The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 32


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 32

  1. 1. 21st June 2009 Evening all. Welcome to this chapter of the Science of a Legacy in the guise of number 32: I planned a plan.. It went wrong. Because they always tend to! Last time, a rather large amount of babies were born, some surprise and some expected. Gadus and Cadence had a final addition to their family, Hallucigenia. Generation Six heir Vauxia gave birth to alien twins Myotis and Pipistrelle, while being thrust an extra baby in the form of Vesper, whose mother (Allison) had decided that she would have a better life living with the Tegenarias than she could offer. Spares Sidneyia and Marella also popped out sprogs, with Sid's alien son Ivan and Marella's accidental daughter Lacey, from her late boyfriend Tyler. See? Lots of babies. Onwards!
  2. 2. "..but so freakily good! There was a loser dork BoHo freak and some sparky boxes and the twit set the whole thing on fire and then BOOM a crater – an Evil crater might I add, and the whole thing was dead forever!" "Evil Susan.." Norris sighed. "It's wonderful to have you back kiddo, I was asking about your family plans - not your calamity scams."
  3. 3. "Well what good is that?" the werewolf's daughter retorted. "I think we've all had it up to here with babies and awfully boring things like that to be honest, Dad! Fed up of it. Bored. How the heck are you supposed to have Evil adventures bogged down with all that?" Yet more sighing on the werewolf's part. He'd expected Evil Susan to be, well, Evil Susan – but not quite with this level of baby grr. "We don't want you to get lonely though," he tried, "and I'm sure your Grandfather would love another wedding to go to." "He went to Ysabelle's crappy white palooza, like you all did. But did you see me there? NO. I'm Evil! There's no time for things like marriage and babies, there's only time for EVIL and YET MORE EVIL. Now has the company sent me a response yet?"
  4. 4. "No, but I daresay it'll arrive in the morning." "Eeexcellent." "Why do you want to join a ballet troupe anyway?" Norris asked. "I can see why Ysabelle would want to, but just this morning she told me she was enjoying life as a Counterfeiter and here you are trying to be Queen of the Tutus! Yet I can't help feel it should be the other way around, if I'm honest."
  5. 5. "Oh father.. In time you'll see. You'll all see." Evil Susan spent the rest of the night happily cackling to herself and pouring over her many Evil books, eagerly awaiting the morning post. She was up bright and early to jump at the postman, but apparently so was someone else..
  6. 6. "MMmmmfsdagfgev?!? AAAAAARGH!!"
  7. 7. "What the hell do you think you are doing to blonde bearded freak?!" she demanded, shocked and appalled by this behaviour. "Get off my porch! And more importantly, get away from me!" "Not pleased to see me then?" "NO!"
  8. 8. "Hmm, I don't quite believe that." Said Larch Vetinari, wisely taking a step back from a very angry Evil Susan. "You promised me eeevil childrinions as my minion girlfriend." "I did no such thing!"
  9. 9. "Oh, so I don't recall a certain scene in the campus bar after one of your many Greek disappearances?" went on Larch. "That was different! I was Evil-ed off with all the lovely-dovey tripe everyone was spouting and then.. Well you wouldn't be quiet! Forget it, I know have. But the point is-
  10. 10. "NO CHILDRINIONS!" "Yes childrinions."
  11. 11. "Look, childrinion can be very useful things! The can help spread eeevil far and wide." "..Really? I mean – shut up. No, I hate them." "Yup. You got an eeevil cause? Childrinion are far and above the best way to propagate such eeevil." "Does it work for Evil too?"
  12. 12. "I don't see why not, but eeevil really is the way to go." "Shut up with that, it's Evil you hear? But alright, I can see the Evil logic in your idea. And I sort of like your ridiculous faux-hawk. Fine – you may help me with this childrion idea. But if it goes wrong, be prepared to suffer the dire consequences! I'm Evil Susan, I don't like it when plans go wrong, and I'll blame your stubbly little beard face if they do. But I am NOT your minion." "Evil Wife, then?" "Don't push your luck, bucko."
  13. 13. "Good afternoon. I am here to impregnate your daughter with eeevil spawn and hopeful one day con her into marrying me. Family Sim and whatnot." "Ah, that's good news. Nice to meet you!" "Oh I do like his faux-hawk and oddly charming." Nihm agreed happily.
  14. 14. "What? What were you just saying to my „rentals?" demanded Evil Susan, having caught up with Larch after his speedy run into the house. "Nothing. But I think we best get started right away on these childrinion." "Plural? I did not agree to anything as awful as that. Have you seen them? There's this especially awful child, she belongs to my friend and you won't believe that problem that caused me.. But I agree, a plan can't be Evil until it's been put into motion." Norris went back to sighing.
  15. 15. Speedily, Larch pulled Evil Susan into the rooms she had claimed at the side of the house. "So this is how the plan starts then? I still don't know if I believe you, or understand where my clothes have gone." "Mmm, oh yes. Absolutely. Now, if you come with me oh Evil one, I think it's about time I showed you the next stage.."
  16. 16. A while later.. "..Jus.. „member.. Evil.." "Uhuh. Suuure you are." ----
  17. 17. "Soo.. You're marrying Sid then. That's.. nice?" Marella Tegenaria commented one morning, poking unsurely at her breakfast. "Haha, it is actually!" beamed Amalthea back over her pancakes. "I'm not being funny or anything, but.. why? It's Sid! What the heck do you want to marry him for?!"
  18. 18. "I suppose the answer „because I love him' is a little overused now isn't it? But you just don't see him like I do „Rels, then you'd understand." "And thank goat for that." "Hey, I'm just answering the question! But no one else loves him like I do, and your two little children are ever so sweet – it's nice to have been able to help. And then y'know, there's me having our own baby on the way too."
  19. 19. "Am I sweet Mummy?" asked Lacey, happily enjoying her breakfast next to the two grown-ups. She hoped she was sweet, it sounded like a nice thing to be. "Yes. Yes you are." Smiled Marella, and happily picked up her daughter and headed towards the nursery, leaving Amy to deal with Sid's „charming' son.
  20. 20. "Ivan sweetheart.. You really shouldn't have thrown your breakfast at the fishtank, it's not very nice for the little fishes." "Deserved it." "But they're only little animals, sweetie!" "Hate fish."
  21. 21. In the nursery, nursery rhyme lessons had gotten a bit side-tracked with all the talk of the upcoming wedding. "Are you going to get married too soon, Mummy? Like Uncle Sid and Aunty Amy?" "Oh Lacey.. Um. I don't think so baby." Marella said sadly. "Mummy can't.. Mummy doesn't have anybody to love in a – in a married way."
  22. 22. "Oh, never mind. It's ok Mummy, I see." The toddler paused in thought for a moment. "You can marry me then! When I'm bigger, and we can do lots of fun things together, like now but better, and then we can be best friends forever and it would be the best thing ever!" Marella smiled at the small child. "It's a nice idea Lacey, but right now we need to get ready for Uncle Sid and Aunty Amy's wedding, mmk? What do you think kiddo, ready for bathtime?" "Then we do my hair? Can I be all pretty too, Mummy?" "Sure thing Lacey, whatever you want." "PONY!" "...No."
  23. 23. Several hours later and after the sun had set, guests began to file into the rather blue home from across Strangetown. Everyone was very excited, there'd been somewhat of a drought in weddings even though all of Generation Six were now home and settled. "Thank goodness at least one of my children is actually getting married!" applauded Gadus, "and here I was thinking there'd be no weddings at all! Why, who knows what kinds of doors this will open up now?" "Please Dad – don't go getting any ideas okay?" said Vauxia quickly, he still had firm views about marriage – and they were quite different from Gadus's. "Oh, but a father can dream.."
  24. 24. "Come on Ivan! Let's go and say hello to all the people!" said an excited Lacey in the nursery, hearing the continual ringing of the doorbell. "I bet we'll get lots of cuddles." "Hate cuddles." Scowled the little alien. "Like crayons." "Well I'm going to get cuddles."Lacey said defiantly, flung down her toy boat and toddled off.
  25. 25. "Not that I mind, because everything is just lovely as it is – but why are we getting married inside again?" Amy asked shyly. "The garden's too full of failed Garden Club attempts for anywhere to be left to put an arch.. You sure you don't mind?" "No – no of course I don't! We're in the same spot you proposed to me so I think it's all very romantic. But Sid, you just voiced your worry about upsetting my feelings!" she said excitedly. "So? Of course I care how you feel. I'm trying to marry you, so shall we just get on with that, inside as it might be?" "Yes please."
  26. 26. "Thank you Amy. Really, for everything. I know I'm still not perfect, but I think I'm a better person for having you around. And I want to try and be better – for you. Because you deserve that, even if you have to be a part of our really odd family. Are you sure you want to?" "YES! Come on Sid, you know how much I love you. And you all used to laugh at me for trying to join in when you boys hung out at our place. Silly! Don't you wish you'd let me bake cookies for you then, like I wanted to?" "Well you could always bake them now.."
  27. 27. "Ooow, I do wish they'd „urry up wiv this! I've wai'ed ever so long to see one of my babies married, I „ave! An' they didn't even proviode any snacks." "Patience Cadence, they're getting there." Said a very happy Fred, who's already started to cheer her daughter. "Good things take time and all that." "But I'm „ungry!"
  28. 28. "So yes Sidneyia Tegenaria, I will be your wife. And bake cookies, for you. And probably Ivan and Marella and Lacey too." "And don't forget that other little baby you have." Sid pointed out. Amy grinned from ear to ear. "The future looks pretty bright doesn't it?" she smiled. "So.. we're married then?" "I'd say so."
  29. 29. "Now tha's much be'ter, that is! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Well done, now let's go „ave us some cake!"
  30. 30. "Well done guys!" Marella cheered, and happily clapped her brother and friend. "Well done." Sadly, no one else had decided to pay much attention to the wedding. Although Gadus did look up from his slapdance only to sadly find that he'd missed the whole thing. Oh well, there was always the off-chance Hallucigenia decided to get married very very early.
  31. 31. "Yay, we did it!" clapped Amy. "Yup." Sid grinned happily. He was surprised at how happy he felt, but then again not surprised because he knew how much he loved Amalthea. But being married? That never figured into his life plan.. but he had to admit it couldn't really have turned out any better. Therefore it was an oddly smiley Sid that cut the wedding cake.
  32. 32. Oh come on. You were expecting.. what?
  33. 33. "Oow, in't this well noice? I gets a weddin' an' cake! All in one day!" "It is pretty good isn't it?" Sid agreed, and looked lovingly across at his wife. "You'd better be talking about the marriage part." She smiled back.
  34. 34. "So, changed your views on marriage then?" Marella asked her brother as the cake was being divided up. "Hm, I kind of like the suits and all the slap dancing, but I still really don't overly fancy the whole forever and ever and ever business. It just doesn't seem right!" "Oh, I know. Plus I really don't want Mother to make me yet another goat-awful cake." "Also a valid point."
  35. 35. "What are you still doing up then little man?" asked Sid, spotting Ivan eying up the guests ankles suspiciously. "BITE!" "Uh-huh.. But you're going to need your sleep, you get to a big brother soon. And let me tell you, it really isn't as easy as they say.. But I'm sure you'll get there." "BITE." "..Eventually."
  36. 36. And a few days later, Amy and Sid's children made an appearance. Yes I said childREN.
  37. 37. Twin girls Adrastea and Callisto, and it's fair to say that Family Amy really couldn't be happier! They've both got Amy's black hair, with Callisto also having her dark blue eyes. But Adrastea has light blue eyes (and INTERESTING fact because I keep a genetics log), that gene has been passed down recessively hidden through Meloti's side of the family ever since Kerie introduced it in G2 - and this is the first time it's been displayed. HA! I have ever such a lot of babies. But then who doesn't enjoy a lot of babies? ----
  38. 38. "Buuuuhgh?" "Vell vat do ve have – oh screw it, I've been here far too many times this week to keep up that charade."
  39. 39. "OI! YOU! Hellloooo?" "Maaaagoooo?" "Yes yoooou. Now look here, look at the finger. You see the finger? The finger is not a child. Stop getting the heeby jeebies over children! They're just kids, and very very sweet ones at that." "???"
  40. 40. "And no, you're not a monkey. Stop it!" "Eeekey eeekey ooh!" "Ah well, at least it makes a bit of a break from his chicken dances. Alright you, I can see there's only one way around this. On my count. 3.. 2.. 1.. WOOHOO!
  41. 41. "Incredible – suddenly I feel much better! It's a beautiful miracle!" "..Can you stop it now then? I do have other things to attend to you know." "Sorry Doc." Vauxia apologised, quite relieved to be upright again. "I know you must have a lot of other clients to see o – I didn't mean to take up so much of your time. It's just hard, y'know?" "No I do not know, we VBTs like to keep to our genes to ourselves. And no actually – I have a rather thrilling basket weaving convention to attend to. Your plans?" "It's all about the happy place Doc, all about the happy place."
  42. 42. Since the arrival of the many many kidlets, Vauxia hadn't had nearly as much time as he would have liked to keep up with his dating wishes, so had been spending a lot of time in the garden of the new house. He was finding it a quiet retreat from all the squawking, but was still close enough to the nursery to hear Gadus' cries for help when they so frequently came.
  43. 43. And like so many Tegenaria before him, Vox decided to make a bold move that would inevitably end in disaster. "Hi there! May I speak to on Mr, er.. Twitface?"
  44. 44. Ah Toby. We meet again. As always, lovely to see you my arch nemesisisises. "Why, what a lovely front lawn! Well I'm already enjoying myself. Such a pleasure, I'm sure we'll have you in the garden club in no time Mr..?" "Tegenaria" "Bugger off." "Oh please? Just a little look around can't hurt. If you don't like it here, you can always view the new nursery – complete with more children than we are capable of caring for." "Oh, fine. Just because it's my duty to all the wonderful gardens of the world WHICH YOURS ISN'T ONE OF."
  45. 45. "I don't know boss.." said Mr :D "This tree is extremely well kept and delightfully bug free :D" "And Gin did give me a lovely Victorian style dress." Chimed in Allyn from the greenhouse. "Maybe we should just get them out of our hair once and for all?" "But they're Tegenarias!" And you Mr. Twitface, are a Twitface.
  46. 46. "FINE. Just take the damn thing and never ever contact me again, do you hear?" ..I'm sorry, but come again? "No no, no coming again. Not ever. Quick Allyn, grab your petticoat and let's skidaddle to somewhere far more fitting for the Garden Club, such as the great and bountiful Riverblossom. Far far away. Quickly." Exerunt Toby Twitface and pals
  47. 47. I.. seriously don't believe it. .. .. EEEEEEEEE! Thank you Vox, I knew I loved you for more than your smexy hair and lovely smile. Please applaud everyone, for the Tegenarias finally have a wishing well after almost two years of stressful toil. YAAAAY!! I honestly thought this day would never come, sniff.
  48. 48. "I am thinking that I was just a-hearing some shouting of the loudest and most nosiest of volumes? Even from.. up in the sky?" "Don't be silly Myotis, there isn't anything up in the sky." Called Hallucigenia from the nursery to the small green boy who was technically her nephew. "Now get back in here before any of the big people come back in and start getting in the way."
  49. 49. Myotis had only just toddled over to the activity table when his father came shooting into the room. "We did it Myotis! We did it!" Vox gushed, "Oh little guy, can you imagine what this is going to mean for us? Well of course you can't, you're too little still. But trust me, you'll love it when you're older." He gave his son a quick hug, and ran off to find Gadus to tell him of the afternoon's triumphs, leaving the four toddlers to their own devices.
  50. 50. "Well thank goodness for that." Said Pipistrelle, and continued to pull of the rabbit's ear. "I am thinking it is a most good thing that love-father didn't stick around to try and teach us anything else. I am loving him, but none of the big relatives seem to understand us very well. Agreed twin- brother?" "Agreed twin-sister." Said Myotis, chewing on his fingers. "He is a-hugging rather hard these days." "True, they all are." nodded Hallie, who had moved on to drawing herself a nice picture of a scribbly mess. "So, who wants to go first? I have a feeling we won't be disturbed for a while."
  51. 51. "I am willing." Said Myotis. "I am always enjoying our afternoons of mocking the big relatives even though I love them most a-fully. This morning love-father got very confused about where he was I am thinking. He sat on the floor and got quite lost! He kept asking where he had gone, so I had to a-keep pointing it to out to him to make sure he was safe. Yet even with my intelligence-glow, love-father did still not seem to understand what I was trying to say."
  52. 52. "Night-grandmother was not much better." Said Pipi. "She keep on a-insisting of carrying me everywhere with her last night, it was most distressing. She continued to gabble nonsense and swing me around, despite my constant asking of her to return me safely to the nursery in one piece. I do believe that there was going to be a cheeseful grilling involved, but love-father thoughtfully returned me to my nest before she took me near pans. That is why he is good."
  53. 53. "Come on guys, leave ma Mam alone!" smiled Hallie, the drawing having already bored her as she now went after a shiny new toy. "She's started feeding me bits of that cheese stuff, and it ain't half bad it ain't! Besides, what you guys is sayin' ain't nearly as bad as what happened to Vesper." "What is a-happening to Vesper?" the twins asked in unison.
  54. 54. Hallie grinned. "Well, your Da was trying to teach her to walk, k? You know how she likes to try and pretend the big relatives are on the same level as us, so she was being all gurgles and sweetness like Vesper always is and played along for him. It was kinda sweet to watch actually, until.."
  55. 55. "You Da kind of lost it again." "Don't be too hard on love-father, he is a-trying his best and does look after all very well – none of them quite seem to have got the hang of it perfectly yet."
  56. 56. "Poor Vesper though," Hallie went on, "she had to spent the rest of the day patting his hair to make sure he was ok." "Yes, but we would have all a-done the same." Said Myotis. "Where is sister anyway?" wondered his twin "I haven't a-seen her all afternoon."
  57. 57. "Peek-a-boo Mummy! There you are, there you are!" giggled the red headed toddler, happily waving her fingers at Allison. Allison gasped in delight. "Oh, you clever girl! Wow, that milk really must be special.. I knew this was a good place for you to be. Now.. where's Mummy gone? Where's Mummy gone?"
  58. 58. "Mummy's gone?" worried the little girl. "No no, Vesper it's ok! Mummy's here. Look, it's ok!" Allison said quickly, removing her hands from her face and reached out to the toddler. "And Daddy's here too, hello!" said a still very happy Vox as he came into the family room. "How are two of some of my favourite girls?"
  59. 59. "It was brilliant, thank you." Said Allison getting to her feet. "Is it really 5 „o clock already?" "I'm afraid so." The blonde sighed. "Employment calls then I suppose. You'll make sure she has a good nap?" Vox nodded and happily received a kiss from Allison on her way out.
  60. 60. Scooping up Vesper, he headed back towards the nursery. "Mummy's not really gone is she Daddy?" "Nope, not at all Vesp. She's just gone out to earn some shiny pennies to buy things to make herself pretty for Daddy." "Pretty Daddy?" "You'd better believe it kiddo, but I think it's high time we let you get some sleep."
  61. 61. Vesper happily crawled over to her blanket and fell straight asleep, tired from her day with Allison, and Vauxia happily settled down to spend the rest of the day with the other three. "The incey wincey spider, er, fell in the sink and drowned! Then all the lovely ladies were happy and came round!" "You can do it twin-sister!" "Yup, just ten more verses! Cor blimey this blue crayon don't half taste good.."
  62. 62. Later that evening, Vesper awoke to find Myotis and Hallucigenia already yawning but saw her sister still pottering away at the table. Pipistrelle never seemed to need that much sleep, and so Vesper toddled over to join her. "Ah sister, sleep well?" the alien enquired. Vesper nodded and picked up a few blocks and the two happily stacked in silence for a while. "Er, Pipi? Where does this one go. I don't want to get it wrong!" Vesper asked at last.
  63. 63. "It does not a-matter, being wrong is fine sister." "But it does! You can only be right if you're right, like Mummy." "Eh? You are a-confusing me. What is this Mummy thing? But it does not matter, be calm sister."
  64. 64. "Just be calm and everything will always be aaaaalright." Pipistrelle grabbed Vesper and gave her a huge hug, much to the little girl's surprise. "I believe I am thinking that this is correct. You should too sister." Pipi said, and let Vesper go.
  65. 65. "Oops, I am a-forgetting. Love-father never quite finished teaching you to stand up did he?" ----
  66. 66. Hmm.. childrinion indeed. Now look here little child, I have very specific ideas for you. None of this eeevil business, I am Evil Susan and I function on a level that consists entirely, 100%, accept no substitutions Evil. I shall be expecting nothing less from you, or else you can except to have a very close and Evil encounter with- *DING DONE RETURN OF THE GENERAL DOORBELL NOISES*
  67. 67. "Oh, it's you. What do you want?" sighed Evil Susan as Marella swopped through the door for a hug. "Just to see how you were ES! Gosh, I still can't believe you're all pregnant! And ..hugging back? Geez ES, what the heck's been up with you lately?"
  68. 68. "Babies? Hugs? If I didn't know any better I'd say you were losing your touch." "What? How dare you! It's all part of my plan. My Evil Evil plan!" "Uhuh. Suure." "Oh shut up. At least I don't look like a monkey that fell in the candyfloss machine. A monkey in very real danger of having their eyes poked out by an angry pregnant Evil person! It's just your child that's awful, I'm sure mine will be a much better attempt."
  69. 69. "Anyway," said Evil Susan trying to change the subject (she didn't like having her Evil questioned by anyone, even her best friend) "here's some crap you left at the Greek House after your idiotically swift exit. Now go away." "Hmm. It's not some dangerous mini-exploding-dragon or something is it?" said Marella, eyeing the box suspiciously. "Sadly no, just some pictures and other awful trash you left in your room. I enjoy burdening others, especially with pointy things stuck in the, so-
  70. 70. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" "Ho-my goat! That was-
  71. 71. "LOUD." Finished Larch. "Honestly, bringing my childrinion into the world isn't that bad." "Ooooh, want to bet? You RIDICULOUS, single-minded, family-orientated pillock! You, you- You just take this stupid baby and leave me alone, you hear? ALONE! Sans les childrinions!"
  72. 72. "So she's been taking this all rather well then?" asked Marella, as everyone except Larch had chosen to block their ears from the screaming and get on with other things and leave the „happy' couple to it. "Oddly so, yes." Replied Nihm. "She's becoming quite mellow." "Seriously? Well I suppose actually, she did hug me." "EXCUSE ME. Could someone please remove this small child from near my face? I have a horrible feeling there's another one coming along."
  73. 73. "Shut up Marella. Just be quiet. Don't say anything, or you seriously will regret it." "But this is just too good! TWINS! Ahahaha, that is awesome. Evil Susan had TWINS! Eehehe.. Perfect." "I think you should go home before you collapse dear." Said Nihm. "And quite quickly, before the shouting starts up again." Still falling over from her giggles, Marella wandered back next door leaving Evil Susan fuming at the fact she had just brought not one, but two daughters into the world.
  74. 74. After heading upstairs, Marella opened the contents of the package Evil Susan and thrown at her. She hadn't been lying (weird), it really was full of the old photos that had been adorning Marella's room. With a heavy heart, she began to hang them up again. She knew Evil Susan wouldn't have liked it, especially given the evening's events, but she chose a different print to hang in the centre this time. Funny, it really didn't seem like that long ago she was taking all of these pictures.
  75. 75. You just had to go and be all brave didn't you? Silly boy, that was my job. I was meant to be the brave and leap-in-front-of-people one, you're just too.. sweet for that. And Tyler-ish. She looked at the photo thoughtfully. And I miss you! And your Tyler-ish-ness, and the way you always look so happy all the time. And our pillow fights! Do you remember those? Best fun I EVER had at college, not that we'll be telling ES that anytime soon, ok Ty? Or about that time we-
  76. 76. See? It's just not the same anymore. And it isn't fair. I still love you. And Lacey would too, if she could. We need you back! I've got to be the most unlucky person in the whole world..
  77. 77. We-ell, that's a matter of opinion. "Right then Ivan – can you say Mummy?" "BITE YOU." "Teddy? Car? Truck? Anything?" "BITE YOU." "Oh my gosh this is one frightening child." ----
  78. 78. "Have you made your decision yet?" Night time at the House of Fallen Trees. Our best friends, the Tricou family were settling down for the evening, and Jon Smith had decided he'd had enough of his wife's stalling after the death of Tyler at their wedding renewal. "With the useless boy dead, we are able to exchange his soul for one our daughters, Jennicor. I know you wanted to wait, but this is just getting ridiculous!" the old man growled.
  79. 79. "These things cannot be rushed my love." Jennicor replied as her husband slid onto the bed beside her. "I don't see why not, I didn't have to think twice about brining you back. Nor did our boy Taylor when he had collected everyone." "This is true, but those were clearly the logical choices. And such a decision needs to be made based on logic."
  80. 80. "Who are they choosing Taylor?" "Quick, tell us!" Because they just wouldn't be creepy if they didn't, the four remaining Tricou teenagers were listening as closely as they could through the wall to their parents' conversation. "Be quiet your idiots." Hissed Taylor Taylor. "I can't hear if you keep that racket up. And besides, they'll hear you. Damn – I think I missed something."
  81. 81. "You sure about that darling?" "Oh yes Jon – quite sure. She'll be able to get us what we need. You know the rules! And it would boost our numbers considerably." "That's true. But do you really think we should be thinking about him so soon, Jennicor? There are rules for this sort of thing." "Frightened of your own Grandson, are we Jon?"
  82. 82. "Not in the slightest – I'm prouder of him than I am of any of the others. I commend your choice my love, it's very bold. Not that I ever favoured – not that it matters. What will Jennail say of this matter do you think?" "We can ask her tomorrow, when we bring her back. The useless idiot for our beautiful daughter Jennail. Quite a fortuitous trade, wouldn't you say?" "More than. For once we have Jennail, she can help us to bring back-"
  83. 83. "Fricorith. They want Fricorith." Taylor Taylor whispered quietly into the gloom.
  84. 84. "But that's a good thing isn't it? He can help us get out of this dump." Said Miss Leong Marisa, shifting uncomfortably on her bed. "Much as I love this whole teen-forever gig, I could do with a room of my own." "Tell me about it," joined in her sister Theresa. "Oh but wait.. Haha, I remember! Ooh Taylor, looking forward to seeing your bubby Fricorith again? I'll bet you can't waaaait."
  85. 85. ".. Damnit."
  86. 86. As the began to sun rise, there was a rather mixed atmosphere floating over the misty old house. No one had seen Taylor Taylor since the previous evening, and to be honest no one really cared. They were all far more interesting in the impending resurrection of Jon and Jennicor's younger daughter. "So I have finally convinced you to my way of thinking, dear heart?" Jon Smith merely answered by embracing his wife and planting a kiss on her lips. The plan was good.
  87. 87. “Jennicor – may I do the honour of bringing our sweet Jennail back to us?” His wife laughed. “Oh Jon, you are a funny one..” She pushed him away and strode towards the bone phone, not caring about the thunderous expression on his face. What was he thinking? This was her daughter! Grinning manically, she picked up the phone.
  88. 88. “No time for a cut-screen today nymph, this is Jennicor Tricou you are dealing with missy. And no holds, no questions, none of your nancying about. I know you have received the payment of Tyler Baena‟s soul, and in return I demand my girl is returned to me, whole and complete. Yes, I know your ways you harlot. Give me my Jennail, and give her to me now.”
  89. 89. For the third time at the House of Fallen Trees, the Tricou family home for so many years, green smoke began to drift through the air. The dust began to settle around the form of a young woman, who silently stared into it, waiting for her view to become clearer. The silence did not last for very long. Jennail Tricou had returned.
  90. 90. “How long was I down?” she cried. “Where are they – who‟s here? Where is that girl? It‟s her fault, it‟s all her fault! My family, they-“ Suddenly she caught sight of her parents and stopped mid-flow. “How long Mother?” she asked quietly.
  91. 91. “My darling.” Jennicor said sweetly, and turned to face her daughter. “Too long. It has been too long. But don‟t fret, we know what we need to do. And those who deserve it will not go unpunished, that is not the Tricou way after all.” Still smiling, the matriarch spoke of the plans she and Jon had discussed the previous day. Jennail listened in livid silence. She was not used to silence, and jumped as soon as Jennicor had finished.
  92. 92. “Mother, have you gone completely mad? Never! I would never agree to such a thing!” “But Jennail, it is for the best..” “Fricorith is my son! We have already been parted once. And where is my husband? You haven‟t even thought about him have you, you and father have just leapt in with your „plans‟ just like you always did – and look where it got us! No Mother, and that is my final answer – I will not allow it. Never again.” ----
  93. 93. "Hii-i! Traditional ye olde portrait paining tiiiime! Quick, while all the little ones are asleep. Or most, or some, to be honest I'm losing track a bit."
  94. 94. "It's nice having some quite, isn't it?" Vox sighed as he happily chatted while Gadus got on with painting. "Oh I don't know, I still think it's wonderful to hear their little chitter chatter at all hours. Even if it's just babble, it's nice just knowing that they're all here. Now, tell me about this new girl you're seeing!" "Dad, I have just one thing to say. Thank goat for that Wishing Well. But since you ask.."
  95. 95. "Mam, they've been at it all night in there. Are they ever going to be quiet? Some of us were tryin' to sleep!" "Eh? Wass tha' button? It's well „ard to „ere over all me boys gossipin, it roight is. Are yous be wantin' a big snuggle?" "That is an acceptable solution, Mam."
  96. 96. Many many many many many hours and dating evaluations later, they finally got there. "Yay, meee!" "Er, I wouldn't get too excited just yet." Came a call from the dining room.
  97. 97. "Oh goodness, more cakes?" Gadus moaned. "Didn't we just do this?" "Feels like it, doesn't it?" Vox agreed as he followed Gadus through. "But look on the bright side – at least we only have to do this once!" "Mm, but I wanted more time with the little ones being well, little! Sigh."
  98. 98. "You're getting so big Vesp!" Allison said happily as she arrived to help her daughter transition. "Geez, you're going to end up being all grown up before I know what's hit me, aren't I?" "Pretty Mummy." Vesper said happily, and stroked Allison's hair. "Well at least someone notices the effort I went to.." grumbled the blonde.
  99. 99. "Would yous all please „urry up an' stop gabbin'! If you „as failed to noi'ice, IT'S STILL DAYLIGH' IT IS! Muvver needs to go back inta „er coffin, snick snack."
  100. 100. Thankfully everyone decided to actually pay attention to Cadence, and quickly all filled into the cake-laden room, each complete with a complimentary free gift of a toddler in tow. "Allison, have you done something new? You're looking.. even better than usual today." Vox said approvingly. "I just wanted to tell you, really." The usually Shouty-Allison became very unusually quite and blushed. But before she could reply – "OI! YOUS! Do tha' la'er. DAYLIGH'!"
  101. 101. So blowers were blown, shakers were shook, and toddlers were thrust towards cakes with as much haste as possible. "Love-father, I want to see the pretty bright things! Take me a-closer, a-closer pleeeeease?" "Yes Pipi, that's right! Cake time, yaaay!" "Oh I am a-giving up." I'm all for cake time, yaaaay, because it means getting to see the kids actually be.. kids!
  102. 102. "You know what, I don't think that shirt's really working for you Myotis, it ain't. Something about purple and green just looks a bit.. wrong." "You are a-thinking? Shame." "Meh, it's not your fault. Gin's just probably colour-blind or summing."
  103. 103. Mm, thank you Hallie.. But look! She's like a mini-Cadence! But with a few Tegenaria-bits thrown in too, so I'm really really pleased she that she stands out from her much-bigger-and-all-grown-up-siblings. Huzzah for Hallucigenia.
  104. 104. "And I get to a-change my shirt, yay!" Yes yes, I have a much better one picked out for you now. Myotis is still a little sweetie in my opinion, but then when have I ever not said that about any of my guys? And we still have the traditional nose lurking around which is fun, whoop!
  105. 105. Vesper thought it was wisest to just leave her parents to it for a while, and dreamily started wandering around the hall whilst being rather pretty. Because I'm full of fun genetic facts at the moment and I didn't really realise last time, her grey eyes are another throw- back, having not been expressed in the Menidia-line since being introduced by Sean. Ditto for her red hair, last seen on Saeva. I love my sims' sneaky stealth genes! The twin's PT was red-headed so this is slightly more special. *pats Vesper*
  106. 106. "Right, I am a-thinking that this is quite enough of that now. Time for next party if you are a- pleasing!" Well, Pipistrelle hasn't changed much it seems! But she and her little elf-ears are right – NEXT.
  107. 107. "Hurry up! The people coming soon! The people coming soon!" I sense a small girl who's going to become quite a fan of parties.. But Lacey had been excited about her Birthday for days, and didn't understand why it was taking everyone so long to get ready. "Ivan? IVAN! Where are you, you can't miss the people!"
  108. 108. "NO!" "Ivan, I'm your number one fan buddy – but we need to get you cleaned up for the party. And we don't have much time, so could you just stop splashing for a few minutes, it's not that bad." But Lacey's excited squeaks from the hall heralded the arrival of family and friends for the second birthday party of the day, and Sidneyia gratefully was able to whisk Ivan next door to join his cousin.
  109. 109. "Evil Susan, would you mind trying to keep your sparklies out of the cake?" "I will do whatever the heck I like with my sparklies thank you very much. „Rels, you're turning into a fish wife. Have you given any more thought to the proposition I gave you last week?" "ES, I am not selling my daughter for the chance to abduct a helicopter! And neither should you." "I don't know.." Sid added, "Do we really want any more Evil Susans wandering around? Maybe it is a good idea."
  110. 110. Ignoring him, Marella turned to Gadus who seemed to be wandering off already. "Er, Dad? We're over here. Cake, this way." "Hmm? Oh, sorry Marella. I just wanted to check on the twins. Everyone seems to be getting big far too quickly for my liking. Couldn't you just hold off on this for a few more days." "'Fraid not, you know how excited Lacey has been. So let's just get this over with!"
  111. 111. "Candle time!" said the happy toddler, and reached out of Marella's arms towards the cake. A bit too far for her Mother's liking. "Lacey no! Er, fire bad. Fire very bad! Bad like.. broken makeover chairs!" "Oh. Fire very bad."
  112. 112. "Thank goodness you're here kiddo, we'd be a bit overrun with girl-talk otherwise." "Fire flamey. That's good." "Well, at least it's not reminding you of shoes.." And with a toss and a twirl, we've got two more children on our hands!
  113. 113. Lacey of course, continues her rather successful attempt to be the most adorable little girl this side of Pleasantview after a quick trip to the mirror. "I'm glad Mummy was joking about the makeover kit being broken, because sure would have sucked. Now, where has everyone gone?"
  114. 114. Quickly she found all her cousins, and wasted no time in getting right back into the party swing. "Hi there! I'm Lacey, and I like your dress. Buu-ut, I like my cowboy boots better. Who are you again?" "You like my dress?" grinned Vesper, "my Mummy picked it out for me, she's really pretty. I want to be as pretty as her some day!" "Uh-huh. Good luck with that." "I am a-thinking that twin brother has also found rather a-strange creature as well.." mused Pipi, looking over to the other side of the room.
  115. 115. "I like to hit things. Do you?" "Um.. no." "I like to torment stinky girls. Do you?" "Um.. no." "Huh, that's weird." ---- And once again, we shall end on a party! And other chapter where nothing bad really happened! Hey, I'm actually getting quite good at this no-woe malarkly.. Anyway, thank you for reading you lovely people you, and thank you to all the clever and brilliant people out there who make all the brilliant CC I happily fling around. Also thanks to DrSupremeNerd, writer of the Vetinari Dualegacy for the loan of Larch – he rocks. Hopefully your brains aren't choking on too many children, but you can at least count yourselves lucky that you're not Evil Susan. This has been Gin, avoiding, er, going to the Imperial Summer Ball? See you soon anyway, byeee!
  116. 116. "Eh? What? .. Is it safe? You're not making any sense. I have no idea what you're talking about! .. Plague? What plague? We don't have a plague! Maybe a plague of children, if that's what you mean. .. I DON'T KNOW! I think you've got the wrong Legacy."