management•  Rumours and urban legends
  8. 8. Proactive PR •  Main role: product introductions or revisions •  Consumers are less likely to question the motivation underlying an editorial-type endorsement. •  Product release Provide relevant information of the new or existing product by editor of third party media channels. •  Executive-statement releases News releases quotes executives’ statements, address company’s internal issues.
  9. 9. Reactive PR•  It is how organization act in relation to the negative publicity or accident.•  The reaction of the organization effects on brand image.•  When done effectively, reactive MPR can virtually save a brand or company.
  10. 10. Case study: Cumbria Train Crash •  Sir Richard cut short a family holiday to see the scene of the accident and visit the hospitals treating those injured. (shows timely respect and personal care of victims)
  11. 11. Cumbria Train Crash •  He hailed the driver of the Virgin train, Ian Black, who was badly injured in the crash, as a hero. v  staff-friendly culture of organization. v  promote the bravery of Virgin employee. •  The train itself was magnificent - its built like a tank. v  promotion of virgin train’s safety.
  12. 12. Rumour’s and Urban Legends •  Consumers interest involves only those rumours that involve products, brands, store, or other objects of the marketing practice. (Iphone 5 or galaxy S 2 ? Should I wait or buy it now?) v Commercial rumours v Conspiracy rumours v Contamination rumours
  13. 13. The decline of Mass Market •  Marketing primarily focuses on consumers •  Conventional approach 1.  Development 2.  Research 3.  Advertising 4.  Branding
  14. 14. The decline of Mass Market Marketing = Advertising big bucksPepsi-Cola spends $100 million to launch PepsioneAndersen Consulting spends $150 million tolaunch its new name, AccentureBell Atlantic spends $140 million to launch its newname Verinzon
  15. 15. The decline of Mass Market •  Advertising lacks credibility 79   67   63   59   47   37   22   17   11   10   9  Nurses   Pharmacists   Medical   Clergy   Judges   Bankers   Business   Lawyers   Insurance   Adver<sing   Car   Doctors   Execu<ves   Salesman   Prac<<oners   Salesman  
  16. 16. Customer Focused Marketing •  IMC Elements Public Advertising relations Marketing
  17. 17. Public Relations Approach•  The PR approach •  Development •  Research •  Planning •  Communication •  Evaluation
  18. 18. Public Relations •  Public relations focus on: *Employees *Stockholders *News media *Others
  19. 19. Public Relations •  Public relations = Publicity •  Body Shop •  Starbucks •  Wall-Mart •  Viagra
  20. 20. “A good Public Relations campaign or momentis something that feels like news rather than anadvertising”
  21. 21. Richard Branson PR moments Mr Branson displaying his Mr Branson arriving at a press feminine side at the unveiling conference for his space travel of Vie, Virgins range of venture, Virgin Galactica cosmetics and toiletries
  22. 22. Richard Branson PR moments Mr Branson baring his backside to mark the arrival of Virgin Atlantic in Canada
  23. 23. Richard Branson PR moments Richard Branson dressed up as a Bride to launch their new product line Virgin Bride in 1996.
  24. 24. Reactive PR by Virgin •  Every company has dissatisfied customers •  In 2009, a customer complaint letter was circulated and published around the world regarding Virgin Airlines in-flight catering services.
  25. 25. Complaint Picture 1•  The passenger described this as a “sponge with green paste.”•  In his letter he says “Look at this Richard just look at it.” “What have I done to deserve this?”
  26. 26. Complaint Picture 2•  Regarding this image he wrote, “Answer me this Richard, what sort of animal would serve a desert with peas in it?”
  27. 27. Complaint Picture 3•  The customer likened opening the main meal to receiving a hamster for Christmas.•  He writes, “It’s your hamster in the box and it’s not breathing. That’s how I felt when I peeled back the foil and saw this.”
  28. 28. Complaint Picture 4•  “I needed a sugar hit. Luckily there was a small cookie provided. It had caught my eye earlier due to it’s baffling presentation.”•  “It appeared to be in an evidence bag.”
  29. 29. How did Virgin Deal with the NegativePR? •  Richard Branson personally called the passenger•  Issued the following statement: “While we investigated his complaint seriously, and following Richard Branson’s phone call we’ve invited him to our catering house to select the next range of meals and wines we serve on board. Then we can ensure his personal taste is well and truly catered for.”
  30. 30. Presented and created by Aishath Lamya Ibrahim 17228537 Haifa Mohamed Al-Harbi 16008251 Fernando Moreno Rodriques 16390948 Yujie Guo 16416814 Students from Latrobe University, Melbourne Australia IMC Subject 3rd September 2011
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