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04 measurement

  1. 1. Digital Measurement Tools
  2. 2. Why does measurement matter?1. It reduces arguments based on opinion.2. It gives you answers about what really works.3. It shows you where you’re strong.4. It allows you to test anything you want.5. Clients love metrics.
  3. 3. Differentiate between whats easy tomeasure vs what is really important. Easy to measure Important Clicks Sharing Commenting Traffic Repeat visits Page views Online buzz Media mentions Sentiment Interactions Embeds Online mentions Search volume
  4. 4. Digital measurement tools let us:1. Define what success looks like.2. Monitor progress of our online initiatives.3. Help us choose and evaluate our media tactics.
  5. 5. First, agree on your KPIs.What is the desired effect of your efforts? Our strategic process starts from understanding the CONSUMER challenges that both the consumer and the brand are Who is our consumer? facing. SYSTEM ... That can be solved through a What kind of system sustainable system do we need to create base on value to solve our exchange between CHALLENGES problem? the customer and the brand. What is our problem? ENGAGEMENT Where and how do we want to engage with our audience? MEASUREMENT ... Which happens ... and with across multiple measurable How are we going to touchpoints. results. know that we solved the problem?
  6. 6. Example: widening product awareness. TASKS METRICS DESIRED Monitor volume Continue to stream fun and engaging content and sentiment of around the brand. fan engagement on the brands FB Track the Develop an additional content stream that engagement rate shows how the brand fits into our audience’s around the new INCREASE IN lives better than competition. content BRANDs MARKETSHARE IN THE SNACK Track fan Invite a continuous and consistent audience participation CATEGORY participation through polls, quizzes, expert across Q&A, and games. engagement Monitor the Build a long-term relationship with bloggers volume and and encourage them to make positive product sentiment of comparisons vs. other snack brands. brand and
  7. 7. Second, select what you are tracking. Task 1 • Organic web mentions e.g. Generate Interest • Influencer and press mentions System Goal Task 2 • Share-through rate e.g. Increase Sales • Repeat visits • Brand affinity metrics
  8. 8. Example of social media metrics.VIDEO CLICK- VIDEO ORGANIC INFLUENCER SHAREABILITY BRAND THROUGH COMPLETION WEB & WEB & SEARCH AFFINITY RATE RATE MENTIONS MENTIONS •Video start vs • # of brand mentions on the•Click-through rate web in the duration of the •# of mentions on •Overall # of shared •Overall lift in key video completion program indicators of brand per video influential blogs and videos displayed rate affinity • Context of mentions online publications across the partner•Click-through rate (positive, negative, neutral) •The completion publishing and per video context •# of mentions in rate per video • # of mentions across social media individual channels: Tumblr, industry press•Click-through rate properties •The completion Facebook, Twitter per topics •# of external rate per context & • # of Facebook Likes, “People •The social channel sources with•Click-through rate content topics Talking About” and Twitter with the most mentions embedded brand per topic shares • # of likes and shares on video content•Overall # of video Tumblr •General lift in brand views on selected • # of Tumblr comments search rate during properties the initiative period • Reach of Tumblr and Facebook Pop-Up posts • Response rate per video and editorial piece
  9. 9. Third, choose and evaluate your tactics. #, % #, % #, % #, % #, % #, % #, %
  10. 10. Third, choose and evaluate your tactics.