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  1. 1. Behaviorism Theory Written by Molly Howell
  2. 2. Menu What? Who? How? My Classroom
  3. 3. The Behaviorism Theory World view that operates by the principle of stimulus response Positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement will increase the probability that the behavior will be repeated Consequences and punishment, negative and positive, will decrease the likelihood that the behavior will be repeated
  4. 4. The Behaviorist Theory Continued Mostly focuses on teacher-centered instruction  Lectures, demonstrations, tutorials Concerned with observable and measurable aspects of human behavior All behavior is caused by external stimuli Educational effects are key in developing basic skills and foundations of understanding in all subject areas Click to go back to menu!
  5. 5. People of the Behaviorist Approach B.F. Skinner  Most influential of American psychologists  Theory of operant conditioning  Radical Behaviorism John B Watson  Thought psychology should be the science of observable behavior  Beginning of the development of learning science  The “Little Albert” Experiment
  6. 6. Ivan Pavlov Russian physiologist His research on the physiology of digestion led to the first experimental model of learning, classical conditioning Nobel Prize winner, 1904 Best known for Pavlov’s Dog Experiment Click to go back to menu!
  7. 7. Classroom Implications of Behaviorism Direct, teacher-centered instruction  Demonstrations, drills, lectures Teachers would check student’s work regularly  Providing feedback as well as encouragement Students can be taught best when focus is directly on the content Breakingdown skills and information to be learned is best when put into small units
  8. 8. Implications of Behaviorism View Teachers must set up highly structured lesson plans Punishing bad behavior, encouraging good behavior Behaviorist approach is best with young learners No lesson plan can work if completely behavioral- free  Discipline helps keep classroom moving along Click to go back to menu!
  9. 9. My Classroom Using Behaviorism View Students will be rewarded for good behavior, and consequences will be given for bad behavior The teacher, myself, must have well-structured lesson plans for students to followHelp my students understand that more effortequals higher grades.
  10. 10. My Classroom and Behaviorism Approach I will use high achieving and successful peers as models for other students Reinforcement will strengthen a behavior while punishment will weaken a behavior Using Technology with Instruction that Works by Pitler et al (2007) (Book)  Educational strategies such as “Reinforcing Effort” and “Homework and Practice” Effort is number one factor Click to go back to menu!