Never Mind The Legacy. Chapter One


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Never Mind The Legacy. Chapter One

  1. 1. Never Mind The Legacy follows the life of Carrie Havar, the sixth child of Regina and Klaus Havar. To fully understand the family ties in the legacy, I recommend reading all Havar related entries.
  2. 2. Hey everyone. You may recognize me. The name's Carrie Havar, the fifth child of Klaus DeMarco and Regina Havar. Okay, before you all freak out, I'm not talking like a moron because that's not who I really am. When you're one of so many kids, you have to develop something to make you stand out. Bennie has his good looks, Rootie has her sweetness, Trix and Brian are hilariously mean, Donna's just...Donna. Being the crazy talking, weird dressing idiot got me attention, but I'm 18 now, and it's time for me to be me. If you haven't read the other tales of my family (Never Mind The Nooboos and Never Mind The Degree) then it might help make sense of my life if you do. They can also be found on this blog, along with various ramblings by the Goddess, Alice.
  3. 3. While my older siblings (Admes, Brian, Benjamin, Beatrix and Bellatrix) have a Greek House on campus, Alpha Beta Detonator, I decide to go my own way. Ending up in a generic dorm isn't that bad. At least I have my own room, unlike at home. {Carrie is a Pleasure sim with a Romance secondary aspiration. Her LTW is to become a Rock God. Turn ons are fitness/body points and turn off is jewellery. She is a Pisces (6,2,9,3,10) and her hobby is Tinkering. Carrie maxed all her skills before arriving at college.}
  4. 4. I may not really be a moron, but the brightly coloured bit was totally me. I love brightness and oddness and colour. It makes me happy. Luckily I got enough scholarships to make the room comfortable, and Daddy got me a computer as a present. I miss him. I was always close to my dad. Not Mum so much, but no one really is.
  5. 5. Is it obvious that I decorated myself? I may want to stop acting like an idiot, but I'm not ready to totally grow up. Not yet.
  6. 6. This is Applepop, my guitar. When I graduate, I want to become a Rock God. It's been my dream for years, since Alice made me take up the violin. I guess Alice should be explained. I call her the Goddess, but she really isn't. She's this weird immortal being who watches over my family. I'm not really sure why she does this, but she's nice to have around. She's more than a little insane, but she's nicer than she wants people to know.
  7. 7. One more introduction. When I was shopping at a car-boot sale to furnish my room on such a limited budget, I came across this weird alien statue. It was too good to ignore, so I brought him. Well, it turns out that he isn't just a regular alien statue. 'Darn tooting I'm not!' This is Francis. Hundreds of years ago he was a powerful Warlock, but was tricked by a Witch and his soul was imprisoned within this little toy. For centuries he's moved from owner to owner, and now he's mine. 'I'm in no way yours.' Fine. He now lives on my desk, making smart comments and moaning. 'Warlocks do not moan.' If you say so.
  8. 8. It is great to have my family so near. Growing up in a full house made it hard to ajust to living alone. Luckily my sibling's Greek House is just down the road, so they visit a lot. While I do love my siblings, I actually get on better with their partners. I guess that I've already spent more than enough time with my sibs. Alex is the sweetest guy. Admes is so lucky to have him. He comes over most days to hang out. It was weird at first, but he's nicer than my actual brothers.
  9. 9. And he totally enjoys hearing stories about Admes and the quads from when they were kids. I like to think he makes fun of them, but I doubt it. He's just too nice.
  10. 10. Classes are easy, and I began to get bored. Alex had the idea that I start making over the kids on campus. Brian had started, but he has a poor attention span. That was when I decided that maybe becoming a world famous rock star was a little out of my reach. I'd never give up, but maybe I needed a fall back. Cosmetology seemed like a good way to go. Always willing to help is one of Mum's friends, Seth. He's pretty cool, and really nice. He even lets me try out make up on him whenever he comes to visit, and he comes to visit a lot.
  11. 11. 'Hey, Carrie.' Looking up I see that it's Seth again. 'You spend more time here than at your own house,' I joke, smiling. 'Well, there's nothing as beautiful as you at my place.' I feel my cheeks flush. 'What?' 'I really like you, Carrie. Why else would I let you cover me in make up?' Oh noes! This can't be happening. 'Seth, I like you too, but I'm only eighteen.' He laughs, which shocks me. 'I know. I don't expect you to choose me, but I want you to know that you have options.' Then he leans in and softly kisses my cheek before turning and leaving me utterly confused.
  12. 12. Completely blown off course, I decide to go and get hammered downtown. Seth likes me? Like...likes me, likes me? That's so weird. I've known him all my life. Then again, Trixie just got engaged to a guy she was friends with when she was a kid. But I'm not like her. I've never even considered getting married or even having a serious boyfriend, and it's obvious that Seth isn't looking for a one night stand. Ooooh. I cannot deal with this sober.
  13. 13. Apparently when I'm drunk I suck at makeovers. Thank the Gods she didn't ask for a haircut! I hate to think what would happen if I am let loose with scissors.
  14. 14. It took a while, but I did eventually get over the Seth thing. I think he's a bit embarrassed, as he stopped coming round. That hurt a bit, but at least it let me avoid the issue. No one helped me more than the Vampyric Witch Helsing Pyre. I met her at one of the bars I go to, and we hit it off straight away. Other than Brian's fiancé Fay, I don't really have any female friends that aren't my sisters. Helsing is great. She's nice but not too nice, and she always speaks her mind to me, whether I ask her to or not. And, despite being eight months pregnant, she has an extraordinary energy that makes her so amazing to be around.
  15. 15. 'Sound like a total non-issue.' 'I guess, but I don't want to hurt Seth. He's...he's a friend. And I do like him. I just don't want to settle down yet. Mum says that she's known Seth for years, and she says that he's always wanted a family and kids. That whole idyllic life. That's not me! I'm still living day by day, doing what I want, happy to be free of obligation!' She laughs. 'Hon, he said that he likes you. He didn't get on one knee. If he likes you as much as it seems like he does, then he'll be willing to wait.' I laugh with her. ‘I sound like a moron, don’t I?’ ‘Yes you do. Give him a chance. It can’t hurt.’
  16. 16. When Helsing left to return to her family and coffin, Bellatrix and Faydra turned up. 'You really should join the Greek House,' Trix said. 'Your libary here is awful.' 'There is a College Library just across campus,' I remind her. Every time she comes round she tries to convince me to join them. Angrily she tuts before stalking off to read. 'Ignore her. She and Jerry have been fighting,' Fay stage whispers. 'Anyways, we're here because Klaus called Brian who told me to tell you that Seth called Regina and asked her to tell us to tell you that he wants to meet you tonight at The Hub for dinner.'
  17. 17. 'What?' 'It's kinda weird, but whatever. I guess he's trying to play it cool.' 'Yeah.' Fay has always told me pretty much the same thing as Helsing. She may have agreed to marry Brian pretty early into their relationship, but she was never really happy about it. Like me she feels that she's too young to settle down. I would worry that she will break my brother's heart, but once Fay commits to something, she sees it to the end. And she does love Brian, even if the whole house in the suburbs and kids thing isn’t her dream.
  18. 18. I meet Seth outside the bar, and straight away he wraps his arms around me. As much as I am at a loathe to admit it, it feels really good to sink against his chest. Without even thinking I cuddle closer to him. 'Hey. Sorry it took so long for me to...get in touch with your Mum.' He laughs into my hair. 'I freaked out.' 'Me too!' I scold. 'You got me all worked up and scared that you were going to coerce me into becoming a child bride! It took Helsing, Fay and a pitcher of margaritas to calm me down!' 'Silly Carrie. I just wanted you to know how I felt. I wasn't proposing anything.' 'I's just...Mum said that you wanted a family and all that.' 'And I do. And while I'd love for you to be that girl, I understand that you're only eighteen and won't want that yet, if at all. I'm willing to take things at your pace, Carrie.'
  19. 19. Taking my hand he leads me into the club. We're barely three feet in before I spin and press my lips to his. I can’t help my self! It's all there. Butterflies, fireworks...all that crap that is meant to only be in songs. After a few seconds we break apart, both panting. 'If it's always like that,' I gasp, breathlessly, 'then I may be able to play the mother role.' He chuckles hoarsely. 'Come on. Let's go eat dinner before I'm no longer able to resist carrying you back to my place.' While that alternative doesn't sound too unpleasant, I allow him to herd me upstairs and to our table.
  20. 20. 'A toast, to our maybe sort of sometimes relationship!' I giggle, already tipsy. 'That I can toast to.' Gently he reaches over and toys with a strand of my hair. 'You're already drunk! I knew I shouldn't have let you have any champagne.' Pouting I playfully slap his hand. 'I'm legally allowed to drink now! I'm eighteen years old and can do whatever I like!' His eyes roll and under his breath his mutters, 'thank Gods you haven't gotten a car yet!' Pretending not to have heard, I drain my glass.
  21. 21. 'You're already done?' Seth snorts a laugh. 'It's not my fault you take forever to eat!' Dinner was...great. I had kinda been dreading it, thinking it would be mega awkward, but it's been amazing. Seth is so sweet and it's so...easy to be with him.
  22. 22. Leaving the rest of my pork chop, mumbling about murdering pigs, I stand up. I drank more than I assumed, and begin to wobble dangerously. In a flash Seth is at my side, holding me up. 'Come on Carrie. Let's get you back to your dorm before you pass out. I don't want to be responsible for you failing out of college.' Gratefully I squeeze his arms. 'It's an Art course, Seth, not rocket science. I could pass with my eyes closed.' Glancing over his shoulder I see a slutty looking blonde approaching, hips swaying, eyes on her prize. I suppress an animal growl and lean into Seth. 'That tramp over there is interested in you,' I murmur. He doesn't even turn to look. 'So?' Fiercely he kisses me, teeth cutting into my lip. It hurts, but not enough to be painful, or even distract me from the kiss. If anything, it adds to it.
  23. 23. I frown once he pulls away. 'You would rather wait for me to grow up than sow your wild oats with someone as easy as her?' His eyes crinkle. 'I'm not an oat sowing kind of guy, Carrie. And even if I was, no one likes the town bicycle.' My chest hurts as I laugh again. 'I've never laughed as much as I have tonight with you, Seth.' 'I like to hear you laugh, Carrie. It makes me happy.' The romantic moment is ruined as I stumble again, falling flat on my arse. 'Come on, let's sit you down before you knock someone out.'
  24. 24. 'You have really nice hair,' I say when we're sat down. 'You're only saying that because you cut it.' 'Of course.' My breath catches as his fingers trace down to my hip. His lips quirk and eyes sparkle. 'Well, it's late and you have class tomorrow and I have to get back to my wife.' Pouting I whack him around the head. 'Just take me home.'
  25. 25. I wake up early the next morning, head reeling. Crap! That was some strong champagne. After showering and dressing, I chug half a gallon of coffee and a handful of painkillers, then grab Applepop. 'It was you, That showed me who I am, And taught me how to stand, For what I know is real. I was sick of all the pain, Tired of all the shame that I felt, But you showed me a way, To never have a doubt, And always to believe in myself, Now I see..' I smile. Maybe, someday, I could see myself settling down with Seth. Not yet, not even for a long time, but one day. {It Was You, 12 Stones}
  26. 26. I don't have long to muse. One of the other kids I share the dorm with bangs on my door, saying that my Dad's at the door. 'Daddy! Did you have to wear your uniform?' I ask, throwing up a mock salute. 'I just got off work and Donna demanded that we visit.' Glancing over at my little sister, I see her scowl. 'Did not. He made me come!' Laughing, Trix rushes over. 'I see I came round at the right time.' Her arms wrap around Donna, lifting her up over her shoulder. 'Come on squirt. Be nice to Carrie.'
  27. 27. Trix and Mum start talking as Dad goes off to see if he approves of the dorm. 'Hey Donna.' She eyes me dispassionately. 'You left me alone with all the smelly babies,' she accuses angrily. 'I hate being the oldest one at home!' I try to give her an apologetic hug, but she pushes me away. 'Nu uh! You don't get off that easy!' 'Well, soon you'll be old enough to come to college.' For a moment she considers that, then nods. 'I want you to cut my hair. Just a trim. And no messing with the streaks.' Lorded over by my little sister. Well, it could be worse. At least it's Donna, rather than Emmett.
  28. 28. The rest of their visit is uneventful. Dad, while not liking the fact that I'm not staying with my siblings, agrees that the dorm I got into is okay. Mum just wanted to meet all my friends and Donna demanded my undivided attention, glad of a companion who wasn't still in nappies.
  29. 29. For a little extra money I start to write restaurant reviews for the local paper. 'This sucks. When is something big going to happen?' I sigh. 'Hopefully never, Francis. I'm guessing that your kind of interesting involves more magick and sparks than I am comfortable with.' 'Perhaps, but it's more fun than spending my nights holed up on a computer box.' 'Whatever Francis. I like excitement, but not dangerous excitement.'
  30. 30. With my extra income and a few grants for good grades, I'm able to rent a little house just off campus. It's not much, but it's cute.
  31. 31. The first order of business is to invite Seth over. Before he can even ring the doorbell I leap and surprise him with a deep kiss. 'I really should visit you more often.' My tongue traces the shape of his bottom lip as it smiles. 'You really should.' Breaking away I bounce back into the house, only now beginning to feel nervous about the conversation to come. 'Hurry up. I made pancakes!'
  32. 32. 'So, what's all this about?' I gulp down my mouthful of pancake and frown. 'Huh?' 'Come on Carrie. You didn't just invite me over for pancakes.' 'Well...Seth, I really like you. Like...a lot. But I'm not ready to commit to one guy. I want to want what you do, but I don't. Not yet, at least.' He stays quiet, thoughtful, for a long moment, then says, 'so, you're asking for my permission to date other guys?' I shake my head. 'No. I don't need your permission for that. We're not dating or anything, are we? No, I'm saying that I am going to date other guys and that you should date other girls. If there's one thing I believe in, it's fate. If it's meant to be, it will be. In a few years, maybe. But right now, I'm ready to just be irresponsible.' Slowly he nods. 'I understand.' That's all he says. Then he gets up and just leaves. Crap. I knew I would screw this all up.
  33. 33. I just sit there, staring at my half finished breakfast, until the insistent crowing of the phone breaks my bubble. For a moment I consider leaving it, but it's probably Mum or Trix, so I'd better answer before they mob the house. 'Hello?' 'Carrie?' My heart skips. 'Seth?' 'Listen, I'm sorry for running out like that. I guess I'm really no good at dealing with stuff like that. Anyway, you're right. You are only young, and you deserve to enjoy that.' His voice still sounds strained and weird. 'Are you okay?' 'Sure.' Then it all comes crashing down. 'Seth darling, who are you talking to?' a lilting feminine voice asks.
  34. 34. 'A friend.' A friend? I slam the phone down, beyond pissed. He left half an hour ago and already has some bimbo? Well, two can play at that game. Pulling out my little black book I dial the first number I come to and arrange a little date of my own.
  35. 35. I met Geoff a while ago at a club. He'd been keen and less than subtle in his means of getting my attention. At the time I hadn't really been looking, and had ignored and later shot him down, but he never gave up until I escaped back to my dorm. Later I had found his card in my pocket.
  36. 36. 'I'm glad you called, Carrie.' I grin. 'Me too.' Wasting no time on pleasantries, he hooks a hand behind my neck and pulls me into a kiss. My fingers twine into his hair, pulling his face even closer. Carefully, trying not to trip and make an utter arse of myself, I pull Geoff towards the couch by the hem of his shirt.
  37. 37. It doesn't take long to make a pile of clothing on the floor. The rest of night passes in much the same way, and when I wake up I'm alone and feeling more guilty than I have the right to.
  38. 38. I end up spending more and more time with Applepop, between crying jags and one night stands that never have the desired effects. When I told Seth I wanted to see other people, I never imagined anything like this happening.
  39. 39. Towards the end of my first year at college, the family steps in. 'Carrie, you're falling apart,' Admes scolds, frowning. 'You were always so bright and happy, and now you're...' 'Now you're not,' Brian concludes. 'Ever since that whole thing with Seth you've been a mess. Maybe it's time to reconsider your aversion to a domestic life.' My head shakes as I fight back tears. 'I don't want to get married, Brian. I still want what I said I did, to be a teenager, to be free of responsibility for a few more years. But I want Seth too. Even if it's just as a friend.'
  40. 40. 'Have you spoken to him?' Mum asks, settling down next to Dad. 'Since you told him you didn't want to be exclusive?' After shooting an accusing glare at Brian, the only person I told about that day, I shake my head. 'No. I...I ignored his calls until he stopped bothering.' She sighs. 'Well, then what did you expect?' 'Mum! Half an hour after he ran out of here he was with another woman!' 'Honey, do you know nothing about men? They aren't women with knobs on, you know.' 'Woah!' Brian, Admes and I all protest at the same time. Even Dad looks a little embarrassed, even as Alex begins chuckling. 'It's true. He'll just be playing it cool, trying to ease his pain with meaningless relationships just like you did.'
  41. 41. 'Alex!' I scream, cheeks crimson. 'What did you tell them?' He leaps to his feet, running towards the door while gabbling excuses about term papers. 'Admes, I'm sorry, but I will be killing him later.' He nods. 'I don't blame you. But maybe just maim him and leave the vital parts alone.' That gets even Mum groaning. 'Gross Admes! But I am feeling a little better.' Luckily I am saved from further questions by a ring at the bell. 'That'll be Fay, looking for her wayward man,' I say, jumping up.
  42. 42. 'He told them what?' 'He told Mum about that morning with Seth, when know.' 'Shall I kill him for you?' I smile at her offer, but politely decline. 'I wouldn't want to leave you high and dry.'
  43. 43. 'So,' she asks, brow creasing in concern. 'How are you?' 'Fine,' I automatically lie. 'Don't bull me girl,' she scolds. 'You are my maid of honour and I can still pick you out a fugly dress!' 'Fine! I'm dealing with it, okay? Day by day, I'm getting there. By graduation I should be set.' Her jaw sets. 'That's not good enough, Carrie. You need to figure out what you want and get it. None of us like seeing you do this to yourself.'
  44. 44. 'That's mean!' I snarl playfully, pouting. 'Guilting me into pulling myself together.' Guiltlessly she shrugs. 'I do what I do. So, the family is still here?' 'Yeah.' 'Then I guess it's my job as your loving sister to distract them for you.' Gratefully I hug her. 'Thanks Fay.' 'No worries.'
  45. 45. True to her word Fay distracts Mum and Dad with an epic game of Drakan. I must thank Brian again for getting together with her. Meanwhile I attack Admes and Brian with my makeup brushes.
  46. 46. 'Are you sure about this?' Flashing my best smile I continue to approach with my scissors. 'Don't you trust me, big brother?' 'Not when you use that axe murderer smile on me.' 'Suck it up or I'll tell Fay you're being mean to me!'
  47. 47. 'Wow. If I may say so myself, I am a genius!' 'What did you do?' Giggling I hide the mirror from him. 'Have I ever given you reason to not trust me, Brian?' His green eyes narrow. 'No...' 'Fay! Come over here and show Brian how much you like his new look.'
  48. 48. Her eyes do a critical once over, then she cracks a smile. 'Yep, it's true. You can improve on perfection!' Brian's head cocks. 'Really?' She kisses him. 'Hell yeah.' Watching them made me feel...weird. Despite their differences, they were meant to be together, anyone can see that. It's the same with the rest. Mum and Dad. Admes and Alex. Rootie and Barbera....what about me?
  49. 49. No answer about my great love story ever came, so I continued to date random guys from around campus. Cubone became a regular. I heard from Fay, who used to live in his dorm, that he's a great guy, real sweet. However, she also told me that he had a thing going with Alice. She never voiced any objections, so I took that as a blessing. {Both Cubone and my simself are Romance sims. Even if we have been kinda married for over a real life year, we're far from faithful}
  50. 50. I give Cubone a makeover, because I wanted too, then we get to talking. This is a first for me. Usually I just jump the guy then move on. But I actually have a real conversation with Cubone, and he actually listens. 'Sounds like you're having a hard time.' He pauses, thoughtful. 'Hmm. Maybe I should talk to Alice about it. She's been real busy lately, and not watching you all as closely as she'd like.' 'I don't want to worry her-' I start, but he shakes off my protest. 'Trust me, she won't mind.'
  51. 51. Later, after he leaves, Geoff calls, asking me to join him downtown for dinner and bowling. I agree, not wanting to spend the night alone. After dinner we go to the bowling alley, where Geoff promptly introduces me to a startling tanned blonde who is so gorgeous I feel like a troll. 'Carrie, this is Amber Rae, an old friend of mine.' I shake her hand politely, but something about her sets me on edge. I don't know what it is, but I do not trust this woman.
  52. 52. Her honey coloured eyes feel like they're penetrating under my skin, exposing me. It's an almost predatory stare, like being stalked by a wolf. It freaks me out so much that I turn tail and run, jumping in the first taxi I see and fleeing back to my house.
  53. 53. 'Helsing, something really freaky happened earlier.' The worst thing about having a Vampire best friend is that I have to wait until night to talk to her. 'Is it to do with that new Lycan in town?' I frown. 'So she is a Lycan. I thought there was something wolfie about her.' 'Amber Rae. She's got Alice shaken up, that's no mistake. Not many supernaturals are stupid enough to come onto council territory without an invite, but Amber has.' 'Council territory?' She shrugs. 'Nothing for you to worry about. Supernatural stuff. You're human, so you're fine. Anyway, stay away from Amber. She's trouble.'
  54. 54. 'And you have more pressing troubles.' I freeze. 'Like?' 'Seth. Darling, you cannot keep ignoring the issue until it makes itself better, because it won't. If you want something to happen in life, you have to do it yourself.' Quietly I growl. 'You sound like my mother.' 'Then she's a very smart woman.'
  55. 55. Coerced by a pregnant Vampire Witch, I go and call Seth. It rings until the machine picks up. I don't bother leaving a message. 'He's out,' I say. 'Answering machine?' I shake my head. 'No. I'm not leaving a message.' She sighs, but drops it. 'I'll make us something to eat. You've lost weight.'
  56. 56. 'Helsing, I told Seth that I believe in fate, and I do. I don't want to end up in a relationship that wasn't meant to be.' Rudely she snorts into her salmon. 'Darling, fate is for fairytales.' 'So are Witches.' An eyebrow rises. 'Touché.' I'm grateful when she lets the topic die. Silently we finish our meal, and then she leaves, back home to her family. {Helsing Pyre was the founder of one of my failed legacies. She married one of the head vampires, Count Jim Jayapalan and together they have three sons, Angel, Armand and Admes. It was a vampire themed alphabetacy}
  57. 57. The next morning things slip back into the usual routine. Cubone shows up and we engage in a little romantic fun.
  58. 58. 'Cubone, thanks for being here for me. It's nice to have someone to just chill out with and have fun. My family spends most of their time telling me how to live my life, and my friends are just as bad!' He laughs and smiles, holding my hand up to his cheek. 'It's a pleasure, Carrie, I can assure you.' Then with gleaming eyes, he scoops me up and carries my to my bedroom.
  59. 59. When a family member stops by, I now regard them with suspicion. Someone comes everyday to check on me, seemingly forgetting that I'm a grown woman of nineteen. Bennie is the worst liar, always cracking when I ask who sent him. It's always Brian. Busybody Brian. 'He was the same with me,' Bennie assures me. 'After that whole fiasco with the cheerleader, he tried everything to get me out of my slump. It's his way. He may seem mean, but he loves his family deeply.'
  60. 60. 'You should listen to your family.' I start, halfway though fixing my piece of junk PC. Since moving into the house, Francis has been awfully quiet. It's been nice. 'What woke you up?' I ask. 'They're good people. It wouldn't kill you to pay attention. They just want to best for you.' Irritated I slam the computer back against the wall. 'What are you, a figurine or a fortune cookie?'
  61. 61. 'I'm just so sick and tired of everyone telling me what to do, Francis.' If he had lips, I'm sure he'd smirk. 'You sound like every other teenage girl out there. Sometimes listening to other people helps us figure out what needs to be done. Why reject help when it's offered?' I scowl at the screen, the words I just typed a blur. 'Whatever.' 'Good argument.' Hissing through my teeth I slam away, stalking out of the room.
  62. 62. I had a lot of lovers. None of them serious, few of them for longer than a night. It was a kind of release for me. For a few hours I could pretend to be someone else, the person they all saw and wanted, and it was enough to keep me from thinking about just how bad my life had gotten. Then I got tired of it. Tired of the games and of pretending. Everyone was right; I was wasting my time waiting for something to happen. It's up to me. So I make a choice.
  63. 63. Again I tease the lipgloss on my lips. 'What do you think, Francis?' 'Have I mentioned lately that I haven't had my own body for three hundred and seventy two years?' 'Yes, you have,' I sigh. 'What about me? Is it too much of a change?' 'You look perfect, Carrie. Why are you asking me, anyway? I'm just a figurine.' Rolling my eyes I move away from the mirror, afraid to keep looking at it, afraid I'll loose my nerve.
  64. 64. Picking up the phone I dial...
  65. 65. Okay, I chicken out and call Helsing instead. 'Kid, why did you call me out here? I know for sure that you didn't go through this intense makeover for me. Unless you're on the turn.' I smirk. 'I've always been bisexual, silly. No need to turn. And no, I didn't do it for you. I got this far then choked at the final hurdle.' Sympathetically she squeezes my arm. 'You just got to do it.'
  66. 66. 'In a bit. I need to work up the courage again.' To distract myself, I run a hand over her huge belly. 'How much longer? It feels like you've been pregnant forever.' 'I know what you mean. This little bugger's due to pop in a few weeks, thank god. And it had better be a girl. I already have three boys. I need some feminine energy around the house.' I smile up at her. 'Sounds like it.' 'Okay,' she exclaims, pushing me back up to the house. 'Enough stalling.'
  67. 67. After five minutes hiding behind a tree, I bite the bullet and go and talk to him. 'Hey.' Cold eyes turn on me, scowling. 'I'm not interested. And I'm waiting for someone.' I laugh. 'Damn, Seth. Are you like this to everyone?' Suddenly his eyes pop. 'Carrie?' I nod. 'Who else would it be? Unless you have another date tonight?' It's said as a joke, but even I hear the uncertainty in my voice.
  68. 68. His eyes go cold again. 'What happened to you?' 'I grew up. I realized that I couldn't be a little kid forever, waiting for everything to happen for me. I had to take control of my own life.' 'By chopping off your pretty hair?' I shrug. 'It'll grow back, but I kinda like it short.' Nervously I look at him through my lashes. 'So, still want dinner? It has been a while.' He smiles that stunning smile that made me feel all warm and happy on our first date. 'Of course, but only if you let me pay.'
  69. 69. It's amazing how easy it is just to slip back into the old routine with Seth. I haven't seen him or even spoken to him in over a year, and yet it feels more like we last dated yesterday. It just clicks. I definitely made the right choice.
  70. 70. 'Ha! You'll have to keep a closer look on your shrimp if you wanna keep it!' His eyes crinkle. 'I'm having a hard time watching my food when there's a goddess opposite me.' My face flushes. 'Fine, you can keep the shrimp.' He chuckles. 'Point one to Seth!'
  71. 71. Pouting I stuff the stolen fork of his food into his mouth. 'How's it taste?' 'Okay. Though I can see something at this table I'd rather have in my mouth.' Snorting I pull my fork back. 'What kind of girl do you think I am?' 'I know exactly what kind of girl you are, and plan on exploiting that later.' 'I look forward to it,' I huskily reply, leaning towards him. 'I knew you would.'
  72. 72. 'Seth,' I start, gulping, 'there's a reason I asked you here tonight, despite everything.' Taking a deep breath I continue, voice scratchy. 'When we first met, I really wasn't ready to settle down, to even consider planning a future. And because of that I threw away so many good things, including you. I lost out on a whole year of you, and I regret that. I'm not willing to let it happen again, so I decided what I wanted...'
  73. 73. '...and I want you.' With shaking hands I pull the ring box out of my pocket. 'Seth, will you marry me?' His jaw goes slack for a second, then the brightest smile lights his face and he snatches up the ring. 'You're sure?' His reaction makes me grin like a kid with ice cream. 'Hell yeah!' 'Then of course I'll marry you!' I'm flying and I never want to come down.
  74. 74. 'I love you,' I whisper after dinner, stroking my fingertips along his jaw line. 'And I love you too,' he replies, face still alight with victory. 'So, back to my place or yours?' A little smile pulls at my lips. 'I just had a new hot tub installed.' 'Your place it is then!' 'My car's out front.'
  75. 75. We spend quite a while in the hot tub. I loose the top of my favourite bikini in the ensuing ruckus, but it's hard to regret anything. The entire night is magical, and when he leaves in the morning, part of my follows. Unfortunately that part of me is the part that apparently keeps me faithful.
  76. 76. 'I talked so much, I'm sure I didn't realize I'd gone crazy Didn't catch my bloody nose Or that my heart tried to explode I still live with my High School friends Some people never change at all We're still the same compulsive drunks We were when we were small (Someone get this man to a hospital!) Ohh, maybe, we were made We were made for each other Ahh, is it possible for the World to look this way forever? Ahhh, Ahhh...' I play my favourite Jack's Mannequin song with a smile, but part of me itches. The engagement ring on my finger feels heavier than it did last night when we
  77. 77. picked it up from a jewellers on our way back here. Did I make the right choice? As ever when I have to make a hard choice, the doorbell goes. Glancing out the window I see an old friend, Caroline. A devious though creeps in and I know I have no chance. What Seth doesn't know can't hurt him.
  78. 78. 'You really think I'm beautiful?' 'With eyes like that, how could I lie to you?' I reply, smiling seductively. Hook, line and sinker. Nice to know I still have it.
  79. 79. However, things are ruined as the head cheerleader comes to visit. I've never met her before, but I know her because of the fact that she messed up Bennie's life. Brian wouldn't let me take her on before, but he's not here now and that girl needs to learn that no one messes with my brothers but me!
  80. 80. 'So, you're Lindsay?' Her eyes narrow. 'And you are?' 'Carrie Havar, Benjamin's little sister.' Her lips curve in a cruel smile. 'Oh, I've heard about you. The campus bicycle.' 'Is that meant to hurt?' I laugh in her face, earning a scowl. 'Better than being a psycho stalker. I know that Brian's already had words with you, but to be honest, the boy's a pushover when compared to the younger Havars. Now, you don't want to mess with me, and you do not want to mess with my sister Donna. We make Trix and Brian look like Beetroot. Kay? Mess with my brother and you are going to get your ass kicked.'
  81. 81. 'You'll kick my ass? This I'd like to see.' 'Push me and you will.' Worry flickers on her features. Clearly I'm meant to back down. Well, she can keep wishing. I may be one of the nicer Havars, but I still don't take crap. Mum may have been absent for most of my upbringing, but she didn't let Dad turn me into a total wuss. 'You can leave now,' I say. Smartly she turns on her heel and stalks off. And yet I sense that she won't back down so easy. Good. I like a challenge.
  82. 82. 'Carrie, I don't need you and Brian fighting my battles!' Bennie complains, again, during a marathon Halo game. 'LEFT!' Admes screams, causing me to crap myself and fall off the sofa. 'Crap Admes! Chill! And Bennie, I wanted a good fight, and she's a total freak! Come on. Can't I kick her ass a little bit?' He tries to hide a smile, but I see his cheek twitch. 'What kind of brother would I be if I said no?'
  83. 83. Inspired by Trix and her constant demands that I join their Greek House, I start my own. With all my "friends" it quickly becomes a hotspot on campus, despite it's size. Besides my family, Cubone is another frequent guest.
  84. 84. As is Caroline. 'Is there anyone on campus you haven't dated?' Cubone jokes, winking on his way to make more mac and cheese. 'I hope so!' I crow, giggling. Caroline joins in the laughter, but I don't think she gets it. She's not the brightest bulb.
  85. 85. 'You still haven't chosen, have you?' I ignore the imprisoned Warlock, continuing on my essay. 'I see the ring on your finger, but you still aren't sure about him, are you?' 'Great, now I'm being lectured by an alien toy as well as everyone else!' He's right, but I hate to admit it. I love Seth, I know that, but I don't love the idea of no one but Seth for the rest of my life. Luckily it's easy to avoid him, with me at college and him working and looking for a house for us to move into when I graduate. A house? That's...huge! A house and kids and that hole picket fence life? I still have two more years of college. Maybe by then I'll be ready. Or dead. Either is fine.
  86. 86. While my siblings are well aware of my indiscretions, Mum and Dad are as ignorant as Seth, and no one is stupid enough to change that. So, when Seth arranges a meal at my place with my parents, I agree, clearing out the place for the day and praying that no one shows up unexpectedly.
  87. 87. 'You're Carrie Havar!' I start and mechanically shake the offered hand of the elderly man. 'And you are?' 'Phil. I'm a Warlock and friend of Alice.' 'Oh.' That doesn't explain why he's talking to me. 'You are just as lovely as she said.' 'She's been talking about me?' He nods. 'Of course. She's very worried about you.'
  88. 88. 'Why?' I demand, scowling. 'Crap!' he exclaims, covering his mouth with his hand. 'I fear I've said too much.' 'Spill it! Come on! If Alice is worried about me-' 'I cannot tell!' Knowing what I do of Warlocks, I can see that it's a lost cause trying to glean info from this guy. I guess there's a trip to Alice's place in my future.
  89. 89. The last weeks of my second year at college passed as the rest of the year. Surprising encounters in the hot tub...
  90. 90. ...parties with all the campus faces...
  91. 91. ...and makeovers for anyone who stepped onto the lot. But I'm still curious. Something's happening. Something big. And I bet it has something to do with Amber Rae invading Council territory, whatever that means. I am going to find out, because when Carrie Havar wants something, she gets it.
  92. 92. And that's the end of Chapter One. I hope that you enjoyed it. Next time Carrie demands answers and Amber begins to cause problems in the town.