ESWN 2.7


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ESWN 2.7

  1. 1. I hate it when things take longer than I want them to, bah. I was an idiot and accidentally unordered all my pictures and then spent a couple of weeks just glowering at the folder in an act of stubborn revenge. But I really want to see what the next generation‟s going to be like – so I should probably give in. Oh look, I have 
  2. 2. First things first, thanks loads everyone for voting in the heir poll! It was very very close and changed almost everyday which was nice and excting for me! But you all chose Parasite for me, and I must say what a lovely choice indeed she is *nods* And also, I think probably the best in the circumstances. I myself can‟t choose between the girls, so I‟m may glad I had you all to do it for me. You see I mention circumstances? Um, yeah.. Kind of.
  3. 3. University kinda sort looked like this most of the time.. But then again, what did I expect now Ruthless is all grown up?
  4. 4. Anyway, the two youngest twins, Riot and Ruthless, have just popped off to join their three older sisters, Leech, Louise and Parasite at SSU. But everyone was settling along into the college rhythm quite nicely. The quietest two of the girls were quite happy to be reunited.
  5. 5. ..With their oh-so quiet and demure ways.
  6. 6. Louse is still hard at work, because fleecing llamas for as much dosh as possible is also an important task. “I‟m still not as good as Louse, but I can certainly hold my own here! Isn‟t that right Ocean?” “, got any threes?” I dislike that our resident dim llama is called Ocean.
  7. 7. And as for Ruthless? Well. It‟s a whole new world. Whole new freedom, mainly. No more age restrictions, Daddys to behave nicely with, and no more.. Well, sadly Leech and Louse were still around. “It‟s an awful shame, but there is currently a far more pressing question.”
  8. 8. “..Is that dude wearing lipstick?” Erm, looks like. Well done Castor.
  9. 9. But Ruth‟s quickly found that there is far more to campus life than frat boys with possible lippy, and has latched onto her professor. The professor, for his part, was more than happy to be latched onto. “Young.. Student girl.. Touching meeeeeeeeeee!” “4.0 now please?” “YES YES YEEEEEEEEES!” “Good Professor. Now leave, I tire of you.” “More touchiiiiiiing?” “Sure. Next semester.”
  10. 10. And she wasn‟t the only one with dating on her mind. “But really though? You‟ve been a while now Ri, has no one at all caught your eye?” “Um, well.. I‟m not sure. But it doesn‟t matter – Ruthless has given me strict instructions that I‟m not allowed to see anyone, it wastes time I could be spending with her and helping her.” “Mm, I kind of figured that. But a word of advice Ri, for when y‟know, you do ever get the chance to cast your eye about -
  11. 11. Check their footwear.” “Eh? What does that have to do with anything?” “Just.. It‟s important that you go. It might give you the odd hint about them.”
  12. 12. But disastrous sandals date aside (it really was disastrous), Paris has been doing quite a bit of scouting out for potential suitors, actually! Well, if nothing else it‟s always good to have a few extra friends, isn‟t it? “You sure you don‟t mind me just grabbing you off the street like that? I mean, I haven‟t even had time to take my coat off yet!” “Oh no no, it‟s totally fine! You‟re totally fine and you‟re more than welcome to grab me whenever you want!” “Really? Awesome! What‟s your name again?” “Um.. I appear to have forgotten. So let‟s just called me Matthew, for the sake of argument.”
  13. 13. “Aww, you‟re a sweet one. I‟ll certainly keep you in mind!” “In mind?” “Yup. But I‟ve got to go to class now, but great date-audition!” “..Huh?” But she really did actually have to go to class.
  14. 14. “Hey Gypsy! I‟m okay at the moment actually, oddly I don‟t keep ending up with my sister‟s boyfriend when I actually find the dates myself..” “Well I still feel bad.” “You really shouldn‟t. Anyway, got to go – see you later!” “Yes yes dear, whatever.”
  15. 15. “For I must deliver LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMP!!!!” Thanks? You‟ve kind of already given us the one we needed though. “LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMP.”
  16. 16. But needless or not, Louse decided she actually wanted to make a wish on this one, so one jolly afternoon gave it a cursory poke.
  17. 17. “YO bi-otch, whaddya waaaaaaaant?” “Oh. Well that‟s rather direct isn‟t it?” “You wan‟ me to chat like a telemarketer or summing? Now. WHADDYA WAAAAAAAAAANT?!”
  18. 18. “Hm. Well I have worked pretty hard for everything so far, so I suppose I shouldn‟t really cheat, but..” “„URRY UP.” “We spent quite a lot of my scholarship money building and decorating for the Riot and Ruthless so that really should get replaced. And that‟s not really cheating.. So maybe, if you‟ve got any spare cash lying around that would be quite nice?”
  19. 19. “Suck on THAT, bi-otch!!”
  20. 20. Turns out the genie was rather keen to prove himself over and over. “Oww.. I‟m all for these lovely sacks, but if I keep having to pick up bags of money my hand is going to fall off.. Not that I‟m complaining!” Luckily for my sanity and Louse‟s joint, after cancelling out her reaction to the third bag they stopped coming – phew.
  21. 21. But for the first semester at least of the 5 of them being together, everyone was reasonably happy. The twins mostly split off into their respective twosomes (which is maybe why everyone was relatively content), but Paris was still more than happy to just join in with whichever of them was nearest. But to be fair, she also had other things to get on with.
  22. 22. As well as auditioning potential husbands, Paris also had to have a bash at learning her pool trick. ..She‟s less good than her Dad.
  23. 23. Maybe she should have practiced a bit more, like these two. “Dang it! Missed again.. Sorry Ruthless.” “As you should be, Twin. Your aim is still terrible! We‟re really going to have to work on that you know. How can I expect you to hold a firearm correctly when you can‟t even cope with a pool cue – deadly as they can be.” “I‟ll try harder, promise.” “You disgrace me.”
  24. 24. Because Ruthless is just friendly all „round don‟t you know! “No wonder you actually have to go to class.. I can hardly imagine someone like you getting the same benefits as someone like me..” “You okay, Leechy?” Louse growled as the twins tried to set off to campus one morning. “Just fine thanks Lousey! You head on over, I‟ll catch you right up!”
  25. 25. “Didn‟t you HEAR?! I insulted you! REACT, damnit!” “So? You‟ve been insulting me since you learnt how to talk, it‟s hardly anything new. Rubber and glue, Ruthie.” “RUTHLESS! My name is Ruthless! And you‟re a pathetic waste of time and space, too much space even with all that cheese you guzzle down every second of every day! And now you‟re wasting my words, you awful awful AWFUL piece of nothing.”
  26. 26. “Seriously Ruthie – I think you need to chill the freak out a little. Don‟t give yourself a heart attack..” “ARGH!” She was so angry by her sister‟s lack of response that Ruthless actually forgot herself and stormed off to take an actual university class for the first time in her life.
  27. 27. Parasite was having a much more lovely time of things, and decided she wanted to be the Big Sim on Campus and spent a very pleasant morning befriending fellow students at the local coffee bar. Not surprisingly, she was inundated with offers of lattes and conversation, and reached her goal in no time at all. In fact, she was pretty sad to have to leave them all.
  28. 28. So to solve the problem, she simply brought one back with her! “It‟s really great getting to live with all my sisters, nice that there‟s always someone around, you know? And we had a nice chat earlier, how about a quick audi- er, date?” “Really? But you‟ve only just met me.” “So what! C‟mon, let‟s go inside – you can tell a lot about someone from the way they dance. You do dance, don‟t you?”
  29. 29. Despite her companion‟s initial reluctance, they ended up have a great time together. And after telling Gary that he‟ll also be kept in mind, for what he was never quite sure, she spent the rest of the day chattering away to anyone who would listen about the people she‟d met.
  30. 30. This however, is not one of her new friends. Please leave, I forgot to put in an alarm..
  31. 31. Luckily, I have a Ruthless instead. “Oi, there‟s an unwanted person in my house. Okay, there‟s actually several, but this one I‟m actually not sadly related to. What? No! No need to send anyone, I fully intend to take care of him myself. I just though I would let you know so you can get your lazy bums over here and clean up the mess. That‟s not really my thing.”
  33. 33. “Kick him. KILL HIM! DO IT NOW!” After her initial anger at being shoved out the way by the police before a fight could break out, Ruthless quite came round to the idea of someone else taking down the crook. Less bruises that way, and fights.. Well, they‟re just bloomin‟ good fun to watch she decided. “BREAK HIS SPINE.”
  34. 34. “..He‟s still living. This is wrong. Whatever. Door‟s open, bugger off, never see me again.”
  35. 35. But fun as fight-watching is, Ruthless still wasn‟t overly happy about the night‟s events. “He took my stuff.. Some nobody dared to touch and remove MY stuff. This is someone‟s fault, and it certainly isn‟t mine. I do not like that a pathetic piece of sub-human scum has taken something away from ME. And I know exactly whose fault it is.”
  36. 36. “It‟s all YOUR fault.” “Ow! The sun‟s only just come up Ruth, I can‟t possible have done anything to piss you off so early in the day and I‟ve been in bed all night.” “It‟s RUTHLESS. And a thieving little thief took some of MY stuff last night, and I am convinced that that would never happen if I wasn‟t being forced to live with you.” “You probably didn‟t even know we had that painting until it was gone, you‟re picking a fight for no reason!”
  37. 37. “Are you calling me a liar?” “No, I‟m just..” “Arse-badger.” “Don‟t CALL me that!”
  38. 38. “I..I don‟t like it!” And with the red-head burst into tears. “Aww, what‟s this? Can‟t cope without big fat twinny to back you up? Used to be a time you‟d look after her, but oh how the might have fallen..” “Just stop it! And DON‟T insult Leechy, you‟re a terrible sister..”
  39. 39. “Really? I think I‟m rather good at it.” Hearing Louse shout back, Leech just shook her head. Sigh, they did it all themselves. I think Ruthless is rather pleased with herself actually, for making an enemy autonomously.
  40. 40. There was no such animosity at all between Louse and Ruth‟s respective counterparts. Now that they were at college, Riot found she had much more time to build closer relationships with her sisters now that she wasn‟t be watched all the time. Louse was still slightly wary of her but they were getting closer, but Leech actually found that she rather adored her little sister and her rather overlooked ways.
  41. 41. But still, no one was more important than her twin. “I just don‟t like what she does to me, Leechy..” Louse sighed one lunchtime. “I haven‟t felt like.. Me really, for ages. I‟m so fed up of quarrelling, and defending and fighting that‟s it‟s just.. I‟ve gotten lost.” “Then don‟t so it.” her twin said simply. “But she just gets me so riled up! She seems to almost enjoy tormenting me and watching me just worse and worse in front of her.” “I‟ve no doubt she does. I hate seeing you like this Lousey, even since she became a teenager Ruthless seems to have sapped some of your loveliness.” “But what do I DO about it?”
  42. 42. “You eat your grilled cheese.” Leech demonstrated. “But what good will that do?” “Just do anything else.” she munched. “Just try not to respond to her. I love you for it Lousey, because you show your heart – but that‟s not a good thing to do in front of Ruthie. She just wants you to react, so it‟s simple. Don‟t.” “That sounds very plausible and all Leechy, but the way she gets me is just so.. Hard. Why is it that horrible things are always so hard.” “No idea. But that‟s why I eat grilled cheese.”
  43. 43. Now. If I wanted, I could easily spend the next few slides going HEY LOOK Parasite is dating Holden! Better not get out the love potion eh eh, and just call him Holden because I forget his real name. But I won‟t. Why?
  44. 44. Because firstly they are awfully cute together, and Paris really likes him.
  45. 45. And so do I, I actually think he‟s quite awesome and makes me laugh watching him. But the main reason?
  46. 46. “Oh Dongy! I think that out of all the guys I met, though they were all really nice, you might just be my favourite! You shall be my dear, dear Dongy!” His name is Dongsool. He is her Dear Dongy. And I am endlessly amused by that 
  47. 47. So while Paris was getting to know her Dear Dongy a bit better, Leech decided to remind Ruthless of her advice. “Remember Ruthie – calm. Nice and caaaaaaalm. Just an hour or so, really try to just take some time to chill out. You‟ll be amazed, I promise you. Go on, trust me for once; you won‟t regret it.” “lalalalalalalalaRUTHLESSlalalalalalanotlistening.” “Please?” “lalalalalalalalaFINE. I have just the activity. Now never speak to me again.”
  48. 48. “Hi Louse.” Don’t react, don’t react, don’t react.. The older girl chanted to herself. “Do you want to play a nice relaxing game with me?” Don’t react, DON’T react, don’t REACT.. “Well okay then, if you‟re sure you want to play!”
  49. 49. “See? Isn‟t this FUN?! Oh man, I should have done this YEARS ago!” Ruthless cried, pouncing on her unsuspecting sister. And Louse couldn‟t help herself. She reacted.
  50. 50. “Get off, GET OFF you crazy freak!” “Oh no, the only freak here is YOU, Ginger! But I‟m having a lovely relaxing time, aren‟t you?” Ruth smiled, as she dragged her sister down again.
  51. 51. “Yup. Best thing I ever DID. Thank your dumbass twin for me. We‟re going to have a lot of fun in the time to come, dear Lousey.”
  52. 52. Even yesterday‟s cheese for breakfast didn‟t cheer Louse up.
  53. 53. Luckily, Sweet Dream the womrat seemed to have rather taken a shine to her, and after a few cuddles Louse started to feel a little better. But thankfully she received word later that day that her latest term project had won an award, and that a cheque for five hundred simoleons was already in the post. Then, oddly, she felt much better.
  54. 54. Over the rest of that particular semester, conflict seemed to be rife in the air actually. Parasite took another step along the road of learning about heirdom, when Jiggin‟ Leod came a-calling. “Oh please?” “NO Mr. McGreggor! I do not want any of that business going on here! And besides, I‟m trying to finish my pool trick..”
  55. 55. “I hate this family.” “And we‟re not your biggest fans either. But I think Louse has made you a grilled cheese sandwich to say „hello!‟ with, so don‟t hurt her feelings and take it on the way out would you?” “And if I don‟t, ye timorous wee green beasty?” “Your sporran. My boot. Do the math.”
  56. 56. But thankfully, our dear girl now has delightful Dongsool to cheer her up after such harrowing encounters! “Dongy! It‟s been almost a day – I‟ve missed you so much!” Her boyfriend replied with a big grin, which then became a big kiss, which naturally let to a big hug. And after that of course you get..
  57. 57. Nice big read hearts  “I think that‟s quite enough of lawn dating, don‟t you? Come on, inside! You, me, NOW.”
  58. 58. But my unfortunately named llama was also there to spoil their fun. “Ooo, you‟re playing that fun fun voo gerbits game your sister plays with all the professors! Can I join in? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?”
  59. 59. Dongsool put out his hand in an attempt to shush the llama, which amused Paris a little. But this was so certainly no time for small gestures, so waving her arm in an arc she declared; “Oh, never mind him, my dear Dongy! Llamas are just llamas – let us ignore him. He may stay or go as he pleases!” Dongsool looked at her in wide eyed horror. ..A look which lasted exactly 9 seconds.
  60. 60. But many many many many more seconds after that; The llama had run away having been scarred for life and was found later that day trying to drown himself in the campus pool; And two very happy sims were having a nice cuddle.
  61. 61. The more Paris‟s boyfriend dropped by the house, the more he started to learn about the five sisters. And so of course it was not long until he asked the obvious question. Well, when I say asked – I mean he waved his arms in the general direction of Ruthless during her hourly playtime. “Oh Dongy darling! Don‟t.. Don‟t worry about that.” Paris said, with as much of a smile as she could manage.
  62. 62. “That just happens a lot around here.” Dongsool gave her a look that plainly said Well aren’t you bothered by this? “Of course I am! But I don‟t see how we can stop them. And it makes me really sad thinking about that so let‟s not. So um.. Oh, I know! Did I ever tell you how impressed I am by your footwear? Big black and stompy! Just like mine! Way the best choice for kicking unwanted sporrans.” Dongsool grinned.
  63. 63. But much as it pained her, Paris know she really should tell Louse about this. “I mean, I know you usually talk to Leech about this sort of stuff but I just wanted to check you‟re doing okay, too. I hate seeing my big sister so unlike herself.”
  64. 64. “Well what do YOU think?!” “Sorry, sorry..” But Louse‟s face immediately softened. “Oh Paris – you see? Why did I snap! I never snap! I should be sorry I snapped.. I‟ve been snapping way too much lately.. Snap snap snap.” “I know, and it‟s not you Lousey..”
  65. 65. “And I‟m sorry that this had to happen to you, I really really am, but.. You guys have to stop! I love you, but I love her too and I can‟t bear to see you looking so sad and Ruthie so smug all the time. But if something doesn‟t happen soon, I- I don‟t think we can all stay together.” Louse sadly nodded. “I know, sweetie. I know. But you go spend some time with your lovely fella – I‟ll be okay.” “Promise?” “Promise.”
  66. 66. “Much as I like you Dongy, and I‟m glad you‟re making Paris happy but – don‟t you ever LEAVE?” The boy shook his head and continued on with his work. But suddenly he sighed, and pointed to the pile of plates mounting up by Leech in annoyance. “You can‟t judge ME! I live here! And no, I don‟t do my own washing up as it happens.”
  67. 67. “We have a rather effective dish washer, you see.”
  68. 68. With the end of Leech and Louse‟s senior year fast approaching, I realised I‟ve been spending all my time breaking up fights and have completely ignored everyone‟s (pretty empty) grade bars. So we had to buy another computer to crack down on term papers with! And I actually want it. I love The Beast, but he‟s not pink and glowy with a kitty face.. I think it‟s a magic PC. Because it certainly seemed to cheer Louse up!
  69. 69. And even Leech managed to get a paper done before quickly speeding off for her final exam!
  70. 70. ..Not everyone needed it though, of course. “Look, I‟ve still go to go to my crap-tacular exam in a minute, but this is much more fun than papers, don‟t you think?” “Mmm.. Giirl..” “Did I say speak? You may in a minute, and only to tell me the essay questions if and when I choose to get dressed. CLEAR? Good. Now begin with the woohoo.”
  71. 71. From her friendship jaunt, Parasite is out of sync exam-wise with her sisters. But she had a much better way to spend the time anyway! “So they I yelled DON‟T UNPLUG ME and started doing my robot dance to try and get my point across – have you seen my robot dance actually? It goes like this! Growl – Move arm – Turn head – Growl GROWL – Move other arm – OR SHUT ME DOWN You see? But for some reason my tutor said that still didn‟t answer the question. What was the question? I can‟t remember actually, because then I got annoyed and slammed my boots on the desk for the rest of the lecture in protest. Something about parsnip politics, maybe.” Dongsool nodded in solemn agreement.
  72. 72. “Aww, that‟s one of the things I like so much about you, my Dear Dongy, you‟re such a good listener! And let‟s face it, I have a lot of things I need to say. Often. Quite a lot. Most of the time? But it doesn‟t matter – because I really really love you. Oh, don‟t look so shocked! You know that I do.”
  73. 73. Grinning, he took her hand and gave it a tight squeeze. “See? We‟re perfect together! So..”
  74. 74. “Hi kids! You two up to anything important? Because I‟ve just dropped by to ruin a bunch of pictures and tell you to work out!”
  75. 75. “Oh look! She‟s proposing.. How modern. Kids these days. Get all these stupid ideas because they don‟t work out enough. Maybe this guy does exercise a bit actually, if he‟s going to wander about all day without a shirt on. Oddest tattoos I‟ve ever seen though – but those abs are acceptable. And WOW would you look at that girls leg muscles! Just rippling now she‟s kneeling..”
  76. 76. “Okay, I can see that you two probably work out enough as it is, and you actually look a bit busy. Aww, he‟s saying yes. How nice. Well, see ya both!”
  77. 77. “I KNEW you‟d say yes! You‟re my Dear Dongy, of course you would! This was just what I needed after seeing everyone else so cross and sad. Hm? Did I just hear the door close? Was someone here?” Dongsool shrugged. “Oh well. You know what else I think I need, Dear Dongy?”
  78. 78. “Everyone is still out at their exams, so..” Her fiancé nodded enthusiastically.
  79. 79. “Oh my BURNT TOAST! What are you doing on the couch? I EAT on that couch!” ..Apparently the happy couple didn‟t have as long as they thought. Not that Paris minded, she just gave them a friendly wave of greeting and then got back to what she was doing.
  80. 80. With her senior year completed, Louse decided to have one last ditch attempt at laying things to rest with Ruthless. “Look. I know you don‟t like me, you‟ve made that very clear. And I don‟t know why, but I think it‟s gone a bit beyond the time to ask that. So I wanted to apologise, Ruthless.” “Eh?” But Louse carried on calmly. “Apologise for whatever it is I‟ve done that makes you feel like you need to keep on rowing with me. I‟m sorry. I really, really am. So please, I‟m asking you one last time to stop this pointless fighting and violence. Because I‟m sorry. And I forgive you.”
  81. 81. “Pointless violence? But.. It‟s not pointless!” “It‟s not?” “No, of course not! It‟s FUN!” “..What.” “Does violence even ever need a point?” Watching them from the table, Paris‟s smile fell from her face. Tugging on Leech‟s arm, she looked worriedly on. Oh, today had started so well!
  82. 82. “Look, I‟ll show you!”
  83. 83. “See? Though in your case that did have a point actually – you‟re a boring pain in the bum.” “I‟m.. Sorry.” Louse repeated shakily. “Oh shut up.” Ruthless sighed in annoyance, and once again pounced on her sister.
  84. 84. It was the first time Ruthless had actually decided to jump her in front of the others – usually Louse was muuuuuch easier to taunt her when she was alone. Funny how sister loyalty comes out.
  85. 85. “Oh gosh Ruthless! Please make sure you don‟t get hurt, please don‟t get hurt! What will I do if you get hurt!” Riot squealed, hiding her eyes. “What are you supporting her for?!” bellowed Leech, “She‟s going to smash Lousey to pieces! Some one make them stop!” Paris couldn‟t stop her face twisting into a little smile. Ruth had been right, watching fights was kind of exciting actually.. What wasn‟t as exciting was the fact that she didn‟t want either of them to get pulverised.
  86. 86. So while the two blondes alternated between hiding and shrieking in fear, Paris decided she might as well be supportive. “, BOTH OF YOU! Nice punch there Ruthie and OOOH! – Good kick Lousey! Um.. Actually.. That looks pretty painful. Perhaps you should stop now. STOOOOOOOOOOOOP!”
  87. 87. “Alright, if you insist.” Ruthless smiled, as she dusted her hands off and stepped over the gingerly moving Louse on the floor. “Come Twin! I tire of this amusement.” “C-coming, Ruthless..” a visibly shaken Riot muttered, and scurried after her. Leech quickly ran to pick up her twin, and carried her over to a chair.
  88. 88. Plonking Louse down, she quickly started bustling about in the kitchen to prepare some nourishing post-fight sandwiches. But her twin just looked sadly at the table. “It‟s no good Leechy.” she said quietly. “We need to leave. Today.” Leech thought about protesting, but the look on her twins face sealed the deal – and she nodded.
  89. 89. Louse found Riot hovering at the bottom of the stairs, Ruthless having gotten bored with her twin when there was empty woohoo to be had, and gave her a quick hug. “Bye Ri – and don‟t worry. It‟s not your fault. It‟s been really nice getting to know you here, I‟m sorry I didn‟t when you were younger.” “I‟m sorry Louse, I didn‟t want to.. But Ruthless said.. And then she..” “I know, and it‟s okay.” she smiled. “But remember, Ruthless isn‟t always right. But that doesn‟t matter right now – I‟m actually going to miss you, little sister. Good luck”
  90. 90. “You‟re sure you really have to go? There‟s still time for a graduation party!” Parasite pleaded. “We could have dip! Cheese dip! You both love cheese dip and tortillas!” “It‟s true.. I really do.” Leech sighed wistfully. “Haha, sounds great Paris! But we really do. And hey – we get to go back to Riverblossom and finally have a place of our own! A nice quiet place.” Louse added cheerily. “See? Look! I‟m smiling more about it already.” “Well, can I come visit? Or you can visit me and Dad! Everyday!”
  91. 91. “Well maybe not every day, but we‟ll certainly try! I don‟t know if I trust you to feed yourself properly.. There‟s an art to grilling cheese, you know.” “I do, and I‟d rather have no one else make them for me!” Parasite said, and gave her big sisters a final hug goodbye.
  92. 92. And so finally, the two oldest of „Orrible‟s daughters could at last go back to Riverblossom and live their own lives. No doubt to be filled with bugs and cheese and twin love and some much deserved peace and happiness. And most importantly, away from Ruthless.
  93. 93. With the twins gone, Ruthless herself found she had a lot more free time on her hands now there was no one to beat up and insult at home. So she decided to spend a lot of time seeking out fresh meet around campus. Hey – you can still be the big Sim on campus if you‟re feared by all, right? There‟s only a fine line between fear and adoration anyway.
  94. 94. Parasite cheered herself up after the departure by hitting her Dear Dongy with a fish. He actually found it a rather satisfying game too!
  95. 95. “Yes, I‟ve definitely hurt my leg. All my legs in fact! Yes, yes you do need to carry me Dear Dongy. All the way over to the couch. ..Then possibly all the way around campus today too. Just to be sure.” He sighed, but it was with a smile. And squeezed her even tighter. “Yay! I love you too.”
  96. 96. And I love him three! His little face just says it all.
  97. 97. But through her continued dating, Parasite didn‟t slack off during her last year at uni. Oh no. Skills were skilled in preparation for actually being allowed to have jobs again.
  98. 98. And she FINALLY learnt to do the xylophone trick! And here‟s the proof 
  99. 99. Riot being Riot, has kept a pretty low profile through the girls time at SSU when being left to her own devices for those few precious hours. But she‟s been steadily racking up masterpieces, and actually keeping them all afloat when I decided to decorate without checking and money got a bit tight! So „Orrible was right, his quietest daughter has been using her skills indeed, and to good effect.
  100. 100. Ruthless just gave up caring what her Twin was up to though when she wasn‟t needed. She herself was far more important anyway! “And by far, absolutely perfect. Not a bruise in sight. It‟s not my fault I had to throw that table at that moron in class, he dared speak to me.. No matter. That‟s another 50 witnesses who knows that I am to be feared. That‟s a most pleasing result for half an hours work I feel.”
  101. 101. She also decided to branch out in her dating patterns – one can only bonk so many professors without being bored of pinging their bowties in their eyes at crucial moments. So she supposed normal guys would do as well. For the moment.
  102. 102. And before long, Parasite found herself at the end of the university road. “Tulip Taxis? The number one organicly fuelled cab co? Ah good – Step on that greengage gas, it‟s time to take me HOME!”
  103. 103. “Oooh, I quite like the cut of this shirt actually, nice and low! But.. Where have my boots gone. I NEED my stompy boots! Footware matters..”
  104. 104. So with one final finger gun and a quick change of footwear (and sadly the loss of her „nice‟ revealing shirt) out heiress set off back to Riverblossom! Leaving just two little Nightmares left as SSU.
  105. 105. “So this is it Ruthless! We‟ve finally got the whole house to ourselves, just like you wanted!” “Ah, sweet Twin.. Yes, about that.” -- - - And that is enough of that! Why yes, Ruthless did spend the whole of uni beating up Louse, who then spent the rest of the time looking terribly sad, which made me feel awful. But you can‟t expect ME to be in control of Ruthless! She‟s ES‟s granddaughter.. Anyway, I‟ve actually been really good and not played any further ahead than this, so YAY I can do that this evening! So see you when I‟ve done that 