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  1. 1. JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER OF SAN FRANCISCO Listening Experiment – Leveraging Social Media What were the objectives, audience, and how did integrate with your marketing or audience development plan? • Building content on our website as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages that better engages our current patrons and attracts new visitors. • Discovering what the community is saying about us and finding the best avenue to engage them in conversation. • Figuring out what online influencers are talking about us or our events and what their potential influence is to build our audience and reputation. • How to engage our current and potential audiences in conversations about our events and venue. What were some tactics that you tried? • We set up listening stations, utilizing tools including Netvibes, Google Alerts, Google Reader, Social Mention, and a variety of Twitter tools such as Friend or Follow. • We used these tools to follow brand terms as well as terms for specific events we presented. What were the results? • The listening tools made it easy to find content to share with our followers and fans. • We found the need to filter very carefully to find relevant information due to the diversity, scope and great quantity of our events as well as the other program areas offered at the JCCSF. • We are ready to build a strong listening strategy for the new season. If you could do this experiment all over again, what would you do differently? • We would perform this experiment during the season as the experiment coincided with the end of our season and we didn’t get enough information to draw conclusions. • In order to be more effective, we need to schedule and assign listening tasks to several key staff members. We found that following the large scope of events and information we need to track, assess, respond to and cultivate (in the case of influencers) is too much to sift through for just two people. What was your big ah ha or insight that you'll use in your next social media strategy? • We need a clear strategy for the audience development aspect of this experiment. In order to assess the return on the time expense, we need clear goals which translate not only into reputation based concepts, but into actual sales and moreover, repeat sales. • We need to develop a reporting strategy that shares insights with key members of our arts and marketing teams. • We need a reporting strategy that includes KPI's (key performance indicators) to assess the value of this type of communication for our programs.