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  1. 1. Frameline Listening Experiment Questions for Listening Experiment: The Organization The “World”: LGBT Film & Media Arts • Who is talking about us? • What else is going on in the world? • What are they saying? • Who are the major players? • Where are they saying it? • What’s the content? Tactics: Google Alert Keywords: • Frameline Co-Tweet Saved Searches: • Frameline34 OR San Francisco • Frameline OR "San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival International LGBT Film Festival" • gay OR lesbian OR bisexual OR • Frameline34 transgender OR LGBT OR queer film • "Youth In Motion" Twitter Lists: • Distribution / Educational Blogs Followed: • Community Partners • IndieWire • Celebrities • Towleroad • Film Festivals & Film News • GLAAD Blog What We “Heard”: • Filmmakers posting about their films • News articles about specific films, mentioning screening at Frameline • News articles about festival (blogs, local papers, etc.) • Articles & tidbits about LGBT films, celebrities, etc. • Things that we’ve posted (YouTube, blog, etc.) • Junk: camera lenses & tech equipment, other organizations/companies, How We’ve Used This Information: • Tracked press clippings • Reposted articles on E-News, Facebook, and Twitter • Created blog: • Engaged more with Twitter followers Next Steps / Future Uses: • Refine search terms further, weed out junk • Look further at peer organizations’ strategies (ie. Outfest, local film fests) • Build success of blog • Support for programming (what films are we aware of?) • Rethink festival program release timing
  2. 2. • Consider how to continue engagement in non-festival season • Consider how to use listening to help shape or influence programs