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Snackable Gameplay


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Snackable Gameplay

  1. 1. Snackable Gameplay DREW DAVIDSON
  2. 2. Snackability  How Convenient and Easy it is to Eat a Snack  “Twelve Easy Pieces” NYTimes 2006  “Snack Culture” Wired 2007
  3. 3. Games and Snacks  You Can’t Eat Just One  Just One More Turn
  4. 4. Snackable Gameplay  Characteristics  Mechanics
  5. 5. Characteristics  Time  Complete Play Experience  Micro/Macro Challenges/Rewards  Reduce Friction
  6. 6. Mechanics  Established Conventions  Progress Meters  Game Time  Power Ups  Cascade Combos  Unlocks  MetaGames  Ongoing Rewards
  7. 7. Snackable Game Design and...  Bite-Sized  Chunking  Flow  Fun
  8. 8. Thanks!  Questions?