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Keynote: The Future of Brand is Experience


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Keynote: The Future of Brand is Experience

Published in: Marketing
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Keynote: The Future of Brand is Experience

  1. 1. From Monologue to Dialogue
  2. 2. ROIReturn on Ignorance
  3. 3. What is brand?
  4. 4. Brand What we say and do Experience What people feel and share ExperienceDivide
  5. 5. Relentlessly Relevant Brands are the Brands that matter most in people’s lives. -, Brand Relevance Index
  6. 6. Experiences is everything. Experience is the new brand. THE FUTURE OF MARKETING IS EXPERIENCE DESIGN
  7. 7. What is X? X=Creating such memorable moments for your customers through every encounter they have with your brand – all day, every day
  8. 8. Is it true mobile search has overtaken desktop search?
  9. 9. 90%of smartphone users are not absolutely certain of the specific brand they want to buy when they begin looking for information online.
  10. 10. 73%say getting useful information from a business is the most important attribute when selecting a brand.
  11. 11. Smartphone users will immediately switch to another site or app if it doesn’t satisfy their needs (your site is too slow).
  12. 12. Remember when you were told to stop daydreaming and how it made you feel? Please don’t stop. We need dreamers (and doers) now more than ever. #dontquityourdaydream
  14. 14. There is no box.
  15. 15. Brian Solis Altimeter Group, a Prophet Company @briansolis