Mobile Gaming: Past Present and Future


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  • Mid 70’s to Mid 80’s: Golden Age of Arcade games1980’s: Genre Action adventure, fighting games, interactive movies, Role playing games, scrolling platformers, scrolling shooters, light gun shooters, maze etc.1983 Nintendo1990- 4th generation consoles 16 bit1990- handhelds come of age1993 Fifth Generation consoles 64 bit1998-2000- 6th generation consoles2004-2011- 7th gen consoles2007 Nintendo Wii Capitalizes on casual gaming + iPhone comes out2011- present 8th gen consoles- Nintendo 3DS playstation vitaMobile handhelds like the PSP and DS were highly anticipated and then crushed by the low barriers and popularity of smartphone gaming.
  • Cheap to play- profitable to make
  • Whale and scrooge are indicative of the mobile gaming audience- Mobile games are becoming better because they’re becoming smarter with how they make money. Depending on quality of game- gamers are 3-6% likely to spend make an in-app purchase in a game. Since the mobile gamer class tend to be affluent, tying in app purchases with game progress can yield higher returns among the whales- while recouping costs among the minnows.
  • While casualgames become better in general (graphics, competitiveness, overall fun) they are also getting simpler not just to play- but to pick up and play on the go- there’s a difference and we’ll try to tackle that when talking about game design cues.
  • 3G connectivity makes it easier to start games with others, share games with others, or even play games with others in real time.
  • Similar to the early 80’s and 90’s with 8-bit and 16-bit games, we’re seeing genre innovation in Casual gaming. Due to new control mechanics and the democratization of game development (they’ve gotten easier to publish and program- iTunes) so there’s a constant evolution of new game ideas and concepts to advance upon.
  • Todd wanted me to talk a little about mobile game engines- I’m the wrong person to do it but can give some feedback on integrating designs  talk to our developers in the audience.
  • Mobile Gaming: Past Present and Future

    1. 1. Mobile Gaming: Past, Present and Future Alex Hachey Creative Lead @mindgrub
    2. 2. Brief History
    3. 3. 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1998Gaming Timeline 1996 1994 1992 1990 Innovation Genre 1988 1986 1984 1982 1980 3
    4. 4. Trends in Console Gaming• Graphics, Graphics Graphics• Deep Rich Storylines• Connectivity  MMO Massive Multiplayer Online Games• Life Beyond the Story: Unlocks, Replayability, Network Game play• Appeal to Hardcore Gamers4
    5. 5. Trends in Console Gaming• Graphics• Deep, Rich Storylines• Connectivity  MMO Massive Multiplayer Online Games• Life Beyond the Story: Unlocks, Replayability, Network Game play• Appeal to Hardcore Gamers5
    6. 6. Casual Gaming – Online Social Games6
    7. 7. Casual Gaming – Widening Demographics7
    8. 8. Casual Gaming – Socializing & Competition8
    9. 9. Mobile Gaming Explosion Low Barriers • Cheap- $1.07 and decreasing with freemium model • Freemium Model- roughly 3% spending on in-app purchases9
    10. 10. Mobile Gaming Explosion10
    11. 11. Mobile Gaming Explosion Simplicity • Game story • Controls/ Intuitive Play • Time & Length of levels11
    12. 12. Mobile Gaming Explosion Connectivity • 3G Connectivity- share or download a new game any time!12
    13. 13. Mobile Genre Innovation- Fragmentation?13
    14. 14. Mobile Genre Innovation- Fragmentation?14
    15. 15. Game Design and Mechanics: What Makes a Good Mobile Game?
    16. 16. Game Design and Mechanics Games tell a story • What is the setting? • Who is the hero? • Who is the villain? • What are the heros desires?16
    17. 17. Game Design and Mechanics Cues • Visual • Audio • Dynamic17
    18. 18. Addicting Game Components • Make the game easy and fun • Lots of short levels • More content they can unlock • Depth- building up from a simple to difficult game play18
    19. 19. Appropriate Game Controls Controlsntrols • One touch/swipe controls • Multi touch controls • Gyroscopic Games19
    20. 20. Mobile Game Engines
    21. 21. Game Engines Corona SDK • Fast development time • Affordable when compared with a tool such as Game Salad • No Objective-C • Good support • No access to native API21
    22. 22. Game Engines Cocos2d • Ease of use • Speed through the use of OpenGL ES • Flexibility and simple integrations such as Box2D- and Chipmunk- based physics • Support from a large, friendly community22
    23. 23. Game Engines Unity for 3D • Open Source • Supports nearly all console and mobile platforms • Deferred Rendering- Creates rich 3D environments while saving maximum space23
    24. 24. Popular Games Right Now
    25. 25. Top Games as comment "M5" all on one scree• One touch controls• Virtual Currency• Great Graphics• Unlocks and power-ups25
    26. 26. Fruit Ninja • Simplicity • One touch control • Not many short levels but one continuous26
    27. 27. Where’s My Water Where’s My Water• Simple controls• Physics based interactions• Many short levels- increasing difficulty makes more interesting over time• Fantastic Character and level design27
    28. 28. Words with Friends Where’s My Water • 3G connectivity • Socialization • Human Connection- Drives Competition, Emotional Investment28
    29. 29. Temple Run • Continuous level-stats • Very easy controls that use smartphones well-swipe/touch accelerometer • Easy, Simple & Fast!29
    30. 30. Summary of Current Landscape30
    31. 31. The Future of Games
    32. 32. Last Month- Convergence32
    33. 33. Convergence- Bigger, Better, Faster, Social • Social/Network game play • Upgrades in hardware • Network Upgrades33
    34. 34. Convergence- Location Based Mobile Social34
    35. 35. Convergence- AR Games35
    36. 36. App Gear- “Amplified Reality”36
    37. 37. Open Discussion Todd Marks President & CEO @mindgrub