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Jay Cross interview with Jane Hart

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Jay Cross interview with Jane Hart

  1. 1. From Social Businessto Social Learning JAY CROSS
  2. 2. interview with Jane Hart May 23, 2012See this on YouTube
  3. 3. 2012
  4. 4. Don’t call it learning eLearning Informal Working Learning Smarter 2002 2006 2011
  5. 5. Average performance Happy employeesPositive Intelligence Productivity Sales Creativityby Shawn Achor +31% +37% +200%
  6. 6. Happiest Having sex Conversation Music Walking Eating Meditating Cooking Shopping Taking care of the children Reading Commuting WorkLeast Happy
  7. 7. Happiest Having sex Conversation/Work Music Walking Eating Meditating Cooking Shopping Taking care of the children Reading CommutingLeast Happy
  8. 8. Positive EmotionEngagement/FlowPositive RelationshipsMeaningAccomplishments
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Unmanagement Stoos, Switzerland January 2012
  11. 11. Take stock, take charge Delight customers Collaborate, team-work De-stress, smile Inspire performanceUnmanagement Take the pulse Sprint Decide wisely Coach Nurture serendipity Net-work Conduct, don’t control
  12. 12. The Principles of Radical Management Delight customers Communications: conversations Managers enable self-organizing teams From value to values Dynamic linking
  13. 13. 20th Century 21st CenturyCorporation Customers Corporation Customers
  14. 14. What else have you observed in your travels? Jay’s network on LinkedIn
  15. 15. Business/learning integrationOur people are growing fast enough tokeep up with the needs of the business Yes 23% No 77%
  16. 16. Largest U.S. Employers Manufacturing Service 1960 2010 GM Walmart AT&T Kelly Services Ford IBM GE UPS U.S. Steel McDonald’s Sears Yum! A&P Target Esso Kroger Bethlehem Steel HP IT&T Home Depot Westinghouse Sears General Dynamics PepsiCo Chrysler Bank of America Sperry Rand GE International Harvester CVS
  17. 17. Why do you say traditional corporate learning isbroken?
  18. 18. Most work will not be performed by employees Alumni Contractor Outsource Consultant Core Temps (employees) Contingent Team Freelance Team Customers Partner
  19. 19. Future Business Structure Alumni Contractor Outsource Consultant Core Temps (employees) Contingent Team Freelance Team “Jobs” only exist here Partner
  20. 20. How can we fix corporate learning?
  21. 21. Traditional L&D in Social Business L&D Workscape Workshops & eLearning Workshops & eLearning
  22. 22. Courses are dead.Learning ecosystems are the future.
  23. 23. What push learners need to do and believe Skills Beliefs ■ learning how to learn ■ optimism ■ critical thinking & conceptualization ■ confidence ■ pattern recognition ■ curiosity ■ design thinking ■ resilience ■ working with one another, co-creation ■ purpose ■ navigating complex environments ■ autonomy ■ software literacy
  24. 24. Working Smarter: Individual & Behavior Change Culture Motivation Performance Support Learning
  25. 25. Global health services company 30,000 employees 66,000,000 customers objective: culture of collaboration & participation replace formal learning with informal & social
  26. 26. CREDO• We are open and transparent.• We narrate our work. Need to share.• Continuous learning, not events.• We value conversation as a learning vehicle.• We are a vanguard of change within the Company.• We drink our own champagne (or mimosas).• Business success is our bottom line.• Learning is work; work is learning.• We are not a training organization.• We value time for self-development and reflection.• We recognize that reflection is a key to learning.• We establish business metrics for every engagement and report back publicly on outcomes.
  27. 27. Workscape FunctionsKnow-who (profiles)Know-how (knowledge store)Know-now (feeds & streams)Know-not (unlearning)Know when (project management)Know-why (aspirations, motivation)Know what-if? (sims, probes)Know where (indexes, rankings)
  28. 28. Collaborative Workscape !
  29. 29. Social Infrastructure
  30. 30.