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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 27


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 27

  1. 1. 10th November 2008 Yo! Dis iz ma legaceee y'all, it iz well wikkid. You know what I iz sayin', aight!? Oh my it's been a long few weeks and I think my head has died.. Sorry it's taken a while everyone, my laptop's on the fritz which has been annoying me no end, the silly thing. But welcome to The Science of a Legacy, and we're all the way up to Chapter Twenty-Seven, whoop whoop! Last time, er, what happened last time? Oh yes, Ocean rescued Gadus from the clutches of the 'evil' Tricous, and the beginnings of their terrible plan thing wotsit was revealed. Our boys, Sidneyia and Vauxia, grew up some more and poked each other a bit, while little Marella somehow managed to add some reason over a table of cheese. Or something along those lines! Let's just start reading, before my computer blows up shall we?
  2. 2. And what better place to start than with my favourite old people? "You don't blame me for all of this, do you Meni?" Ocean asked his wife one afternoon. "No, of course not. If anyone had told me that we couldn't be together when we were younger, I think I would have gone Downtown and dragged you back here myself! Worries or not. Besides, everyone is so much happier now that Gadus is back. You did the right thing Ocean."
  3. 3. It's true, while Sidneyia and Vauxia may still not be getting on that well with each other they were both enjoying making the most of their teenage years. "Look Sorex, I'm not going to keep doing your homework for you! .. I don't care if you're a Pleasure Shrew, that's not excuse! .. But yes, it is true that I'm the most intelligent but you can hardly not notice that. .. Oh alright then, the answer's green." "You know, that really was a cute skirt you were wearing in Harold and Merkins at the weekend .. I don't care if it's your uniform, I'm just saying.. A movie? Friday? Well, I think I can make that.."
  4. 4. And Marella was enjoying meeting other residents of Strangetown after school and making, er, friends? "C'mon, they can't really call you Evil Susan, do they? You seem so normal, at least compared to my family. Is that why they didn't let you into private school with the rest of us?" "Some people are just rather misguided. But you know, once Evil always Evil and all that. And let's just say that that particular school wasn't for me, the headmaster didn't really 'get' the whole Evil thing." "Yeah, but you're just a kid! And so am I, and I want to play catch. Coming?"
  5. 5. "A game of THWAP you say? Excellent." "Er, no.. I said catch."
  6. 6. But alas my dear friends, and I hate to say it but - all good things must come to an end. "Oh Ocean, this can't really be it!" sniffled Menidia as she hugged her husband as tight as she could. I'm with her, I really don't want to see my guy go.. "Ooff, steady on Meni! It'll be ok, don't worry. Now you have to let go, and I'll see you soon."
  7. 7. "OCEAN TEGENARIA!" Must.. Not cry.. Oh gosh, Vauxia's already started..
  8. 8. "IT IS TIME, AS YOU WELL KNOW. FUNNY, I WAS ALWAYS EXPECTING TO MEET YOU AS A TEENAGER AND NOT AND OLD MAN.." "But it still means..?" "YES, YOU WERE QUITE RIGHT IN YOUR ASSUMPTIONS." "Oh that's not good. Look after your Mother Gadus, make sure you light lots of fires with her."
  9. 9. "It's not faaaaair!" wailed Menidia. "I *sniff* don't want *hic* my Ocean to diiiiiiie! Can I come too?" "NOT YET." "Ocean come baaaaack.."
  10. 10. "Don't worry Meni, it's going to be ok - I promise!" And with that, he was gone.
  11. 11. Oh dear dear dear, my little Ocean. My little Downtownie goth-boy. Sniff. I've loved you more than any of my other spouses, and for the moment you were dropped I knew you were always going to stay. Why others shun you I will never know. SNIFF. Though you were often chased by bees, suffering from heat-stroke, or generally having some kind of disaster - I am going to miss you muchly. (Plus you let me start what I hope will be a cool plotline - thanks!) Name: Ocean Charvat Tegenaria Lived: 77 Days Pleasure Sagittarius 2/3/9/7/4 LTW: Top Criminal - done Children: Ara and Gadus Grandchildren: Sidneyia, Vauxia, Marella, Becks, J.D., Jura
  12. 12. "Oh dear, I don't think I like people dying.." snuffled Marella. "I'd quite like this not to happen again, it's so not cool." And the littlest Tegenaria burst into tears.
  13. 13. "Shh Marella, it's ok! I'm here!" said Gadus and gave her a big hug. "How 'bout we get you a nice new dollhouse to make you feel better?" "Dad, I don't need a new dollhouse.." she sniffed. "Ok then, how about one of your Mother's grilled cheese sandwiches? I think I just heard her coffin squeaking." "Er, on second thoughts I'll take the dollhouse!" Marella said quickly.
  14. 14. But as his daughter scurried off to the playroom, the surge of Tegenaria nice points we've been having lately shone right through. "Well I hope I just heard Cadence.. Because I think I need a nice kiss or a cuddle, I'd even be brave enough to grope someone at the moment. I've only just got back and Dad's already gone.."
  15. 15. "It's alrigh' pookie! Oi'm 'ere alrigh'. There there me love, you is okay now. We's still got each over ain't we?" "Yes.. Yes I suppose you're right." "I am indeed me pumpkin." "But what about me!?" wailed Sid. "Can't someone tell me I'm going to be alright too? Why does everyone else get a hug instead of me? I want to be hugged too!" "Oow, sweethear'! Of course you can has one too, don' be so upset." Cadence soothed.
  16. 16. "C'mon Sid, how about a good old game of red hands, eh?" Gadus smiled. "Sniff, yes please." Sid said quietly. "There now, ain't that bet'er?" asked Cadence. "Sniffle, thanks Mum.." "Roight! Now grilled cheese for all!" and off she went to the kitchen, determined to heal through the medium of cheddar.
  17. 17. Annoyingly, the father of the Tricou teens appears to have healing himself post-resurrection without the help of cheddar. And he had been waiting. "I think you can guess why I have gathered you all before me, my children." he began. The First Sacrifice has been completed."
  18. 18. "That's great! We've been waiting ages, Ocean sure took his time in kicking it." "Theresa.." said Tyler, a bit shocked at how happy his sister was to hear of their brother's death. "Shut up Tyler!" said his other sister on the end. "I don't want to hear any of your whining on a day like this! It's too important. And it's an honour to bringing our family back together, Ocean should be proud."
  19. 19. "Exactomundo Marisa. So Father, shall I do the honours? I mean, I do seem to have a flair for this kind of thing. Y'know, the whole resurrection lark."
  20. 20. "Don't be ridiculous Taylor." snapped Jon Smith as he started to get out of his chair. "It is I, and I alone who shall be brining back your Mother and the rest of our family. Don't be so insolent to your elders, I would have expected far better of you. Your task is different, and you know it."
  21. 21. "Can we make Taylor the Second Sacrifice then?" asked one of the girls. "I wouldn't mind, really." "Shut up Marisa.." said Taylor through gritted teeth. The teens knew that once the whole Tricou clan was reunited Jon Smith would be able to bring them back into the world to join the rest, but it still wasn't a pleasant prospect. You know. The whole death thing.
  22. 22. But Jon Smith Tricou just chuckled and picked up the bone phone, he was more interested in seeing his bride once more than the bickering of his children at the moment. "Miss Hannah, how wonderful to hear your silky voice again. I'm afraid I'm in no mood to chat today, just send her on up."
  23. 23. "D-did it work?" Tyler ventured before the phone was even lowered. "Patience children, patience.." The room waited with baited breath for a few moments, and then..
  24. 24. A puff of green smoke filled the room and the teens felt a familiar thrill of joy mixed with a dash of fear as the shape of what could possibly be their mother took shape across the floor.
  25. 25. "Jennicor." "Jonny?"
  26. 26. "I'm back my dear, truly this is most excellent." grinned the old woman as Jon Smith went to embrace her. "But tell me my love, which of our darling children put themselves forth to fetch me? I must know, but I know you wouldn't have sent just anyone down for me.. I cannot wait until I am able to thank them."
  27. 27. "Not so darling my dear Jennicor, there is much to speak of." he said as he kissed her hand. The five remaining teens cheered in the background, though the sight of his dead now un-dead parents having a smooch was all a little too much for Taylor. "Guys, get a room!" he grimaced. "Gladly.." smiled his father.
  28. 28. "No Jonny my love, you say there is much to speak of? Then we must speak of it at once." snapped the newly risen Jennicor. "I see you have sacrificed our Ocean, and this I did not expect. Come, I sense you are disturbed and I must learn what has occurred in my absence." "But Jennicor.. It's been so long!" "No! I want to hear about these dealings Jonny." Reluctantly he started to talk as Jennicor listened in stunned silence to what had happened to Ocean.
  29. 29. "Look, why am I doing this? This is such a Sid thing to do! I want to go and meet Christi from Harold and Merkins.." Yes, well. You're a Romance Sim. "Hence the Want to go on a date." Don't make me feel bad! I don't know who my heir's going to be, and so I need a plan. My plan is aliens are fun, and I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do later. "What, like be probed?" La la la la not feeling bad.
  30. 30. “I feel bad."
  31. 31. "You san'wich ain't gone orf 'as it?" "Cadence.." whispered Gadus. "Now's not the time." "But it's always toime for cheese snookums! And anyways, I've lived long enough to know tha' those 'oom we love ain't never really leave us an' all tha'. An' I'm bettin' Mrs. T knows that too, doncha Mrs. T?"
  32. 32. "..Mrs T?" "Hm, what? Oh, sorry. I just felt.. Oh it was nothing - but yes, I think you might be right Cadence." said Menidia feeling oddly better, and finished her sandwich with a smile on her face. But still, I do feel like I owe her something.
  33. 33. "A kitten! Oh wow, I've wanted a kitten my entire life.. Why'd I never get one before? Never mind, what's her name?" Boris Johnson. "How very.. odd. But she's so cute and furry, I think it kind of suits her. Hey, wait a minute - didn't we used to have some dogs? And a Servo? I wonder whatever happened to them.."
  34. 34. It's a mystery really. I definitely didn't send them away to live in Vee's old house because they were annoying me, where they now live in suspended animation, no way no how is that the case. Like I said, it's a totally mystery.
  35. 35. "Grammy! The Matchmakers are all glitched up, they keep teleporting off the lot and Gin doesn't know how to fix it. Can I have the business perks so I can call up random girls to date?" asked Vauxia one day. "Of course dear! What a lovely idea."
  36. 36. "Just make sure you only have dream dates, ok? I don't want any bags of flaming poo on our lawn. And just a hint - try not to get struck by lighting, dates generally don't like that." she added. "Grammy, I'm not like Dad! I've got useful things like charm and cool hair, plus I don't wear make-up - let alone get struck by lightning!" he laughed, and went to test out his new connections. "Yes, of course.. That was your Father.. Couldn't possibly be your Grammy.." said Menidia, laughing to herself as Vauxia left the room.
  37. 37. Hey there random teen girl I made to test InSiminator stuff with! Maybe I should have given more thought to naming you.. "Nah Gin, I think Testy's sweet. Plus, I felt like a blonde today! Everyone else is busy fighting over Ysabelle, but I don't see what's so special about her. There's a whole world of pretty girls out there, and they're all so nice and..
  38. 38. ..kissable." D'aww, he's sweet really. And I get my first pink swirl hearts of Generation Six! Thank you Vauxia.
  39. 39. "Marella, I know my son insists on giving you everything that he possibly could under the son, there's something that I want to give to you before.. before.. you go to bed." "Oh wow Gammy, I love presents! Will I like it?" asked the child, clearly excited. "I hope so. My Grandfather, your Great-Great-Grandfather gave me this bear for Christmas when I was your age, and I've held onto it every since. It reminds me how confident he made me feel, and though I'm told you won't be needed a swimsuit for your birthday so clearly don't lack in the confidence department, I just thought he'd be nice for you to have."
  40. 40. "Wow Grammy, that's so cool! This is way better than all that junk Dad gets me. I love you loads." "I love you too Marella.." And I'm really going to miss you. Menidia thought to herself.
  41. 41. "So you've finally untangled yourself from all those girls then?" Sid asked his brother one evening. But in all fairness to Sidneyia, it was quite odd to she Vauxia without a female visitor around the house. "You know, you really should give dating a chance Sid, I bet you'd love it if you tried." "I have far more important things to do with my time than waste it with cheap floosies, thank you very much." he growled. "C'mon, they're not cheap! The matchmakers are still broken. Anyway, I've got to and chain myself to that flippin' telescope for the night again, surely you can approve of that at least?" Vauxia asked. "Yes.." Sid sniggered. "You have fun with that Vox."
  42. 42. "Ow. I think something might be wrong with the energizer, I feel all funny.. And now I need to pee and eat and sleep and hug someone, all at the same time! That can't be right.." Oh my, I guess we won't be stargazing tonight then.
  43. 43. "Ehehehe.. But at least now the telescope is free for someone who really needs it."
  44. 44. "Biscuit, did you brovver make it to bed in the end after his lit'le acciden'? I was an acciden', weren't it Sidneyia?" Cadence asked later. "Look, Mum, I.. Yes, it was an accident. And Vox is fine, and the telescope is free, so it doesn't matter anymore right?" "If tha's what you think dear. Now eat up your sandwich like a good boy."
  45. 45. "Oh my fishness! I just had a horrible dream that the energizer nearly killed me and that Sid had something to do with it!" It was just a dream dear, now go back to sleep next to your snapdragon so you don't die.
  46. 46. In the morning though, Vauxia still had a few questions. "Look Sid, did you or did you not mess with the energizer last night?" "No! Geez, why do you all keep saying that? I find the thought of you being probed hilarious!" "Little V, these things just happen sometimes. Maybe you just dipped out of gold aspiration or something? Anyway, dream dates are a much better way than energizers, you should know that!" said Gadus.
  47. 47. "Yeah little bro! Why would I want to hurt you?" said Sid, and grabbed his brother in a headlock. "Ow, Sid! Gerrof! You're messing up my hair and I haven't got time to redo it before the school bus comes.. I can't have the new girl seeing me a mess, no matter how many bolts we have. And I have more body points than you!" "Whatever, I'll get round to that scholarship eventually."
  48. 48. Eventually everyone was packed off to their respective schools, job or coffin and Menidia had the house to herself for the day. Sadly she knew what she had to do, and invited all of her brothers to the house. "Er Meni? You're not doing any baking this time are you?" asked Allozyme, looking around nervously. "Don't be silly, I brought crab crème caramel!" said Arvicanthis. "Oh joy."
  49. 49. But the deserts turned out to be surprisingly good, and the day seemed to pass far too quickly. "Meloti, I-I.." "It's okay Meni," her eldest brother said kindly. "We know why we're here. And I just wanted to tell you how proud of you I am. You did an amazing job as heir, and I know Mum and Grandpa Repens would be so proud of you - because we all are! But oh my stars, I shall miss you little sister." "You will look after them all won't you? I think I did a good job, but I'm not sure, and-a-and-" "Now's not the time to be nervous Menidia! But of course I'll look after them, that's what I'm here for." said Meloti, and gave his sister a big hug.
  50. 50. "Oh Allo, I'm so s-" "Don't you dare say that!" said the zombie, and grabbed Menidia before she could finish. "Because I'm not. It all worked out in the end, every bit of it. Meloti and I will look after them for you, and I suppose Arvi can do the catering, every now and again.." he finished grudgingly. "I love you Allozyme." "Me too kiddo."
  51. 51. And so woefully, six o' clock rolled around.. "MENIDIA TEGENARIA, YO-" "Hey, where are her flowers?" interrupted Meloti. "Meni deserves the flowers." "I'M JUST GETTING THERE, GIVE ME A BREAK! PFFT, IMMORTALS.."
  53. 53. "Oh good, I have missed Ocean such a lot. Though it's been nice having Boris too. Make sure you feed her, Gadus!" Oh.. If only Grimmy had decided to take both her legs at the same time, maybe I wouldn't be so sad :(
  54. 54. "Goodbye everyone, I'll miss you all." And with that, Menidia left for the great ten lane bowling alley in the sky that Atrica had promised all his descendants so long ago.
  55. 55. Oh Meni! That's the end of my Generation Four couple, sniffle sniffle sniff. Anyhoo, I never expected you to win the heir poll but I am so so glad that you did for many reasons. One being that you were just awesome! And I loved your cute shyness, and you and Ocean have been absolutely perfect for each other and you were wonderful to have around. Except when you lit yourself and Gadus on fire. Come baaaaaack.. Name: Menidia Tegenaria Lived: 83 Days Pleasure Cancer 6/2/6/7/5 LTW: Top Slacker - done Children: Ara and Gadus Grandchildren: Sidneyia, Vauxia, Marella, Becks, J.D., Jura
  56. 56. And with that, many Sims were very very sad.
  57. 57. I think it's impossible and unfair to say that Menidia had a favourite brother, but her and Allozyme have definitely been through a lot together and for that had a special bond. Though all three of the boys had different relationships with their little sister, it was the youngest brother who took her passing hardest of all.
  58. 58. Right, I've finally stopped being all teary now. Sort of. Sniff. I hate it when they go, I'm never any good at it.. So I feel really sad but kind of proud too when I see how full the wall is getting. Though I didn't manage to get a chapter out on my legaversary last month, I can now say - it's been over a year everyone!
  59. 59. "You ok Gin?" "It's at times like this I wish I were a Pleasure Shrew Arvi, I really do." "Allo'll be ok, he gets on with Evil Susan for some reason so they can punch each other for a bit when he gets home. And you can wear your Spider Jerusalem fan girl t-shirt and everything'll be Shrewtastic again!" "I really hope you're right.."
  60. 60. But everyone has their own ways of cheering up, and while Cadence got a fresh batch of edam- make-saddness-go-away-wiches everyone else got back to doing what they enjoy, knowing that's what Menidia would have wanted. "Oooh, Voxy! You're being quite bold this evening.." giggled the blonde. "Life's too short to move slowly" he grinned back.
  61. 61. "It's alright Sid, we're not going to leave you out this time." said Gadus as he launched a big bear hug on his son. "If you want a hug, just ask! We're all going to miss your Grammy very much." "I know Dad." he said, patting Gadus. "But chess calls and all that, I'll be fine." Sidneyia didn't want to say quite how glad he was that he didn't have to burst into tears before someone came this time. He did love his family, he just wasn't always very good at showing it.
  62. 62. "No no no NO! I specifically requested no little twerps in dragon costumes at my party.. Why oh why do you vex me so little dragon boy?" "Er, because I'm your cousin?" said the frightened child in a silly yellow dragon costume. "It's not my fault that Gin's usually in a funny mood when she gets to our house, and that my brother and I are called Benny and Bjorn and have Man Maid hair and run around singing all day dressed as theatre dragons!" "Don't CARE! You are not Evil, you are not at my Birthday party, now just go!" Knowing better than to cross Evil Susan when she's having an off day, the dragon child proceeded to run away. Good idea, I reckon.
  63. 63. "Oh I'm so excited!" grinned Allozyme. "Our little Susan - all grown up! She's such a good girl.." "If that's what you think Dad then fine, you're dealing with all her teenage dramas." said Norris, who even though the temptation to stay was great had come home from work early to watch his daughter grow up. Well, up to him I suppose! (Ysabelle was just pleased that her sister would now be too big to bite her toes." "Look, can you all just settle down now! Right.. What do I wish for.. Ah yes, I know!" said Evil Susan evilly.
  64. 64. "An Evil glittery tie! Perfect, and now to Harold and Merkins to buy an Evil cell phone." Evil Susan my dear, you don't think you and your sister have mixed up your LTWs by any chance have you? I mean, Ysabelle wants to be a Criminal Mastermind and you're a Knowledge Sim who wants to be.. "A Prima Ballerina. Nope, no mistake there. That's quite right. Ysabelle - COME!" Heaven help us all.
  65. 65. "Yo Triangle-Head! Hey look, I got bigger. Crazy how that happens, huh? What are you doing here anyway? Aren't you usually at your Mom's business scaring off the female clientel, or at one of your crappy male get togethers?" "Mom? Since when do we say Mom.." said a slightly confused and scared Becks, who's Ara and Goopy's son fyi.
  66. 66. "It seemed appropriate. Are you questioning me?" she glared. "Whoa Evil Susan, calm down. No, we all know not to question you. Really." "Rightly so. Look, you're an actual first cousin of the guys so you're in the know - Marella's Birthday's coming up soon isn't it? She was making such good progress as a kid, I'd hate to see it go to waste even if she's not that good at THWAP."
  67. 67. "Yeah, it's in a few days," Becks replied, "I would say I'm sure you could come along, but.. You kind of scare everyone Evil Susan." he added nervously. "Lies. Lies and slander. Ysabelle! I'm done now - COME!" shouted Evil Susan with an Evil shout and stormed out the shop (in an Evil fashion).
  68. 68. "But we only just got here.." sighed Ysabelle. But she quickly threw the clothes back on the rack as Becks started wiggling his eyebrows at her and turned to follow her little sister. She really hoped that now the other girls were starting to grow up the male teenage population of Strangetown would leave her alone a bit. Fun as attention was, it wasn't all that fun she'd decided.
  69. 69. But as is always the way in Harold & Merkins, whenever you try and leave you always run into someone else. In this case, a Shrew. "Oh, er, hi!" Ysabelle tried. There were quite a lot of Shrews these days, it generally confused the rest of the town. "Bracken" the Shrew prompted. "And I know who you are of course Ysabelle, I've been looking for you. I've just got to know - what's your secret?"
  70. 70. "Er, secret?" "You know!" Bracken squeaked, "how you have all the boys drooling over you! I'd die to have that! So, what is it you do?" "Nothing! I didn't ask for it, they just all started hitting each other like idiots one day when we all grew up.. Anyone else is welcome to them!"
  71. 71. "Really? You don't want all of them? You don't want any of them?" asked the Shrew, clearly shocked by this declaration. "Really really. I would say I'd pay you to take them off my hands, but y'know - Fortune Sim and all." "Gotcha. Oh Shrew! I can't believe it! This is so exciting.." Bracken squealed as she hurried off, and Ysabelle was happy to finally head home and brush her father's coat, Norris was shedding awfully these days.
  72. 72. Nowadays days, not only does Harold & Merkins sell clothes, jewellery, food and general crap but also pets! And this is The Za-gooda, no chupacarba included here. And who does this fine specimen of a beast belong to? Oh, I'm sure you can guess.
  73. 73. "Who's a good woofum-zebra-alien-thingy? Spurf, spurf!" "Za-goooooda!" "That's my boy." Metis, the oldest of the Fred and Billy spawn wanted a pet. I do live to serve my Sims after all.. And obviously, this new arrival clearly deserves to be introduced to everyone.
  74. 74. "Yo Metis, we're here! I'm ready for all the townie teens you promised." happily sang Vauxia as the first wave of boys arrived. Then he made the mistake of looking around. "It's just us again isn't it?" he sighed. "Yup." said Sid. "It always is. Geez Metis, what are your parents doing over there?"
  75. 75. "Oh don't mind them, that's positively tame." said the young alien. "My eyes have never quite recovered from the night before my mum popped with my sister.. Look, just ignore them! Let's par-tay!" "..Without girls?" "C'mon, I'm sure we can find something else to do instead."
  76. 76. And this being Fred and Billy's giant green flying saucer fun house, they stumbled upon the bowling alley outside. "Aww, Sid! Back luck!" "What!? I knocked them all over you idiot!" Sidneyia shouted back at Becks. "Yeah, but not all in one go like the rest of us." his cousin sniggered in return. "Better luck next time. Marcus, you're up!"
  77. 77. "Look Vox, I'm really sorry there aren't any girls here.. I did try, but I got kind of distracted by our new really bizarre dog." "Don't worry Metis, really." Vauxia smiled. "I think Sid was more annoyed than me! He wouldn't stop talking about Ysabelle on the way over here, and then he and Becks started arguing. It was kind of a relief not to see her if I'm honest!" "Yeah, I wouldn't want to upset those two. She's so obviously going to fall for me!" And with that Metis' eyes glazed over as he clearly floated off into dream world. Vauxia just shook his head and went to find The Za-gooda. And everyone thinks I've got a one track mind he thought to himself, then laughed.
  78. 78. "Um.. I didn't know bowling balls were meant to be that slippery! It kind of flew threw the window." said Marcus, confused at why it had all suddenly gone wrong. "Maybe it's just your grip. But don't worry Marcus, we can't all be good at everything.." grinned Sid as he led the others back inside to fetch the ball.
  79. 79. And some Sims just weren't very good at anything. Take Rupert here, being the third of Meloti and Styx's children he's a generation out of his league and quite probably the worst Popularity Sim in history. I'll spare you the pictures, but let's just say that no matter what he has done at parties in the past the minuses always go a-flying. So today he's trying a new tact. "Rupert, what the hell are you doing?" "Slap Dance Vox! It'll be sweeping the town in no time, trust me. So let me show you it now!" "Er, you can keep your lap dancing to yourself thanks." said Vauxia and backed away slowly from the flailing Rupert. "No no no, it's slap!" "Mu-um, I thought you said The Za-gooda was house trained?" shouted Metis. The Za-dooda does what The Za-gooda pleases..
  80. 80. Sidneyia Tegenaria! What the fishness are you doing behind that bar? "What? I thought you approved of juice! It was your son who showed me how to do this.. For a quite kid he's certainly got a few good ideas." JINGO!
  81. 81. "Hey man, what you doing all the way over here with my little sis?" Metis asked my darling son when he found him snuggled away in the corner out of the action. "The bowling looked dangerous.. And I thought Amalthea might like some company." Jingo said quietly. His nice and shy personality is still a mystery to me, tsk. "I'm good thanks," said the young girl, "reading to do, and it's kind of annoying having a wet blanket hanging on my shoulder."
  82. 82. What's that? What are you drinking? Own up now! "It's just orange juice.." Oh. That's okay then. Please continue to sit and look cute. "Can do. Hey, I've been chatting to Fred and she's given me all kinds of ideas for dates later. I'm kind of even looking forward to stargazing later! Might not be so bad after all, her other Mum sounds like a cool chick indeed.."
  83. 83. "Alright guys! As your official Pleasure Shrew of this generation, I think we should all learn this shrewtastic dance I picked up at Rinky Rinky Roo-Rah." said Sorex, who is indeed G6's Pleasure Shrew. "It's really easy, and is guaranteed to raise the score of any date you may happen to be on. Well, maybe not you Jingo, but never mind. And SLAP 2-3-4 and Shrew! 2-3-4- " "What.. the hell.. is this dog.. doing to my arse.." Sid half laughed and half growly scowled. The Za-Gooda smells biscuits and The Za-Gooda wants!
  84. 84. Downtown, less fun was being had at the House of Fallen Trees. "Is this true, Taylor?" asked Jennicor. "Are you sure you are not mistaken?"
  85. 85. "Positive. So what do you think?" "It's an interesting thought to say the least." said Jon Smith. "And I agree that we can't let Ocean's devotion to another family slide, he could have ruined a lot of things. What do you think, my petal?" "I agree whole-heartedly." his wife said coldly. "And so Taylor.." "Yes?" the teen asked expectantly, his eyes full of excitement. "Send for Tyler." Taylor's face fell. He sulkily stomped off to find his brother, silently fuming.
  86. 86. "Hi-i Mother, Father. Wh-what can I help you w-with?" said Tyler, once his brother had dragged him into the room. "We have a special task for you, my dear Tyler." said Jennicor. "Oh yes. Yes indeed. Very special." agreed Jon Smith. "Taylor - leave us."
  87. 87. Taylor knew not to cross his parents when they were looking glare-y with a bone phone near by, but was not best pleased to be thrown out of the room. It was his idea, his plan! Not his weak sibling's. Why shouldn't he, Taylor, be allowed the glory? So naturally, he decided to eavesdrop by the door. "Tyler, we have a special mission for you.." Jennicor began.
  88. 88. "You want me to do WHAT?!" Tyler gasped when his parents had finished explaining. "We believe it is for the best" said his mother firmly. "Now go away."
  89. 89. "I see you got the new girl then?" asked Sid. "Mmhm.." "I'll just be up on the telescope then." "Mmhm!"
  90. 90. Aww. Again. Aww.. Snow's alive! And not a zombie and/or sad! Yaaay! After I saw what happened to her in Jamie/DocGirlP's Bohemian Legacy, I just had to bring her somewhere where she'd be all safe. And if she makes my little V happy too, then all the better!
  91. 91. "I do like you ever so much Snow, you have the most beautiful smile.." "Really? You mean it? No one's ever said that to me before.. Everyone always looks at Saffron, she's so strong and brave and I'm just-" "Really really pretty. Hey, do you want to stay for my little sister's birthday tonight?"
  92. 92. "Little V, put the girl down." said Gadus as he came home from work, just in time for Marella's birthday. "It's just a small family affair tonight, remember?" "Yeah, I get confused who they all are Vox." said the littlest Tegenaria. So sadly Vauxia said goodbye to Snow and Sid slouched down from the telescope, and the boys began to cheer for their little sister as she blew out her candles.
  93. 93. "Yay Marella! Good choice of aspiration!" shouted Vauxia when he saw what she'd chosen. But before he could congratulate her properly.. "Er, Dad? About this top.." "Big box in the games room sweetie." came the swift reply from Gadus.
  94. 94. "Mu-uch better." But to the joy of her family (bar Sidneyia of course, who thought it was a terrible waste) Marella rolled Pleasure! Thus keeping the Tegenaria spirit alive. And like her Grandmother, just wants to chill out as a Professional Party Guest, preferably at a sports party. And she's an Aries with 7/10/6/4/5, so will probably be naked at said party, but it won't matter because she'll always be freshly washed. Please tell me I haven't just lost my only level-headed family member.
  95. 95. "Thanks Daddy, these clothes are perfect!" she said as she gave Gadus a big kiss. "I thought you'd like them." he smiled. "Anything else you need?" "We-ell.. I wouldn't mind having a dance with my favourite Dad? But the stereo's all broken. Oh, I know! Sid!" Marella shouted. "Hey Sid! Come fix this would you?" Grumbling (but secretly pleased to have been asked first) her brother started poking at the music system.
  96. 96. "IT'S GREAT TO HAVE ANOTHER KNOWLEDGE SIM IN THE HOUSE AGAIN! NOW GO AWAY AND GO TO COLLEGE!" "Bwah! Er, yeah, ok!" And so as the eldest, Sidneyia packed his bags in preparation to head off to LFT. It's learnin' time, dawg! And also where I shall leave you for now. I should have my own internet back this week (I cannot tell you how happy that makes me, it's been two months darn it!) so I'll be around more, I miss our lovely little community. And hopefully I can start getting chapters out better than I have been, oops. I'm not great at musical recitals so there won't be one, but because I am really going to miss them - here are some of Ocean and Menidia's best bits to make me start sniffling again.
  97. 97. From a matchmaker drop..
  98. 98. .. to confidence-building balcony dates ..
  99. 99. .. cuddles at La Fiesta Tech ..
  100. 100. .. bonfires that are way too big for anyone's good ..
  101. 101. .. but still useful for happy engagements ..
  102. 102. .. to weddings that weren't ..
  103. 103. .. and crazy machines that were very sparky ..
  104. 104. .. to the most relieved I've ever been ..
  105. 105. .. and the happiest they've ever been ..
  106. 106. .. ending just as well as it started. Thanks for reading everyone, I really appreciate it because a year and a bit on I'm still enjoying this as much, if not more, than I ever did! This has been Gin, avoiding sorting cat skulls and battling the technological era. Pip pip!
  107. 107. "He's brushing his hair with the kitten again, isn't he?" "Yep." "But it's so so-oft.."