ESWN 2.6


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ESWN 2.6

  1. 1. It‟s Friday! It‟s 7:30! It‟s time fooooooor.. Okay. Very unlikely that it will still be Friday at 7:30 when you read this, but never mind. What WILL still be true however is that I‟m awful at knitting. Thankfully, I didn‟t knit this. Alejandro.
  2. 2. “Ruthie, sweety-” “Ruthless.” “Yes dear. But have you finished on the computer? I really do need to get started on my novel.” “Oh, I suppose so. I was just checking out some of the history of this town – it‟s not so dull as it seems actually! There was some MASSIVE destructive work done ages ago, way before I was born, maybe before you were born even Dad. But it looks AWESOME! Pity they rebuilt.” “Er.. Yes. Maybe best you don‟t read too much about it.” “Whatever, I‟m tired. But, here you go!”
  3. 3. „Orrible thought it best to quickly delete his daughters search history. Even though she was a wonderful girl, he thought it probably best she didn‟t find out too much about her Grandmother. “And besides! I have a novel to write. Well, a little bit before bed anyway. Now, for a title.. Well, my Mum wrote The Rules of Evil, I think it only fair I entitle mine The Rules of Love then.”
  4. 4. “WHY WON‟T YOU TELL YOUR DAUGHTERS ABOUT HOW AWESOME THEIR GRANDPARENTS ARE?!” “Muuuuh! I‟m worried that one of them might finish what you and Mum started – and I quite like having somewhere to live thank you! I like Riverblossom, it gave me a nice wife and family.” “WIMP! LET HER AT THE PLACE.” “..No. Not yet.”
  5. 5. Rather shaken from his evening, „Orrible decided to call it an early night anyway, and see the things he liked. Like, pretty flowers and pretty wives. “Oh „Orrible! Did you grow that yourself? It‟s lovely!” “Of course – the ground here is so fertile, even in Winter. And a lovely flower, for a lovely you!” “Aww. You want to woohoo, don‟t you?” “Yes please.”
  6. 6. Even though the evening was getting on, some people were still busy being productive! “Yeah – don‟t worry about that annoying noise. It‟s just my Twin IGNORING ME AGAIN in favour of her stupid art. I don‟t care if she‟s maxed her hobby enthusiasm, it‟s still BORING and I am far more INTERESTING. ... What? No! Of course I don‟t want to hear about your day, boy.”
  7. 7. And Parasite at least gets kudos for taking the initiative to Meet Someone New, even at this late hour. “More cheese for the fridge and more aspiration points for me. Yes, I think so! You can come again Nice Mr. Delivery man.”
  8. 8. Occasionally mornings could be productive too. “What? Hello? WHAT! .. Oh, hiya useless someone or other from the garden club. You want to talk to anyone in my family BUT me? Figures.. You guys really don‟t know a good thing when you‟re talking to one. I‟ll remember this.. .. ALRIGHT already! But no, you can‟t talk to them anyway. They‟re all busy bonding over skills...”
  9. 9. “Oh WOW! You‟ve won again Paris darling – you really are getting rather good at this chess business, aren‟t you? I was always a poker man myself, but that‟s wonderful!” “Aww, thanks Daddy. But, can we play again? Can we please? I love playing with you!” “Go on then, my little green Princess.” “MUM! Stop looking so worried! Just stay right there..” “Oh, but Riot, I don‟t look anything like my picture anymore, I was so young and pretty..” “You still are pretty! Now hang on, I‟m going to do an update but I need the angle juuuust right.”
  10. 10. After the family skill session was over, Parasite decided to spend the rest of her Saturday doing a spot of dating. “Please please make him a good one, gypsy lady, I‟ve given you enough money to have made my older sisters cry if they were still here.” “Fine fine fine. Now shut up while I pick one!”
  11. 11. “Here ya go, sugar!” “Umm.. Gypsy lady? That‟s the boy my sister dates.” “So?” “I reeeeeally don‟t want to play with anything Ruthless has a claim over. Especially not if it‟s a boy.”
  12. 12. “Ah, you‟re a smart one! Most teenage girls I see round here wouldn‟t give a fig‟s figgleton and just get on with it if they had something, anything, vaguely boy- shaped to kiss.” “True. At school they‟re actually practicing on vegetables. ..Kinda creepy actually. Anyway, can I have another please? For free, since as you mucked up last time?” “Nice try, sister.” “Fine, but I‟m not paying you as much this time!” “Up to you. But one beau.. Coming right up!”
  13. 13. “Now HERE is one you‟re sure to like!” “For frack‟s sake – that‟s Gary! AGAIN!” The rather dizzy boy was just rather confused by the whole thing. “I know yooooou.. You‟re.. Sister of Ruthless. But not Ruthless? I.. Confused.” “Look here Gypsy Lady, contrary to popular belief I do only have limited patience – so just push off would you?” “Such a smart girl! Really, I had no idea you‟d see through me twice!” “AND TAKE GARY WITH YOU.”
  14. 14. In the end, Parasite decided the safest thing to do was invite over the guy from school she liked to squeeze-crush sometimes. “Sometimes, things are MUCH better done if I do them. Actually, that‟s probably most of the time so far.. Ah, maybe this afternoon can be saved after all.”
  15. 15. With Leech gone, I gave the Nightmare‟s back their guitar as it will no longer become a Bad Apple trap with no Bad Apple to trap. I think they appreciated the gesture. ..Each in their own way.
  16. 16. “Ta dah! That didn‟t take long at all. „Orrible Nightmare‟s Rules of Love shall be in the shops, o er, that‟s the phone – so probably about now! I hope they like it.. I wrote truthfully and I‟ve had a very lovely life of Love, so I don‟t see any reason why the rest of Riverblossom can‟t too.” And did it do well?
  17. 17. Well – would you buy a book from „Orrible? Of COURSE you would! Bestseller, and Family Scrapbook is now complete for Generation One. Thank you, my litte man! “No problem. Oh, just think about all those people now able to learn about Magic Beds together! And then when they get to chapter 6.. Oh, it shall be a happy Riverblossom tonight.”
  18. 18. “Hello? College? Yes, I would like to meet lots of Someone News, please send a taxi!” Oddly enough, Sim State obeyed. And Paris found herself on her way to join her older sisters in YAdom.
  19. 19. In just as unfitting an outfit as each of them did!
  20. 20. With that quickly rectified, she was more than ready to jump into college life. So her first task?
  21. 21. Well, that was this. Which shortly led to..
  22. 22. This. Lots of this. Which in turn meant..
  23. 23. A helluva lot of this. “Talk to people yet? Now? PLEASE?” I‟m really sorry – but no. If Leech gets sick, she might never get better and infect the whole of the Hills. And so, this is the tale of how Parasite spent the near entirety of her first semester lying on her bed or visiting the bathroom growing more and more lonely and sad – while I cursed whatever Sim it was that kicked our trash can over in the first place for no reason.
  24. 24. Her sisters were having a slightly better time of it. “WORK OUT!” “..Nah.” “DO. PUSH. UPS.” “No. Too. Lazy.” “INFURATING FAT GIRL!” “BUM OFF AND LIVE WITH IT.”
  25. 25. At least Louse was getting her daily exercise.
  26. 26. But of course eventually Parasite did get better, and was thrilled to finally once again join the world of sims-allowed-to-interact. “Dance with me Leech! Quick! Now! Please!” “But er – I‟ve actually never danced before. Ever. In my life. It looks a lot like movement?” “It is, but it‟s good – I promise!” “Shouldn‟t I at least move away from the table and chairs?” “NO! I need someone to dance with NOW or I will get very sad! Days of confinement, remember!”
  27. 27. Her need for people so great, she also became the first of the girls to show any interest in dating at college. So she grabbed the nearest male she could who may share a common interest – the gym lot membership place person thing. ..I just like that his name is Richard Beckett. I think he‟d secretly love to exchange his cap for a bonnet.
  28. 28. “Bikes! Not bonnets! Bikes bikes bikes! Don‟t you like bikes?” “Yes, I love bikes. But who said anything about bonnets?” “Er.. BIKES!” “Yes, bikes. We both like fitness, yay us. But don‟t you think we‟ve already covered this subject rather thoroughly?” “But what else is there?”
  29. 29. “This! See? Preferable over bikes any day.” Aww, maybe this is going well after all!
  30. 30. “It‟s so hot you don‟t have a job, you know?” “I‟m a student, but rii-ight..” “We could spend all day, every day, in the gym instead! Whaddya say?” “Yeah – somehow I don‟t think I‟ll be joining you. That‟s enough dating you now – buh bye Bike-Man!”
  31. 31. With that encounter knocking all memories of her solitary confinement aside, Paris was finally able to finish her first semester alongside Louse, and the red head found herself oddly at ease with the alien chattering away as they worked through the night. It was quite nice having a constant flow of chatter for once.
  32. 32. What Louse didn’t like however, was the awful screeching noise when Parasite frequently broke the synthesiser thingy. Even alien ears of steel apparently can‟t cope with it either.
  33. 33. For her leisurely downtime, Parasite found Leech a far more chilled companion – especially as she had usually sweetened anyone who dropped by into staying for games through her liberal servings of grilled cheese.
  34. 34. Despite all their own priorities, on Parasite‟s insistence they made sure to spend at least one night every so often with just the three of them. And what do college girls talk about? “So it didn‟t work out then Paris, you and that guy last week?” Louse asked. “Nah, he wasn‟t right for me at all. Bit of a one track mind, and not even in a fun dating way. I‟d much rather have someone with a many tracked mind, because it‟s so much quicker to be thinking of two things at once, you know?” “Not really – but I‟m glad you do! And you, Leechy? I heard from one of the cheerleaders that there‟s this boy in your psychology class..?”
  35. 35. “Well, someone did ask me-” “Oh no WAY! Why didn‟t you say something!” Paris squealed, “I had no idea you went on a date – how come you didn‟t tell us!” “Because I turned him down.” “You WHAT?!” “He was a vegan. It would have never worked.”
  36. 36. “And anyway, Lousey my dear twin – how come you‟re asking us this?” “Yeah..” the alien agreed, “you‟re always buried up in your fringe in your work – what‟s up with that?” “I just want to keep up with it all, and do extra – don‟t look at me like that – it‟s good to be prepared for the future. The better I do here, the more I can make in grants and ultimately the more simoleans I can earn in the future! And do a bit of tutoring on the side here and there, it all adds up.. But you‟re Fortune too Leechy – how come you‟re not freaking out about not making any money?” “Who, me?” the blonde replied innocently.
  37. 37. “Oh. Well.. I‟ve been finding my own ways to get by.”
  40. 40. “Going to steal the gnome back, la la la.. There‟s a space where he used to be, tum te tum.. Maybe I should fill it with a local‟s head, ra ra raaa..”
  41. 41. I just noticed how incredibly haggard „Orrible looks here.. That makes me sad. Anyway! “Are you alright, RiRi? You‟ve been up all night muttering to that bird, after all.” “Ghost.. Scary ghost yelled at me..” “Ah.” “Like Ruthless.. But.. Wasn‟t her.. Old lady.. SCARY!” “Really ah. Come here dear, put the bird down.”
  42. 42. “Don‟t you go worrying about any ghosts, my RiRi.” “But.. Was she dead?” “Ghosts are exactly that – dead. So we shouldn‟t worry about them, or think of them, or tell our twin sisters about them, mmk? Don‟t worry about her, the ghost won‟t hurt you and yells at you because she loves you. Probably.” “That‟s a weird thing to do.” “Yes, I know. But then again she also bought a bird that likes to ruin shots.”
  43. 43. Oh my. Gypsy lady? Is that you? “Maybe.” Have you come to repay your constant one-boy dire blind date cock-ups?
  44. 44. “Maaaaaaaaaaaaay-beeeeeee..” GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME
  45. 45. “Ta dah! Now don‟t call me again.” YAY! I LOVE YOU, GYPSY LADY! Do you have any idea how much I was panicking I wouldn‟t get one of these and lose all my FT bonuses? Usually ALWAYS they get dropped for toddlers in my game, so I was all „nooo, only one more shot cutting it too fiiiiiine‟ so PHEW. 3 points, thank you very much.
  46. 46. And who earned it? Ruthless. So maybe we got it through threats, idk. Nor do I care – I‟m just glad I have one at all. It still makes no sense has she has very low hobby enthusiasm, but shh. I‟m sure Ruth‟ll be overjoyed at this new addition, so I shall ceremoniously shove it in the corner of the living room by the desk, where it‟ll most likely be ignored for the remainder of the challenge.
  47. 47. Being the only two girls left seems to be working well for Riot and Ruthless, actually. “Hey Ruthless – Dad says you‟ve earned an old lamp!” “Don‟t care.” “Didn‟t think you would, so I wondered if you wanted to spend the afternoon together instead?” “..Can we start by throwing trash at Melody Tinker?” “Sure!” “Then why not, Twin.”
  48. 48. “What is your essay on again, Twin? If it‟s the same you can just do mine while you‟re at it.” “‟My Favourite Person‟ – I‟ve already chosen who I‟m going to write about.” “Bugger. Mine‟s „My Least Favourite Person‟. No matter, after that it turns out I DO have someone in mind after all.”
  49. 49. “I really loved the way you pinned the teacher to the board today with the plastic sporks you‟d saved from lunch Ruthless, you‟re so clever!” “Why thank you, Twin. I bit of forward planning doesn‟t always go a miss. Not that you‟d know much about that, would you?” “Oh come on Ruthless, what do you mea-” *SLAP* “You have learned nothing. I tire of beating you, Twin. I give you permission to go do your doodling for a bit, I fancy mauling something else for a while.”
  50. 50. “ARGH! Why do you keep asking me out?!” “Because it‟s, *KICK*, fun! *KICK*” “..I love you?” “WRONG!”
  51. 51. Er, hang on.. “Just checking out the bruise on the back of his head – my handiwork you know.” Ah right.
  52. 52. “But I think it would be MUCH better with a few gouge marks to go with it!” “Eeek! I love your passion!” “I do not tolerate speaking whilst I am gouging – you are dismissed.”
  53. 53. I finally remembered that now „Orrible‟s old there‟s no danger of accidental babies with the Dance Sphere – so lucky girl Ruthless gets another treat, as if physically abusing the two people who like her best wasn‟t enough for one day.
  54. 54. “Off you go little butterflies – wheee! Fly away, fly!” “What are you releasing them for, useless Twin!?” “Well I‟ve finished sketching them, so it would be cruel to just keep them in there to die.” “I think you confuse „cruel‟ with „comedic‟.”
  55. 55. *noogie noogie noogie* “Now here‟s your lesson - don‟t go showing kindness towards living things again, mmk Twin?” “That‟s.. Just .. Really mean!” “And the problem is? Now go away, I want a bubble bath.”
  56. 56. Ah, apparently an action-packed day of terrorising can be a little tiring for some. But yes, Ruthless really loved getting to rule the house in her own way for a while with no big sisters to stand up to her.
  57. 57. To counter, „Orrible decided to glitch up for a while. It was a terrible state of affairs and sadly, there was only one thing that was able to bring him out of such an arm-bending stupor.
  58. 58. “Are you sure you have to go, RiRi? Already? It seems like Paris only just left!” “..You said the exact thing to her Dad, but it really was a while ago now. But I really want to, and I‟ve actually managed to get even more scholarships than Louse – not that anyone actually noticed me working for them.” “Good girl! But don‟t tell her, she will be cross. I knew you‟d put your brain to work sooner or later, and it seems I was right. So go give that degree a good kicking, for me!” “Shall do Dad, shall do.”
  59. 59. “And you as well, littelest of all my Princesses?” “Sadly yes. I can‟t say I hated it, just having you and me here. And the Twin. And Mum. Whatever, I forget about them – and I not looking forward to joining the uni house of smiles and pom poms.” “Aww, come on now Ruthie!” “Ruthless.” “You‟ll love being in a fun house with you sisters – all of you living just like little grown ups!” “..We shall see.”
  60. 60. Indeed we shall. But first, there is something that needs to be done.. “So, our Dad was chosen overwhelmingly for heir „cause of his amazingly cuteliness – but I wonder which one of us it‟s going to be?” “Dunno. Maybe there should be an heir poll or something now we‟re all at college?” Good idea! Have some choices;
  61. 61. Leech Nightmare – BAD APPLE Capricorn – 10 10 1 6 7 Fortune/Grilled Cheese – Become Head of SCIA Hobby: Cuisine Genetics: Blonde/red Brown/brown The oldest of the first set of twins, Leech has actually proven herself to be a wonderfully awesome Bad Apple! ..Barring her little breakdown. But loved by all (except Ruthless) she‟s slowly but surely been winning over friends with her top notch cheese cookery with a friendly service and her quiet self-confidence. What‟s not so quiet is her distaste for anything active. Pros: Would love adhering to Beyond Cheesy, has a great mix if her parents features Cons: Can only give her 8 commands a day, unlikely to reach LTW
  62. 62. Louse Nightmare Capricorn – 7 3 1 7 8 Fortune/Pleasure – Become Hand of Poseidon Hobby: Film & Literature Genetics: Red/blonde Brown/brown Louse is a trooper to her work, be it Bug Nut or grabbing any opportunity for extra dosh; scholarship, career or whatever. She cares deeply for her twin‟s (Leech) well- being. She‟s the only one of the family who really stands up to Ruthless and sees her as a mean bully – hence she is absolutely loathed by her youngest sister and the two are fast on the way to becoming autonomous enemies. Pros: Only red head, achievable LTW Cons: Won‟t want to be separated from her twin
  63. 63. Parasite Nightmare Gemini – 7 10 10 3 5 Popularity/Family – Become The Law Hobby: Fitness Genetics: Black/blonde Custom/light blue Our little alien girl! Parasite, or Paris if I‟m feeling lazy, hates to be left on her own (unless she‟s working out) and sticks to members of her family like bubblegum to hair. Therefore gets on with everyone, even Ruth, to whom she is actually the favoured big sister. Thinks fast, talks faster. Pros: Alien, fun custom eyes, achievable LTW Cons: Similar stats to my current Legacy heiress
  64. 64. Riot Nightmare Aquarius – 2 4 4 7 8 Popularity/Knowledge – Become Icon Hobby: Arts & Crafts Genetics: Blonde/red Brown/brown The semi-overlooked member of the Generation, and constantly overshadowed by her twin whose word she takes without question. But Riot has still proven herself many times over though her quiet and consistent skill gain, and is the only one of the girls to have already maxed her hobby enthusiasm – she does love her art as it‟s nice and quiet, like her. The Pinky to Ruth‟s Brain. Pros: The most skilled, achievable LTW, already complete FT bonus if chosen Cons: Can lack independent thought, wouldn‟t want to leave her twin
  65. 65. Ruthless Nightmare Aries - 9 10 7 7 2 Popularity/Romance – Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends Hobby: Fitness Genetics: Black/red Brown/light blue The youngest and seemingly one true descendent of Evil Susan! Not that she knows anything about her Grandmother‟s existent though. Mean, to the point of unnecessarily so, she loves to abuse and taunt those around her and especially to boss about her twin, Riot. Scary, frightening, yet easily distracted; and not a fan Riverblossom like the rest of her peaceful family. Pros: Good mix of parents‟ features, a true Nightmare Cons: I‟m scared of her Thank you and please vote in the poll over at! If you do I‟ll give you a biscuit! ..If you pay for postage and packing.