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Social Media Beginner's Checklist


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Social Media Checklist that any beginner must go through before employing social media for his business.

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Social Media Beginner's Checklist

  1. 1. Social Media Beginners Checklist Questions you need to answer as you commence on Social Media journeyBack Ground Check  Is social media of interest to us? Why?  What is our current social media usage?  Are our customers interacting with our current existence? How?  Do we think social media would make an impact for us? What impact do we want to make on social media?  Where does our industry stand in social media?  How do we stand against our competitors in social media?  Are we frequently conversed online? Are conversations about our brand positive, negative, or neutral?  Are we ready to loosen up control on our brand a little?  Are we open to have outside participation, like guest bloggers, opinion leaders, etc?  Who in the company is passionate about engaging with our customers?  How does communication flow in our organisation, internally? Is it well connected?Analysis  Do we have an apt measuring and monitoring tool that suits our needs?  What do we expect to achieved?  What would be our short term and long term goals? How would be measure them?  Will we work on campaign basis only? If so, what would be the frequency?  How would our dialogue with consumers be? How will we encourage user participation?  What our possible biggest hurdles in taking to social media? How would we prepare to handle it?  How will we change our approach to our ongoing practices?  How do we integrate user engagement on social media with our marketing/communications strategy?  Are ready to spend on social media- human resource, paid facilities, etc? How much?  If we do spend, then which current resources would we use less?  How would be define our success and failure? +91-22-67942500-01
  2. 2. Social Media Beginners Checklist Questions you need to answer as you commence on Social Media journeySetting Goals and Objectives  What would be our content schedule (e.g. daily, weekly, biweekly)?  Which mediums of content manifestation would we use (e.g. blog, e books, videos, articles, etc)?  What are our keywords and URLs that could optimise our monitoring?  How would be measure our success or failure? (qualitative and quantitative)  Who will be our target audience and how would we connect with them?  What do we expect from our audience? How are we giving back?  How will be not talk about only our product/service?  How and how often will we analyse our progression?  Which tools are ideal for our monitoring and measuring needs?  What details would we gather or concentrate on before, during and after our efforts?Resource Check  How much money are we ready to invest?  How much time are we prepared to invest (daily, weekly, monthly)?  Will be investing on technology, development and tools? Or spend on the existing ones?  Are we willing to spend on human resource? How much?  Who would be the important community engagers and trackers? How will their role be defined?  Do we need technological involvement?  By when are we expecting to see the results? Are we prepared to wait for slow result on direct return on money?  Will make a special allotment of flexible budget for this activity?  Once we are successful, are we ready to escalate our investments for reaching higher goals?  Will we be flexible enough to shift and alter roles/responsibilities with a view of accommodating with user needs? +91-22-67942500-01