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Follow Up to Opening Keynote on The New Workforce


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Follow Up to Opening Keynote on The New Workforce

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Follow Up to Opening Keynote on The New Workforce

  1. 1. Created to raise awareness of the benefits of diversity in business and rally professionals around a shared movement. i’mPART calls to mind “I am part” of a movement to drive change in my industry and my own business decisions. The acronym represents the pillars of the initiative – to Promote, Attract, Retain and Train Diverse talent.
  2. 2. DIVERSITY REDEFINED We believe that Diversity isn’t just a number or a percentage. It isn’t just race, creed, gender or sexual orientation. Diversity isn’t just a box to check or “the right thing to do.” Diversity IS inclusion, variety and different perspectives. Diversity and inclusion mean that the advertising, media and marketing workforce reflects the consumer marketplace that it serves. Diversity and inclusion drives profitability and growth through team performance, bigger talent pools, innovation and creativity.
  3. 3. Play Video Here
  4. 4. To date, we have raised nearly $2,000,000 through our MEDIACTION fundraiser and dedicated the funds to i’mPART’s mission to support best-in-class talent, develop leading practices and build a diverse professional network.
  5. 5. Created more than fifteen years ago, MEDIACTION unites publishers, clients and agencies to create a cycle of good.
  7. 7. UNITING THE INDUSTRY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE #imPARTofDIVERSITY On October 26th, we launched a social media movement to raise awareness for diversity and gather more partners around our mission. The week long, pro-bono campaign garnered amazing results as the industry stood with us:  997 posts**  1,000 images created  3,308,650 Social Media Impressions  98,622,000 Media Coverage Impressions **These numbers do not include Facebook or LinkedIn Metrics
  8. 8. #imPARTofDIVERSITY
  9. 9. HERE’S THE ASK : OUR CALL TO ACTION! 1. Publishers- Join by donating media to this Initiative! 2. Clients- Join by buying your media though MEDIACTION! 3. Agencies- Join by Purchasing media on behalf of your clients! Fore More Info: Carl Fremont and Sandra Sims are here to collect business cards and talk with you.