State of Email Marketing Going Beyond Cross Channel


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Effective email marketing programs no longer rely on classic metrics such as clicks and opens, they go beyond a coordinated cross-channel program to deliver relevancy to consumers regardless of channel. Before this is possible, email Marketers need to define what email analytics mean to their customers and business, and how intelligence can power contextually relevant interactions with consumers throughout the lifecycle. The heart of better results lies in having actionable intelligence that is rooted in meaningful analytics.

In this webinar, Julie Anne Reda, VP Product Strategy of Yesmail Interactive, will guide you through best practices in getting better data and better insights so you can power richer engagement personas and interactions that go beyond coordinated email efforts to drive business results and a positive ROI.

What you will learn:
How to ensure data and information integration have the right foundation & where the potholes are.
Using the right analytics at the right stage – whether it’s predictive analytics to predict the next best action or testing cadence frequency to ensure timely calls to action. Know what analytics to use when across channels.
Speaking with one voice – Understanding the nuance of time, location, channel and message so interactions are contextually relevant
Best practices to look beyond opens and clicks, to increase lasting engagement with your customers.

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State of Email Marketing Going Beyond Cross Channel

  1. 1. The State of Email Marketing Going Beyond Cross-Channel March 29, 2012 Presented by: Julie Anne Reda
  2. 2. What You Will Learn• The state of email marketing• Defining cross-channel analytics for your business• Ensuring the right data foundation• Using the right analytics for the right stage• Three critical factors to take you program beyond cross-channel – Segmentation – Cadence – Content Optimization• Beyond opens and clicks – Creating a lasting relationship over the customer lifecycle.• Q&A
  4. 4. Spending in Cross-Channel Continues to Grow Source: Forrester Research Inc; US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2011 To 2016; August 2011
  5. 5. But So is Spending in Analytics…81% of CMOs plan to increase the use of customer analyticsover the next 3 to 5 years IBM Survey of 1,700 CMOs
  6. 6. Most Email Marketers Find it Difficult to Get toData Source: Marketing Sherpa 2012 Email Benchmark Report
  7. 7. Let Alone Take It to the Next Level. Source: BRITE and NYAMA, Marketing ROI in the Era of Big Data, Mar 2012
  8. 8. 68% of marketers do not have a method for quantifying theROI from email marketing programs MarketingSherpa, 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report,
  9. 9. Consumers are Demanding Better Interactions from Marketers46% of consumers said they would value a brand or retailer more if itremembered their buying and browsing behavior across all channels E-tailing Group and Mybuys, Closing the Cross-Channel Gap, June 2011
  10. 10. Beyond Cross-Channel Means Better Data ->Better Action -> Better Interactions
  12. 12. Decide What is Your Core C-Level Goal – andWork Down. Example: Increase Margin Business KPI · Increase effectiveness of marketing programs Marketing · Increase Lifetime Customer Value KPI · Increase re-activation of subscriber Cross-Channel database KPI · Increase re-purchase conversion · What content/offers are best at re-activation? Define Insights and Questions that · Does timing impact re-activation? would Delver Results · Can I predict re-purchase behavior if I have the right data?
  13. 13. Then Establish a Framework for Cross-ChannelData-Driven Success Strategy Metrics People Technology · What insights do we · What KPIs will lead to · What divisions, · Do I have the right need to accomplish insights? agencies and partners data to get meaningful goals? · What are the levers? are critical connection insights across · What are the existing points? channels? interactions now? · Do I have the right · What don’t I know · Do they work? people to get insights about my subscribers from data? that I need to · Are the right people accomplish my connected to the business goals? technologies so they · What’s needed to get can take action? insights to make interactions more meaningful? · Is the technology measuring different levels of success across channels and mapping up to larger organizational goals?
  14. 14. Ensure the Right Foundation for Data thatLeads to Insight Multi-Channel Data Streams Customer data > goals Multi-Channel Testing & Analysis Customer Intelligence Competitive Intelligence INSIGHT
  15. 15. And AvoidCommonPitfalls• Establish a single customer identifier across channels• Ensure integration best practices• You’ll need more than data to get the insights• Not all customers have the same needs
  16. 16. Use the Right Analytics at the Right Stage Moving to a Customer-based Marketing ModelData and Messaging Cadence Loyalty AdvocacyIntelligence •Segmentation •Opt-in •Offer Mgmt •Cross- •Life-time Management Sell/Upsell Value Models •Scoring •Multivariate •Propensity testing •Churn Models •Win-back •Predictive strategies Profiling •Messaging •Contact •Systemic Model Optimization scheduled •Influencer • Response messaging Scoring Probability •Segmentation •Next-best and optimization action model •Results •Engagement measurement Scoring •In Market Timing (Time of •Sentiment Day/Day of Scoring Week, Seasonality) •Channel Coordination
  17. 17. Segmentation – Taking it to the Next Level• Create audience personas• Use these personas and segmentation to inform: – Creative – Message strategy – Offer strategy – Channel• Perform campaign performance analysis for each segment
  18. 18. Cadence – The Right Message, the RightChannel, the Right Time• Analyze what your customers want• Look at cadence of time, location, and channel• Make programmatic adjustments Source: ShopSavvy
  19. 19. Content Optimization – Why You Need to GoBeyond A/B 1. Test Design 2. 6. Program Segmentation Execution Selection 3. Test 5. Insight Execution 4. Measurement & Analysis
  20. 20. Beyond Opens and Clicks Map Your Work to Larger Marketing Objectives · Example: increase margin Business KPI · Increase effectiveness of marketing programs Marketing · Increase lifetime customer value KPI · Decrease attrition · Increase re-activation of subscriber Cross-Channel database KPI · Increase re-purchase conversion · Mapped subscriber activity to conversion metrics by segment Define Insights and Questions that · Look beyond open and clicks to purchases, downloads, coupon would Delver Results redemptions, form completions and social share / influence
  21. 21. Key Take-aways:• Email is the tether that ties customers experiences across channels• Cross-channel analytics needs to be driven by business goals• The next stage of segmentation is rich audience profiling combined with rich multivariate testing.
  22. 22. Things to Do Today • Create one primary key to identify users • Develop disciplined data practices. • Use analytics to align your program with business goals. • Employ cadence to interact • Test – Test – Test • Move beyond opens and clicks
  23. 23. Thank you!