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Central Desktop's Collaboration Insights Webinar: "Stop Pushing, Get Your Team to Pull"


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Most collaboration deployments rely on luck, or a hope that buying the best will make for collaboration success. You'd have better odds playing the lottery than expecting that kind of strategy to work out.

The unfortunate truth is that most collaboration implementations are not designed and pre-loaded to solve actual business problems or to expedite the daily work that real employees need to get done on a regular basis. As a result, most collaboration deployments are doomed to failure.

Dan Keldsen, collaboration expert and principal consultant at Information Architected, shows you how to stack the odds in your favor

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Central Desktop's Collaboration Insights Webinar: "Stop Pushing, Get Your Team to Pull"

  1. 1. Stop Presented by: Pushing, Dan Keldsen, President of Get YourTeam to Pull! Hashtag for Webinar: #e2pull @dankeldsen @centraldesktop
  2. 2. AgendaWebinar Introduction (5 mins)Featured Speaker: (40 mins) Dan KeldsenQ&A Session (15 mins)
  3. 3. About Dan KeldsenExpertise:• Innovation management• Social business• Enterprise 2.0/Web 2.0Background• Information Architected: president and Principal Consultant• AIIM International: former director and co-founder, Market Intelligence unit• Delphi Group: former senior analyst, consultant and CTO
  4. 4. Collaboration Insights WebinarsConnect Teach you Empoweryou with collaboration you to drivethought concepts changeleaders TODAY
  5. 5. Webinar brought to you by Central Desktop A complete, cloud-based social collaboration platform for business
  6. 6. Who We Are Founded in 2005 HQ in Los Angeles, CA 500,000+ users globally 56% of the Fortune 1000 use our product Award-winning cloud-based collaboration platform
  7. 7. How We HelpSimplify the Way You WorkCentralize your work securely in the cloud.Work FasterEliminate unnecessary work so you can focus on what matters.Get People InvolvedGain insight into your people, work styles and projects.You Can Count on UsWe work with you to help solve your unique business challenges.
  8. 8. Thousands of Customers
  9. 9. How to ask Questions• During webinar, use Questions box.• Formal Q&A will follow presentation.
  10. 10. What We’ll CoverStrategies for: Pre-engagement Rollout Re-engagementWar stories: Collaboration deployments gone badSuccess stories: Top reasons why people DO use (and even love) their collaboration platformBased on Techniques from: Marketing, Sales, Influence, Gaming, Design and Agile that increase user adoption and engagement
  11. 11. We’ve Been Doing it Wrong
  12. 12. 3 Collaboration Crutches1. We’ve been taught not to collaborate2. Management is anti- collaboration3. Technology only magnifies collaboration skills & attitude Bonus Content: Listen to interview with Carlos Dominguez of Cisco on Virtual Collaboration Problems:
  13. 13. No More Spray & Pray It’s Time to Focus Image Source: Halo – Microsoft Studios and Bungie Software
  14. 14. Ready? Time to Engage Your Brains
  15. 15. Q: Are all IT projects doomed?
  16. 16. Q: Are all marketers liars? Photo credit:
  17. 17. Q: Are all salespeople evil? Photo credit:
  18. 18. Learn from the MastersMarketing Sales Gaming
  19. 19. It’s Not Luck It’s Serious Skillz ©2010 Information Architected, Inc.
  20. 20. Bonus Content: See video of 2009 E2.0 Keynote presentation at
  21. 21. Has an inability to effectivelycollaborate negatively impacted your organization? (n=114) Source: Information Architected, Inc.
  22. 22. Insights from IBM’s Global CIO Study High-Growth CIOs • Actively use collaboration and partnering technology within IT organization 60 percent more often • Spend 94 percent more time integrating business and technology to innovate • Devote 87 percent more of their time to enabling business and corporate vision Low-Growth CIOs Mired in tactical execution and IT issues
  23. 23. Planning the Strategy Successful Collaboration Platform Pre- Re-Engagement Engagement Roll-out
  24. 24. What You Wanted to KnowWe asked: You answered: •What is the process/strategy?Do you have any •How do you avoid confusing people and have simpler tools?specific concerns •How do you build buy-in?about pre- •How do you get employees to not be afraid of the system? (It wasengagement to created to be helpful, not hurtful) •How to get users to contribute?post-engagement •How do you guarantee buy-in before launch?process? •How to market collaboration as a benefit for all parties? •How to engage different audiences for collaboration?
  25. 25. After Launch Photo: NASAis Where You Succeed or Fail
  26. 26. Not When You Wave Goodbye Photo: NASA And Go Home
  27. 27. Pre-Engagement Questions to Ask for Collaboration• What’s the context?• What goes in here?• Who has access?• Where’s my old stuff?• Is this an empty library and we have to figure it out?• Is there content or conversations that should NOT go in here? If so, where do they go?• Why should I use this system vs. something else?• Does anyone own this?• Who do I ask for questions?• Is there training?
  28. 28. Myth People Hate Change Photo Credit:
  29. 29. Croc Brain is Picky ( It will ignore you if possible ) Source: Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff
  30. 30. 3 Key Stages in the Lifecycle Enthusiast Mastery Regular Habit-Building Source: Amy Jo KimNewbieOnboarding
  31. 31. Deconstructing Engagement Loops Visible Progress Positive EmotionStats / Challenges / Awards / Messages Fun / Delight / Trust / Pride / Curious Source: Amy Jo KimPlayer (re)Engagement (social) Call to Action Task / Mission / Game / Quiz / Gift Customize / Share / Help / Compete Newbie Onboarding
  32. 32. Common Collaboration CasesThree primary use cases tend to be: 1. Find a specific piece of information (library) 2. Complete a specific task 3. Find an expert or appropriate person 4. Collaborating to create, locate, update or complete the above
  33. 33. Show Progress & What’s Next Source: LinkedIn – Profile CompletenessFeedback is key toengagement, andengagement is whatmakes collaborationsystems successful.No engagement =no use =complete waste Source:
  34. 34. Strategy + 3 Cs = Ripe Target Structure, meaning Needs, behaviors Document/data types,content Information needs, audience types, objects, meta-information, existing expertise, experience, tasks, structure, future structure, volume information-seeking behaviors Content Community IACulture, technologyBusiness models & goals, Contextcorporate culture, technology,funding, politics, resources,constraints
  35. 35. Planning the Strategy Successful Collaboration Platform Pre- Re-Engagement Engagement Roll-out
  36. 36. Social Gaming Engagement Styles (2011) Acting Express CompeteContent Players Explore Collaborate Source: Amy Jo Kim Interacting
  37. 37. Social Engagement Verbs ActingBuild Create Win Challenge Design Purchase Express CompeteDecorate Showoff Customize Choose Compare TauntContent Players View Collect Comment Like Greet Source: Amy Jo Kim Rate Vote Explore Collaborate Share Curate Review Help Give Interacting
  38. 38. Different VIEWs on Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Orientation to Change Explorer Developer Manner of Processing External Internal Ways of Deciding Person Task Bonus Offer: For webinar attendees, take advantage of free VIEW for Two offer:
  39. 39. Complications of Real Work Info is Everywhere, Time Available and In Many Forms Urgency Varies
  40. 40. Feedback Feeds Forward So Get Out of Your Cube and Get to Know Your 3 Cs and Turn on the Engagement Loop! Photo credit:
  41. 41. Recap: 3 Major Frames Strategy of 3 Cs Engagement Pre- of Lifecycle ofEngagement, Content, Newbie,Roll-out, Re- Context, Regular,Engagement Community Expert
  42. 42. Questions? Comments?Dan Keldsen, President Isaac Garcia, ceo@centraldesktop.comTwitter: @dankeldsen Twitter: @isaacgarcia617.933.9655 866.900.7646