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  • When we think about the word integration another word immediately comes to our mind, and that is connections. So, that’s why for the last few years, every time that someone had to speak about integrated campaigns, he presented an image similar to that:
  • Specially nowadays, with all these social media tools and APIs that made ease to integrate websites to Facebook fanpages, to twitter recipients to instamgram accounts, and so on, every digital campaign born with all parts totally connected. But there is another kind of integration that is much more important for brands and businesses and was only made possible because of the internet. Different from this flat, let’s say, horizontal integration, I’m talking about a deeper vertical integration.
  • This allows brand managers to assign different values for each part depending on the role that this part plays in the campaign  In my view, this perspective of integrated campaigns eases the decision-making process.This is very well illustrated in the Big Skinny Case that we read this week. When you understand your consumer’s journey and the different roles that each part of your campaign performs to convince him in this process, and more important, which are those that influences more taking in account your product, brand and target characteristics, it helps you to distribute your investments much better.
  • More and more, analytics tools are lining up with that vision, allowing the tracking different KPIs configuration of integrated dashboards.This is an example of a dashboard from the interactive advertising bureau to track performance of a branded game or application.You can notice that it put together campaigns and financial metrics, and considers 4 steps of the consumers journey: awareness, appreciation, action, advocacy.
  • Branded games are a kind of investment that has a high potential of buzz but with high production costs.In terms of investment distribution, the decision of creating a game as a big part of an integrated campaign involves shifting budget from media buying to production. This means making a big bet on earning organic buzz media.  So, the keypoints to consider are:Be 100% sure that is the most suitable form of communication for your brand’s promise and target behavior.Remember: Casual gamers are a much bigger audience than game fans- Make the right decisions about development: nothing would save a poorly done game - A branded game has to work as a communication tool for your brand, generating buzz. Integrate that with the right social optimization technics and tools: do a careful planning, so you won’t end up spending money to communicate the game to avoid total disaster
  • Through these moving parts, Social Network Gaming optimize overall Social Media in (1) players recruiting other players to partake in activity and (2) linking the increased social media activity to “unlocking” rewards in games.,9171,1935113,00.html
  • Social Media Optimization is comprised of: (1) People, (2) Services, and (3) Content People  community driven, everything is social Services  entertainment and/or function-driven Content  content is king, content-driven “Social Games & Virtual Goods” by Martin Szugat of
  • Making a good game  metric driven, social then fun, must generate social capital, regular updates & new items… reach, retention, revenue Network effect  reach, user acquisition, reengagement Engagement  create competition among friends using visible metrics or get friends to help Arbitrage  users, user-initiated actions, user-participation Monetization  drama, friendship, competition, collections, gambling, individuality Creating Awareness  convert non-gamers to casual gamers Selling  know your demographic & setup easiest conversion methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Offers Branding  in game advertising, controlled experience Remarketing  capitalize on existing consumers, enticing users to re-purchase premium currency Type of Brand will determine what type of gaming you create- related to industry, product, or brand image itself DAU  daily active user“ Monetizing Social Gaming” by Lisa Marino, Chief Revenue Officer of RockYou.Com
  • No longer limited to playing with friends who only have the same operating systemPlayPhone has its own virtual currency (Playcredits) and you can access various carrier billing and payment options, even on a closed platform such as Apple’s iOS. You don’t have to exit a game to pay for a virtual good. PlayPhone is a preferred direct-billing partner with both AT&T and Verizon in the U.S.
  • Presentation games complete

    1. 1. GamesAdvanced Social Media Marketing
    2. 2. Key platforms in games today• Social games• MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role- playing games)• Consoles• Mobile games
    3. 3. Platform Social Games on FacebookTop performers Zynga’s CityVille and FarmVilleCore audiences Mostly ~48 years old (46% >50) Women (55%) 2010 ISGReach CityVille: 90.6 MM players Farmville: 45.8 MM players Total number of players est. in 250 MMBusiness Freemium: ~5% of the players pay for Zcoins to exchange formodel in-game virtual goods In 2010, $ 510 MM were spent in virtual goodsOpportunities In-game product placementfor brands In-game advertising Promotions with Zcoins Branded social games (ex.: NY Jets Ultimate Fan on Facebook)
    4. 4. Cascadian Farm Farmville Organic Blueberries
    5. 5. Capital One Farmville Goat
    6. 6. Bing FarmCash Promotion
    7. 7. NY Jets Facebook Social Game
    8. 8. Platform MMORPGTop performers World of Warcraft (more than 50% mkt share)Core audiences Mostly Men (84%) ~30 years old 2010 dedalus/xeroxParcReach 10.3 MM subscribers (WoW - nov. 2011)Business Prepaid limited game timemodel Subscription (credit/debit cards monthly fees) (free starter edition – up to level 20)Opportunities In-game advertisingfor brands Mainstream games like WoW don’t place in-game ads, but other less popular games do (ex: Anarchy)
    9. 9. MMORPG Anarchy in-game ad
    10. 10. Platform Console gamesTop performers Nintendo Wii Microsoft XBOX Sony PS3 Sony PSP Nintendo DSCore audiences Mostly Men (58%) ~37 years old (29% 50+) 2011 Entertainment Software AssociationReach Wii: 89.5 MM XBOX: 57.9 MM(hardware sold) PS3: 55.4 MM PSP: 70.9 MM DS: 149.3 MMBusiness Selling:model Consoles ($249-499) Accessories ($9.99-$269.99) Games ($49.99-149.99) On demand games, movies, music – through services like XBOX Live, PS Network or Wii ChannelsOpportunities In-game advertisingfor brands Branded Games (Burger King)
    11. 11. Burger King XBOX 360 games (2006) $ 3,99/each
    12. 12. NBA Live in-game ad
    13. 13. Need for speed in-game ad
    14. 14. Madden in-game ad
    15. 15. Platform Mobile GamesTop performers AppStore Android MarketCore audiences Mostly Women (53%) ~28 years old Juniper researchReach 37% of Iphone owners game daily 70%-80% of all downloads are games Angry birds has been downloaded 140 MM timesBusiness Game selling ($0,99-4.99)model In-app purchase (new levels, skills, etc) ~$ 0.99 (Free lite versions)Opportunities In-game product placementfor brands In-game advertising Branded games
    16. 16. Angry Birds in-app banner
    17. 17. Angry birds Rio special edition
    18. 18. Relevance from brands perspective• Social and Mobile are growing more relevant as marketing/branding tools• Ad spending in social games is expected to hit $ 293 MM in 2011 compared to $ 183 MM in 2009, a 60% growth.• In 2010, mobile game developer made $ 87 MM off advertising revenue. By 2015, this figure is expected to be 10 times that amount: $ 894 MM
    19. 19. Why not console and MMORPG?• Fact 1: console games are better designed and value-added products compared to social and mobile games (2010’s Grand Theft Auto 4 cost $ 100 million)• Fact 2: console and MMORPG gamers are more critical than others, assigning great value to elaborate graphics and storylines, and are in general less tolerant to in-game advertsing when it is clearly out of the context.• This drives the industry focus increasingly on the player and less on the advertiser (Last year, Microsoft shut down its dynamic in-game advertising division called Massive).• Now, big producers like Eletronic Arts control the dynamic in-game advertising display for their games. The trend is that only games where advertising is a natural part of the storyline (like Fifa Soccer and NBA Live) will carry in-game advertising.
    21. 21. GAMES - BASICS Games x brand’s promise and target behavior Consider the engagement pyramid Don’t skimp on development Brand campaign or Game campaign?
    22. 22. GAMES Moving parts Linchpin element vs. Equal contribution Selection of tactics Examples
    23. 23. MOVING PARTS TECHNOLOGY  PLATFORMS  Traditional Video Game  Web Browser Based  Adobe Flash  Mobile  PHP  iOS  Android  JavaScript  Combination FEATURES  MONETIZATION  Community &  Virtual Good Asynchronous Transactions  “Never ending”  Virtual Stock Exchange  Virtual Currency
    24. 24. LINCHPIN ELEMENT VS. EQUAL CONTRIBUTION  Social Media Technology Optimization is the focal point of Social Gaming Features Social Media Platform  Everything is Optimization secondary Monetization
    25. 25. SELECTION OF TACTICS CRITERIA  VARIATIONS  Making a Good Game  Goals  Network Effect  Creating Awareness  Selling  Engagement  Branding  Arbitrage  Remarketing  Monetization  Type of Brand
    26. 26. New in GamesAdvanced Social Media Marketing NYU
    27. 27. What’s happened in 2011• Job Displacement & Layoffs – Disney, Activision, THQ, RockYou, Silicon Knights, CCP, Ignition, Team Bondi ~ plagued by layoff – West Pier Studio, Roundcube Entertainment, & ShortRound Games were formed• Kickstarter & Crowdfunding – Instead of turning to a game publisher or venture capitalist for seed money• Maturing Social Game Space – Shift from appealing to people’s compulsive nature and actually building quality games• Xbox 360’s Sales Strength – Expanded base & reach• HTML5 – Open format web standard: developers only have to build their games once & it would be inherently cross-platform • Easy to learn • Alternative to Adobe Flash
    28. 28. Marketing: What’s hot in 2012: Gamification• Specially important for Social Media Marketing• Leverages engagement & loyalty – Missions, accomplishments & challenges – Rewards & badges – Mechanics driving to action
    29. 29. Gamification everywhere• New applications:•
    30. 30. Gamification everywhere• New applications: – Work performance:
    31. 31. Gamification everywhere• New applications: – Health:
    32. 32. Gamification everywhere• New applications: – Fitness:
    33. 33. Gamification everywhere• New applications: – Fundraising:
    34. 34. Gamification everywhere• New applications: – Discount shopping:
    35. 35. Mobile Games explosion• Apple announced getting to 1 million apps in appstore• Harder to stand out• Competition pushing mobile games to become from casual games to better finished products• Getting closer to console games sophistication in terms of story & graphics
    36. 36. PlayPhone Launches Cross-Platform Social Gaming Network• Formally launched December • Distinguishing Features: 14th – Supports all leading platforms• 1st true social gaming network (iOS, Android, Adobe AIR, & HTML5)• Presence in over 25 countries – Cross-platform play via• 35 million registered users on smartphones & tablets feature phones – Synchronous multiplayer• Over 3 million registered users gaming on smartphones – Single sign-on w/Facebook or PlayPhone SGN user ID• Have 1,600 developers signed – Advanced social integration up for its Software Developer w/Facebook Kit (SDK) – Universal currency via• Relations w/100 global carriers playcredits (R) – Multiple payment options including global direct-carrier billing
    37. 37. Technology: Virtual and physical game environments• RockSmith: like a Guitar Hero, but you actually plug in your real Guitar
    38. 38. Virtual and physical game environments – Applications popping up• Specially important for the game industry• iPad example: Disney AppMates
    39. 39. Kinect puts Xbox much ahead the competition• The industry hasn’t even scratched the possibilities enabled by gesture- based technology• In its ad campaign Microsoft suggests all sorts of innovation through kinect hacking
    40. 40. Kinect puts Xbox much ahead the competition• Internet is already populated with primitive open-source code for kinect