The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 5


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 5

  1. 1. 13th October 2007 Welcome to The Science of a Legacy! Where all my Sims are named after whatever I've been doing in Biology the day they happen to be born. This be Chapter 5: The Coming of the Third. Sorry I haven't updated for a couple of weeks, it's the start of term at University and as I'm Vice Chair of my college I've been running around like a duck with 4 legs organising Fresher's week and checking all the little Fresher's are full of joy - leaving me little time for Simming! But enjoy, and any comments are always welcome! Generation Two is at the helm right now. Click the arrow you spatula.
  2. 2. Just a quick reminder of who's in the Legacy house. Here be Atrica Tegenaria, our founder. Named after the species of giant house spider (Tegenaria atrica) I'm meant to be studying when I'd rather be here writing this, and a perma-plat Pleasure Sim as he reached the top of the slacker career. "Pleasure is this way, yes?" Sure, hon.
  3. 3. His wife, Margaret Tegenaria. Now she's an elder she reminds me less of Angela from BMW, but oh well.. A perma-plat Fortune Sim after reaching the top of the medical career. Worrying, as she's a bit of a dipstick with a tendency for squealing. I don't think I need to give you yet another example!
  4. 4. And their son and heir to the family, Repens Tegenaria. Named after a creeping forms of many plants (repens), he's a Fortune Sim with a LTW of 5 top businesses. Hmm. He's has an unfortunate habit for speaking in long words, which means I have to try and spell them, which I usually can't! "Onomatopoeia." Whatever.
  5. 5. "My goodness, it seems you only left for uni a couple of minutes ago! Your nose has gotten awfully big." "Thank you for the regards Papa, Gin said it might only seem like minutes to you, but that is not so! There's someone outside you need to meet by the way she's quite the Aphrodite" "She's pasta?"
  6. 6. Repens’s fiancée is Kerie Depiesse, a dormie from La Fiesta Tech. Apparently he's pleased she's moving in. "Ah, my little scrumpet! Come here and let me adore you, like lichen does stone." "Mmmmffmfm?" Glad you agree Kez, I can think of better sentiments of love!
  7. 7. Here she is all grow-ed up and made over. (She's actually much prettier than I thought she was going to be!) Name: Kerie Depiseese (soon to be Tegenaria) Aspiration: Fortune LTW: Reach top of the Law career Scorpio 6/5/8/3/3
  8. 8. A speedy wedding, what more could a gal ask for?
  9. 9. Margaret seems pleased that Kerie's marrying in, but my Simself on the other hand.. Come on, it's you're own legacy unfolding here! "Meh, I'd rather be eating some Doritos down the pub."
  10. 10. I already like Kerie, and she's only been in the house five minutes! "I as well favour her. Her touch is as silky smooth as a lipid bi-layer.."
  11. 11. "Repens, I don't half-wish Gin had remembered to turn up her graphics for our wedding!" "Agreed. My pixelated suit doesn't nearly justify my Herculean physic." "Let's just eat cake. K?"
  12. 12. "Haaa-loooo? Right, while Repey's busy with that cake, I thought I'd fill you in on some things. He said this family needs saving and he's bloomin' right! Everyone here's mad. They either screech, ask me for pleasure (whatever that may mean..) or I can't understand half the things Repey even says sometimes! I'm going to bring this thing backdown. Even the lawn flamingos are losing it! There is sure as there is a veil on my head going to be changes around here!" Yay?
  13. 13. You put your right arm in You put your right arm out Do the frickin' smustle Or Gin will pout.
  14. 14. "Whoa, that smustle made one heck of a party! Limo time baby." See how much I like her? More face time the heir already. HA. (SimMe's clearly had enough smustle for one day)
  15. 15. I feel rumbling.. The Third may well be on the way.
  16. 16. "And oh my gaaaaaaaaaw! I smustled until I felt like a .. like a .. really smustly thing. Then Kerie said something to me about changing my.. oh gaaaaw, what was it? I was too busy looking at her shiny hair. I wonder if gaaaaaawnomes have hair?" No idea, Maragret. *headdesk*
  17. 17. Corvus love, you don't live here anymore. "But Corvus.. er, I mean, -I- missed guitar and family!" You're married and I'm actually working on your insane LTW! Tsk. Corvus is the Generation Two spare, and you shall have a proper update of his life next chapter.
  18. 18. THE THIRD. Seriously, coming soon to a theatre near you.
  19. 19. "What! These hamburgers are actually cheeseburgers!?" I know Kez! I still haven't gotten over it either. Intolerance and Sim Death, anyone..?
  20. 20. "Margs, you'll never guess what I worked out! These things are actually cheese! I could cure so many Grilled Cheese Sims, it's going to be a revelation! Just as well I graduated uni, no one else could possibly have made such a discovery." "Oh my gaaaaaw! I sooooo spotted that over a generation ago!" I know, and it still bothers me! But I can see why Kerie and Repens are perfect together..
  21. 21. But so are these two! Atrica and Margs are still very much feeling the love. They're only double bolted, whereas Repens and Kerie are triple, but you'd never know it. "Margaret! Oh, think of the pleasure of Margaret.. Oh wait, she's here! Mmm." "SQUEE!"
  22. 22. The couple that skills together, stays together. In jammies.
  23. 23. "Kerie Kerie Kerie! You're having a baby! Wow, that's awesome, will you name it 'Pleasure'???" "Er, maybe Mr. Tegenaria. I think maybe you've been tending your plants too long.. I need to go now and er, help Repens with his spelling. He may talk fancy but sure as fish can't type it!" "Plants? Where! Pleasure Plants? Hey, that's a good name!"
  24. 24. The time is nigh! No, no, it can't be.. "What, what?! Whatever it is I've got a bad feeling.."
  25. 25. THE THIRD IS UPON US. Meet Saeva Tegenaria, a wee girl with Kerie's eyes and hair colour. Or Atrica's, whatever. Tegenaria saeve (see-va) is the 2nd of 3 species of spider I study. They are a kind of giant house spider, the ones that like the swim in your baths, and I want to know if they're trans- species breeding on the Welsh border, hmm..
  26. 26. "WHAT a find! An example of "The Third" right here in my very abode! I can't wait to tell the boys. Look at it feeds of this lactate substance!" Feed her smart milk damn you! Why are you always in the green! "Because I want 5 businesses and you've got me working in Natural Science!" Shh, it suits you better. And I've decided from now on that all my heirs must either at some point in their lives reach the top of either the Science or the Natural Science careers.
  27. 27. "Kerie it is simply marvellous to have an example of 'The Third" exchanging gases with me! We simply must create more specimens!" "Repey, that's a great idea! I mean, it's always handy to have more children around, I can teach them how to be sane.." "POPYCOCK!"
  28. 28. "This baby gives me pleasure of a warm love kind.. I like it! More please." And you seem to have that effect on Saeva too, aww. Heart you Atrica, really heart you.
  29. 29. "Phew, now I've pawned Saeva off with Atrica, I can finally have my first day at work! A fortune Sim without a career is like a llama without a nosebag. The exciting world of law, here I come!" I see that want for a baby Kezze, don't lie to me.
  30. 30. Just as Kerie was off to work, I got a huge fright from a cackling in my left speaker. Hi Olive, how ya been doing? "Hiiiss! I'm the power in Strangetown! What's with all this fuss over these 'Sims'. What tramps, always breeding and never dying! If I'd started this, there would be quite a different story! Give me a call when Grimmy comes, I've missed the old bug- hey! Where's your newspaper.."
  31. 31. "Pleasure Sim seeks similar for activities of a pleasurable nature. And by that I mean bowling. Please? I've only ever been once, and it was the best day of my life ever ever EVER! Please reply to"
  32. 32. And as everyone went about their lives and left Saeva to survive happily next to a Snapdragon, the me for her birthday eventually rolled round. Kerie refused to spin her, so it's good ol' founder to the rescue. "I wish for.. PLEASURE!" IT'S NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY ATRICA.
  33. 33. Aww, Saeva, I think I love you - you look awesome. She's an Aries 7/9/7/0/3. Making her a naked constantly fidgeting tidy chess cheater.
  34. 34. "Aww Saeva, you're going to help Mummy so out this lot of weirdos, aren't you my petal?" Not if she looks that manic she won't! You two are quite similar, but is that Repens' nose of doom I see? I'm rubbish at seeing genetics, you'll have to wait. I can't even work out which skin tone she is!
  35. 35. "Right, ok. Beeeeeeeeear! Oh on, I sound like Margs." "Ursa." "Huh?" Fastest. Skilling. Toddler. Ever. She's Repens on acid.
  36. 36. "Heheh, BUNNY! I like bunny. Pink and pretty. You give me pleasure happy!" Atrica on acid? Well she's nearly maxed charisma already! I'm in awe of this little girl, I really am. Even on smart milk, I've never had a toddler skill this faster. HUZZAH!
  37. 37. More skilling pictures, because Saeve have powers. Gifted to her by the magic of The Third obv.
  38. 38. "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Ahem. (I've just noticed this could just as well be me trying to take a picture of Kerie's ass. But look, it's very pert! You're a lucky man Repens. I haven't given him any face time for a while, sorry.. BUT LOOK AT SAVEA GO!)
  39. 39. "It's OK Gin, she has been gifted with the power of The Third after all! I am as content as the ETC is to receive electrons. But er, don't look over there. I don't want you to get distracted again, I am the current heir after all, you know.." Over where, you say?
  40. 40. See? She's a Sim of awesome faces. "I think the sequel to The Third is here.."
  41. 41. And indeed she is! Meet Carapace Tegenaria. She has Repens and Atrica’s eyes which is cool, and is another red head. Carapace is part of the exoskeleton of crustaceans, and I'm not sure why I called her that. It sounded a bit mean in retrospect, but we can always call her Carrie for short.
  42. 42. -Insert Margaret Moment (tm) of delight here- I've set her and Atrica to work on novels and art, as well as their jobs, so I can hopefully scrape together enough to start a business for Repens. I do want to do his LTW.. eventually. It's a bit sad it came up as fast as gen 2 when they're still poor :(
  43. 43. "Young infant, you have an astronomical capacity to skill! You are already a champion of the Tegenarias! I, Repens, your father and current head of the family pronounce you, Saeva, even though you are still most infantile - the heir of Generation 3 of the Tegenaria clan!" "Fluffy Daddy.." WHAT?! You can't do that! Carrie's only a baby! Who knows what Saeva may become! But... y'know, alright.
  44. 44. "Margs my love, this pleasure dancing thing is harder than I remember! Where do I put my left arm again?" "Wheeee! Aw, come on Atrica!" "Mmmfm, pleasure?"
  45. 45. Look I built a business, ohmygodwow. This is R's R 'n R, you get a (cheap) cookie if you understand why. It's a ticket taker, which I've never tried. Repens my dear, if you make this work I promise to somehow someway give you your LTW. If not er, well, you'll see.
  46. 46. "Now, you! Have your synapses stimulated at R's R 'n R! I even remember to install urine receptacles!" "You creep me out, freak. But sure, why not." Yayohwowpeopleareactuallybuyingtickets.
  47. 47. "You smustle to the left You smustle to the right Gotta keep gotta keep That smustle all night" A dedicate business owner, Repens manned the place at all hours, coming home to sleep and then he'd race straight back. They danced, they gambled, the used the receptacles.. But did they give a damn star? No my haddocks, they did not.
  48. 48. Until day 4! Cheers tat lady. One star in 4 days! Man, I'm good at this business thing.. Groan, this doesn't look good Repens..
  49. 49. Back at the house, things were ploughing along in the usual vein. "aaaaand... PLEASURE!" "squeak gurgle"
  50. 50. "I love my granddaughters! I love my sons! I love my Margs! I love PLEASUUUUUUUURE!" As I realised, I have yet to show you Atrica in a Pleasure Sim's most common activity.
  51. 51. It was also time for Carrie to toddlerfy. And once again Kerier screwed it up, so it was actually someone else who did the spinning. You want to save the family woman? Pfft.
  52. 52. Everyone does always turn up for Birthdays, you just never see due to the angles of the ining room.. Just making a point! This family's all got the love. (When will I ever get a villain? Wheeen?)
  53. 53. Well apparently not here! Ahh, you look far more like your father than your sister does, Carrie. Actually, I mostly see your uncle Corvus. Aww.. She's a Gemini 2/8/7/3/7. Thus making her Eh? Where'd that lack of neat points come from?! So she'll speedily whip you up a sandwich in nowt but an apron, but leave behind a terrible mess.
  54. 54. Quick makeover so you two girls don't look the same in the photos! "Hopefully this one will make a difference like her sister.. Be strong my Mummy Carrie." "Mummy soft.."
  55. 55. Who needs a nightlight when you have The Power of The Third to give you all the fluorescence one could need?
  56. 56. "Pleasure all gone.." Darn chance cards! Atricaaa, I need your income to help keep R's R 'n R afloat! It's sinking like a stone! Oh me oh my.. This reminds me of the old days, you you.. founder!
  57. 57. "Come Carrie, walk tall with the Sim sapien you are!" She's still impressively fast, but apparently Saeva got the lion's share of The Third's power.
  58. 58. Speaking of! "Whoa, I sparked into a child in my nursery! Hey.. Where's my cake?!" "Bravo Saeva, exquisite maturation!" Sorry love, I wanted you have -someone- see your Birthday! Now let's go test your Powers.
  59. 59. "And then you tickle them here on their tummy, and they they are happy and full of pleasure!" "Oh Granddad, noo! I'd rather just share interests with them.." Way to bffff your Granddaughter.. She's 0 playful points! And yes, The Powers persist, and she skills like a demon and I am very frightened.
  60. 60. "Granddady likes Pleasure. Can you say Pleeee-asure?" "Gwandwaddy!" "Same thing."
  61. 61. Eating the spoils of your skilling? "Yup." Taste good? "Nope." You'll thank me when you're rich at uni, I wish I were you kiddo.
  62. 62. "Extra terrestrials, eh? Sounds jolly exhilarating? Lets have a gander for a while.." Sadly tonight, no one was a-gandering back.
  63. 63. hgfdcgnsvbb!!! Ahem, off to work Repens? "Indubitably." I so stand by my decision to have all heirs in a science career. I've never seen a female Sim reach the top of this career yet.. Next gen though. The decision of Saeva as heir stands.
  64. 64. I thank SmartMilk too Saev, I really do. You're a Godsend. (Just like Hiro Nakamura, squee!)
  65. 65. I'm pleased of how the legacy house is coming along, so as Saeva sweetly dreams I thought I'd let you have a looksee. Look at the outside, blah. Note Reggie the cowplant, a fine specimen as Repens would say.
  66. 66. First floor: Left to right: Carapace's room, Saeva's room, stairwell with skill benches, and then Repens and Kerie's room with en suit. Balcony for tubbin' and gazin'
  67. 67. Ground floor: Left side has Atrica and Margaret's room and a bathroom, main room with skill and reward items and lots of room for smustle-tastic fun. Top right is the kitchen, then dining room, and finally living room with entertainment. ..And yes. That is a bowling alley you see on the lawn.
  68. 68. I bought it for Atrica, so he can fulfil his near constant love for the beautiful game. "Steeeerike! Gin, you pleasurable creator you.." Atrica, you pleasurable founder, you..
  69. 69. "Oh my gibbons! This leaf needs a change.. This is no life for Repens Tegenaria!" It's the perfect life, so go shower and teach Saeva.. everything. And this is where I shall leave you for now my troutbags of glory. Thanks for reading and all the lovely comments I've been receiving! CC by not me, however any typos are. Tune in next time to find out exactly what Corvus has been up to, if I'll finally get that villain I want, will the business go down the pan, and what exactly is "The Third"?. This is GintasticNecat, avoiding sticking pins into a map of Wales.
  70. 70. "Such a magnificent creature.. Lllangypjgfdj erm.. Gin.. help?" Laganaphyllis Simnovorii I'm clever than Repens, I'm clever than Repens!