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Jay Cross, Aprendizado informal

Presentation in Sao Paulo for clients of Affero

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Jay Cross, Aprendizado informal

  1. 1. Aprendizado informalJay CrossSao PauloOctober 4, 2011
  2. 2. Tangible Value Intangible Value1982 1999
  3. 3. Time Now
  4. 4. WorkTraining 20th Century
  5. 5. Convergence Work Work & Learning Training 20th Century 21st Century
  6. 6. Aprendizagem Informal
  7. 7. Novice’s Learning MixHow Novices Learn How Novices Learn Informal PUSH Formal • Curriculum • Many at once • Event, ends
  8. 8. High-performer’s Learning MixHow Experienced People Learn PULL • Self-directed • Unscheduled • Continuous Informal Formal
  9. 9. LearningFormal Informal
  10. 10. Workplace Learning As One Gains Experience Informal Formal Novice Practitioner
  11. 11. 80%+ of Workplace Learning is Informal FormalInformal
  12. 12. 80%+ of Spending on Workplace LearningGoes to Formal Informal Formal
  13. 13. Workplace Learning Over One’s Career Informal Training department’s Comfort Zone Formal Novice
  14. 14. Workplace Learning Over One’s Career Informal Where most learning takes place Formal Practitioner
  15. 15. Formal InformalInstructor-led class Mentoring Hallway conversationWorkshop Lunch ‘n learn Profiles/locatorVideo ILT Conferences Social networkingSchooling Simulations Trial & errorCurriculum Interactive webinars Search Performance support Observation YouTube Asking questions Podcasts Job shadowing/rotation Books Collaboration Storytelling Community Study group Web jam Feeds Wikis, blogs, tweets Social bookmarking Unconferences
  16. 16. 70/20/10
  17. 17. experiential formal 70/20/10 from others
  18. 18. Behavior Change in the Workplace Learning direction of flow control for example Formal, Push Top down curriculum Push & Pull Coached Mentor, PerformanceMotivation boss Peers & Support collaborative Pull & Push Networked work Community of Practice Pull Self PKM, discovery Culture
  19. 19. Lots more information: