Sales 2.0 at Global ContactForum 2010


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3forwards Sales 2.0 presentation to the Global Contact Forum. How web 2.0, social networking and new buying models have changed sales - and how to make it work for you.

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Sales 2.0 at Global ContactForum 2010

  1. 1. Create. Increase. Accelerate.TM How New Media, Social Networks and Web 2.0 Have Changed Sales (And How to Make It Work For You) Dan Hudson, President Copyright © 2010 3forward, LLC. All Rights. Reserved 3forward
  2. 2. Sales Goals Have Not Changed Increasing wins from new logo prospects Top of mind with prospects in ‘buying mode’ Accelerating in-bound lead generation Consistent, sustained lead cultivation Increasing sales efficiency and reducing cost/lead Create. Increase. Accelerate. 2 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  3. 3. Neither Have Most Sales Programs List Purchased Direct Mail Cold Calling Qualifying Presenting Closing . Create. Increase. Accelerate. 3 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  4. 4. But Results Show Issues 2010 Sales Performance Optimization Study 51.5% 2009 % of Reps Making Quota 78.5% Overall Plan Attainment 85.1% Companies Raising Quotas in 2010 • 3,000+ Companies Participated Worldwide, Cross Industry Participation, SMB and Large Enterprises • 100+ Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Metrics Tracked • Best Practices Benchmarking on How Sales Teams are Leveraging People, Process, Technology and Knowledge to Address Challenges CSO Insights . Create. Increase. Accelerate. 4 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  5. 5. Why Old Methods Stopped Working Rapid commoditization, razor-thin margins and international competition pressuring every geography, industry, service, or product Prospects no longer rely on salesperson to learn about the feature and functionality of a product Prospects overwhelmed with offers and overlapping, conflicting, or disconnected value propositions Mike Drapeau, Executive Vice President Sales Benchmark Index . Create. Increase. Accelerate. 5 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  6. 6. Today’s Buying Process… Status Priority Step Research Options Validation Choice Quo Shift Backs From Designing Nurturing Programs to Drive Sales©, by Ardath Albee Create. Increase. Accelerate. 6 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  7. 7. …Requires A New Sales Model Sales Readiness: Segmentation, Targeting, Content Development, Business Intelligence, SEO Lead Creation: Blogging, Webinars, Targeted Campaigns, Value-Added Emails, Social Networks Lead Engagement: Compelling Offers, Calls to Action, Site visit tracking Lead Nurturing: Promotions, Marketing PURLs, White papers Sales Ready Scoring Qualification Prove Value Sales Decision Create. Increase. Accelerate. 7 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  8. 8. Need: Alignment With Buyer Phases Drip Marketing / Lead Nurturing of Relevant, Value Add Content Keeps you Visible to Targeted Prospects Status Priority Step Research Options Validation Choice Quo Shift Backs Create. Increase. Accelerate. 8 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  9. 9. Need: Knowing When To Engage Understand Landscape Prioritize Investments Formulate Value Proposition Engage in Dialogue Status Priority Step Research Options Validation Choice Quo Shift Backs Create. Increase. Accelerate. 9 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  10. 10. Building The 2.0 Sales Plan SALES READINESS Research Markets Targets Message Social Media LEAD CREATION Events Outbound Inbound Nurturing Tools 2.0 SERVICES INTEGRATION Create. Increase. Accelerate. 10 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  11. 11. 1st: Markets,Targets & Messages • Define segment(s) • Establish target client characteristics and attributes – and alternatives (competitive analysis) • Classify buyer drivers and considerations • Validate and rank prospect types based on target criteria • Separate prospects into Tiers 1, 2, and 3 • Create sales tools such as Sweet Spot Matrix • Distinctive value proposition – No Jargon . Create. Increase. Accelerate. 11 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  12. 12. 2nd: Lead Creation – New Tools for Success Lead Lifecycle Management Events & Social Media & Webinars Networks Website Score and Prioritize Leads Tracking Tracking Nurture Prospects with Drip Landing Pages & Drip Marketing, Marketing Micro-sites News, Campaigns Track Campaigns and Responses Lead Scoring, Campaign Landing Pages Nurturing View Companies & Prospects Visiting Website / Pages Measure and Track ROI Segmentation Reporting Send E-Newsletters Integrate with CRM Lead Notification CRM System Create. Increase. Accelerate. 12 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  13. 13. Lead Management Best Practices Breaking Away From Bottom Tier • Consider Lead Management Technology • Implement Lead Nurturing • Segment and Target Customers Getting Above Average • Leverage Multi-Campaign Nurturing o New Leads, Recycled Leads, Existing Customers • Marketing Alignment on Goals & Metrics Improving on Best in Class • Take Lead Lifecycle Management company-wide • Formalize Lead Recycling from Sales to Marketing Aberdeen Group: Building A Pipeline That Never Leaks Create. Increase. Accelerate. 13 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  14. 14. 3rd: 2.0 Elements – Now Is The Time Gartner says social projects with defined and clear purposes show measurable results and those vendors that move from general social applications to specific purpose applications will enjoy double and even triple-digit growth over the year. Gartner’s Top 5 CRM Predictions For 2010, Social Apps are Key February 23, 2010 Create. Increase. Accelerate. 14 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  15. 15. Sales Readiness Essentials 1. Carefully select the segments where you can best compete and serve. 2. Be strategic with your sales model. 3. Identify innovative approaches to differentiating yourself. 4. Be unique in communicating your value proposition and benefits. 5. Sales is changing. Competing requires creative investment. 6. Buyers want process improvements and innovation, not just cost cutting. Identify your innovation examples during your presentations. 7. Stop worrying whether the economy is good or bad for outsourcing. 8. Do not ignore existing customers. They are your competitor’s prospect! 9. Consider in-direct selling relationships and alternative channels. 10. Define a sales process for your company and follow it faithfully. Create. Increase. Accelerate. 15 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  16. 16. For More Information Sales, Marketing and Social Media Experts • Ardath Albee Marketing and Content • Chris Brogan B2B Social Media • Brian Solis Social Media • Dan Zarrella Inbound Marketing • David Meerman Scott Marketing and PR • Gerhard Gschwandtner Sales 2.0 Sales Benchmarking • CSO Insights • Sales Benchmark Index New Tools Directory • 9 categories of sales and marketing best practices and dozens of downloads Create. Increase. Accelerate. 16 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  17. 17. Join The Discussion Sales Readiness Join Our Group 3forward Become a Fan 3forward Follow Us Sales Leaders Blog Sales Leader New Tools Directory Resources Create. Increase. Accelerate. 17 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  18. 18. Create. Increase. Accelerate. Visit us or Create. Increase. Accelerate. 18 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC
  19. 19. Gracias and Thank you! Dan Hudson Matt Smith Create. Increase. Accelerate. 19 Copyright © 2010, 3forward, LLC