entrepreneurship advertising advertising campaign planning types of advertising media travel and tourism a service marketing perspective transport marketing strategic issues in service marketing telecom industry in india segmentation presentation small and medium enterprise relationship marketing quality control production planning production management production control product identification packaging &amp trademark labeling brand name &amp problems of entrepreneurship product decision power and politics postal and courier services personal selling organization organisation structure of small scale industries i offer and acceptance new market segmentation media service marketing marketing research marketing of financial services marketing mix market segmentation introduction of organizational behavior introduction of marketing management introduction of advertising government encouragement to entrepreneurship 1872 indian contract act group dynamics forms of business organisations entrepreneurship traits entrepreneur & manager domestic courier services direct marketing and public relation developing & maintaining service quality developing & maintaining demand and capacity dagmar approach 6 m’s of advertising customer expectation customer perceptions of service control of marketing operations consumer behaviour in service marketing confilct and conflict resolution challanges in service marketing channel of distribution business plane business organisation & system business objectives advertising budget advertising agency
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