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Digital Impact

  1. 1. Geoffrey Ramsey TWITTER: @geofframsey #digitalimpact #imediasummitSeptember 12, 2011
  2. 2. Can you identify with these two fundamental problems?:• Lack of adequate metrics and measurement systems to drive marketing performance Secret #1 is all• Frustration withneed for about the how to effectively engage online consumers, who have short attention spans, face Performance abundant choices and are increasingly resistant to Measurement… advertising messages
  3. 3. Marketers view of performance“The challenge is – „Prove to me that measurementmarketing works‟… that theinvestments are paying back in bothshort- and long-term deliverables.”--Bob Liodice, CEO, ANA
  4. 4. The online display ad landscape today... Exchanges Client Geographic Networks Premium PublishersPsychographic Demographic Mid/Tail Publishers Behavioral “What‟s at stakeIntegration of many data sources here?” + real time placement + Complex analytics for testing and optimization
  5. 5. Internet as “Hub” $1 Trillion Total Marketing  Myers, PwC, etc) (VSS, Consumer time and engagement  Huge purchase influence  Now 20% of total media spend $368 Billion“Advertising &and surpassing all print in 2012 Marketing”  Media measurement “hook” (Outsell)  Power of One media to rule them all! $157 Billion Advertising (eMarketer) $31 B Digital(eMarketer)
  6. 6. Deutsche Bank……. 18.0% Barclays................... 16.5% “Where‟s all this MAGNAGLOBAL….. 15.6% PwC…………………. 15.5% digital money Morgan Stanley……. 14.8% Citi…………….......... 14.6% coming from?” Winterberry Group…. 14.0% IDC…………………… 13.8% WARC…..….. ………. 12.7%20.2% ZenithOptimedia……. 12.6% GroupM……………… 12.0%
  7. 7. 65%+1.4% eMARKETER FLASH Poll: “What % of YOUR digital ad spend comes from traditional?”
  8. 8. Secret #2 gets at the problem of engagement with digital consumers
  9. 9. of consumers say they ignoreor disregard banner ads more than any other type of ad.Source: AdweekMedia/Harris Poll,
  10. 10. The classic interruption/disruption model of advertising is waning… “Advertising is no longer about blasting the most “We need most people. creating Magnetic“Marketers areto create experiences, messages to the focusing on Instead, it’s aboutContent –this: entertaining, relevant, informative so Ideas that spread, win.” not just sponsor content.” or useful – it demands the consumer‟s --Frank --Seth Godin Pepsi timeCooper, CMO, and attention.”
  11. 11. “It‟s more about ATTRACTION, rather than DISTRACTION.”
  12. 12. The MagneticContent approachturns targeting onits head.
  13. 13. What Does content as marketing about Case Studythe work in Highlight: “NameB2B? example of B2B world? the best Magnetic Content that you‟vepersonally experienced with a brand.”
  14. 14. Five Criteria for Magnetic Content1. Is the content Unique?2. Is it Useful?3. Is it Well Executed?Ask yourself, “Would I personally wantto receive this content, and share it4. Is it Fun?with others?” use of the channel in which it appears?5. Does it make good
  15. 15. IsIs it Useful? it working?!
  16. 16. Too many metrics… the big challenge is decidingthe right metrics Only 7 Key Metrics to Master Click-Thru Rate Click-Thru Rate Cost per Click Cost per Click Interaction Rate Interaction Rate Leads Leads Impressions Impressions Cost Per Lead Cost Per Lead View-Thrus View-Thrus Reach Reach Frequency Frequency Share of Voice Share of Voice Bounce Rate Bounce Rate Time on Site Time on Site Page Views Page Views Video Views Video Views Registration Rate Registration Rate Downloads Downloads Conversion Rate Conversion Rate Comments Comment Comment Forward Forward Return Visits Return Visits Time on Page Time on Page Page CTR Page CTR Circular Paths Circular Paths Exit Rate Exit Rate
  17. 17. Highest level metrics withto Start used the measurement framework quantify business performance Financial Metrics Higher level metrics related to Financial longer-term changes in brand e.g., ROI Outcomes Linkages health LINKAGE are crucial, Strategic Metrics not just a report card LINKAGE Perceptual & Behavioral Engagement Score? e.g., Brand Perception Lift, Outcomes Engagement Score LINKAGE Exposure Metrics Marketing Investment e.g., Qualified ReachLow level measures related to the performance of individual channels 20
  18. 18. Engagement Score reflects a hierarchy which is based on the brand’s objectives Assign point values to eachHIGHER gradated level of EngagementVALUE Advocate Recommend , referrals Create Profiles, Upload picturesEngagement Share Send to friend, Social mediaValue Continuum Signup, Email, Coupon, WTB Request 21 Respond Rate, Vote, Add comments Interact Play videos, DemosLOWER View Content, PicturesVALUE
  19. 19. Illustrative example for mapping Engagement Scores1 Point 1 Point 1 Point 1 Point 1 Point 2 Points 2 Points 1 Point 2 Points 2 Points 1 Point 1 Point 3 Points 3 Points 2 Points 2 Points 3 Points 1 Point
  20. 20. Applying Magnetic Content and Performance Measurement to the Six Digital ChannelsSocial Display
  21. 21. DigitalChannel #1: Social Media: ConnectionsSocial that CountMedia we “Can achieve scale?”
  22. 22. 232 million Americans are online today (74%) 89% 76% are buying online are on 68% are watching online video email 64% are social networking 11% TwitteringTWITTER:@geofframsey Source: eMarketer, 2011
  23. 23. US social media spending will grow 55% this 11%year to $3 billion total US online ad spend of 7% of total online ad dollars 18% of display ad dollarsOvertaking Yahoo! thisyear at only 13% share
  24. 24. Four best practices for Magnetizingcustomers through social mediacontent1. Leverage the secret ingredient: Trust2. Listening leads to learning e.g., letting your brand advocates speak on your3. Add Value to the conversation behalf; (ala Magnetic Content!) allowing for customer ratings and reviews4. Focus on your Core Enthusiasts
  25. 25. #2. Listeningleads to Learning A. Learn how consumers talk about your brand, product or service category • Notice what words and language they use • Learn about their interests and intentions A personal story about B. Discover real or perceived problems with your product or customer service listening…
  26. 26. New strategy…ESCALATE
  27. 27. Censored
  28. 28. Adobe, I hope you’re listening, because I’ve got a problem…
  29. 29. #3. Add value to the conversation…
  30. 30. Sometimes, the best MagneticContent comes from your best customers. Unique Useful Which is why you should: Well executed Fun #4. Focus on Your Fans. Great use of channel
  31. 31. #4. FocusWho Your Brand Fans: Nurture themConsumers on “Like” or Follow a Brand: Prospects carefully• Are more likely to buy 1, 3, 4…………………. 51% Find them via• Social Media Customers Tend to spend more money 2……………….. $71 CORE• Are more likely to recommend 1, 3, 4……..…. 60% CORE FANS• Are more likely to be loyal to the brand 3 …. Empower 34%Sources: 1) Chadwick Martin Bailey, Mar, 2010; 2) Syncapse, 2010;3) ROI Research, June, 2011; 4) DDB Worldwide and OpionWayResearch, Oct, 2010 them to share
  32. 32. SHARPIE: Finding Fans. EmpoweringThem. Nurturing Them. Viewed 62 million times on YouTube
  33. 33. % of marketers saying their ability to measure ROI for media channel is “good” Paid search 54% E-mail marketing (acq) 53% Online display 37% TV 21% Newsp/Mags 20%N = 567 global Social media 19%marketers, 2010
  34. 34. Applying our framework toConduct post-visit surveys social mediawith an exposed vs. control group to determine lift in Financial brand perceptions Metrics Financial Outcomes LINKAGE This is not the Strategic Metrics LINKAGE end game! Perceptual & Behavioral Outcomes To get to “ROI,” you need visibility into actual buying activity: LINKAGE Exposure Metrics Marketing Investment • Self-stated purchases; • Matching to a transaction database; 37 • Capturing online purchases.
  35. 35. DigitalChannel #2 Display: The Branding that Creates the Intent
  36. 36. • Influx of SMB display buyers due to self-serve buying platforms 24.5% • RTB andexchanges creating MAGNAGLOBAL... 24% improvements in Barclays Capital.... 21% display targeting, Morgan Stanley..... 18% % Planning to Increase Display Ad Piper Jaffray…….. 18% buying efficiencies and metrics Spending in 2011Citi……………....... 17% ZenithOptimedia.... 15% DigitalRoute………. 14%• Facebook creating • Advertisers*………… 49% Deutsche Bank…… 13% new display ad • Agencies*……………. 32% opportunities J.P. Morgan.………. 13% • B2B Marketers**…….Co.………... 13% Caris & 13% Credit Suisse…….. &8% 2011; • Hockey stick *Econsultancy SAS, growth in video **Forrester Research, 2011
  37. 37. Video Ad Spending as a % of Total Display Advertising17.5% 32.3%
  38. 38. …There’s now plenty of data showing how onlinedisplay ads drive consumer activity Do a Search Visit Website “You don‟t build brands by Buy Online optimizing for clicks!” Buy Offline --John Battelle
  39. 39. Marketers are getting better at both theArt and Science of display advertising:• ART – Focusing on better creative (Magnetic Content) – Better ideas, execution – including video – Providing multiple engagement options within the banner“Creative Using data 70% to to better target,• SCIENCE –is about & analytics 80% of the deploy and measure ads (Performance Measurement)effectiveness of advertising.” – Real-time bidding – Audience Gibs, VP media analytics, Nielsen --Jon targeting – Integration with other media
  40. 40. Creative execution counts With online video... • Tell a story • Create a laugh• Visualize a product benefit
  41. 41. Home sales of blenders up Is it FUN? 700% since the video series began!
  42. 42. Believe in the Magic of “I do hope GeoffMagnetic Content and Performance Measurement realizes his time is up”
  43. 43. “Thank you” ( geoff@emarketer.comTwitter @geofframsey