Using Email Behavioral Data to Target Customers and Drive Engagement


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In this presentation, our experts share the inside scoop on what drives essential lifecycle messaging and how to engage your key segments. These high ROI campaigns are vital to your communication portfolio.

Along with examples and very tactical discussions, you'll learn:

- Types of engagement activation campaigns (with examples!)
- Developing activation campaigns as part of your lifecycle strategy
- Setting it all in motion with Yesmail Engagement Analyzer

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Using Email Behavioral Data to Target Customers and Drive Engagement

  1. Ready, Set, SegmentUsing email Behavioral Data to Targetand Drive Customer Engagement Yesmail Customer Strategy
  2. Using email Behavioral Data to Drive Customer Engagement Your Presenters Kristin Kleweno Customer Strategy Director Directly involved with helping clients with Engagement Strategies. Always on the look out for innovative and profitable ways for marketers to engage with their email subscribers and social followers. Jenny Stone Marketing Strategist Blending an IT background in web programming and design, with a customer service focus to help Yesmail clients realize their marketing goals within the email space. Jenny drives thought leadership through innovation and takes an active interest in consumer behavior & digital trends across the online marketing space. Ask questions! 1) Use GotoMeeting interface 2) Use twitter hashtag: #yesmail 3) Yesmail Blog | Email Marketing Lounge: 2
  3. Using email Behavioral Data to Drive Customer Engagement Agenda  Industry Trends  Activation Campaigns – Goals and Strategies  Key Segments - The Value of Tracking Subscribers Through the Life Cycle  Types of Engagement Activation Campaigns  Considerations for Developing Activation Campaigns – Best Practices  Setting it all in motion with Yesmail Engagement Analyzer 3
  4. Industry Trends - Interactive Marketing Industry Overview New Channels New Customer New Marketing and Devices are Mind-Set Tactics Changing Consumers’ Behavior Customers expect Mass media audiences immediate and fragment and become relevant content addressable Internet, social, mobile, They are empowered, Email, event and DVRs, smart phones proactive, and vocal! behavior triggers, etc touch-point marketing, use of social networks, targeted TV Ads Source: Forrester Research. US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2011 To 2016 4
  5. Industry Trends - An Evolution is Underway for Marketers Increased engagement by matching customer to content not content to customer 5
  6. Industry Trends - Crafting Relevant ContentSegmenting by email behavior is a popular and effective technique for industry leading marketers 6
  7. Industry Trends - The Effectiveness of RelevancySegmenting by email behavior is incredibly effective. Second only to triggers. 7
  8. Activation Campaigns – Goals & Strategies Primary Goals of Activation Programs 1) Bring back customers! Inactive 2) Drive subscribers to next level of engagement Subscribers 3) List Management: Track segments and develop optimal content and contact strategies (eg. when to suppress inactive addresses) Active Openers & Clickers First Time Elements of an email Activation Buyers Strategy Repeat • A good activation email strategy will Customers address both active and inactive audiences for both purchase behavior AND email behavior Best • Know your list - Track counts and Customers movements by key segments • Defined Objectives & Targeted Campaigns by Segment 8
  9. Activation Campaigns – A Bit of Background Hard Cold Facts about Your Audience and List  First 90 days is critical to engage subscribers  Response and activity will drop over time  The inactive population will grow as the list ages  The average retailers has a >40-70% inactive population  Mailing to inactive population consistently brings down overall performance/conversion rates (& possibly be a deliverability nightmare) 9
  10. Activation Campaigns – A Bit of BackgroundReasons Why Subscribers Become Inactive 1 in 4  Don’t need/want products at this time opt-in  Irrelevancy retail  Fatigue emails end  Too busy up in the  Might not even see it! Many with multiple email accounts junk folder.  Get new account & don’t close old one Returnpath 2011 Deliverabilty Study  Open isn’t counted because of image blocking 10
  11. Example Email Activation Programs within Portfolio of Campaigns Where do “Activation“ Programs fit in your Portfolio? 11
  12. Example Email Activation Programs within Portfolio of Campaigns 12
  13. ROI & Value of Activation ProgramsEarly Activation Programs Mid Activation Programs Late Activation Programs (0-90 days non-active) (90 days -1 year non-active) (> 1 year non-active)General Performance: General Performance: General Performance:- Highest Engagement - Above ave. Engagement - Below ave. Engagement- Highest Response Rates - Above ave. Response Rates - Below ave. Response Rates- Highest ROI - Good ROI - ROI - Real value in list management Start Activation Campaigns EARLY & catch them before they drop off! 13
  14. Example – Early Activation First Purchase Offer • c 14
  15. Example – Offer to Active Subscriber (VIP Recognition) 15
  16. Example – Follow-up with Offer for Next Purchase 16
  17. Example – Get More from Your Emails (Update Preferences) 17
  18. Example - Multi-message Best Offer SeriesMessage #1: Message #2: Message #3:Subject Line: Joe, are you still around? Subject Line: Hello Joe, anyone home? Subject Line: Should we stay or should we go? 18
  19. Examples – We Miss You with Come Back Offer 19
  20. Examples – We Miss You with Come Back Offer 20
  21. Example – We Miss You (Tell us What You Want) 21
  22. Developing Activation Campaigns – Best Practices Define Key Activation Segments to track and target over time Find out as much as you can about your audience and active & inactive population (and when they drop off!) Use Yesmail Engagement Analyzer! Define Campaign Strategies and Campaigns with Success Metrics Conduct controlled tests to learn which strategies produce positive ROI 22
  23. Engagement Analyzer
  24. What is the Engagement Analyzer?• It is a data modeling add-on tool that scores and tracks individual subscribers based on their Recency, Frequency and Click activity• Purchases can also be tracked as part of a add-on service• It enables Yesmail clients to group their subscribers by the recency and frequency of email message activity (Opens and Clicks) • Historical email data is summarized at the user level • Subscribers are scored and grouped by activity level and tenure buckets 24
  25. Engagement AnalyzerAggregations and Calculations
  26. How Engagement Analyzer can help• Automate life cycle marketing• Make measurement easy• Enable targeting based on monthly scoring• Analyzing and maintaining database health• Provides strategic opportunity for lifecycle campaigns and suppression strategies 26
  27. Marketing uses Metrics Reporting Activity Division/Brand Totals Purchases (Additional Fee) Subscribed vs. Unsubscribed Total Individuals in an Targeting engagement level By engagement level Shifts between engagement level By shift between engagement level Compare by division/brand
  28. Engagement Segments—Screenshot 28
  29. Keeping your subscribers engaged! Best Clickers, Active Clicks and Readers: • Loyalty Programs • Referrals • Exclusive offers Best • Newsletter Customers / Subscribers Inactive < 90 days: • Discounts • Incentives Inactive Inactive 90-180 days: Early- Tenure • Promotions • Newsletter Inactive • Repurchase Mid- Tenure • Lapsed buyer Inactive > 180 days: Inactive • Cross selling Late-Tenure • Loyalty Programs • Newsletter Non-Active Non-Active: • Reactivation and Retirement strategy 29
  30. Thank you, Thank you, Thank youQuestions?• email will follow to all attendees with link to this webinar & presentation• Please contact us for additional information or a Engagement Analyzer Demo – Your Yesmail Sales Rep – 1-877-yesmail or 30