The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 12


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 12

  1. 1. 29th December 2007 Aloha! Welcome once again to The Science of a Legacy! I didn't think I'd get another chapter out this year, so waaaaaaaaay! I last left you at Christmas, where we sadly lost our Second Gen heir, Repens, after a lovely day. But the Tegenarias have moved on, as they always do - so click the arrow, sparrow. Oh, at the end of this Chapter there will be a readers only heir poll, so please please PLEASE don't forget to vote! Or I'll have no heir..
  3. 3. "Oooh MAN! I've been waitin' for this forever, mate.. This one looks like she'll taste good extra crispy, know what I mean?" In case you're wondering, that's actually Circe Beaker whom I made over for the Sims Extreme Makeover Comp over at the forums. Pretty good, 'eh?
  4. 4. "OH MAN THIS IS SO TOTALLY WIKKID, INNIT!!!" And so ends the first time I ever saw a sentry bot zap anyone. Well I got very excited at the time anyway :)
  5. 5. Ok, I'll actually get on with the story now, promise. So Christmas had come and gone in the Tegenaria household, and unfortunately taken Second Gen heir Repens with it. So what does everyone in Family want in his place? "Hello, yes? Adoption Service? Wonderful! I am a Family Sim after all.."
  6. 6. "PUPPY!" Yes, that adoption service it would seem! I had intended to fill the space in the house with another child for Saeva, but she wanted a puppy instead, so who am I to argue? So this is little Phylogeny, which is the name for an ancestral tree of the evolution of a species. And Parsimony's future wife..
  7. 7. "Did I hear someone say the word 'wyfe'? Oh finally, the day has come! Oh the hallowed day has come.." Aye. I don't want to lose your genes Parsi, you're far too brilliant. Though I have now made a breed file of him, which is up on the Exchange if you ever need some dog wisdom of your own!
  8. 8. Everyone was thrilled with the new puppy, clearly. "Why yes! I do enjoy blondes and dates, thank you for asking. And you enjoy working with animals, eh? Interesting, interesting.." "Erm, actually I was just checking this would be a suitable home for young Phylogeny.. And um.. Er.. Goodness! What was that noise?" "Oh that? That's just Dad trying to work on his body, it's weird how people who don't date work isn't it?" "Erm.."
  9. 9. Sean's now on a quest to max all his skills as he reached the top of the Medical career. And as a dropped out dormie, there are certain areas he's sorely lacking. "Confound this thing! Even my daughter is better at this than me, and she's only 10! Maybe there is something to be said for all the bowling malarkey that seems to be the trend round here." I miss the big bowling trip I had for Atrica. Hmm..
  10. 10. Oh my goatness, Arvicanthis! I know I said I wouldn't change your clothes when you grew up but gaaaah! Where did you get those trousers from? I really should change them. Maybe. Anyway, look my little Pleasure Shrew is going on some dates, big surprise.
  11. 11. And this was the first offering, Lisa Something or other. "Is that a little Shrew-ette I see before me?" "Huh?"
  12. 12. "Ah, I see she has no tail.. Never mind, never mind, it's still a pretty fine view!" "..What is he talking about? I heard there were other boys in this house, maybe I need to fi them instead." "Come now, my little Shrew-ette! Meloti's still searching the skies for stella-shrews, and Allozyme is still only 10. And you can't have my Dad, and you've just missed my Granddad. So come here!"
  13. 13. "Mmmmfgifyouinsistnmmmm.." "Oh this is so shrew!" And so Arvicanthis is the first of Gen Four to get not only his first kiss, but his first dream date. Aww. Out of 50. Hopefully I won't regret saying I'll give him his LTW, whether he's heir or not. But he's very cute while he's at it anyway.
  14. 14. "Dad, you're really not showing the proper Knowledge standards in the way you're going about collecting your skills.. Look, try yoga or reading instead, you really seem to be more that type of guy. I mean, come on! You couldn't even take down the Roach Man, and all that stuff with Mum at uni and.." "Alright Meloti! That's enough. I am a fine form of a man, and don't you forget it. I suppose you have a better way?" "Well I have nearly maxed everything.. So's Arvicanthis!" "Gaaah."
  15. 15. Oh, Saeva! I'm still sad that Repens has passed on as well, but really, it may be time to move on.. "Muuuuuuummy!" Oh dear.
  16. 16. Oh Grim! I thought we had another day.. "WHAT THE GOAT ARE YOU WEARING MRS. TEGENARIA! IT IS TIME TO GO, DO DRESS PROPERLY."
  17. 17. "Not a chance, and don't point those boney.. bones at me! If my husband can go in a singing tie, I can go in a wrapping paper dress with pink stockings! HA." "WHATEVER. AT LEAST YOU'RE NOT MAKING ANY 'HEARTWARMING' SPEECHES."
  18. 18. "Oh, I never! I have a thing or two to say to you Mister! My husband left us with the will to keep going and eat our fifth helpings of turkey. Do you have any idea how hard that is?" "HARD? I'M THE GRIM REAPER! YOU DON'T KNOW THE MEANING OF HARD!" "Well just wait until you meet you daughter. Again. She's the definition of 'hard', I helped bring really power into this Family, I'll have you know." "WHATEVER, WHATEVER, MISSUS."
  19. 19. "Grandma Kerie! But I can't call you in the Big 10 Lane Bowling Alley in the Sky.. What's a shrew supposed to do without you?" "Oh, buck up boy! See if you can ask one of these nice hula zombies on a date, that'll make you feel better." "Mmm.."
  20. 20. "Don't worry Saeva, I know you'll be worrying - but you have great power remember? And I like to think that's from me, so off you go my dear! And I just really want to see your father again, but I'd best down this mojito if I'll be seeing my Mother in Law.. Love ya kids, so good luck!"
  21. 21. Name: Kerie Tegenaria nee Depiesse Lived: 78 Days Aspiration: Fortune LTW: Reach top of the Law career - DONE Scorpio 6/5/8/3/3 Children: Saeva and Carapace (deceased) Grandchildren: Meloti, Arvicanthis, Allozyme and Menidia Kerie, I often spelt your name wrong (two r's, how dumb am I?) which I'm very sorry about, but you made such awesome faces! Which thankfully have passed down to your daughter and granddaughter. You sought to bring a new power into the Legacy, which you did when you gave birth to Saeva, and then played a huge role in raising both your children and grandchildren. I shall miss your dinner conversation greatly.
  22. 22. So that's both Generations One and Two gone now. Atrica & Margaret and Repens & Kerie. Aww. But it actually really feels like I'm getting somewhere with this Legacy, you know? Though it would be nice to have an urn that's not darn Fortune! Also, could anyone tell me why they urns like to float? I've tried moving them about and they still do so..
  23. 23. "*sigh* Everyone's been dying recently. But at least dolly Grandpa and Grandma are still around! Sort of." Shy little Menidia is still trying to come to terms with the fact that she was 'worthwhile', and it doesn't seem to be helped by the fact that the relatives who make her feel special are disappearing! She's a tough little one despite appearances though, she'll be alright.
  24. 24. "WAAALisaIneedanotherdateNOOOOOOOOW.." "mMMmmpfwhyalready?" "Kissing makes Shrews feel better.."
  25. 25. "It makes us feel really REALLY better!" Arvicanthis has his own way of mourning it seems. And who am I to complain? I love zee Pleasure Sims! "SHREW!" Mhmm, yes dear. *pat pat*
  26. 26. "With Grandma gone, I need to keep the spirit of Christmas going! A Happy Birthday, focused on me of course should do it!" Allozyme, Christmas is really -really- over now.. "NO IT'S NOT! Look at my shirt. I wish for it to be Christmas everyday FOREVER."
  27. 27. "Oh my goat! He looks just like me!" Aye, he does Seev. Which I was very much not expecting. He then proceeded to roll Family. Which I was very much not expecting. Er, wow. Allo looks very different from his older brothers, and I thought I'd got a Generation of genetic clones. And he's Family. I'm not quite sure what to make of him now! But he seems to 'love' Family in his wifebeater, so that makes me feel like he's still himself! Name: Allozyme Tegenaria Aspiration: Family LTW: Become Captain Hero Gemini 5/9/9/3/1
  28. 28. SoaL Experiment #41 - Book Juice. Step 1: See that fellow Legacy writers have been happily BJing their Sims Step 2: Finally get up courage to see what happens to a Sim, safe in the knowledge that they won't die. Step 3: Borrow a boot Saeva caught at Trout House Step 4: Give to a Pleasure Shrew, and make them a nice cocktail
  29. 29. Step 5: Do a little dance that makes me worry about his trousers again
  30. 30. Step 6: BLEH! Step 7: Lol yourself. I think this is now my favourite picture of Arvi! I've never met a vampire in my game, so I'd always thought the 'bleh' was just made up by someone in their writing and caught on, I had no idea they actually said it! Oh how this made me chortle.. I pronounce this experiment a success! Thanks to SupremeNerd (Vetinari Dualegacy) and Di (Victorian Legacy) for giving me the courage to try this at last!
  31. 31. "You sent my daughter in law to the Alley! WHY?!" "Argh, Granny! You made the puppy wet herself, and er, certainly not me.." Margs is a mean mean ghost. No matter how much Seev mourns her, she's out nearly every night. This was actually the start of the worst night.. It was a Sunday so everyone needed to get a good night's sleep, but she turned on all the electronics and then rang the doorbell every hour! I've never had a ghost do that before, and I never even realised the doors had bells! Oh well. But at the end of it, no one was in a good mood the next morning..
  32. 32. Except for me, because I decided Arvicanthis could keep his trousers. "I. Should. Not. Be. Doing. This! Where's Dad? He'll probably get electrocuted he's so bad at everything, and after last night I really could use a laugh.. Or a date."
  33. 33. Even though she is but a pup, Parsimony and Phylogeny seem to have formed the ultimate dog team as it is. "Future Wyfe, you just need to watch that tail-less space carefully, as any second his fake layer of fur will fall down, and one can have a jolly good chew!" "Arvi.. Why are the dogs watching you?" "It's my smooooth Shrew moves, Meni! Everybody wants them. You'll learn one day."
  34. 34. "Fall damnit, faaaaall arwoooo!" "Raff raff!" "Ah, when indeed will Wyfe grow up?"
  35. 35. "Have a good time boys!" Meloti and Arvicanthis are growing up fast, so I thought it was about time Saeva introduced them to the Trout House placeholder, my little Patrick that I made slightly emoish for 'fun'. "Ok, so you know it's Trout House? I was thinking it could be more along the lines of 'Shrew House'. Awesome, isn't it? So.. What to you think?" "You is going down, down in a lurleluhrah." "Eh? That's so not shrew.."
  36. 36. "Oh Seanny! I still think it's so brave that you rescued me.." "I er, did? Love of my Life?" "Mhmm. And you know, with the two oldest thinking about uni, maybe we should take things back to the beginning? If you know what I mean?"
  37. 37. "Well of course my One and Only! I shall always battle to protect you with my very very, er, good, skills!" "Of course Baby.. Um, I mean, Sean!
  38. 38. Nice tiger Menidia. "I want a kitty. Kittens always make you feel loved and special, and and now that Grandpa's gone I don't want to forget that and and if Meloti and Arvi go away as well and and.." And you'll never be on your own, so worry less! You have three brothers, or two and a shrew, so you can get all the love you need for stroking them, and I'm sure you could teach Arvicanthis to purr.
  39. 39. If he has a sec in-between dates with blondie, that is. But aww, our little guy's in love.. I'm not sending her to uni with him though, there will be many more blondes to have and to hold!
  40. 40. "They didn't come last night Menidia.. You know what? In-between making sure Dad doesn't kill himself in the dance sphere and all my sky-watching, I still haven't slept in my bed since I was your age! Sigh, I wonder if it's all worth it.. But then again, there's just so much to learn! Like these pancakes, did you know Meni that-" "*Yawn* Think yourself lucky you don't have to share a room with Al, his mutterings keep me awake for aaages. But I don't want to hear about your pancakes, I need to go talk to Mum about kittens!"
  41. 41. Yeah Melody? I'm glad we both agree about where you belong. I thought I may as well see if I could get a dream date out of her when Arvi brought her home, but she once again proved beyond doubt she is my least favourite Sim. Yeeeah, that's right Miss. Home to your lavatory!
  42. 42. "Oh the magical day has arrived! It finally truly has! Wyfe is coming of age.. Into such a beautiful hound, who shall help to bear the moustache of Parsimony down through the ages, oh what a glorious thought!"
  43. 43. And so indeed, Phylogeny grew up. I'm glad that the pup's will have the 'tasch no matter what, I feel she shall make a fine 'Wyfe' indeed. I shall also nick her 'Jenny', as I think Parsimony appreciates her femininity.
  44. 44. Haven't seen much of you this chapter, Meloti.. "Yes well, that's because you keep giving Arvi and his dates facetime! But I have far more interesting things to be doing than dating, who wants kisses when there are scholarships to be won? I'm nearly there as well, I'm just having a bit of trouble with the last one.. But I think this'll help! Oh come, all ye greeeen-ful Mystical and Space-tacular! Oh come ye, oh coooome ye To my balconyyy!" You know your Grandfather and Great Grandfather never got them down by drumming..
  45. 45. "I've failed agaaain.. It's the Family sport and I couldn't even knock all the pins down. What will everyone think? They won't want me anymore, they'll.." Oh come come Menidia! You never saw your Great Uncle Corvus bowl. Again, I miss that trip! But you have plenty of time to learn, deary.
  46. 46. "THAT's what you get for thinking about marriage, eh? I'm going to get married FIRST, OK?" "Muhumm?" "You GOT that? ME. Not you, or anyone else." "Shrew?" "Oh come now Young Masters! Do not fight in the presence of such a beautiful lady! Oh Wyfe, how you've grown.. Goodness! Do pull up your fur Young Master the Second!"
  47. 47. Eehehe. I still find this funny.. And I probably still will by the time Generation Ten comes about! Ta ta Saeva, ta ta! "*sigh*.."
  48. 48. "What do you mean you don't want to get married? I need to beat Allozyme! Ok, you only fell out of the sky 5 minutes ago, but a Shrew needs to check these things out up front. And you are so not Shrew. Be gone from my lawn!" Er, 8 nice points Arvicanthis? Ring a bell at all?
  49. 49. Menidia! You and your Father rely are the worst two Sims I've ever had at following instructions.. Is this eating leftover chef salad? Is it? "I'm just checking there were no reports of last night's little bowling accident, I don't want Mum to know I've let her down! But there aren't, phew. Maybe I was just worrying too much. Grandpa Repens probably won't like that.. I think I'll go find Ursa now, and pretend she's a kitten for a bit." Or y'know, eat?
  50. 50. "*slobber* I taste chicken! I taste liver! Boy hand, oh boy hand - you deliver!" "Ehehe, your face is so tickly Jenny.. You haven't got a Master yet, and with you on my side I could really take advantage of that idiot of a brother of mine.." "..You what now, Allozyme?" "Sorry Meloti, not you - that twit with the brunette girl on the lawn."
  51. 51. "Ahem! Um, ok.. I'd just like to say that er.. Oh. This microphone can't be right, let me um.. Just fiddle.. Erm. So I er.. Oh, I thought this would help build my confidence, but it's really hard! What is someone other than just Ursa was watching me? They'd laugh!" Got to give her props, she decided to do this on her own. Seems she'd even rather face her fears than eat a darn thing! Go girl, to the fridge with you! Please.
  52. 52. "Urgh! Meloti got this all out of tune.. He's got no talent anyway. And Mum says this Family is now sorted? As if. It needs far more work, if it produces -losers- like those 2 brothers.. I weirdo and a .. even weirdo-er! Ah cool, that's got it. I! Really should be the heir! No one else seems to care! And they're a stupid pair! You listening everyone? It should be ME, not either of the twits, and Menidia's far too little." Ah, he's still got his power obsession.. Good to know. But yes, there will be an heir poll at the end of the chapter - but for now shhh!
  53. 53. "Oh.. I can hear Allozyme singing from upstairs. Meni, I'm not an idiot am I? I mean, I'm just a little Shrew in the big bad world, out for a date.. You always listen to me, right? Meloti and me are leaving for University tomorrow, but what if I'm not ready? What if they don't get Shrew?"
  54. 54. "Arvi, I've shared a room with Allozyme since I was born, and I know not to really listen to anything he says! Pfft, sometimes I do think you have a lot to learn. And you'll be fine! And don't worry about me, I can look after myself as far as Allozyme's concerned. Come out of your burrow sometimes, even Parsi knows Al talks rubbish. Just look around for once!" "WYYYFE? Wyfe?" For someone timid of letting down her elders, Menidia certainly seems to have a better grasp of her brothers than they do of each other. Sometimes I don't half wonder if she'll have to protect them, instead of them looking our for her! I guess there are perks from being the little shy girl of the Family. Meloti may have inquisitive eyes, but Menidia's grasped the concept of perception far better than her brothers.
  55. 55. And what does one do if one is blessed with inquisitive eyes? "Use them to explore the skies, what else? Grandpa Repens always said that he could see a glimmer of life up there, but never anything more. Dad and Great Grandfather never even got that far apparently! And I'm with them. There's nothing here! You know, I'm heading off to University in the morning, maybe I should actually just go and sleep in my bed for once. *sigh*"
  56. 56. Oh. My. Goat. Yessss! I really was about to give Meloti a good night's rest for once, and then BWAHAHAHA! This is my second abduction ever, and my first was in 2004!
  57. 57. "AAARGHKK! What's going on? This is more than a glimmerAAARAHH!" "Meloti, I can't hear my chords over your caterwauling, be quiet.. Hey, why'd you get a spotlight? That should be ME."
  58. 58. "I don't think it's that kind of Light Al.. Oh, you've come for me oh great ones! YOU'VE COME AT LAST!" "Pfft, who'd bother with you? Now move, it's not my place to be in shadow." "I'm certainly moving alriiIIIIGHTARARH!"
  59. 59. Arvicanthis: "What the Shrew? That's such a cool trick Meloti! Me next, me next!" Allozyme: "He's going away, he's going awa! *clap clap*" Menidia: "Meloti? Don't leave me! Not you too!" Parsimony: "My goodness. Young Master the First has mastered the art of flight! Who'd have thought his ears would be big enough, who'd have thought indeed.."
  60. 60. His ever inquisitive eyes looked upwards at sky, where the light was beaming down in pulses. Knowing he'd accomplished something that all his ancestors would be proud of, Meloti let go and flew upwards into the night heavens.
  61. 61. Sean: "Oh how wonderful, they took my son! The Love of my Life will be so pleased!" Everyone else: "PLEASED?! Dad.."
  62. 62. Allozyme quickly ran back into the house, and could be heard shouting in the distance: "He's gone! He's gone! I win!" Those left on the balcony were less sure however.. "Oh this is so not Shrew.. What are we going to do now? Meni, what's going to happen?" "I.. I don't know Arvi. He will be ok won't he? I mean, this is what he wanted, right?" "I guess he at least learn to fly, and that's something right? The flutter butt inside of him free at last? Why couldn't he have just been dating tonight instead? That's what I'd do!" "It is indeed extraordinary of Young Master the First.. I must ask him about it when he gets back! I mean.. if he does?"
  63. 63. But Parsimony needn't have worried. Much. For later that same night, the good Spaceship Lollipop returned to the Legacy House. (And I get to give you an Ariel view of the house as it's been for the last two generations - nice, no?)
  64. 64. "Barry? Is this the right one? I don't want to have to explain to some poor llama farmer -again- where we're trying to go." "No Ermintrude, this is right. 'The Legacy Lab' - stupid name, but then again from the tests these prove to be nothing more than Sims in a 10 Generation Challenge - BORING! As if we haven't seen that before.." "To true Barry, too true."
  65. 65. "Barry you missed the door AGAIN! I'm not picking teenager out of the air vent any more. You're watching Strangetown's Next Top Model instead of looking at the control panel, AREN'T YOU?" "But Ermie, dear.." "NO! That's the last you'll be seen of Nyra Tanks for a long time!"
  66. 66. "Aaaargh! Why did I never actually learn to float like a butterflyyyy..."
  67. 67. *BANG* "Mmmfmm.. Parsi?.. Is that really you?"
  68. 68. "You vile spacecraft! How dare you injure the tail-less behind of Young Master the First! Be gone from my sky, BE GONE I SAY! I warn you, I have a Wyfe.."
  69. 69. "Oh ok, it's definitely you. I can't believe that just happened! I hope everyone else is alright.. I've heard of probulators, I've heard of spatulas - but using chicken feet? I've no idea what they wanted. Maybe it's supposed to bring me luck or something? I suppose it was luck that got me there in the first place, but oh the things I've seen! If only I could tell Grandpa about it."
  70. 70. "Oh Parsi, you really shouldn't have worried! Look see, I'm here now. Are the others alright?" "Perfectly fine Young Master the First, now I'd scoot along and for once enjoy that bed of yours."
  71. 71. "OHMYGOSHES! I'm not going to become like those guys down the street, am I? I don't even want to know what the chicken feet did to put spawn inside me? Mum would kill me!" Shh, you'll be fine. Until you're an adult and I put you on the dance sphere.
  72. 72. With Meloti safely returned, conversation in the house was back to normal before you could say 'cluck cluck Barry and Ermintrude'. "Ok, I suppose I am beginning to get this whole Shrew thing. You've got whiskers coming out of heere, and your ears go like thiiis.. I still don't know why you're the only one like this though. I mean, Meloti went back to normal when he grew up."
  73. 73. "It's just the Shrew way, Meni! Say, you're very understanding about the whole thing.. Fancy become a little Shrew-ette yourself? Not very many have the talent, wit and dashing good looks to pull it off, but I think you're a cut above the rest, you really are." "Aww, Arvi! You mean that? I'm actually good enough to be like you?" "'Course you are, kiddo!"
  74. 74. "Hiiiii, I'm back! Did I miss anything this time?" Oh no Saeva, nothing at all. I mean, what happened last night happens to me on average, oh, once every 2 years? Just don't talk to your eldest son about chicken for a while, and you'll be fine.
  75. 75. "I protected him Mistress Saeva! I drove the evil ones away, and so we're all safe again." "Aww, thanks Parsimony. Now, apparently Sean and I.. Well, turns out we're just a bit too old to have any more babies ourselves so.. D'ya think you could give us some little puppies instead?" "At last, at last! WYFE! Do come here."
  76. 76. Final scholarship? "Hell yeah! I certainly have got good luck thanks to last night! I know I'm mostly packed, but I just need to check all my microscope parts are in order and then oh my goshes, I think it's finally time for these eyes to see the world!"
  77. 77. Not quite yet Meloti, there's just one little matter to attend to first. "Whoo! My daughter's finally growing up, come on Menidia! Oh hand on, that means boys.. Meni dear, maybe you should wait a few more days?" "Sorry Dad, Arvicanth said I was good enough to be like him, so that's what I'm wishing for!"
  78. 78. And that is what she got. My little playful shy Pleasure girl! Like Allozyme, she's grown up looks and aspiration wise, in a way to confuse me. But again, she looks different from all of her brothers, and I see a lot of Saeva in her jaw, nose, eyes, mouth - face in general! But bits of Sean have crept in and softened the feature, so she's the best fix of her parents this Generation! Name: Menidia Tegenaria Aspiration: Pleasure LTW: Become Professional Party Guest Cancer 6/2/6/7/5
  79. 79. And of course to complete the evening's celebrations, we've got puppy fireworks. "Oh Wyyyyfeeeooooow!!"
  80. 80. With their sister safely teenifyed, the oldest two boys set out for La Fiesta Tech. With slightly different mindsets about the whole thing.. Meloti was more than ready to take on the adventures awaiting, he bright eyes thirsty for Knowledge and everything he could possible learn. But with a full set of scholarships, what else could they possibly teach him?
  81. 81. Arvicanthis, on the other hand, seemed a bit unsure about the whole business.. "Oh man! The Shrew has to leave the nest? But I could have dated Lisa some more. Who knows what these college chicks are like? And who'll look after Menidia?" Don't know mean, who'll look after you now you've gone? "NO! I don't want Allozyme to corrupt her, she's too sweet to be left with him."
  82. 82. "Oh Allozyme, I don't want Meloti and Arvi to leave, but at least we can really get to know each other without interruptions, right? I know you can't mean it about being the best, you know we're all equal.. Grandpa always said tha-"
  83. 83. "That I'd win out? 'Course he did. Aw, come on Meni! You can't be heir, you'd just mess it up, wouldn't you? You know you're not strong enough for something as big as that.. And those two bozos don't have a clue! You can see why I'm right, I know you're a clever girl, just a weak one." "I um.. I.. But they said I.."
  84. 84. "Atta girl! Now I'm going to take over the other bedroom, this ones just too -girly-.. You stay here, you're still too little to understand. I need my space." "But Allozyme.. Grandpa said we should stick together!" "Whatever, shrimp."
  85. 85. The puppies are 'ere! oo 'eck, the puppies are 'ere! A male and a female, named Bootstrap and Lineage respectively. My dogs seem to have some family tree naming thing going on, so I might as well stick with it for a bit! Bootstrap is a value of how much support a branch is given, so the higher it is the more likely it is those mutations occurred. And I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean over Christmas! Lineage is a family history. Blah.
  86. 86. Oh Seev, do you have to grow old? "Yes! Because then there will be Grandchildren, that I can read and tend to. And I shall be graceful, and drink lots of tea with biscuits."
  87. 87. "And squeeze my husband for forever more!" Granny Seev? I think she'll do rather well.. Her and Sean have lost a bolt though, but never mind - 2 bolts is still plenty!
  88. 88. "Yeah, so you two missed Mum's Birthday because you were too busy jerking about at uni. What? No, sorry Meloti. This is just another reason why I am the best in this Family, and so you should all just step out of the way for me. .. No! Don't put Arvicanthis on! I don't want to hear his twaddle.."
  89. 89. Eager to follow in her brother's footsteps, Menidia have a call to the Matchmaker in order to begin her dating career. "And I get the downtown emo kid? For $5000? Cool." I actually quite like this guy, always had a bit of a soft spot for him. In my game he's called Ocean. Ha.
  90. 90. "Mm, Ocean.. My brother was so right, this dating totally rocks! And.. this boy actually thinks I'm two bolt pretty! I never thought something like this would happen to me. I never.." And I miss their first kiss because I forgot about crappy end of date kiss stealer. Grr. But don't they look sweet anyway?
  91. 91. Another day, another Birthday! Well done Sean my man, I actually think you've gotten better with age! "As do I, as do I. Just so long as the Love of my Life thinks so.. We've magically gained a bolt too!" Well fancy that. She still loves you alright Sean, but has spent the last day and a half since she aged wanting a facelift, so I think you'd better go make Saeva feel beautiful pronto.
  92. 92. "Eheh! You're so much cuter than a kitten.. I'm glad I waited. Isn't it so exciting with all these Birthdays, my little friend?" "Rrrwar!" "What a good idea - I'll show everyone my new party trick! If they want to see it that is, and if they don't mind, an.."
  93. 93. "Wheee!" Hurray for Pleasure Sims, hurray! I know a lot of people don't like their 'piddley +500 needs', but I actually love that about them, and indulge them as much as they can! Arvi's favourite +500 is to change into his pyjamas, and Menidia here likes to light fires. Actually just typing that, should I be worried about her?
  94. 94. "Pfft, that's nothing! I can do something far better. HA! There you go, look at it fly. Look at it.. Um.."
  95. 95. Menidia came running into the room as she heard a crashing sound. "*gasp* Allozyme! What have you done? Mum's going to be so angry when she sees this.." "What? She's busy with Dad in the garden anyway, singing old people's songs or something. And it's only some circle things on a tray, it looks rubbish and wasn't even important!" "Still.. Mum said it was a Family heirloom or something." "Whatever."
  96. 96. Another day, yet another Birthday! Parsimony, you aged yet look exactly the same? "It's my great wisdom, Gin, I was old before my time as it was.."
  97. 97. Wanting to keep her mind of what her brother had done, and just out of his way in general, Menidia decided more garden dates with Ocean were the way forward. "I.. um, thanks for coming Ocean! I know you were probably busy or um.." "Meni, calm down! You worry too much. I love spending time with you - I." "Really? Wow, no one's ever said they enjoyed being with me before! Wow, that's so.. Willyoubemyboyfriendforproper?"
  98. 98. I take it he said yes? "Oh wow.. I feel all dizzy! This can't be happening to me, a boy actually -likes me-. For me! Or wait, maybe it's not for me.." I think it just might be because of you, m'dear.
  99. 99. Time moved on in the house, with Menidia happy in her dates and Allozyme happy with his knowledge his was the best of the bunch. Saeva and Sean were embracing elderhood, even if Kerie wasn't enjoying the other side.. "Sean! Are you looking after my daughter properly? Are the boys eating well? SEAN!" "Oh, at times I wish I was not a Knowledge Sim.." Why is it that my spouses are always such mean ghosts? Sean, you behave when you die - you hear me?
  100. 100. Even though many months had passed, Menidia was still unsettled that Allozyme had hidden breaking the heirloom from their parents. "Just tell them, Al! It's been so long ago, and Mum won't mind.. It'll make me feel better, I don't like having to lie to them about it.."
  101. 101. "Re-lax Meni! You're such a worry-shrimp. They may think I'm not the best son if I tell them -that- . Just blame it on Parsimony or something.. You see, this is exactly why you're not cut out to take over, Men. You just don't have the right 'stuff', y'know?"
  102. 102. "Hey wait, that's not fair! That's upsetting me, Allozyme.. Ocean likes me for who I am, and Arvi said I could be whatever I wanted to be, and Grandpa Repens said I'd always be special! Don't confuse me. And Parsi would know you blamed it on him, how could you do that?!"
  103. 103. "He's a -dog-, stupid.. Look, just forget about it. You're just a kid, I can't expect you to understand these things. Get all this 'special' nonsense out your head, k? Look, I'll be seeing you anyway, it about time I split this joint to make sure the morons haven't burnt down Trout House already! Don't worry your pretty little head about a thing, I'll take care of it."
  104. 104. "Mum.. I know only Allozyme supposed to go to La Fiesta Tech in the morning, but I really think I should go too. I know I'm not as old as him, or as old as Meloti and Arvi were when they went, but.. But I think I can do it! And I feel I should.. Because, erm, I'm worried." "Of course my dear! You're my daughter, you can do whatever you set your mind to. And you're always worried, do try and do that less. Oh, and watch out for frat boys - they like to lie." And with that, the two youngest Tegenarias set off to join their brothers and University. And that was also when..
  105. 105. "FRAMMIT!" My external harddrive decided to crash mid-save. I really should have a better system, because the actual games are installed there, but the game data lives on my internal laptop hd. Oops. But this meant that they Legacy House got corrupted in some way, and the Family didn't show up or exist when I restarted.. But Meloti and Arvi were still at uni, so ARGH family tree go all weirdness if I played them. Luckily, when I restarted to write this update they -were- there, I have no idea how, so I got very very lucky. The End of how I nearly killed my Legacy. On to better things - Generation Four Heir Poll! I'm holding a reader's only vote, meaning there will be no public poll on the boolprop forums. You guys know these kids best, I don't want uninformed votes and I love them all - so need you to pick for me! So, who do you want to see more of? Answer in the form of a GB signing, boolprop PM, or just leave a name in the SoaL boolprop thread, please! Candidates over the page, all at Young Adult age..
  106. 106. Name: Meloti Tegenaria Aspiration: Knowledge LTW: Top Gaming Career Aries 9/10/6/2/8 Pros & Cons: He's the first born, which is always a plus! Abducted as a teen, so he can have alien babies on tap when he's an adult - hurray! Has very inquisitive eyes, and always looks ahead to his future. Wonderfully nice, and he has the Repens nose. Don't mention chickens around him!
  107. 107. Name: Arvicanthis Tegenaria Aspiration: Pleasure LTW: 50 Dream Dates Aries 9/10/6/2/8 Pros & Cons: Genetic clone of Meloti, but not in character and it makes no difference to me that they're 'the same' - I always forget! Nice and nosey again, but has more of a child-like innocence than his brother, and needs more guidance. He thinks he's a shrew - just in case you'd somehow managed to forget.
  108. 108. Name: Allozyme Tegenaria Aspiration: Family LTW: Reach top of Law Enforcement career Gemini 5/9/9/3/1 Pros & Cons: Arguably the most 'handsome' of the three boys, but the meanest of the 4 kids by far - which coupled with his arrogance has made him self-assured that he's best for the job. Doesn't think any of the others deserve to be in this poll, as they're not up to his standard!
  109. 109. Name: Menidia Tegenaria Aspiration: Pleasure LTW: Reach top of the Slacker career Cancer 6/2/6/7/5 Pros & Cons: The youngest of Generation Four and the only girl. Often unsure of herself, but with the help from those around her she's slowly overcoming her insecurities. The best mix of her parents genetically, and also the first shy Sim of the Legacy. May well marry Downtown Emo Kid. Thanks for reading and voting, this has been Gin once again avoiding all her revision - gah!