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2013 souvenirs

Excerpts from my 2013 graphics file.

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2013 souvenirs

  1. 1. Souvenirs of 2013 Excerpts from my 2013 graphics file. Feel free to snip and use anything here that doesn’t have someone else’s name on it but obey the Creative Commons license: say where you got it. JAY CROSS
  2. 2. Neuroscience
  3. 3. Neuroscience, vastly oversimplified
  4. 4. Keys to Happiness
  5. 5. Worthy values
  6. 6. Workscape trust The aspects of the work environment that function as the organization’s learning ecosystem where organization develops 
 practices for working smarter meaning culture
  7. 7. Workscape Lake LMS Productivity
 Peak Measurement Trench Level 3 Culture Gulch Work Flow Efficacy 
 Peaks Conversation
 Corner Performance
 Support Plain Informal 
 Loop SoMoCo
 Summit Experiential Cliffs Downes
 Downs Collaboration Canyon Weak Ties Forgetting 
 Curve Workshop Plains News 
 Stream Level 4 Mentor Hills MOOC
 Millstream Efficacy 
 Peaks Mt. Mager
  8. 8. Pull Workscape Components Enterprise Social Network Values Trust Respect Open Share Improve Flows &
 feeds News 1. Team 2. Organization 3. Industry 4. Communities 5. Web Creation 
 spaces Stocks Water cooler Free time Narration Discussions Help desk FAQs, repositories Microlearning Performance support Recommendations
  9. 9. Jane Hart
  10. 10. Personal Knowledge Management Harold Jarche I took part in one of Harold’s workshops on this.
  11. 11. Jay’s M.O. for personal learning and greater capacity Collect Incoming Reflect & distill [Curate] Bookmark or Note
  12. 12. KEEP
  13. 13. Things Jay does for money Writes white papers, marketing copy, speeches Delivers seminars, webinars, keynotes Mentors/advises managers and teams
  14. 14. Emerging Ways of Working: Get Ready Design thinking Light footprint Holocracy Agile Dynamic rules Radical management Working smarter Managing positive 
 deviance Mission command Breaking down walls Strategic agility Business 3.0
  15. 15. Jay’s Bingo Card of Interconnected Variables Person Work Environment Knowledge obsolescence Neuroscience Faster cycle time Relationships Psychology Universal Connection Aspirations Unmanagement Complexity Learning Emotional business Personalization Calling Culture Design
  16. 16. Networks Topics I follow. Meta-learning Workflow & Informal Learning Cycles Design Knowledge Mind Unmanagement ITA Authors Culture Complexity Emotional Business Design 2 Radical
 Management Learning Reference Periodicals
  17. 17. Dutch clients
  18. 18. Awesome Dawson
  19. 19. Awesome Dawson
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Intangibles Rule Value resides in social capital, relationship capital, and structural capital.
  22. 22. Personalize!
  23. 23. Concrete
 Territory Just Doit OCEAN OF
 HOPE Execution NOW Safe Bet Main Stream Laggard OCEAN OF POSSIBILITIES Praxis Stubborn Stream Reserved River Neurotic Swamps of Skepticism Control
 City Process Pond Maybeville Closed 
 Corners Smiles Abstract
 Region Wish Pool of
 Ideas Fringe Sea of Enthusiasm Oasis of Adoption Visionary Peak Utopia Harmony OPEN OCEAN Vocal Valley CAPE FEAR BAY OF HISTORY SEA OF CERTAINTY Map of MindTime
  24. 24.