Social Measurement Success Stories


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Social Measurement Success Stories
Geoff Livingston
Maria Poveromo
Michael Procopio

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  • At Adobe we are approaching measurement as a framework that teams can adapt based on their business objectives. Our approach is based on Altimeter’s Pyramid and framework and here’s our tailored version. Develop KPI model that will:Tell a holistic story – representing the less intangible and more tangible metrics, all aspects of the businessBe a flexible framework that will evolve quickly with the changing landscapeServe as model to help sift through flood of information and to identify the right metrics to measure that map back to our objectiveshelp create structure, standards and baselines, for scalability for social media as a data-driven practice throughout the companyProvide report template that allow social practitioners to glean data, insights to inform social media strategy based on KPIsstakeholders to evaluate the impact of social media on their objectives (ie. support, innovation, learning resources, marketing)Executives a high-level view of the impact of social media on the organizationStandardize process and tools to:Ensure cost savingsmaximize resources
  • The business impact of social programs varies based on where you sit in the organization. C-suite executives care about measures such as revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation, while business managers and practioners and individual contributors focus on other, more granular metrics specific to their goals.
  • We use various tools and platforms to measure impact including. We also look volume and sentiment of conversations. We take great pains to getting the right sentiment. We also track key topics to assess brand reputation but also to stay on top of emerging topics that could turn into crisis.We build in tracking codes into our messages to see what impact our activities are having
  • Social Measurement Success Stories

    1. 1. Social Media Measurement Success StoriesMODERATOR:Geoff Livingston, Author and Marketing StrategistPANELISTS:Maria Poveromo, Director, Social Media, Adobe Systems, Inc.Michael Procopio, Social Media Strategist, HP Enterprise Information SolutionsThis session will focus on real-life examples of how several marketers set specificbusiness goals for their social media campaigns and measured against thosegoals in order to evaluate and improve their programs. We’ll talk about what’simportant to measure, the difference between monitoring and measuring, free andpaid tools for both, and, most importantly, how you can evaluate the success ofany social media marketing campaign. 1
    2. 2. Measuring Social Media Campaigns Against Business Goals Presented by Geoff Livingston, author and vice president of strategic partnerships, Razoo – @geoffliving,
    3. 3. Case Study: Give to the Max DaySocial Media Based Fundraiser: Note thatnone of the key performancemeasurements are Twitter or Facebookbased… 3
    4. 4. Critical B2N Activation Points• Razoo garnered 1200 nonprofit activations during Give to the Max Day• An estimated 75% participated in the giving day itself, each raising a mean average of $2000• 350 nonprofits attended training on how to use the system• 58% have used the platform since November 4
    5. 5. Give to the Max:Social Media Measured • 24% of donors heard about Give to the Max Day via an email from a friend • 26% learned about the giving day from a Facebook update • 62% of donors shared information about their nonprofit(s) • This was produced by 8000 # tweets, 99% Facebook activation 5
    6. 6. Questions? Geoff Livingston Vice President,Strategic Partnerships Razoo @geoffliving 6
    7. 7. Adobe Social Media OverviewMaria Poveromo| Director, Adobe Systems
    8. 8. Adobe’s Approach: Measurement metrics tothe right Provide the rightFramework audience. Reputation, Rev SOV, Reputation, Business Executives Executives enue, CSAT Revenue, CSAT Business Stakeholders, Social Media Sentiment, conversion, stakeholders Peers Analytics resolution rate, insights Growth of the Social Media Within Engagement Teams community, volume, audience practitioners Data engagement, resolution time 8
    9. 9. Map KPIs to Business ObjectivesMarketing Measurement Awareness •Dialog / Conversation •Testing impact of UGC •Advocacy •Search, media, email, •Sentiment •Volume Public Relations and •Market Research Survey •Engagement Communications •Fans vs. followers tracking •Search optimization SocialInnovation Product channelsMeasurement Marketing and and•Topic Trends and Process programs ecomm.•Sentiment Ratio Innovation Support Measurement Ecommerce/ •Resolution Rate Customer service Direct Revenue Tracking •Resolution Time and support •Direct attribution •CSAT score ( •Site catalyst on facebook •Adobe social analytics tool
    10. 10. Standardize Reports Social Manager Report Stakeholder Report (BU) Executive Report 1 2 3•Social ‘owned’ channels report •Sentiment, Conversation and revenue •Revenue – Conversion Funnel•Digital landscape (KPIs) •Community Growth and Performance •Customer satisfaction•Top topics, posts/tweets, themes •Product Conversion Funnel •Brand reputation•Top authors and influencers Daily Alerts Campaign Report •Key findings •Volume of conversation (keyword) 4 •Top topics of 5 •Sentiment, Conversations and discussion (volume Revenue and variance) •Influencers •Sentiment analysis •Key topics •Daily volume / •Conversion analysis sentiment 10
    11. 11. Measure Qualitative and Quantitative; Analytics4,500,000 Community Growth Volume & Sentiment4,000,000 3000003,500,0003,000,000 2000002,500,000 1000002,000,0001,500,000 01,000,000 500,000 Negative Neutral Positive - Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 Tracking Code
    12. 12. Social Analytics: Prove Business Value 12
    13. 13. Social Media MeasurementSuccess Stories#mptechMichael ProcopioSocial Media StrategistHP Enterprise Information Services (formerly of HPSoftware)@MichaelProcopio Michael.Procopio@hp.comMarch 2012©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
    14. 14. Measure what you can act on Page views for total community Message posts on a single forum board per week15 HP Confidential
    15. 15. Match your metrics to company goals User group meeting before/after SoC HP SW HP SW16 HP Confidential
    16. 16. Baseline Blogger Day before / after SoC HP SWS HP SWS17 HP Confidential
    17. 17. Show ROI where you can $2000 return on $75 investment = 2567% ROI18 HP Confidential