Social Media & PR Strategies, Session 2


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Session two of the Social Media & PR Strategies course in the Marketing Communications Program at Colombia College Chicago.

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  • Preparing for the dance
    Understanding the dynamics of the dance
    Niche groups
    Listening and engagement
  • Touchgraph example
  • Social Media & PR Strategies, Session 2

    1. 1. {overview of social media strategy}
    2. 2. introduction • thinking strategically and acting tactically • what is to be expected: participation, research, reading and response • midterm project: client proposal and plan • final project: campaign plan
    3. 3. social media It’s kind of like…
    4. 4. 4 basic online communications goals • to inform audiences • to educate audiences • to persuade audiences • to entertain audiences
    5. 5. online users: tools categorized by people’s actions • people creating: blogs, podcasts, videos • people connecting: social networks • people collaborating: wiki’s, crowd sourcing • people reacting: reviews, liking, digging • people accelerating consumption: sharing, aggregating, RSS feeds
    6. 6. online users: technographics & categories creators conversationalists critics collectors joiners spectators In-actives } influencers organizers { } majority
    7. 7. discussion “where is our client in relationship to their desired audience?” “how should they be engaged and for what purpose?”
    8. 8. 10 MINUTE BREAK
    9. 9. Social Media Policy • identifying client culture • anticipating audience engagement • setting guidelines for online engagement • preventing and responding to crisis
    10. 10. Social Media Policy • case studies • samples • worksheet
    11. 11. Social Media Planning How do you fix a broken sink?
    12. 12. Social Media Planning • people: what are they ready for? where are they? what level of engagement are they at? • objectives: what do you want to do to achieve your goals? what will be accomplished? • strategies: what will change and how? how will it be measured? • technology, tools & tactics: what are the best tools to help you get there?
    13. 13. Social Media Planning: People • Develop a technographic analysis of targeted audience. • Identify users with the most impact based on technographics. • Develop engagement decisions based on analysis and impact level to define your objectives.
    14. 14. Social Media Planning: Objectives • Establish your goals and identify what it is you want to do (to conduct research, to create market buzz, inform and sell products, provide support to customers, develop and improve products and services)
    15. 15. Social Media Planning: Strategies • Identify the process (listening for research, conversing to create market buzz, rally key fans, nurture a community, include customers to improve products) • Identify what it is you want to change if you are successful with your objectives. • Identify how you will measure these changes. • Learn to adapt to changes in the process
    16. 16. Social Media Planning: Technology &Tactics • Lastly, identify the tools needed to communicate, engage and measure your success. • Identify how the tools will be used
    17. 17. Midterm Project
    18. 18. Midterm Project 1. Identify your client. 2. Develop a proposal document that will include a recommended Social Media Policy based on client culture and a Social Media Strategy to engage their clients and create change.
    19. 19. Assignment due next week 1. Objective: Become familiar with where the industry is at now. Assignment: Download, read and respond to 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report on your blog. 2. Objective: Begin to assess your client. Assignment: Choose your midterm client and write a brief blog post describing your impressions of the client—include impressions of client culture, online social activity, and audiences. 3. Objective: Understand more about audience technographics and strategies. Assignment: Read chapters 3 & 4 of Groundswell 4. Extra: Research other marketing blogs and add them to your Wordpress blog roll