The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 20


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 20

  1. 1. 8th July 2008 Ooh, ooh, ooh! We're back, baby. The Science of a Legacy now brings you Chapter Twenty: Hard Truths. Twenty? Twenty?! How'd I get there.. But coolios. But I had an awesome time in India, but obviously I missed my little Simmies! Last time, it was revealed to the teens of Generation Five that their zombie Uncle Allozyme is their friend Norris' father, but didn't get to Norris in time to tell him before he left for La Fiesta Tech. I'm sure you want to know what happens next (and see some more Shrews), so azy-arrow goes that way.
  2. 2. Norris Bauchman looked out the window, not quite believing what he was seeing. He'd been at La Fiesta Tech for a semester now, and although he was thrilled to be away from his Mother he'd become very lonely, missing all the friends he'd made in Strangetown. So this couldn't be right, could it? All of them? Arriving together and heading for his dorm?
  3. 3. But it was! There were all four Tegenarias: Ara, a wonderfully friendly and generally 'nice' Fortune Sim;
  4. 4. Her brother Gadus, heir to the Tegenaria Legacy, a bit of a confused Romance Sim who was still trying to find himself;
  5. 5. And their cousins, Winifred (who preferred to be called Fred) the Popularity alien who could be a bit of a blunt ditz;
  6. 6. Along with her half-brother Wesley, who despite a quiet childhood had grown up into a handsome, very funny and playful Fortune Sim;
  7. 7. The Turners had also arrives at LFT, and were also known as The Shrews. The elder was Vole - a Family Shrew who looked after all of her cousins;
  8. 8. And her brother, this Generation's bone fide Pleasure Shrew - Rutilus, aka Root. All six of them had just pitched up outside Attenborough Dorms! Norris was thrilled to have them all back, and everyone else was just excited to have left home and start their independent lives. Though Root's father, Arvicanthis, had given him a parting gift - no Shrew can be without a mirror for too long you see.
  9. 9. "I cannot wait to start dating properly!" Root excitedly told Gadus. "And I mean properly dating.. Hey, we can go on double dates! Wow the Shrewettes with our skill on the 'floor! Whatddya say we head out tonight, Gade?" But Gadus looked a little unsure. "Root.. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and everything too, but we have only just got here. I think I might work on my term paper for a bit before that, y'know? I don't want to rush into anything. And besides, the girls said we have to look after Norris for a bit." "But why wouldn't you want to rush!"
  10. 10. Root was still a bit bemused as Gadus walked off into the study, leaving him alone by the stereo. But Ara was, as usual, always on hand for a friendly pat. "He is right Root," she said, "we did come here to be with Norris first, remember? We can't rush it, but we do have to explain everything to him. You know, how he's actually one of us and his Dad is an un-dead monster who was raised by my Mum after he died saving me to make up for killing someone else in the first place. He may find it a lot to take in." "Y'think!?" "So just.. Be extra-nice to him for a bit. And try and understand Gadus, sometimes I think he takes after Mum more than he should." she sighed.
  11. 11. So Root tried to understand his cousin, and went to join him in the study. "So er, Gadus.. You like to study now then? That's er, great. So there'll be no more cutting class to go Downtown like we used to, then? Well, I guess we can try the whole book thing for a while, it may work on the Shrewettes.." but Root trailed off, he was busy trying to work out which way the book opened. "Dude.." Gadus said after a while. ".. I don't understand any of this. Can we go and get some ice cream?" "Oh Shrew yes." And the books were thrown on the floor and promptly forgotten about for the rest of the semester.
  12. 12. "It must be totally awesome having all your best friends living with you, huh Norris?" Fred was saying over breakfast. "Because that's what we are, best friends! Not like, family or anything!" "Fre-eed.." Ara said warningly under her breath. But Norris just laughed. "No, it's brilliant! I'm surprised you all came at the same time, but this is the happiest I've ever been. Really."
  13. 13. "Well that's just great!" said Gadus. "Because you're stuck with us now. And if you ever want to borrow my handcuffs, feel free to. Unless Root has them. You know, we both have so many girls to get through." "Oh. Well. That's.. very nice to know." said Norris, glad his room was on the upper floor and theirs both downstairs. But now it was Wesley's turn to laugh. "Don't worry Norris." he chuckled. "Those two haven't been on any dates at all, they're far too busy dating each other! Romance Sim, my arse you are Gadus."
  14. 14. As the semester went on, everyone was as light-hearted as possible towards Norris. He could tell that something was strange about the way they were all acting, but was just so happy to finally be free of Lisa that he put it down to their new found independence as well. But sometimes, he was still a little lost for words. "You should come shopping with me Norris, really! I saw the sweetest pair of pink heels the other day, and it'd be hilarious to buy them for Gade! Just think of his face.." Rutilus laughed. Norris looked blankly at him for a minute. But then, giggles overcame him and he was soon laughing on the couch next to the Shrew, even if he still didn't understand quite why!
  15. 15. ... ... "Thanks Wesley, I'll remember that." "Good."
  16. 16. Tired of everyone's teasing, Gadus decided he probably should start dating at La Fiesta. He still felt he wasn't quite ready for it, but was sure that that feeling would go away if he just go on with it. With that in mind, he called up the Matchmaker who'd set him up with his first date in Strangetown. "Preferably no-one my Uncle's dated this time, ok? I don't want to give Root and Wes any more ammunition.." It's better to be a Fortune Sim.. Ara thought inside.
  17. 17. "Have this one here, then! I guarantee she's never been dropped for any Shrew." "Which one where?" said Gadus, a bit confused. "She's over here, you moron.." La la la, Fortuuune!
  18. 18. "So.. Fancy a date?" Gadus asked, with a bit of a shake to his voice. "Um. No." replied the dropped Professor. "Oh dear, that's not so good." he sighed. "You messed this one up on your own, dear. Call me when you work out how to do this Romance thing properly." said the Matchmaker as she stalked off, and was shortly followed by Gadus' date.
  19. 19. "Mmm.. Cooking Norris. Cooking for Norris? Cooking with Norris? Oh, it's all such a good idea.." You sure it's easier being a Fortune Sim, Ara?
  20. 20. Towards the end of the year, Ara and Norris found themselves alone over breakfast. Norris couldn't help noticing that his friend looks distinctively less perky than usual. "Are feeling ok Ara?" he asked. "I know you've been making a lot of pottery lately, are your pitchers not coming out the way you wanted?" "Oh no Norris, they're just fine." She poked at her pancakes a bit. "I'm just wondering.. are you really ok? You seem to disappear, and I just want to make sure you're happy." Norris smiled at her. "Ara - I'm fine. Really."
  21. 21. But happy as he was during the day, Norris was still unsettled in the evenings. Being a werewolf had allowed him a sense of freedom during his teenage years, but now he feared that if his friends knew that they'd be driven away. So each day around dusk, he left the dorm to spend his nights in a bar on the edge of campus where they wouldn't find him. Conveniently, it was knows as 'Down and Out'.
  22. 22. Not yet.. I don't want to be on my own again. And he downed another drink.
  23. 23. But Ara really was getting worried. "Guys, haven't you noticed? He's gone, again!" "He's probably at the library, or the gym, or with friends, Ara." Gadus said. "Like normal people are! When was the last time you left the house? Come on, let's go to your shop thing. It'll take your mind of Norris, and maybe I can actually meet someone who I'm not related to."
  24. 24. This seemed to cheer Ara up, and so it wasn't long before she'd dragged not only her brother, but Wesley as well, down to Ara's Aesthetics to help run things. "Don't you think we should probably have come when it's actually daylight?" Wesley asked. "Doesn't matter if it'll stop her whining for five minutes! Plus, I really need a date before Root."
  25. 25. Ara hadn't opened the business since coming to LFT, and was glad to get back to the place. Menidia and Ocean had left her a couple of energisers to start out with, saying they remembered how hard it was to work in R's R 'n R before becoming perma-plat, and Ara wants to earn a whopping $100,000 before that happens. So a quick whizz, and then to business!
  26. 26. "Mr. Old Man From The Garden Club! We've got a special outfit put aside for you, would you care to try it on? We value the Garden Club's business a great deal here." "Why thank you, Ms. Tegenaria! That's a kind offer, and I just can't resist your smile for some reason.."
  27. 27. "Oh." "Really! Toby Tw-, er, Breunig has said that these are the new uniforms!" Ara called across the shop floor. "Oh, well in that case - I'll take three!"
  28. 28. Wesley also hoped to have $100,000 simoleons one day, so was busy picking up the tricks of the trade in sales. He had very willing customers, the first in the form of DrSupremeNerd (Vetinari Dualegacy). "So, what do you have in the way of Nerdy jewellery or witty shirts?" "We just got in a shipment of pendants in the shape of Bunsen burners, care to have a look?
  29. 29. "These look more like unicorns to me.." thought the Nerd. "Mr. Ginger-Man-In-The-Garden-Club! Look at all our delightful clothes! Aren't they just amazing?!" Ara was really pulling out all the stops tonight. ..It's not my fault if a few NPCs get caught up in it.
  30. 30. Things were still going strong as dawn broke. "The merchandise is iffy, but the sales team.. Oooh, oh!" "And these outfits are just so me!" "COME AGAIN!" Ara shouted, enjoying herself.
  31. 31. "These is better than a well watered orange tree! :D!" Yes. Yes it is.
  32. 32. But eventually, things had to wind down. "Have you told Norris about me yet?" asked Allozyme, who'd come into the shop specially, to grill his niece and nephews about his son. "I know we agreed you'd explain it to him to give him time before I come to visit, but it's been a bit long." "Calm down Uncle Al! We're on it, we're on it." "Do it tonight, Wesley." he growled. "Alright, alright.. Tonight." He told Ara and they closed up shop, ready to head back and prepare the others. But Gadus decided to stay behind, annoyed he hadn't met anyone who took his fancy whilst working the till.
  33. 33. "But there's no one I really want here either.." he said to himself as he stepped into Lucky Shack. But he decided to stick around for a while and play some cards, just in case.
  34. 34. Though he began to wish he'd chosen a different table, the woman opposite him kept giving him scathing looks. And then when another guy joined the game, neither of them were even paying any attention at all to him! "Bertie's a Popularity Sim! Ooh, shiny!" That was the last straw, and Gadus got up to give it one last shot.
  35. 35. "So.. Stacy. Have you got a chip on your shoulder? 'Cause I've got an ace up my sleeve.." he tried. "What's say we go somewhere more well lit?" "What does that even mean! And no, I think I'm quite glad that I can't actually see your face."
  36. 36. "Right.. So that's a no then?" The brunette nodded. "Oh, whatever. I should get out of here while I still can, Mum told me not to date Simselves."
  37. 37. So he tried his luck in the equally well-lit Lu Lu Lounge. "Mm.. Nope. No one here either." he sighed, scanning the club.
  38. 38. "But hang on just a second! She's.. Oh damn, she's a Simself. And all the townies are dudes!"
  39. 39. "..Weird dudes." "DON'T play video games! They do not bring about enough eeevil!" Larch Vetinari informed Gadus.
  40. 40. Back at the dorm, the others didn't seem to be having as many problems in the world of dating as Gadus. Root was enjoying romancing the dormies.. "Blue on blue? Such a daring choice Allison, and it really pays off!" "Faint swoon faint!"
  41. 41. .. the streakers.. "Really Sierra, I've never seen anyone look so good! If we were all just naked, the world would be a better place." "We shall dance now!" .. and anyone at all who came to visit. He was really in his element.
  42. 42. After returning from his failed trip Downtown, Gadus knew the least he could do was getting out of writing his term paper again. After a quick tickle that was taken care of, and at least he'd added yet another best friend to his list.
  43. 43. But as his Professor was preparing to go.. "Oh come here you!" she said, "You're just the sweetest little thing.." and gave him a big kiss! Maybe things are finally looking up.. Gadus though happily.
  44. 44. The rest of the dorm were being much more industrious than those two, though. Ara was having none of this dating nonsense, and was focused on getting her gold pottery badge. She'd been at it since she was a teenager, and got her silver quite quickly whilst practicing in the arts room. She'd gotten so good at arts though, that she was able to adopt the same zen like attitude as when her Mother was fixing cars or her Father collecting bugs. Nice!
  45. 45. In the study, Norris was busy writing his History term paper. He was finding it quite tough, and he'd had spent most of the day working in front of the computer. But then he heard his stomach starting to rumble. "Oh wow, I hadn't noticed how late it was getting.. But I've still got time to grab something from the kitchen before heading out, it can't be that close to sunset yet."
  46. 46. But before he'd even managed to get to the food bar, he felt the change starting to take place. "No!" he cried. "Not here, not yet!" But as before, there was nothing he could do.
  47. 47. "Nooooo-ooowwwl!" "Geesh Norris, you don't need to howl so loudly!" said Ara, totally nonplussed. Norris looked at her, confused and scared, and ran out of the kitchen.
  48. 48. But he was so confused, that he only made it as far as the study. Which is where Gadus found him some minutes later. "Hey man, you ok?" he said, going to sit with the werewolf.
  49. 49. "Am I ok? How can you ask me that! Look at me! I never wanted you all to see me like this.." Norris said sadly, hardly able to raise his head. But Gadus just smiled. "Heh, we thought something was up when you kept disappearing all the time, but it was Vole who worked it out. Besides like I said, we're all stuck together anyway!"
  50. 50. "What - you knew? And you don't mind?" Norris hesitantly asked. "No, of course not! Come on Norris, you're one of us! How can you not know that by now?" But Norris just looked blank. "Man, you're our cousin!" Gadus shouted.
  51. 51. "But.. that makes no sense. How can I be your cousin?" Norris said blankly. "Because your Dad is my Mum's brother. And Fred and Wes' Dad's brother. And Vole and Root's Dad's brother. Man, we're all cousins! We just didn't know your were Uncle Al's son. Look, come back into the kitchen. We can all explain it to you."
  52. 52. Ara lept up as soon as the boys came in and went straight over to her 'new' cousin. "Oh Norris, we've been wanting to tell you ever since we got here!" she grinned. "I'm so happy that you know, and we can finally be one big happy family!"
  53. 53. "But why didn't you tell me sooner? Or that you knew I was a wolf?" Norris asked cagily. "You'd have thought you'd have mentioned something before now." "I really am sorry, Norris, we wanted to - so badly. But.. It's a bit complicated." she sighed.
  54. 54. "You could equally say 'why didn't you tell us'." said Fred as Norris sat down. "Because I didn't want to lose you all as friends, of course! That would have been the worst possible thing that could have happened to me, and I didn't think you'd understand. Or accept me as what I am." he said quietly.
  55. 55. "Pfft, hello! I'm a freakin' alien! You think I've ever met anyone else like me? I know I'm different, but I've always known that my family would love me whatever. You shouldn't need to hide who you are. Especially with us!"
  56. 56. "But Fred, he didn't know who he was." said Vole kindly. "Well then, can you tell me who I am please? I've kind of waited a long time to know." "You're Norris Tegenaria. Your father is Allozyme Tegenaria, our Uncle. Only we never knew that until recently."
  57. 57. "Yeah." said Fred. "Uncle 'Zymey was never able to talk since he was killed. But do you remember that day you can to visit after school? Me and Wes were talking about you later, and when he heard your name - he just freaked! But he started talking again anyway, he thought your Mum had taken you away years ago. We're guessing she never told you any of this?"
  58. 58. "No, Lisa never said anything.. Other than he was dead, and that he was a disappointment to her." Norris thought about it for a minute. "Hang on, you said that he had been killed - so she wasn't lying? But then you said he talked, and that makes no sense. The genie told me he wasn't dead, so he can't be a ghost. He is alive then?"
  59. 59. "Yes and no. This is where is gets a bit complicated you see.. Your father was killed, when you had just been born. He died in a fire, saving Ara's life as a true hero. But her Mother missed him so much that she tried to bring him back, only she didn't do it quite right and the Grim Reaper didn't fully restore him, and your Mum refused to have anything to do with him. So he isn't dead, but he's not quite alive either. And he lives with Uncle Meloti and Aunty Styx, so Fred and Wes know him well." Vole stopped, waiting for what Norris' reaction would be. Everyone around the table had their fingers crossed.
  60. 60. "That's FANTASTIC!" They needn't have worried. "Now Lisa's out of the picture, we can be together again!"
  61. 61. "At least, I hope she's out the way.." He thought for a bit more. ".. It all a lot to hear in one night, but I'm so glad to finally know." he smiled.
  62. 62. Instead of heading out to the bar like always, Norris happily spent his first full night in the dorm with his newly discovered cousins. Although he still kept himself to himself a bit, as there was a lot he had to think about. So he contented himself tinkering with the electrical goods, he found he had a knack for it.
  63. 63. When morning came, he transformed back into his normal self in a quiet corner. "What a night.." he said, rubbing he temples. "I always wanted to know, but I was never expecting that.. I mean, whoa."
  64. 64. "But I'm a Tegenaria now. Wow, that feels weird to say. Norris Tegenaria.. .. I think I need a drink." And he sneaked off to before the others woke up.
  65. 65. That morning Ara received a telephone call. "Ms. Tegenaria?" "Yes, speaking." "Wonderful! It's Goopy Gilscarbo, do you remember me, by any chance?" "Oh Mr. Gilscarbo! Of course I do! How are you? I'm surprised you'd remember me!" "Oh, you're not easy to forget, Ms. Tegenaria. And I'm fine. Now, how's that little business of yours?" "Great! In fact, I was just off there now with my brother.." "Well I shan't keep you. Have a good day. And the line went dead. Ara shrugged, and went to grab Gadus and Wesley.
  66. 66. Ara's Aesthetics was now a Level 6 business, so the customers were coming in thick and fast. Ara was proving to be a dab hand with the old makeover chair, and Pirate Nervous is obviously thrilled about it. "Yarr! What-ho!"
  67. 67. Wesley was still trying to win over potential customers. "No, I do not want a nice necklace to make me look less like a man!" "Are you sure? You'd look much better in a dress, at any rate."
  68. 68. And Gadus was having fun with the till register. "What the heck happened to you? You look a mess!" he laughed at Renee Andrews.
  69. 69. "Gadus Tegenaria! I didn't raise you to be so rude, what's wrong with a nice little flirt instead? You could have had a dream date out of that one!" said Menidia. "Oh, hi Mum. I'm trying, honestly. There just hasn't been anyone worth dating yet."
  70. 70. "Zaitrarrio? Really? That's a.. lovely name! I wish I were called that, honestly. Here, we're doing a great offer on these outfits today!"
  71. 71. "Avast me boots!" said Zaitrarrio. Ha, I have to marry him in at some point just so I can keep typing that.. Oh EAxis, you make me laugh.
  72. 72. "I really shouldn't have come here twice, should I?" No Wanda, you shouldn't have. "Zaitrarrio.. Really? Well, you'll certainly have to come back!" Ara was saying. "Oh, I wonder why none of these customers are paying.."
  73. 73. "I WANT TO GO HOME!" "Er, Ara.. I wouldn't look in the bathroom if I were you. But I think we should probably close up and head back now." said Wesley. Thankfully, they did as the business had now reached Level Eight.
  74. 74. Because today was an important day in Attenborough Dorms. Freshman year had just ended, and it was time for Ara and Gadus to decide who'd be moving into Shrimp Shack with them. For Gadus, it was an obvious choice. "Say Gade, you're looking incredibly clean today.." "Shut it, Root." "Oh alright, but can I come with you? Please please? I promise not to out-date you. Much." "Pfft, you don't stand a chance."
  75. 75. Ara had been fretting over whether to ask Fred or Vole, but luckily the decision was made for her that afternoon as Fred came back from class all a-flutter. "Guys, I've met the most wonderful guy!" she sighed. And then went off into wonderland..
  76. 76. I was just on my way home, and then I saw him walking the other way. Seriously guys, he's as just like me - an alien! I'd never seen one before and he was ce-ute.
  77. 77. So obviously I wasted no time. His name's Billy, oh, he has the cutest little nose.. And he's from Marvin Dorms, you know, right next door!
  78. 78. We had a great afternoon, he likes doing all the things I do! But I was just so excited to have met someone who was like me.. Even being hit in the face didn't help.
  79. 79. ..So I thought I'd hit him and see what happens. Sigh, he was still just as cute when he's wet.
  80. 80. He told me that he'd just noticed the Student's Union was having a shoe sale, so obv I just had to have a look. Yeah I know, alright? But c'mon, he said there were shoes!
  81. 81. Just proves how clever he is really. And funny! We laughed about it for ages, just how stupid and soaking we both were.
  82. 82. But I like him. Like, really really like him.
  83. 83. "So I want to stay here, if that's ok Ara? Because then he's just next door, instead of all the way across campus."
  84. 84. So that left Ara the easy option of only having Vole to ask. Who was just as excited as her brother to be getting to move to the Greek House. And so that afternoon, the two Tegenarias and two Turners picked up their things and headed over to the South of campus, to spend the remainder of their university years at the Shrimp Shack.
  85. 85. In true uni style, the four of them arrived to a ferocious battle taking place on the lawn of the Greek House. "Don't hurt the cow! We all need yogurt to survive!" Alas, the llama won.
  86. 86. But such things are easily recovered from, and the boys got back to what they did best. Wasting time in a musical fashion. "I'm not gonna write you a Shrew-song, Because you've got a taaail and whiiiskers.. Take it Gadus!" "I'm not gonna, er.. love.. your little nose? What! What is this?"
  87. 87. And Ara received another phone call. "Ms. Tegenaria?" "Mr. Gilscarbo, is that you again?" "Haha, why yes it is! You found the move alright, I trust?" "What? How did you know we've moved!" "Um.." And the line died again. "This is getting weird.." Ara said to herself. "Oh shoot, I'm late for class!"
  88. 88. "I'm going out Ara, if you want to come?" Vole said as Ara shot downstairs. "Can't! Late!" she puffed. "Ok, suit yourself.." Vole said.
  89. 89. On her way back from Art class, Ara was stopped by a boy. Rather hastily. "You're, you're one of those who have just moved into the Tegenaria Greek House, aren't you?" he said quickly. "Yes, that's right.. I'm Ara Tegenaria."
  90. 90. "Oh you've got to help us!" the guy shouted as he fell to his knees. "You've got to take it, it belongs to you!" "Take what? And please stop clawing at my feet!" she said, quite confused.
  91. 91. "It's.. It's.. No, just take it. TAKE IT AWAY!" the guy stammered. "Alright, alright! Just calm down! You say it belongs to us anyway?"
  92. 92. "Yes, yes it does. The last Tegenarias left it here." he said, as calmly as possible. "Oh, well thank you for returning it to us then! We'll be careful not to lose our things again, but my Uncles never were that organised." Ara took the package, after promising not to open it until she got back.
  93. 93. She was most surprised by what she found inside. "Here Lies Matthew Hart.." she read. "That's weird, why would someone give us that? That's nothing to do with us!"
  94. 94. "Ara?" It was the voice she'd been hearing over the phone for the last couple of months. From someone she hadn't seen for years.
  95. 95. "How you been doing, kid?" he said as he walked over to her. "Heh, nice gravestone." "Don't ask me about it! But it's nice to see you Mr. Gilscarbo." she smiled.
  96. 96. "You as well, you've grown up so much!" Goopy laughed. "But I'm glad I found you like this, actually." "Like what?" she asked.
  97. 97. "Thinking about death. That's going to be useful." "Whoa! Mr. Gilscarbo, I don't know what you mean, but things like that aren't nice to say!" Ara said, shocked to say the least, and more than slightly scared. Why had he been calling her? What did he mean about death? This did not look good..
  98. 98. "It's time I took you to meet my boss.." Goopy said, grabbing Ara's hands behind her back. "Wh-what are you doing?" she stammered.
  99. 99. "Please don't hurt me.." she said quietly "I'm sorry Ara, I really am. But I'm under orders." And he led her off the lot, and away from La Fiesta Tech.
  100. 100. "Starting a bit early today, aren't we Wolfy? But then again, didn't see you last night.." As usual, Norris' thinking had led him straight to Down and Out. It was emptier than usual, but then - most people are less full of woe when the sun is out.
  101. 101. "Shut it Chris. Just get me a double, and fast. It's been one hell of a night." "Sure thing Wolfy, you look as if you need it.."
  102. 102. "Thanks buddy." Norris felt himself sighing as he took his drink. "You sure you don't just want the bottle?" the bar tender asked, with as much of a joke as she could manage when looking at his face.
  103. 103. "Mind if I sit here?" said the girl, even though she'd already sat down. "I guess not." said Norris, looking up from his drink for a moment.
  104. 104. "Oh thank God, it's been hell at the dorm. I just had to get away." the girl sighed. "Tell me about it.."
  105. 105. "Heh, always good to meet a fellow suffering drinker." she smiled. "The name's Nihm, by the way. Nihm Agelenidae." "Well that's a mouthful.. But I'm Norris." he said, taking another sip. "Norris what?" she asked. "Just.. Norris." "Ok, 'Just Norris', spill it. What's driving you to your daytime drinking today?"
  106. 106. "Oh would you just stop crying for a minute!" Goopy growled. "B-b-but I caaaaan't!" Ara wailed. "Where have you taken me?"
  107. 107. "It's just Bluewater Village." he said. "Oh." "It's just a normal house and everything. See?" "..With evil inside?"
  108. 108. "Look, my job was just to bring you here, ok? It's my boss who decides what happens to you next." Goopy looked at Ara's face. "..It'll probably be alright?" he said in an attempt to comfort her. It didn't work. But he led her to the door anyway.
  109. 109. "I don't know why I'm telling you this.." Norris was saying, "But how would you react when you found out you've been living with six of your cousins for a whole year, but they never bothered to tell you? Or finding out that your Dad had been living down the street for your whole life, but he never managed to find you? And that he's the living dead? DEAD!"
  110. 110. Norris took a large gulp, and drained his glass. It felt worse to say it out loud, even if it was to a stranger. "Pfft, you think that's bad?" said Nihm.
  111. 111. Goopy pushed Ara in front of the door, and she stopped in her tracks. "No.." she gasped, looking towards the doorway. "No.. Not you!"
  112. 112. ".. My father is Death." Cue 'duh duh duh' music! Because I'm leaving you here. Muahaha! Thanks to all the wonderful places out there that I steal CC from, because I always forget to say that. And thanks to DrSupremeNerd for uploading Billy for me, I'm loving his crazy couch jumping. For many more wonderful Legacy stories check out the forums, as if you didn't already know.. But this has been Gin, avoiding sorting out my clothes. Ta ta!
  113. 113. "Why.. won't.. it.. come.. OOOOOOUT!" *scrub scrub scrub*