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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 10


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 10

  1. 1. 7th December 2007 Oh my goodness we're in double figures! But hello once again, and welcome to the Science of a Legacy! I apologise if you want to go shrew hunting after this chapter - do try not to. But last time we left the Tegenarias, Generation Four were well on their way, Generation Two were still around - and the Spare Family were having problems of their own! So read on, though this one's quite long - I fear I may have to cut down on my snap-happiness :( But click the arrow, you little seahorse, you..
  2. 2. Oh what a surprise, Family Sim Saeva has popped for the second time on her fourth pregnancy. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like this little area in front of the Snappy-D has become the traditional birthing spot? I think only Arvicanthis wasn't born here..
  3. 3. Allozyme, third born of Generation Four is still in toddlerton, and is none to pleased about that it would appear. "Sniffle, all they've seen of me is me 'n my potty.. It's not FAIR, you love THEM more than ME!" Aww, not that's not true my little pink one. You just happen to be once again blessed with a single nice point, it just seems that way. Anything else? "Me want potty now." Typical.
  4. 4. The "them" he speaks of (my toddlers can all speak because um, yeah.) are Meloti (left, first born) and Arvicanthis, aka Shrew-Boy (right, second born). First born glitch struck for these two, but to me they seem as different as cake and roller skates, so I really don't mind. And they're both nice, so ha! "Ok Meloti, right! I'm finally a child, and you know what that means - it's time to get my shrew on! Will you join me, I know you used to want to be a flutter-but." "Wow, you mean it can really happen? Mum always said I should stop pretending.." "That is sooo un-sherw!"
  5. 5. During one of their very romantic and frequent atrium dates, Repens rolled the want to prank Kerie which he has never done before. So being the kindly being I am, I allowed him to indulge it. As you can see, she enjoyed it thoroughly. "You alright there my little scrumpet?" "Meeeeewwwyooorr..."
  6. 6. Even though this is pregnancy number four, Saeva will still not leave alone with the skilling! "But I must tend to them, they're like my Family too! And then once day they'll go towards the great cause of feeding my babies - now who wouldn't want that? They need to be strong in case.. in case something happens.." If only Carrie had told Seev she was safe, but as a ghost unwilling to scare her sister, she only had us to talk to.. Aww.
  7. 7. Ba ha! I found out why everyone was ill, there were some secret roaches somewhere.. I blame the scarecrow. Hello Exterminator who dumped Saeva! "Hello! Now I've finished work, do you want to hang out?" No. No she does not. I do not take well to Sims who break the hearts of my Legacy Family (yes, that also includes you Elise Philps and Matthew Hart - I haven't forgotten.)
  8. 8. Sean, who did not dump Saeva and instead married her, was not best pleased at this old tea-pal returning to the Legacy house. And obviously, neither am I! "What?! WHAT is this?! How dare you come back and try to take the hand of my beloved! Why I ought to teach you a lesson, you man of the vermin! You scum of the filth! In my house and all.." Off you go then, with your whole one body point.
  9. 9. "And so love of my life, I wrestled him to the ground, and beat him with his own spray canister - just to see the sparkle in your eyes.." "Pfft, dude! Come on, Sean.. I saw you mimbley wimbleying at him to pleaseleaverightawaythankyouverymuchnowgoodbye! But I'm pleased, violence is never the way! We should probably let the boys know that at some point, actually.. Oh well, after pancakes!"
  10. 10. "And so Ally, you should always take a foe by the hand, and not with your fist. Unless your mother isn't looking." "Interesting.."
  11. 11. Meloti and Arvi seemed to need no such training in the family ways, having already discovered the one true sport of the Tegenarias - bowling! What did you start Atrica, what indeed. "This is like so totally wicked! It kind of makes me want to shout something.. Not quite sure what though." "Erm.. BOWLY-YAY!" "Nah, that doesn't sound right. Oh well, we need to keep training to fulfill our shrewdom!"
  12. 12. After all this time playing The Sims, it is this generation that has made me like toddlers. I used to just try and whizz through it before, but Saeva and her boys are just so wonderful to watch that it's turned me around! "Oh dear, we didn't name you after an animal dear, but you do look awfully like a lion.. Now, to bed with you, it's the middle of the night!"
  13. 13. After putting Allozyme to bed, Saeva needed a snack before turning in herself. But she was surprised to find her second eldest at the tab with her? "Dear, what are you doing up so late? Meloti went to bed hours ago!" "I'm crepuscular, Mum! I'm most active at dawn and dusk! Because I'm a shrew, remember?" "Arvicanthis Tegenaria, you are NOT really a small rodent! You're a little boy, please try and remember that. Aunty SupremeNerd gave you your name, and isn't it lovely? But it doesn't change who you are. Now get your pancakes and get to bed!" "Pfft, that's what you think.."
  14. 14. Having finally packed Arvicanthis off upstairs, Saeva made her way into her own bedroom, where Sean had been long asleep. But as is usual around here, she wasn't getting to rest just yet! "Mmnurgh.. Love, do hush..mmslseeeepzzz.."
  15. 15. Oh look - we're back in the birthing corner. "Baby.. now?" Baby now. Come on, you're good at this.
  16. 16. And indeed she was, with minimal fuss Menidia joined the family. A girl! We have a girl! But she has the same black hair, blue eyes, and skin 3 as her brothers. But a girl! Menidia menidia is a type of fish, the Atlantic Silverside, which is interesting as it is able to change it's sex according to the water temperature - males at high and females at low. Chilly are we, Saeva? "Dude, we made a girl! Oh she's so lovely.. Sean? SEAN!"
  17. 17. Obviously, everyone was thrilled with the new arrival, and the boys rushed to their mother's side at once. Pfft. Ah, I still love this room so much, I just thought you might all need to see it again :)
  18. 18. In the morning when the rest of the family realised that they'd gained a daughter/granddaughter/sister, much celebration was to be had! "Sean my young whippersnapper, rock paper scissors says I get to feed the young female offspring AND teach it the art of locomotion!" "You're on Repens, rock paper scissors says I get to save her from death!"
  19. 19. "We have soo done it, Arvi! I'm a butter-flap flap at last! Come fly with me, everyone!" "And I am the greatest Shrew that has ever graced your lives, hurray for me!" So this was their great plan? Face paint!?
  20. 20. "Watch out world, I, Shrew-Boy, have arrived! And things will never be the same again! Oh no, they will not. For I am.. Shrew-Boy! Greatest of all the children in the world!" "Yeah, you tell them Arvi! Ok ok, my turn - MOVE!"
  21. 21. "Watch out world, I can fly! So I'm, er, going to fly at you! Yeah, that's it. Because I'm Meloti, and I'm a butter-flap flap!" "*cough*Flapper-butt*cough*" "Arviii, you're spoiling it.."
  22. 22. Tucked away safely in the confines of the nursery, Menidia has so far been spared such maddness from the family. Instead just the love of a Family Sim heir and Mother. Sweetums. She looks very similar to her brothers, even at this early age *shrug*. But the house is now full! 8 Sims and 1 Woofer, so I'm not sure as yet if we'll get another chance to mix it up, woohoo style.
  23. 23. "Young muffin sprat! I have not forgotten thee. Is it time for your walk now? You haven't touched your chewy bone for a while, are you quite well? Needest you a veterinarian? You also seem a lot smaller than you used to be, Parsimony.." Everyone's been getting a bit worried about Repens lately. His phenomenal brain doesn't seem quite what it used to be.. But as long as he doesn't put Menidia in the oven, I think we'll be fine.
  24. 24. Ok, to give him his due, Repens isn't the only one losing it a bit. I looked at his wants and read that he wanted to buy a pet bird. So I got him one. Then realised he wanted a pet bed, but what the hey! So Repens now has a bird to spout the dictionary at - Passerine! Passerine birds are those that perch, so sparrows and parrots and so on. Ducks and ostriches and stuff are non-passerine species.
  25. 25. "Angiosperm!" "Raaaaawk!" Oh I hope this bird learns to speak and then stays around, I'm going to miss writing for Repens.. Er, not that his life bar's short or anything. Nope. Not at all. I also don't believe in denial.
  26. 26. The other beloved Tegenaria pet was of course still around and doing his thang. Parsimony the dog, the most fantastic looking beast to walk the dust of Strangetown. "Ah, this Falcor impression is coming on magnificently, if I do say so myself. The young masters recently seem to have morphed into creatures themselves, perhaps I too am becoming a luck- dragon.."
  27. 27. "Pew! Pew pew!" "Ok, that is so not shrew! It's dawn, I need to forage you flapper-butt!" "Uh, you are so taking this thing too far. Come on Arvi, you don't really think this is real, do you? I like butter-flap flaps, but I don't have wings! It's just play pretends.." "What is WRONG with you, Meloti? You used to be cool."
  28. 28. With his elder sons 'playing' upstairs before school, Sean took some time to himself with his youngest boy before work. "You are truly spiffing! It's amazing how good a mother the love of my life is. If only I could be half as good a protector.. And you'll grow up big and strong, and fall in love, and protect your mother and sister my little boy. Just you wait!" "That's wonderful, really. Now please - take me to my potty!"
  29. 29. "These are excellent loaves of bread! I have used the power of yeast to my advantage, ha ha!" "Dad, I really need to work on this ok? Badges are important these days, you know! And anyway, those are, um, special little trees. And you've just maxed out your skills around the house. Why don't you go down to your business and work on that? You haven't been there for years!" "Well in all fairness primary offspring, it's been slightly hectic! What with that whole cavern thing, and then the house burning down and your mother dying.." "Er, Dad? I really think you need to get out of the house - before it does burn down or Mum dies."
  30. 30. And so following the wise words of his primary offspring, Repens heads off to Bluewater (is that what it's called? I can't remember, but I go shopping at Bluewater near London so there.) to kick R's R 'n R back into gear! It wasn't long before the customers were settled at the poker table, and being entertained by everyone's favourite walking Thesaurus. (Yes Styx, you beat the hats off of everyone!) StyxLady - Just Another Legacy
  31. 31. But of course, things had to change! My Simself had a little word with Repens, and suggested that he start selling a shed-load of pink flamingos. Not only will it up the star rating faster, but every single person in the 'hood will eventually be walking around with 10 of these babies and THEN what is that garden club going to do about that. Eh? Eh? EH?! I love these things and I'm so annoyed that the Garden Club hate them! Revenge shall be mine, so yes it shall.
  32. 32. "Why of course my good sir! These finely feathered plastic pink protectors make a wonderful asset to any home or garden! Everyone is sure to love them!" And with that 'fantastic' sale, R's R 'n' R get's it second ever star - yaaaay! (This is how good I am at OFB..)
  33. 33. Back at the Legacy house, something was actually happening! Without me noticing.. I'm sorry Allozyme, I'm so so sorry! "Don't worry, but I won't forget.. whoa-"
  34. 34. "Interesting, I'm sure this wasn't meant to happen now - but oh well! Where is everyone, no one's come to empty my potty for hours!" You can use the big one now, Al. "Success!"
  35. 35. It was an evening of double birthdays, and because I didn't cake Allozyme I made special effort with Menidia. The bar and smustle music is all ready!
  36. 36. I've even rented a petting zoo! "*Toooot* I'm not sure how a fish'll be of use to a shrew like me, but I bet I can think of something!"
  37. 37. No, I had a girl! I'm sure she was a girl! Well, she still is, but she's grown up looking exactly like her three brothers. But her personality.. Oh what a personality, I can't tell you how happy I am: Cancer 6/2/6/7/5 - it's actually the same as my Simself's I do believe. But our little Menidia will be sailing the high bathroom, but will quickly leave into the toilet to avoid you seeing her if you come in.
  38. 38. A quick change of hairstyle and the Teggie-training begins once more. "Remember Meni, by the hand! Take people by the hand!" "..But what if they don't like my hand? I don't wanna." Kerie: "Sean? What's going on down there? You've already taken my daughters hand in marriage!"
  39. 39. "There's my girl, you'll soon grow up to be just as beautiful as your Mother, the love of my life! And a brave knight will come to look after you, just as I am here for your Mother!" "..But what if they don't want me? I'm high, I don't like it."
  40. 40. Arvicanthis: "Ok ok, welcome one and all the first meeting of the Shrew Club!" Meloti: "Why do we have to be the Shrew Club? That's rubbish, and will you just drop the shrew thing? Mum's right, it's stupid!" Allozyme: "I think we should be the Potty Club, I mean - where would be all be without it?" Arvi: "Enough of you and your potties, Allo! This is MY club, and so what I say goes and-" Repens: "Meloti? You've really grown a lot of fur since this morning.. I thought it was Arvicanthis who was the possum!" Parsimony: "Oh my biscuits.."
  41. 41. "Hi boys! Can Mummy join you? We're all best friends after all, my babies! So, what are we talking about? What girls you like at school? Who's your favourite teacher? What do you want to be when you grow up? Oh my goodness, are you being bullied?!"
  42. 42. "Muuuum, go away! This is our secret club! And Allozyme hasn't even been to school yet, so duuh." "Oh Meloti, why do you still have that ridiculous stuff on your face. Take it off at once, you look like you've been in a terrible scarring accident."
  43. 43. "Ehehee.. I may be nice, but that doesn't mean I can't get my brothers to do things for me. And Meloti thinks he should be in charge, just because he's oldest.." That is one smug shrew.
  44. 44. "My love! What is all this noise about? Son, your face looks ridiculous, go wash it. Now my sweetheart, come here - it's so beautiful watching you bond with the boys. Makes me want to have another.." "Mmmmrg me too fgfdm, but house hgndmmmm fullmmmm!"
  45. 45. "So this is what I've grown up into then? Everyone's insane.." You get used to it Allozyme, I couldn't imagine a family not being this way anymore - I can't wait to go home for Christmas to be reunited with my super-powered chosen one Mother, the amazing mind of my possibly insane Grandfather, and my Shrew brother. Lovely. Now to school with you all!
  46. 46. As Repens has finally returned to the Legacy House, after getting to business up to Level 2, he for once had a clarifying thought. "Ah ha, so my scrumpet didn't die! Well that's a turn up for the books, indubitably.. I really haven't been feeling myself lately, I have the finest mind in existence! Why am I losing it now.." Because I'm frightened by your life bar, maybe?
  47. 47. Back to normal then? "Oh course, I'm recycling all the plastic - my primary daughter needs compost to feed her mice in there!" Repens..?
  48. 48. But with help from Repens or not, we have our first successful harvest - yaaay! Take -that- Garden Club. (Really, they wouldn't let us in! So I'm now crusading for Flamingo Freedom). Juicing some fruit? I know I like to think about my significant other that I love muchly too - I mean, how dare they being so pretty? "Mmm, well he is - but I want to make some juice for the boys to protect them from colds and stuff, I'm sure Dad would approve. And maybe uh, some orangeade for me. Just in case."
  49. 49. Just in case what? You don't earn badges fast enough as it is? "Every little helps." I worked in Tesco once when I was 15, I got paid #10 for a whole week! Such generous people. I won't lie, it's still my favourite supermarket..
  50. 50. Isn't she looovely? Isn't she woooondeeeerfuuuul? Stuck in my leeeegacyyy, the only shy ooone booorn.. Menidia is just a lovely toddler as her brothers, though Arvicanthis seems to have kidnapped Parsimony, so she'd doted on by Saeva instead. Your Mother for a dog? A fine substitution I feel.
  51. 51. "Yes lovie! I magic bottles make you glow, so you can be big and strong and look after yourself! Though with three big brothers, you'll always be safe." "Safe?" "Yes my dear, you four are all going to be safe - Mummy made sure. Now! Can you say 'dude'? Duuuude." "Dude?" "Dude."
  52. 52. "And it's an A+ for Shrew-Boy! None one can stop me, he yaa! Come faithful Shrew-Dog, we must celebrate. Quick, to the Shrew-Cave." "Do you mean the downstairs bathroom, young Master? You appear to need to make a visit.." "Oh. Yeah."
  53. 53. Ah Meloti, my little sane wonderful child who makes me go squee - how are you? Still like your t- shirt? Got rid of your make-up I see. "Oh um, yeah - it's a great shirt thanks! And yeah, Arvi was getting a bit too weird.. And besides, you know it's my Birthday today." I do indeed. Grow up well for me, oh child with inquisitive eyes, you know what I need you to do..
  54. 54. "I suuure do.. whoa, WHOA! Arvi this is awesome!" Arvicanthis: "Flutter-butt."
  55. 55. Meloti Tegenaria! You did it, oh yes you did! Ok, not the clothes and we can actually get your proper hairstyle back now - but you rolled Knowledge! I know those baby eyes weren't for nothing, I've never seen such a thirst for knowledge. "I know! You knew there was nothing else I could be, oh come on.." Yes, but I roll as teenagers - I really need to start rolling when they're toddlers in case I don't get lucky..
  56. 56. Sean! You're perma-plat! What's the first thing you're going to do? "Hug my son, of course! There is no need for me to even realise I've reached my dream of becoming Chief of Staff, when my dream of marrying my love is right in front of me! And then I want to max all my skills, so I can defeat that cowardly roach man - ha ha!" Aww. He never showed the icon, but this is Sean becoming a perma-plat Knowledge Sim - ta dah!
  57. 57. And here is beautiful Meloti after a makeover! I was having so many Margaret Moments that evening.. I'm putting this generation to an heir poll, no doubt, because I love them all already - but maybe, just maybe. My Simself may be marrying one of the spare boys, I adore this generation that much! But to remind you of the stats of this fine young man: Name: Meloti Tegenaria Aspiration: Knowledge LTW: Reach top of Gaming career Aries 9/10/6/2/8
  58. 58. "Eww, that is so not shrew! Meloti's all grown up and gone all.. weird. I hope that doesn't happen to me, all that sucky skilling and - glasses? No way, man - no way!" Well it's your turn in three days! And I'm writing this last half of the chapter as I'm going along - so who knows what you'll end up like! Your shrew days may even be over.. "NEVER! I am Shrew-Boy, and always will be! I've got to -do- something."
  59. 59. "Hey Allozyme, I know you like potties and rubbish like that - but have you ever though of giving into the shrew vibe?" "Pfft, Arvi - I'm not even named after an animal, forget it. Now I'm watching 'I'm a Simebrity - Get Me Out Of Here!' and they're about to put this old guy in a cage.." "Ok, how do you feel about insects then?" "Well.."
  60. 60. "Ha ha! You see? I don't need Meloti. I've got Allo. Yeah, I'm soo fine. Shrewtastic you might even say. And I'm not going to grow up and be all boring. And that's a shrew fact." "..Can I go back to my program now?" Don't the kids just look so different tis generation?
  61. 61. But Meloti was having a far from boring time up on the rooftop.. Energizers? Telescopes? Is there a more perfect way for a newly ages Knowledge Sim to send a Friday night? "Oh wow, this is amaaaaazing! I can see the starts already from here! But I HAVE to get that scholarship - I HAVE to know!"
  62. 62. It is a very good night to be a Knowledge Sim in the Legacy House tonight, but not so much for anyone else.. "Ok, that is so not what a Shrew-Boy needs. My Great-Grandfather decided he needed to introduce himself to me and er, maybe I should have taken Parsimony's advice earlier - that's all I'm saying!" And you think you're cool.
  63. 63. Atrica seems to have decided that it's been too long since he'd seen him family. After Arvicanthis, Kerie also got a visit. "BLARGH! Where's my son? I need to talk to him!" "Waaa! Atrica, not now.. Don't you have bowling to do?" "PLEASURE!"
  64. 64. "SON! Can't you see that something's not right! What's happening to you?" "WARGH! Who are you? How are you in my wine rack? Are you the grapes of wrath?" "REPENS! Don't make me say it.."
  65. 65. "What was that Wine-Moth on about.. Say what? It's not like he's my Father or some other inexplicable relation. And now I have carbonised my crustaceans.. Oh this is a woeful state of affairs indeed. Now, where's my spork?"
  66. 66. "THERE'S A LOOPHOLE! It doesn't bring me pleasure, but you're not safe!" "I'm not doing any sewing, I just want my spork! Kerie my scrumpet, have you seen my spork?" "ARGH, you may already be too late to save yourself!"
  67. 67. Ok, WHAT are you doing here? It's the beginning of Autumn, I do not even play Winter in the 'hood anymore as snow makes it lag too much? "Peep, I was just peeping with a peep friend.." Oh yeah friend, I see. You're coming from the orchard. I know who lives in the orchard. That blasted scarecrow! He hasn't come alive on me yet, but I know he's just waiting until my Simself comes to visit *mutters*
  68. 68. Yes. Allozyme lives in a Princess room, because I was really hoping for two boys and two girls this generation, and I built the rooms as soon as I got FFS. But hey, at least I gave him the purple side, right? "Whatever, it's much safer up here. Arvi's gone even weirder since Meloti's Birthday and I have no wishes to behave like any type of creature! Escape's a much better prospect. One day I shall be piloting this rocket, and leave him far far behind.."
  69. 69. Isn't she loooovely? Stuck in her crib with duuuucks? Playing with muuuucuuus, on fingers she suuuucks..
  70. 70. Saeva finally reached her Gold Badge in Gardening, and is able to have jolly old conversations with the trees of the orchard. "So what was that penguin really doing here the other night? .. No way? Really! .. Really. .. What? Granddad had something to tell Dad .. Oh, I don't understand that, sorry.. Would you like a tickle instead?"
  71. 71. When she's not prattling on with the shrubbery, Saeva managed to reach the top of the Natural Science career, something all my heirs must do. I'm sensing a worrying power lust from Allozyme, he only runs to hug his parents when they get promoted. Neither of the other boys do, and they're a whole 8 points nicer than him! "Oh I missed you baby!" "Mmmm, smellsofpower.."
  72. 72. "Why haven't you dressed like a beetle, Allo?" "Because I have better things to do, you idiot! BIGGER things. More important things than running about pretending all the time." "But.. but.. I'm not pretending."
  73. 73. Isn't she loooovely? Ain't she charismaaaaaful? Pulling the raaaaabbit, with such a greeeeenish gloooow?
  74. 74. "There is so much to see! I wonder if anyone out there can see me.. They must be able to, surely?" Well if they can't see the glint in your wide eyed stare I'd be very surprised, Meloti. Since his birthday, Meloti has not slept in his bed. Or slept, full stop. I feel kind of mean.. But this is what he wants!
  75. 75. "Oopsie! Dude, that sucks.." Well you have had four children.. And about 40 dinners of salmon. Now go to your sphere! You have to go to work practically naked tomorrow, and I don't want your father to confuse you with an asteroid going the wrong way - it's entirely possibly these days!
  76. 76. I haven't seen a female Ecological Guru yet - those are rather small leaves.. "Bubbles adjusted them for me, she said it was much more becoming this way!" This would NOT be acceptable in Victorian Times! I've just been reading Dicreasy's Victorian Legacy and it's truly wonderful - I highly recommend it. And Saeva you would be disgracing that family!
  77. 77. Is't she loooovely? Sat by the pooooooty? She wants a cuuuuuudle, where're you Melooooti?
  78. 78. Being taught the farm the special little trees by Kerie. I do love a good Knowledge Sim with a Smart Milk bonus, hurray! "You must kiss each leaf individually! And tell them you love each one differently!" "Erm.. Are you sure this is right Granny Kerie?" "*chuckle* Absolutely! Stupid Knowledge Sims, they'll believe anything they're told.."
  79. 79. "Whoa! Ok, back away slowly now Shrew-Boy.. These carnivore can devour you in a second! Where's my nearest burrow? Downstairs bathroom, go go go!" "I just want to know where Corvus Tegenaria lives, I hear he likes wolves.."
  80. 80. And Menidia gets the hug she's been wanting from Meloti. They're actually very close, these two. Arvicanthis just loves everyone, but other than that - these two are the closest siblings. "Don't worry Meni, I'll always be around to take care of you.. You're so small! And tiny.. But you're also very lucky, you know that? It's your Birthday tonight, but it's also your big brothers - so you won have to put up with a childhood of rodent stuff. You have NO idea how lucky you are.."
  81. 81. "I've had enough of your stupid talk Arvi! Take that, pew pew pew! I'm so going to conquer you in this family, pew pew!"
  82. 82. "Whoa, you can never crush the Shrew vibe! You're the weird one.. I'm actually glad it's my Birthday, I can go and straighten Meloti out again and-" Saeva: "Boys! It's time for your sisters cake cutting! And Arvicanthis, take that ridiculous stuff off your face, I don't want to see it ruining our album photos!" "Muuuum.."
  83. 83. All the current Tegenaria males, except for Repens who was off trying to waltz with Parsimony, gather around the watch Menidia grow up. There was an overwhelming air of responsibility from all of them, there's no doubt that she'll ever be short of bodyguards, or someone to scrutinise her boyfriends!
  84. 84. "But I like that they're all here, I couldn't do it by myself.." Yes you can, now grow girl - grow!
  85. 85. "Hehe, wow! That I can do! Oh this is so cool, I want to go and get to know the couch springs, like now, heeheee!" Isn't she looovely.. I'll stop now, sorry 'bout that.
  86. 86. "Arvicanthis Tegenaria, I thought I told you to clean your face!" "No chance Mum, you always said be true to yourself, so I am! Ok, now what kind of like would suit a Shrew-Boy best.. A ha, I know! 1 .. 2 .."
  87. 87. "3! The Shrew lives oown! For a lifetime of.. PLEASURE!" Yes! Yes! *does a little dance* Another kid grows up into exactly what I want! Like Meloti, in my mind I already had this aspiration picked out for him, I have been very lucky this generation. You know what? I'm not going to change his clothes. Or his make up. The whole pleasure thing suits him, don't you think? Name: Arvicanthis Tegenaria Aspiration: Pleasure LTW: Have 50 Dream Dates (he will get this) Aries 9/10/6/2/8
  88. 88. "Ah, you remind me so of your Great Grandfather.. I like you better now, you strange strange child! Now, can we play the punching game I like so much?" "Awesome Granny Kerie! I like you better now too.."
  89. 89. It was indeed a night for Grandparent-child relationships. "Meloti, I'm having another one of those moments.. I think I'm very proud of you being my Grandson. Though I knew sought the Knowledge route myself, I always felt especially drawn to it and see a lot of myself in you. Look after Passerine, won't you?" "Grandpa Repens, you understand all of that?" "Yes Malcolm, Passerine in my dog."
  90. 90. "Eurgh, I've only just had some cake but Arvi says he needs help with his homework.. And I can't say no really, he's my big brother.. But I got Granny Kerie to help me, but she keeps getting distracted. It's not working, I'm going to go play sailor instead." Quite right too, Arvicanthis can still do his own homework, thankyouverymuch.
  91. 91. "Kerie! You need to liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisten to me! From one spouse to anotheeeeeeeeeeer!" "Oh, Margaret.. I can't now, I have to help you Meni. Oh my, where did she go? I think I need to go lie down.." "WHY will no one listen to uuuuuuuuuus?"
  92. 92. The next morning, Saeva finally returned from the major shift that is the Ecological Guru's hours. "Hiiii! I'm back, did I miss anything?" Oh you know, not much. Just your daughter becoming a beautiful young lady and your second- born son turn into a mammal of the date-verse. "Dude, that's awesome!" You'd better get changed, a car's pulled up on the street..
  93. 93. *quickspin* "Hello sir, welcome back!" "Why Miss. Saeva! You didn't need to change out of your work clothes just for me *cough*" "Erm.. I think I'd prefer it if you called me Mrs. Tegenaria" she replied, blushing just a little.
  94. 94. Well if I sat down to a dinner like this, I'm not so sure if I'd look as chilled as Mr. Whatsisnam over there.. Especially if I knew what was going to happen next.
  95. 95. If my host's murdered sister turned up, I have an inkling I'd be just a little put off my turkey. "WHAT is she doing? She doesn't have time for this? Er, Saeva? HALLOOO? Dad wouldn't listen to Granddad Atrica, Mum wouldn't listen to Grandma Margs, so they sent me instead.. My sister's been blessed with power, she can't just sit around and have dinner! But I know she loves her boys and daughter, and they're growing up so well.. I can't spoil this for them. There must be another way."
  96. 96. "SEAN!" "Oh a ghost, hurray! Oh Carapce, it's you, hello! Who's ever-" "There's no time for that! Now listen, Vee, the woman who killed me, found a loophole. Saeva protected us and generations to come, NOT those that went before! My Dad is in danger! She's doing something to his mind, I think she's stealing it for her own - you've GOT to tell Seev, she has to stop it!" But would she have a chance to? I think we need to have a swoop round the 'hood, just to see what the Tegenaria's are up against this time..
  97. 97. Over at Corvus' home, I was surprised to find an unexpected visitor.. "Corvus sweetie, who was at the door? Oh, Bertie! You've come home!" "Not quite Mummy, I need to ask Daddy a question and then I'm GOING, this is not my home!" "Corvus'll handle this Erika, you go to work and be pretty."
  98. 98. "Bertie! I'm so happy to see you! We were worried you had gone and weren't coming back and didn't love us anymore and and-" "Dad, shut up. I need to talk to you."
  99. 99. "Miss Vee doesn't think I'm family. Why not? I can't sleep in her room like you and Mummy do and I can't understand why. She made me shut up and go away. That's what I do! It doesn't feel right. But I'm NOT coming home because I'm NOT living with someone yucky like Bubbles."
  100. 100. "What is wrong with this lady? She is always nice to Corvus.. And she said she was nice to you so I'm sure that everything's fine. But I have an idea! Lovie is expecting some more puppies, but we need some more room to help make them full of love. Why don't you take Waffles with you? Then you can be a family together."
  101. 101. "..Waffles? Yes! That's a good idea, a doggie will make Miss Vee see that we really are a family. And THEN I can move back into the house!"
  102. 102. "You're so clever Daddy! I'll go and take him home and show Miss Vee right away and she'll be so pleased! I know, I shall make it a surprise! Like a present, I like presents. She's probably missing me, and I HATE staying here.. You're right about this Daddy, but I still know why I left, Miss Vee loves me more than you ever will." "Now Bertie that isn't tru- Come back Bertie, come back.."
  103. 103. But Bertie had already sprinted off the lot, with Waffles following at his heels. No sooner had he turned the corner, than a pretty stranger approached Corvus from the other side of the road. "Excuse me? Are you Corvus Tegenaria? And was that just your son who ran off with a dog?" "Yes, but how do you know all about Corvus?" "My name is SupremeNerd, and I think you need to tell me exactly what has just gone on here, my friends and I are going to need to know you see.." And with that they headed inside, and Corvus began telling his tale to the Simself. SupremeNerd write the Vetinari Dualegacy, which I can never spell, but it's a fantastic read nonetheless, go go go!
  104. 104. Back across town, Bertie began settling Waffles into his new home. "Oh Miss Vee will be so surprised! I liked you when I was little Waffles, you and Miss Vee made my life worth living, I'm happy you could come and share it with me."
  105. 105. "But to keep you a surprise, I think we need to play out here tonight, ok? And then at breakfast we'll all be a proper family, at last! Do you remember when we used to play stick-stick at night so Daddy wouldn't see? I suppose it was nice of him to give you to me but still.. I am NOT going back, so he can just SHUT UP about everything else he said, I was only LYING that he was clever."
  106. 106. Waffles wasn't the only canine companion to be in the house that night. "The boy may not be Corvus, but he tickles alright, and is better than that bizarre shrew child I ran into before.."
  107. 107. "And this couch tastes particularly divine! My my.. Such flavours, what a texture.."
  108. 108. Yes well, nice as is may be - I can't see Vee being too pleased that her couch is now in the stomach of a wolf. It's nearly morning, ah well - nothing I can do about that now!
  109. 109. Bertie was still asleep in the shack that Vee so kindly provided for him to live in. But at least tonight, for the first time since he was a child - he was not alone in his cold and lonely world.
  110. 110. Soon enough, morning rolled around in the Grey Stone House Where Bad Things Happen In This Legacy. "I'm sure there used to be more than a pile of wood here.. But oh, these headaches. Stealing the mind of a Sim is quite hard work.. But I'm so close now, so close! Where's Bertie? He should be doing this slave labour, not I - Vee Semper! Blah, I'll just leave it here - there are far more pressing matters needing my time."
  111. 111. "Oh I don't believe it! I have nearly the whole mind of Repens Tegenaria contained now. Just a few more hours of this and all his knowledge and wisdom will be mine! And that stupid family will be left with nothing. That ginger brat may have protected her children, but she forgot about her dear old Dad, didn't she? What will they do without him, hey? Well we're soon going to find out.."
  112. 112. Even though Bertie hadn't awoken yet, Waffles was wide awake in desperate need of something to chew. The couch had been the only accessible object, and the wolf had made light work of it..
  113. 113. He shoots!
  114. 114. And he scores. Something began to shoot out of the orb as Waffles chewed away, and Vee's cries filled the house and grounds..
  115. 115. "What the FRAMMIN' in this fleabag doing in MY house! He's destroyed years worth of work! That Legacy bozo is going to get all his memories baaaaack.."
  116. 116. "That is NOT what I planned! Bertie! BERTIE! Come here this INSTANT! I need to kill something.. Someone has to pay for this!"
  117. 117. "Miss Vee? What is it Miss Vee? Oh, I see you've met Waffles, he was going to be a surprise for you.."
  118. 118. "Waffles?! This THING has a name? Get it out of my house now, or it'll never see the light of another day! It destroyed all of my work, you know how important it is to take down Repens Tegenaria before Grim does, I wanted the credit!" "He's not it, it's HIM. Now SHUT UP! I-" "Don't you tell me to shut up, you little worm.."
  119. 119. "No. This time I will. My Daddy gave me Waffles so we could be a Family. He's staying, because I say so. So THERE!" "That was a mistake boy, big mistake.." And so, this is finally where I leave you! Long, eh? What will happen.. oh I don't know, to everyone? Tune in next time to find out, and thank you for reading through this long thing with me - it's awesome that you do. CC by not me, except for the crab shirt (yay), and is from all over - it's a talented community. Thanks to everyone who let me use their Simself, and to anyone who likes the pink flamingos too. This has been Gin, avoiding reading a huge book called 'Biometry' - see ya!
  120. 120. "The tree burns. Though my soul does not. Poor tree.. Now where's Young Master with some biscuits?"