Measuring the Networked Nonprofit Flyer


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Measuring the Networked Nonprofit Flyer

  1. 1. What happens when the Goddess of Measurement ABLE AVAILOBERteams up with the Queen of Nonprofits? They write BETH KANTER OC Tan entertaining and useful book about two processes KATIE DELAHAYE PAINE 2012that nonprofits need for success in a networked age: FO R E WO R D BY L AU RA A R R I L L AGA-A N D R E ESS E NTo become networked and measurement. Their bookprovides valuable, how-to insights on using data tochange the world – insights all nonprofits can use to MEASU RINGfulfill their missions. THEMeasuring the Networked Nonprofit relates stories,outlines measurement frameworks and offers up ahost of resources. Come and toast the authors as NETWORKE Dthey launch their new book and learn about howmeasurement can truly help your nonprofit change the NONPROFITworld. U S I N G DATA TO C H A N G E“Measuring the Networked Nonprofit is essential reading for T H E WO R L Dany nonprofit leader trying to figure out what social mediacan do for her organization—and what pitfalls to avoid.Kanter and Paine demystify social media strategies, tools, KA NT ER • AL BE TH BY RA N D I Z U C K E R B E RG RD LIS ON H. Edited by FIN Eand metrics, and make them accessible to techies and FO R EWO nonprofit, work for a WILLIAM T. action. If you notes. Take to share, Read this book. Take d authors have “URGENT! single thing these seasone H GOD IN missing.” —SET THE to do every you don’t have what you’re y have to know but you certainltechnophobes alike.” PAARLBERG ED K N E T WO R NONP R O F IT —Kathy Reich, Director of Organizational Effectiveness ING Grantmaking, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation CONNECT WITH 978-1-118-13760-4 SOCIAL M EDIA TO D R I V E US $34.95 • CAN $41.95 CHANGE“The authors brilliantly teach nonprofit leaders how totransform their organizations by embracing measurement.The writing style is lively, which makes the book accessible, For more information visit:inviting to read, and fun to implement!” —Kim Meredith, executive director, Stanford Center on Scan this QR code with your Philanthropy and Civil Society, smartphone to read a sample chapter now! Stanford Social Innovation Review“Read Measuring the Networked Nonprofit to help you figureout what kind of results you’re getting, and then figure outto get even more effective.” —Craig Newmark, founder, craigslist, craigconnects.orgBeth Kanter is the author of Beth’s Blog (, one of the longest running and most popular blogs fornonprofits. In 2009, she was named one of Fast Company Magazine’s most influential women in technology and oneof Business Week’s “Voices of Innovation for Social Media.” Beth has developed curriculum and delivered hundreds ofworkshops to nonprofits on technology topics over the past 15 years.Katie Delahaye Paine is the founder of KDPaine & Partners LLC and publisher of the first blog and the first newsletterfor marketing and communications professionals dedicated entirely to measurement and accountability. For 22 years,Paine has provided marketers and communications professionals with tools, data and information to help them makebetter business decisions. She has worked with some of the world’s most admired companies including Raytheon,Allstate, Hewlett-Packard and Southwest Airlines. Available October 2012 wherever books and ebooks are soldWiley and the Wiley logo are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.