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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 8


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Published in: Education, Technology
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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 8

  1. 1. 14th October 2007 Welcome, fishermen and all, to The Science of a Legacy! Last time we departed on a rather sad note, as Generations not-heir then-heir Carapace was killed be the insane-ish Vee in an attempt to take the Tegenaria family down, leaving sister Saeva to once again take to burden of heirhood and defeat Vee with her Powers of the Third. However she loved a playable man, which was why Carapace took over heirdom in the first place. It was all very sad and confusing, so you should go read if you haven't. But I hope you've all managed to put your hankies away now. Alas I haven't, but read on my flatfish, read on!
  2. 2. Saeva Tegenaria, fresh from La Fiesta Tech, was ready to rejoin the rest of the family at home. After losing her sister, Carapace, in order to save their family, she was beginning to come to grips to life without her in her usual way - skilling.
  3. 3. Saeva is also engaged to Sean McGaw, a match she still feels slightly unsure of as she was denied her first love, Matthew Hart, due to Legacy rules. However, she does still feel quite strongly for Sean, and is determined to carry on the family in her Grandfather and sister's memory. And so, back to The Lab we go!
  4. 4. Repens, Gen 2 heir, was still taking the loss of Carrie hard. "My beautiful offspring, such a fine specimen to lose.. Oh, even these chlorophyllic organisms can bring me no resolve!" :( But this chapter is going to be about love people, I was too sad writing the last one!
  5. 5. Seev also was able to reunited with her puppy, Parsimony, whom she left to go to uni. "Parsiiii! Oh I've missed your soft little fluffy fur, I don't think I shall ever leave you again.." "Rrrruff!"
  6. 6. And they call it puppy love, people.. Here now, look at the happiness! Look at the love! All together now, "Awww.." "Parsi.. are you purring?" "PurrrrrRUFF!"
  7. 7. Hearing that Saeva was back from La Fiesta, I took her straight for a drink at the Lulu Lounge to discuss her love-life situation. "Seev, we've all missed having you around Strangetown.. And I heard what Vee did, I just still can't believe how she managed to come back! I mean, her whole Neighbourhood was gone, destroyed.. But we have to think to happier times, eh? What are you going to do about Matthew?" "Oh Gin.. I just don't know what to do! I mean, I love Sean but it's just not quite so.. triple-bolt-y- tastic, y'know? But I know marrying Matty is against the rules and OH I DON'T KNOW!"
  8. 8. "Hey, don't worry ok? Loads of people over at the boolprop forums have ideas on what we can do to sort this.. I'm going to invite some of them over and we can have a committee with badges and stuff! You'll come of course too, you are the Generation Three heir of the Tegenarias after all!" "Gee Gin, that sounds great.. But I don't know if I want so many people involved. I mean, after what happened in the underground thingy, more publicity is so not what I need right now! I think I'm going to head home and get some sleep, it's been a long first day of adulthood.."
  9. 9. "I've neglected taking a step into that family for too long, Seev's getting my help whether she likes it or not! And ohmigod, could General Buzz be any -worse- at the dance sphere? He could sure use some lessons from Kerrie.."
  10. 10. "Esh, why I moved to Strangetown I'll never know! Just so long as these guys don't rub off on the Family I suppose we'll get by.."
  11. 11. When I arrived home, I was thrilled to find Repens happily killing roaches in the front garden. I knew there were perks to a Legacy family! "Darn you invertebrates! Darn to you Grim's lair!" However, there was no time for bugs on my watch, there was my heir's lovelife at stake!
  12. 12. "Alright then! I'm here to welcome you to the first Simself Save Saeva Committee Meeting! I'd like thank y- "
  13. 13. "Huh? Where is everyone! I know I invited them, searched the exchange and simpages and everything.. Guys? Seriously, where are you?!"
  14. 14. "Ok, I know some simselves of them weren't there, or some needed custom content I couldn't get hold off.. But there's really no one I could get at all? DSN? Jesi? Styx? Thepiepers? Circe? Oh goat, I have to be the worst simself at looking after my Legacy family.. I can't even organise a simself meeting properly!" Nope, 'fraid they're not here. At least not yet anyway ;) ----- Big thanks to everyone who helped me decide what to do with Seev, and for being lovely faithful commentors :) All are these are great reads, go check them out if you haven't already! DrSupremeNerd - Vetinari Duelegacy Jesirice - Extreme Simself Legacy StyxLady - Just Another Legacy Thepeipers - Th'a Simple Lfe hbcirce - The Geoglacy
  15. 15. "Oh fine, but then I suppose that's what forums are for.. I guess I'll just have to ring Saeva and tell her I couldn't work out what she should do. Oh this sucks, I wanted to be all cool and in charge like other Legacy writers! Instead I'm still just me and everything goes wrong. Sticklebacks indeed."
  16. 16. And so back over at the Legacy house, once finally getting a minute to herself, Saeva was able to set out the Legacy Orbs, which her Grandfather had told her would protect the Family from harm. "I seriously can't believe we went through all that for these.. It looks like such a beat-up piece of junk! But now they're here I can start raising my own family, oh I can hardly wait! If only I knew who to marry.. Apparently a man is important for this sort of thing. If only I could choose who! I can't rely on Gin & co. working that out for me, and it's my own life! I should get to decide anyway! And I know exactly who I need to go and see.."
  17. 17. "Oh hey Repens, Saeva around? .. No? ... She's gone WHERE?! Oh this is so not good.."
  18. 18. Being a gal not to waste time, Saeva had hot-footed it back to La Fiesta to talk to her first, yet illegal, love - Matthew Hart. "Oh Seev, I've missed having you around so much! Mmm, your hair tastes just as delicious as ever. Hey, I'm really glad you're here actually, there's someone I need you to meet.."
  19. 19. "Hi, I'm Sara Love! It's totally super-cool to meet you! I'm Matthew's long term love, we've been together since childhood basically, hehehe! I came here so we could be together at last! Isn't that super amazingly great? You've gotta come to our wedding, totally!" "..."
  20. 20. "Matty, would you care to explain this?" "Ohmigoat she's gonna kill me Ohmigoatohmigoateeeeeeeeee.."
  21. 21. "Well Matty?" "Erm, Seev, well, it's like this you see.. Sara was all the way across campus in the whatcha-ma- callit Sorority and I was all over here in the FratCave, and you were just down the road and you were so super cute..and..and.."
  22. 22. "You USED me as a convenience?! Because you couldn't be bothered to walk all the way across campus?! That's PATHETIC Matty. Really pathetic. And what about that engagement, huh? Did you ever mean to follow through on that?" "Oh come ON Seev, it was just a bit of fun! Didn't you have fun?"
  23. 23. "Take THAT you lying, cheating, piece of frat scum! Don't you dare ever talk to me again! After all I've been through and now this.. I am NEVER coming back to this campus again, all it holds are bad memories."
  24. 24. And with that Saeva left La Fiesta for the last time, convinced for the first time in her life where her heart lay. After the last few months, she was far too strong to let some insignificant little man break it - she'd come a surprisingly long way for a Family Sim!
  25. 25. Back at home, Saeva quickly sought reassurance from her faithful pup, Parsimony. "Mmm, so soft.. So you think that I'm doing to right thing then, Parsi?" "Rrruff!" "Cool."
  26. 26. "Kerrie, my little crumpet of splendour, isn't it simply magnificent to have our little Saeva home with us again? I'm as thrilled as a pickle." "Yes of course dear. Look! Even your food's happy to see her!"
  27. 27. Bwahaha, it's been so long since I had any fresh food in the house I'd forgotten how cool the sparklies look. It's all thanks to Seev and that gold fishing badge she earned at uni - hurray! She's got so much of the stuff we'll be sparkling for generations at this rate.. Yay.
  28. 28. Wasting no time after that afternoon's debacle with Matthew, Saeva promptly invited over her fiancé, Sean. "Oh Seany, I'm so glad you came! You always come! You're so reliable like that.. What would I do without you, you're the one guy I can actually depend on!" "Mmmgmfngmnfdmmm!"
  29. 29. Just in case any of you were wondering, she really does love Sean - and see how smug she looks about it! "This man is mine now girls, hands off!" "Er.. Seev, I think you may have fed me too much sparkley food - help!"
  30. 30. And so Sean moves in! It appears dear little Seev has indeed made her choice. Sean McGaw (soon to be Tegenaria) Aspiration: Knowledge (my first of the legacy, yay!) LTW: Reach top of Medical career (my.. er, 4th now? grr.) Virgo 9/2/6/3/5
  31. 31. "Hey, y'know? I think I've definitely done the right thing. I love Sean, I always always have. My vision just got a little.. blurry. But oooh, seeing him stride across the room just gives me a lovely warm tingle inside.." Erm..
  32. 32. "Oh Seany! Welcome to the Tegenarias!" "Mmm, thank you Saeva.. Now, you little Family Sim minx!" "BABIES!"
  33. 33. Right. Erm. We all know that Saeva deserves the perfect marriage, so I thought I'd tweak Sean's turn-on to red hair instead of black. However I forgot to check his aspiration meter first. Oops. "Hm? Do I smell... CHEESE?!"
  34. 34. "What? Cheese? No! Seany, our guests are arriving in 10 minutes and you're not even nearly ready! Stop this right now and go inside and sort yourself out.." "But will you make me a grilled cheese sandwich first? Please, oh love of my life?" "I.. oh very well! Then back to the Renu-Orb with you."
  35. 35. And that aspiration boost allowed me to sort him out, phew! I love knowledge Sims, so I don't want to lose this one.. "Cheese? What was I thinking, it's all about the aliens! Oh my, Saeva's looking rather lovely under that arch.. In fact, I feel a stab of triple-bolt-y-ness coming on! Huh, wait.. Why is everyone spinning into lovely clothes? Oh my, the aliens are going to have to wait! Coming my love, coming.." Score.
  36. 36. "My dear, are you sure you're a Family Sim?" "Ermm.. yeah? Now shh, I've been waiting years for this moment! Oh my, you suddenly seem so very.. trip-" Hush now everyone, is there any one of you who could honestly say you don't want Saeva to be happy on her wedding day? They have three bolts now, shh..
  37. 37. "Oh Saeva, when we first met in the dorms, you ignored me for other playable boys.. However I have always loved you, and I am so pleased that you are now able to love me in return. I promise to spend the rest of my life trying to make you as happy as possible, because that's what you deserve - my love."
  38. 38. "Yay! Oh Sean, I really can say it now - I love you with all of my Simlish heart! I can't wait for us to start our family together.. It's time this family had some goat-darn joy!"
  39. 39. And with that, they were married. Awww.. After everything, Saeva was finally ready to move forward, with her heart 100% completely safe and looked after, and in all that she would do.
  40. 40. "Yaaay! I knew you could do it sweetie! You marry that boy!"
  41. 41. Saeva's cousin Bubbles was also equally thrilled. "Good on ya Seev! I knew you'd always get it right in the end.. And I was right, true love will always conquere all! Whoo, go Seev and Sean!"
  42. 42. Bit late, Repens? "I was busy reading the dictionary! But I'm proud of my daughter, who has once again completed the cycle of outbreeding, and brought many fresh alleles into the house!" Yay?
  43. 43. And me? "Well at least I can bowl right! I'm glad Saeva figured it out on her own.. Though I like to think that me and some of the guys at boolprop helped too. And anyway, this generation so isn't over yet. Matthew's still around, even if he is a jerk! Oh what?! Fishcakes, have I missed the wedding now too?! Oh goat, this Simselfing business is HARD!"
  44. 44. "Love of my life, where are you going? We are but newly-wed!" "Oh Seany, it's so exciting! I think I'm going to be sick, I'm so happy!" "Love..?" "BABY!" "Ah, I see.. Good luck with that!"
  45. 45. "Mrs. Tegenaria, I'm so in love with your daughter you wouldn't believe.. And I can see where she got her hottness from indeed.. It's a pleasure to join your family, I hear you have the best research lab in Strangetown!" "What, er, we do? Since when? And call me Kerrie dear."
  46. 46. "Feeling better, my love?" "Oh, loads thanks, but I'm a bit peckish now.. The baby need cake after all! Grandfather would have called this PleasureFood, and that's got to me a good thing."
  47. 47. "Here you go! Just in case those aliens give you a baby too, it's best to stock up now.." "Aaargfhgmnhnmgnhmmmm Rather good, indeed!" All my brides so far have quietly fed their spouses cake - I want to see some smashing, darn it!
  48. 48. Just so you're all clear, here are the current "Good-guys" of The Science of a Legacy. Clockwise: Saeva (Gen 3 heir), Kerrie (Gen 2 spouse), Repens (Gen 2 heir), Bubbles (daughter of spare Corvus and wife Erika), Gin (My simself), and Sean (Gen 3 spouse). Plus Corvus and Erika, who couldn't come as one of their 7 pets had eaten some string, or something. No idea if that's helpful, but I read so many legacies I always get lost at some point!
  49. 49. "Gin, I'm a bit worried about winter coming, you don't think that'll make Seev sad again do you? I've heard it can some people.." "Bubbles you worry far too much! Don't you have woohooing to do? I'm busy eating wedding cake, it's only the third time I've tried any! I mean, how many more chances will I get? Geez, you haven't been hanging out with Buzz Grunt have you?"
  50. 50. "Oh Seev, I really REALLY think you've made the right choice with Sean. Oh my, he's so.." "I'm glad you think so Bubs, but you never heart-effed him at the dorms.." "Oh it's all this lack of woohoo and having to raise all Dad's various animals.. It's doing wonders for libido though!" "Erm, Bubs.."
  51. 51. "You know, you are so right about Seany.. Hey, can we start making more babies before this one is even out?" "Of course, love, but why is this tramp staring at us? I mean what is going on with her face and that makeup.." I ask myself similar Sean, I really do.
  52. 52. Wahey! Roof-raiser! I do like throwing parties.. I just wish my lappy could handle them better. For anyone who ever have problems throwing good parties, my suggestions are a great deal of cake and smustling. (And the odd make out or woohoo doesn't hurt either!) "Hurry love, take my hand! Our limousine awaits.. For you my dear, no expense shall be spared."
  53. 53. And no sooner than the happy couple returned - Baby Bump #1! "Yay, BABY!" My first Family Sim in his Legacy, oh I wonder how many babies that will mean.. *whistles*
  54. 54. Saeva! You're supposed to be resting, you're preggers woman! "Erm, hello Gin? I am blessed with power remember? I need to keep using it so it doesn't run dry! Besides, now all my skills are maxed I could sure use a talent badge or 6! But ok, I'll take a little break - I could use some sparkle food." Thank you. Meanwhile, downstairs..
  55. 55. "OH GOOD GOATS!" KERRIE! No one's ever started a fire in this household before, and you have 10 cooking points! "Yeah, but pork chops are haaard.."
  56. 56. "Ah, my good firefighter? Yes, my scrumpet of an uxor has burnt the appendages of swine, assistance is required post haste... Yes, that means send someone over here right away! Cretin." Repens dear, time is off the essence..
  57. 57. Luckily all was well, and the Tegenarias survived their first fire without anyone dying - hurray! Kez, no more pork chops for you. "But now I'll never get to taste them! I need meaty goodness too, you know!"
  58. 58. Sean, welcome to The Couch 'O Skilling. Comfy? You'll be spending quite a bit of time in here I'm afraid, bucko. Graduating with 2 skill points? So not on I'm afraid.. "Amino acids can have positive or negative charges? Wow! And shrews have recently hybridized in Sweden? Awesome!" <3 Knowledge.
  59. 59. "Ok Seany, just make sure you find that cheeseburger! Many innocent Sims have died from its lactose, if you're going to make chief of staff you need to know these things!" "Dang it, all I can find are sponges!" For some VERY annoying reason, Saeva's hair mesh will not work with maternity outfits. This really bothered me until I realised.. Permanent pyjama party!
  60. 60. Eager to get in on the PJ action, Kerrie and Repens entered into a pillow fighting marathon to set the mood for their daughter. Such kind folks, isn't that all we really need? "I shall vanuish thee, Kerrie!" "Eat feathers, Thesaurus-face.."
  61. 61. "Yay BABY! Maybe this pink cloud is a sign it's going to be a girl.." ..Or that I can't remember what I did before I had Snapdragons in my game. Baby Bump #2 peeps, exciting stuff! (Really, after having OFB for about a year, Repens was the first Sim to ever craft SnappyDs for me - good on him)
  62. 62. SAEVA! "Seriously, if anything's going to get done around here, it has to be by the chick with powers.." But everyone else has high mechanical too! Now shoo and sleep and/or go to the toilet. Don't die, there's been enough death this gen!
  63. 63. Parsimony grew up! I laughed so hard when he did, I'm not too sure why. Except that he is the funniest Sim dog I've ever seen, with the large shaggy coat, lack of tail and huge floppy moustache! Oh Parsimony, I do like Pets so.. "Rrrruff Ruff!"
  64. 64. Saeva quickly starts making sure that her pup knows all his skills, but then haven't we all heard of like owner like dog? "I thought it was the otherrruff way round, and I don't want to come to that large bellied pj-ed woman, who knows how that got there! Now please groom my moustache, pronto."
  65. 65. However the majority of the household was thrilled about what was going on in Saeva's belly, just as she herself was. Sean loves to run up and coo over his unborn child. "Ok, and Mooses have biiig antlers, like this! I can teach you all about them!" "Seany, can't we say Meese to the baby?
  66. 66. And soon enough they'd be able to say whatever they wanted to the little tyke! And in the exact same place where she was born, Saeva began to bring Generation Four into Strangetown. "Must remember.. Baa....byyy!"
  67. 67. "Ok, right, the Baby is exiting the womb.. er, plumbbob, and we must make sure they're breathing straight away, and then assess their temperature and then.." "Seeeeany, can we just wait until we get there first? Please? For the meese?"
  68. 68. At that moment, Kerrie burst into the room. "Sean, have I missed anything? I need to make sure her power doesn't interfere with the birth.." "Power? Her what now?" Saeva: "Not nooooow Seany!"
  69. 69. But everything went to plan, and little Meloti was welcomed into the world. A little boy with Saeva's skintone, but Sean's grey eyes. "Sean! Look! BABY!" "Hello Meloti! I can't wait to help you learn." "Not now, Seany!"
  70. 70. I just like this picture, everyone is so pleased that Meloti's joined the family. It's a new Generation and a new start for the Tegenarias. YAY!
  71. 71. Pleased with your Grandson, Repens? "snore...Baby?...snore.." Weddings, births, will this Sim ever actually witness any of his daughters life milestones? Pfft. Been up reading the dictionary too late again is my bet.
  72. 72. As expected, Saeva is a great mother, though I'm slightly worried by that casm young Meloti is sporting there! Batcave, anyone? "Come on Meloti.. Dude, just open your mouth and have some meese milk already!"
  73. 73. Hehehehehe..*giggle giggle* Ahem, yes, Repens is still hard at work at the top of the Natural Science career. "Would you expect anything less of me, Gin? I am but a crepuscular mammal, foraging in the river bank of life.. but for money, not worms."
  74. 74. Ok, wow, this is news to me! This is the first time I've not had Repens take the carpool - I had no idea that Ecological Gurus flew! So please, if a may, a brief Margaret Moment. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Go Repens, go!
  75. 75. I know all babies look very similar, but to me and Seev, Meloti is just the sweetest little thing! He had inquisitive eyes. "Oh Meloti, I know you're too young to understand, but I wish Carrie could have met you, she'd have been so proud. Just as I am.. Oh, I so pleased that I was able to start my own family, and that is started with you, my sweet little boy." "Gurururgggle"
  76. 76. And true to her old ways, Saeva introduced Sean to the ancient art of Tegenarias cheating as chess. "Seany, look! Seriously, Meloti was making the cutest little face - it looked just like a meese!" "Meese?! In our house?! Where! I must study them at once!"
  77. 77. "Oh dude, I really don't feel so good.. I've changed Meloti, so it's not him. Oh dear, this SnappyD is making me feel funny, but I've grown up with them. I need to run upstairs quick, this so isn't right.."
  78. 78. "Oh, BABY! This is so right.." Little Miss Saeva, Standing by the bath, How many children will I make her have?
  79. 79. The news that Saeva was once again expecting was received with great excitement and joy by the other family members. But hopefully with less talk of meese this time. "Hello baby! I'm Granny Kerrie and one day you'll grow up and earn lots of money, like me and your Granddaddy.. You seem like a fortunate bump, I can see you doing very well indeed!" I wish Sims would stop defining the baby’s aspirations before they're born..
  80. 80. Oh thank goatness, it isn't Saeva fixing everything! "I'm worried my love may be working too hard. And power or no power she needs her rest. That's why I'm here, to look after her and the babies. I love her so, I wish no harm to befall her in any way.." And as we all well know, baths are very dangerous places.
  81. 81. "Seany, you're like my very own knight, you know that? I'm so lucky to have someone like you looking after me.. I do love you very much." "Ah my love, my passion for you is never-ending.. I am very proud to be a Knight of your Heart, and I shall always be here to protect you and the children. I love you muchly." They really do seem to love each other a lot, it's wonderful to watch.. May you raise many children! Or um, snapdragons.
  82. 82. Inquisitive eyes! See, I told you. Repens was reprising his role as a wonderful father, this time in the role of Granddady. He and Meloti seem to have similar sleep cycles, Repens is usually the one to tuck him in at night, or 2 in the afternoon, or whatever. "Ah, infant! You are like a tiny slime mould, just waiting to grow and thrive and explore the world around him.." "Guuurugugf?"
  83. 83. When not tending to Meloti, Repens has recently taking to tending not only my Simself's garden, but the main legacy household's as well. "Soany beautiful xanthophylls withing these leaves, and the lack of chlorophyll in winter lets their autmnal glory shine through.. Exquisit. And we are all looking after my daughter now, we shall not allow her to undertakeany labour! She is first in all our thoughts now that she is once again with child."
  84. 84. She's even in Parsimony's thoughts, how lovely. "If I sleep here, then Mistress won't accidentally fall alseep in the wrong dog bed, rruuuff!" How kind, Repens will so pleased..
  85. 85. Baby Bump #2 x 2! Now will you please stop making robots? Your family's trying to make lifeasier for you Saeva, stop making it harder on yourself! "Oh, I suppose.. But what if someone attacks us and we need protection! I know we're got the Orbs but you never know. Oh my goodness, Meloti! It' his birthday, and I got so caught up here that I nearly.. Oh, maybe everyone's right and I'm working too hard."
  86. 86. "There now, that's better! My family is far more important than working on keeping my power up.. I was acting like some kind of crazy Knowledge Sim! And dude, that is so not me."
  87. 87. Again, inquisitive eyes! "Ready Meloti? I hope I've practiced the spin and catch enough times.." "Guurp?"
  88. 88. "That was perfect, love!" "D'ya think? Oh shoot, I need to catch him again.." "Geeeheee!"
  89. 89. "Got him!" Ah Meloti, you're still just as cute as when you were a baby.. And you have an interestingly good personality too! Meloti is yet another Aries, like Saeva and Repens, but has a very different personality to them: 9/10/6/2/8, so he'll make sure his hair is all neatly trimmed before running up to give you a nice big, naked hug. Lovely!
  90. 90. And Sean doesn't waste any time in passing his valuable knowledge to kiss son. "The potty is your friend. It is made from plastic. Plastic is made from hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons come from oil. Oil comes fro-" "Peeeepeeee!" "Well I suppose that's close enough, well done son!"
  91. 91. Everyone loves Meloti, especially Parsimony (and me). "What an interesting flavour! He tastes of what seems to be meese.." "Geegeeegee, moustache doggy tickles YAY!" Note to self: Stop falling in love with first borns, give other children a chance for heir.
  92. 92. "Mistress, your son tastes acceptable. Congratu-ruff-lations are in order I do believe." "Oh Parsi! You bark so cutely.. I hope you're being nice to Meloti, now we still have some more tricks to learn!" "Grrrruff-oan.."
  93. 93. Oh Margs! I do miss you. What's up? "Waaaa, there's a new toddler and I can't play with hiiiiiiiiiim and I'm deeeeeeeeeeead and it's not faaaaaaaaaaair and I'm fed up of booooooooooowliiiiiiiiing.." Take that up with Atrica's ghost, not me! Surely you and Carrie could mount to start one bowl- free night a week in the big bowling alley in the sky by now?
  94. 94. "RAR Mummy dinosaur run!" "Whoa, dude, hold it there! We need to take you to the nursery, you could fall over a dictionary here, for some reasons there's so many lying around.." "Grandfather huge brain!" "Oh, probably.. Now come on, here is not the place for toddling!"
  95. 95. "Mummy hand huge whoa! I have to walk to it? It scary." Everyone took their turn teaching Meloti skills, as everyone rolled wants ty do them all it was only fair they did this as the newly tight family that they were. Saeva was in charge of walking.
  96. 96. Sean did the talking. For some reason. "Alien Meloti, aliens!" "Big eyes! Me eyes!" "An association! Such a smart boy. Now come on, the Group 1 elements if you please." "PeePeee!" Repens! I thought you were taking care of that one?
  97. 97. I just love this toddler! Or it could be the fact that I bought Family Fun stuff just to keep Saeva and her children happy. Either way, the awesome new kiddie rooms I've been building easily off- set Meloti's awesomeness. Will the new baby be able to live up to him, I wonder?
  98. 98. "Yes Gin, I'm doing great thanks! Everything's great with Sean, he's such a gentleman. Yes, completely the right choice. No, I don't need you to cowplant Matty. Well, not just quite yet. No, I know I haven't invited you over to see Meloti yet, but I promise I will when the next is born! oOOhh.. Actually, that may be quite soon! Gotta go Gin.."
  99. 99. "Baaaabyyyyy!" Legacy Fact 871: Family Sims always always, give birth in corners. They like the feel of walls apparently.
  100. 100. I was going to leave you on a cliffhanger here, but then realised I've already spoiled those at forums anyway! So go Seev, go! "I'm doing it for the baby, for the baby.. Sean my knight, where are you?!"
  101. 101. "It's alright my love, your mother and I are here again! And the maid too, but he can clean up any plumbbob division mess, it's all good sweetheart!" Kerrie: "Hmm, Sean does always seem to know what he's on about.. Why wasn't he here when I had the girls?!"
  102. 102. Everybody welcome little boy Arvicanthis! The name was chosen by DrSupremeNerd over at boolprop, who's a fellow science-y type (yay!) and apparently is a type of small crepuscular mammal! Well I never. Which leads me to: Do you have a 'favourite' Scientific word? I want input on this gen's children from my readers - as a thank you for sticking with us! However, this really is where I shall leave you for now. As always, thanks for reading everyone and for all the lovely feedback I've been getting - you rock (dude). All CC is not by me (just wait until next chapter, I got photoshop happy..) but I tend to forget where is comes from, oops.. But anyway! Saeva and Sean have happily started their lives together, but what of Vee and Bertie? They don't even show up this chapter, but they're still out there plotting - promise. How will the boys grow up? Will my Simself ever sort herself out? All this and more next time in The Science of a Legacy - this has been GintaticNecat, ignoring Hamilton's Rule of kin selection.