The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 7


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 7

  1. 1. 6th November 2007 Hello hello hello! Welcome to The Science of a Legacy! The long break in updates can be blamed on TS2 Castaway, oops.. But anyway! When we last left the Tegenaria Family, Generation Three sisters Saeva and Carapace had just left for La Fiesta Tech university. Saeva had been left with a mysterious mission by her grandfather, Atrica, which if she completes will apparently save the family from oblivion! Oo er. So read on, my little Sardines of love, read on!
  2. 2. I know she's been rather absent, but my Simself had a makeover as she's actually going to have some work to do soon. "Omgnooo! I'm just happy watching! But I am really worried about this whole 'mission' Atrica entrusted Saeva with, he wouldn't even tell me what it was all about. But am I going to help protect my legacy? Heck yeah!"
  3. 3. So Generation Three, heir Saeva (left) and happy little sis Carapace headed off to La Fiesta tech, in order to smustle their little hearts out. "Carrie dude, don't you think you're over doing a bit?" "No way schmose, you always need that extra little oomph in life!"
  4. 4. Accompanying them are Bubbles and Bertie, their twin cousins. "Bertie! This spaghetti is so awesome! If I learn to make it from the cafeteria worker, do you think that would impress the boys?!" *giggle* "Shut up Bubbles, I don't have time to listen to that twaddle." Bertie was not a pleasant child, I must say, compared to his 10 nice points sister and cousin.
  5. 5. "Carapace, just -think- what we could use weapons for as university students! Llama we don't like, pow! Cow gets in our way, KABOOM! This is the most interesting conversation I've had all day, ha ha!" ".. Weirdo .. How are we related to this guy?"
  6. 6. In order to get away from the 'chatterings' of the girls, Bertie took to the bubbles. Hard. Saeva, prodigy blessed with special powers for whatever reason, was busy getting to grip with yet another skill. "Accuracy is not to be mocked! I may need it for my mission that Grandfather entrusted with me so-" If you're not going to tell me what it is this time, just get back to your darn darts! "Sorry Gin, secrets must." Sigh.
  7. 7. But as a Family Sim in the making, Saeva decided that even though it was only the first semester of her education, it was never too early to start husband-hunting. "Ok dude, I need a Dude, right? Strong with brown hair would be good, mind."
  8. 8. "Matthew Hart, I triple bolt you!!" "Likewise my little campus crumpet, your makeup can't even begin to do your sublime features justice.." She does not get eaten by eels at this time. You looked a little worried. Or Matthew either, sadly. At this point I didn't know he was from the frat house and playable, but him being actually potential spouse material would have been too easy! Sorry Seev, you're going to have to keep looking. "But I want hiiiim! Who are you to fight triple-bolt-tation?"
  9. 9. "..And he was soooo like DUDE, random dormie!" "Hmm, yes, I do think I agree. Sigh, they wouldn't let me in the fraternity you know.. Apparently you shouldn't do certain things to certain members, sigh.." Even more reason not to leave this!
  10. 10. "Oook! If Saeva can have a date, so can I! I'm not heir, so anyway will do, hehe! Oh boy, I'm so excited! Thank you kind gypsy lady, thank you!!" "Geez, I haven't even finished looking yet. Right, change search topic to 'Can cope with excessive happiness'."
  11. 11. "Whoah, how did I get here?! I was bust checking our Crumblebottom's behind to see if such a thing can actually become cru-.. Hello.. Who is that fine piece of crumple-freeness over there.." Bubbles: "10 points if I hit the guy in a dressing gown!"
  12. 12. Carapace: "Wow, Lee.. You're.. You're amazing! I can't quite stand up.. Seev, help, I think I'm going to.. Oh my!" Saeva: "Gotta go Dad, Carrie's about to fall over and die. Oh no, it's not the big bork! I think it's love. Yeah, just like me and Matty.." NO Saeva!
  13. 13. "..Eeheheheheeee!" "Ohohohohooooooo!" Happily suited - nice. Why didn't you fall out of the sky earlier?! "I was saving myself for Carrie.."
  14. 14. "Saeva, everyone's started dating except me, and I'M the Romance Sim! I won't be alone forever will I? I mean, I am a drama major and they're always really popular, right? And you and Carrie have to help your family and I just feel so useless, and Bertie's being so WEIRD, and and.." "Calm down Bubs! Carrie and me haven't forgotten about you, it's just that I need to find someone to sped the rest of my life with, and Carrie.. Well, you know our Carapace! If she can spread her smiles, then she will. You'll find someone soon enough, and I'm sure Bertie's just.. tired. Or something. Hey, shouldn't Carrie be back from her date with Lee now? It's been hours!"
  15. 15. "Mwaaa! Oh Lee, I thought I was the happiest Sim in the world before, but now, mmmmmm..." "Mmmmm!" Apparently th date is going very well indeed!
  16. 16. "Eww, dude! I wouldn't want a guy in a dressing gown slobbering on me! Who knows when he last washed it! Or maybe when that dormie last washed! Or Bertie. Or.. just, ew! Can I leave yet? You know Matty's in a fraternity and said.." NO!
  17. 17. "Sigh.. I won't be alone forever, just got to remember that.. We've only just started uni.." Whatcha painting Bubbles? "Sad clowns." Oh :(
  18. 18. "I said SHUT UP bugs! Go AWAY!" And so after never having roaches, I now get them twice in the same generation, argh!
  19. 19. Though that does mean.. "Oh dude! That is one hot exterminator! Quick, where's my purse!"
  20. 20. "Wow Miss. Tegenaria, this is quite a lot! Are you sure you can afford this? Not that I'm complaining, mind." "It's fine Randy, do you want to come in for a cup of tea and a biscuit? My sister's always got them on hand just in case we meet a nice friend and-"
  21. 21. "Sorry Miss, I don't have any time for university students, there are roaches to kill and besides, my van needs repainting. Yellow just doesn't seem to send the right message to our clients.." "But, but.. Not another one gone!"
  22. 22. After quickly hearing of her sister's rejection by the local roach man, Carapace started frantically drafting a letter to her local council. "Dear Sir/Madame/Etc, I am writing to inform you of my extreme disgust at the awful behaviour of one of your employees. I suggest you exterminate HIM before we unleash the powers of the a legacy upon you! No one says no to my sister, she is the most wonderful Sim you will ever meet and I demand satisfaction. Thnx, Carapace Tegenaria xxx"
  23. 23. "Matty, you really mean it?! I can get out of this slightly pongy dorm? .. And live with you? .. Oh, not with you .. Trout House, eh? Yeah, I think my Dad and uncle went there, but couldn't I- .. No? Oh ok, I'll look into it. Lov-" NO!
  24. 24. "Tina, my name is Saeva Tegenaria and I've heard so many great things about you from my Dad, Repens. You remember him and uncle Corvus, right?" "Of course! Me and Corvie used to build snowmen together! Say, do you want to join Trout House?" "DUDE!"
  25. 25. "Tina, I'm Carapace and my sister Saeva is my best friend. I need to look after her because there's a huge burden been placed on our generation and .. I'll make you cookies every day!" "You have a nice smile, you make me feel all cheery inside! You're certainly a trout!"
  26. 26. "Grr, so much talk of cookies and smiles! I miss being able to crumple the heads of my toys, there's nothing here to take my frustration out on! Just breathe deep B-Man, that's the key.." I said he hit the bubbles hard..
  27. 27. "Repens? Yeah, you're daughters are moving to Trout House! Exciting, huh? But anyway, I'm moving out, so we should get the old gang together and make snow angles real soon! .. Ok, see you then, buddy!"
  28. 28. And so Tina the cheerleader departed for the real world, leaving the Generation Three Tegenarias in the possession of Trout House.
  29. 29. Tina was not the only old face Saeva met that night.. "Elise." "Tegenaria brat." (Elise broke Corvus's heart - boooo!)
  30. 30. So obviously it wasn't long before the girls initiated their cousins as full Trout House members, and celebrated with a true party in the style of pizza and beer. "Beeertie, have some beer and/or pizza! Don't you want to join in?" "No. I'm conserving myself with this salad. I'm better than you. Now shut up!" ".. Weirdo .."
  31. 31. "Bertie! Why do you have to be so rude! Saeva and Carapace have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome. Help them out, ok? For me?" "Don't worry Bubbles, I'll help them when the time comes. Now shut up!" "But, I don-" "SHUT UP!"
  32. 32. "Miss Tegenaria, the council sent me over with a personal apology. I should never have declined your kind offer of tea and biscuits. Your er, sister isn't around is she?" "No she's out with her boyfriend, and she took all the biscuits with her for a picnic in Gothier Green.. But it's really great to see you again Randy!"
  33. 33. "And.. you could always just stay for a little anyway? There's always green pizza on the table! .. Please?"
  34. 34. "Oh, but my van needs another coat of paint still.. I er, gotta go Miss Tegenaria, nice to see you again!" "But.. but.."
  35. 35. Later that evening: "Bertie, where have you been all day? Bubs has been worried sick! And why are you dressed differently, and what do you mean when you said-" "Shut up."
  36. 36. "Dad? Yeah, me and Lee are good thanks! How's Mum? Still making odd faces? Cool, she'll never change. But anyway, I'm worried about Bertie - he's been acting even stranger ever since we moved to Trout House.. Could you ask Uncle Corvus and Auntie Erika if they've heard anything? .. What, you've got to go, already? But Dad, I - .. Oh I see, you're part of the welcome wagon for a new arrival in town? .. Hang on, new arrival?! Dad?! Hello?" *click* "Oh well, probably just another motherloading Simself! Gosh, they are lucky, I wonder if me and Lee can have that.. Oh Lee! Mmm, just thinking about him makes me smile.. What was I doing? Oh never mind!"
  37. 37. "Mmm, Lee!" "Ohohohoho, Carrie!" "Eeheheeee!" And calm was once again restored over Trout House.
  38. 38. Well, as calm as things ever get! Happiness however, was through the roof.. "Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Leeeeeeeeeee!"
  39. 39. No more sad clowns? "No way! I can hear all that squealing upstairs, and I'm not letting Carrie be the only one to get in on the act! Hey, you don't think I've got too much make up on, do you?" *whistles*
  40. 40. "Heath, you're hot!" "My, rather forward for a student, aren't we? But then again, I am a drama proffessor, hnaw hnaw!"
  41. 41. With so many guests in the house that evening, Savea took it upon herself to order in some extra food "Hi, thanks! Gosh, you're.. Well aren't you just.. Dude!" "Erm, sure. Cool?"
  42. 42. "Hey, we've got loads of biscuits inside, do you want to come in and try a sample? Carrie's even bought jammie dodgers!" "Hey that's sweet honey, but these pizzas don't deliver themselves you know!"
  43. 43. After yet another rejection, Saeva went back to what she was best at - gaining skills at an incredibly fast rate. Audience, meet Saeva Tegenaria: The first Sim I've ever had to max all her skills. "Dude!"
  44. 44. Sadly, even that achievement didn't rise her mood enough, so gave her old friend from the dorm, Sean, a call. "Come on Seev, I know what you need to cheer you up - a good old game of Red Hands! Carapace taught it to me, it's really fun!"
  45. 45. "Oh Sean, you always know just how to cheer me up! You've been such a good friend these past two years.. Say, you don't happen to want to try a biscuit do you? Carrie says they're super nice!"
  46. 46. "Sure, why not!" Whoever said oysters are the food of love, lied.
  47. 47. "Oh I do sort of like him.. But he's no Matty Hart! I know I'm heir, but that's yucky rule that I can't marry a playable! When I'm king, that'll be the first thing to go."
  48. 48. Over dinner, Saeva felt it was time to share her worries with the some of the other members of Trout House. "Sigh, I just don't know what to do! I mean, I bolt Roach Man, and Pizza Guy, and Sean but I miss Matty! I mean, that's triple bolt love and I don't know what to do.. And I still need to help the family, I've just been putting it off and.. oh dear. I might as well tell you Bubs. Grandfather told me that hidden in an underground cavern, there are 11 Legacy Orbs, that if possessed by the current heir of the generation - the family can't be harmed in any way."
  49. 49. Bubbles: "Well that doesn't sound too hard! What was all this secrecy fuss about, eh? And as for the boys, well.. At least you have a choice! I've only met a drama professor who I don't even bolt at all!" Carapace: "Don't worry Seev, we can sort this out. We're your best friends and have 20 nice points between us - nothing can stand in the way of that!"
  50. 50. "I think you're making a too big a deal of this! You love Matthew in a way that most Sims never find. You should follow your heart and propose to him, you've been thinking about it for days anyway - everyone knows that! Love's really important, sometimes even more so than family and you need to make sure you're happy! I'd go for Matty."
  51. 51. "Oh Bubs, I just couldn't! I love my family more than anything.. If I married Matty I'd be letting Grandfather down and I may as well give up on everything I've been working for! He had a vision of the future you see, pleasure for all or something.. But a life with Matty, oh it would be bliss!"
  52. 52. Bubbles: "Yeah, but true love.. Nothing stands in the way of it, remember?" Carapace: "Seev, Grandfather would want you to be happy.."
  53. 53. "I know he entrusted this mission to stop the bad bork to you, but I always promised myself that I would be there to protect you. I've already said that when the time comes, we're in it together! And you know that, right? We're going to get those Orbs and save our family together, even though it's you that has the Power. You deserve to be happy too! Lee's fully legal Legacy marrying material - why don't I take over heirdom for you?"
  54. 54. "Dude, seriously?! You'd do that for me? Oh Carapace you're awesome! So I can be with Matty, and we can stop this bork thing happening together? I love you sis!" Carapace: "I love you too Savea, now I've got to go tell Lee the good news!" "Ditto! I'll call Matty over right now!"
  55. 55. Matthew Hart was over in a flash when he heard the happiness on Saeva's voice down the phone, he had always shared her sentiments of triple-bolt-ification. "Matty! The most wonderful thing has happened! Carrie's going to take over heirdom as Lee counts as a non-playable.. You know what this means?" "Oh course I do Seev.. We can finally be together! I.. I know you legacy girls are used to more.. but Seev, will you marry me?"
  56. 56. "Oh Matty, of course! I love you like I could never love anyone else.. Sigh, I'm so pleased things are finally working out for everyone.. I'll call you later, but I need to go and help Carrie get ready for tonight.."
  57. 57. Later that night Downtown: "Lee, I've got something to tell you. I've stepped up to be heir to Saeva can marry the man she loves, would you be happy with that!" "Oh course my campus crumpet! I just hope you don't love your sister more than you love me!" "Oh don't be silly, I love you sooo much!"
  58. 58. "So much, that Lee - will you marry me?" "Oh Carrie! I've never seen such shiny a shiny in any shop! It's perfect."
  59. 59. "Of course I'll marry you! Just be careful with all this family business you girls are up to" "Leeeee! I'm so happy! I can't wait to start our life together! I've got to go home and tell Seev.. If everyone thought I was the happiest Sim in the world before - just wait till they see me now!"
  60. 60. Soon Carapace arrived back at Trout House: "Oh Seev, he said yes!" "I'm so happy for you Carrie! I earlier told Matty the good news about you becoming heir - and he proposed as well! We're both set!"
  61. 61. "Hey, we should throw a party to celebrate! I mean, we're Juniors and we still haven't even had a toga party and we're Trout Housians!" "That sounds like so much biscuity fun! But maybe, because we've both sorted ourselves out, we should actually -go- and complete Grandfather's mission? You know, go get the Legacy Orbs?"
  62. 62. "Sorry girls, couldn't help over hearing.. You know, I think now would be a great time to help your family. I mean, if it were -me- I know I would! You should both go home, and then you could tell your parents the good news about your engagements as well."
  63. 63. "Haven't you waited long enough already? You don't want to let your Grandfather down, do you..?"
  64. 64. "No, of course not! Dude, you're right! I'll go start the truck up right now. Thanks so much Bertie, you're such a caring cousin, I can't believe we haven't spent much time together! We will when I get back promise! "Shu- er, cool 'dude'.."
  65. 65. "Since when have you been so keen to help us, Bertie? Hmm?" "I told Bubbles I'd help you when the time is right, I can't let my family down now can I.." "Hmm.. Ok. We'll be back soon. Wish us luck!" "Good luck. Ta ta!"
  66. 66. "Excellent, I can't believe how easy they were to convince! This is almost to easy.. Stupid girls."
  67. 67. "Did I do it? Of course I did! They're on their way boss." ----
  68. 68. Yes, at last! Saeva and Carapace had finally decided to hot-foot it over to this strange underground cavern lurking around the back of the lab.. And finally, I get to know what all the fuss is about! Good luck girls, go bring that pleasure back.
  69. 69. "*Gulp* I can't believe we're finally doing this Carrie.." "Me neither Seev, but it's the right thing to do.." "Sigh, I know. But I can't help feeling like I'd rather be at home with a good biscuit. Ah well, let's let Dad know that the time's come."
  70. 70. "Saeva! It's exquisite to see you after such a long time! I'm glad this family debacle is finally terminating. You'll do wonderfully, I'm sure. I'd bet my monocle on it. If I had one." "Er, thanks Dad?"
  71. 71. "I'm really heir now Mum, yes! I wanted Saeva to be happy, and this way we can both be with the people we love, just like you and Dad! You don't think it matters, do you?" "Of course not Carapace, I knew I'd bring in special children to this family, and I can see my genes have done well! You'll make just as good an heir, if not better!" "Thanks Mum! Ok, make sure you've got the biscuits ready, hopefully this won't take too long.."
  72. 72. "I can't believe this thing was in our garden the whole time but Grandfather did nothing about it.." "He was too busy having PLEASURE Seev! Now RUN!"
  73. 73. This was it, the two sisters had finally reached the entrance to the place where they must fulfil the task laid down to them by the Legacy founder, Atrica Tegenaria. "I'm really nervous Carrie.." "You'll be fine Seev! You're blessed with the Power of the Third, remember? We're finally going to find out what that means, and why you are the fastest skiller of all time! And I think it has to be you who opens the door, I mean, there is a giant '3' on top of this thing and all.. I'll join you as soon as you're inside, ok?" "*Gulp*"
  74. 74. "Alrighty! Here goes nothing.. I feel all tingly all of a sudden! I think Carrie's right, I kind of feel like it has to be me who can open this door, it must have been locked for yonks! It just feels.. right. You know? Right. Ok. Here goes nothing.."
  75. 75. Saeva entered the dark cavern, but was suddenly lit up by many bright flames, shooting out of the ground below and filling the room with a blistering heat. "Woah, DUDE! It's so hot in here, there's so much fire all around the path.. I don't like this. I've seen kitchen fires, and know they are NOT good things!"
  76. 76. "Hey-" "ARGH! Oh Carrie, you startled me.. Don't sneak up on people in firey underground caverns! I'm glad it's you though, I don't want any freaks to get stuck down here with us, I heard that door slam pretty hard after you.." "Seev.. I hate to tell you this. But I don't think we're alone.. Look over there.."
  77. 77. At the end of the passage way, standing beside the Legacy Orbs Atrica told his Granddaughter about so many years ago, was a strange purple-haired figure. Rubbing her hands together and apparently oblivious to the girls presence, she smiled to herself with glee. "The Legacy Orbs are mine, all all mine mine! Haahaha, I'd like to see that stupid Tegenaria bimbo get her hands on these! Power to protect her family indeed.. The only protecting these things will be doing it protecting my own ass! Hey wait, what was that slam.."
  78. 78. "Aaahaahaa, you came! You actually came! My goat, I didn't think it would be -that- easy. There's no way I'm letting you carry on this family and so called 'Legacy'. You have no idea what you're dealing with.. children? Two of you? HA, this is even better than I could have dreamed of!"
  79. 79. "Woah, I'm so scared! Not. Hey Carrie, isn't she just the scaaariest mad lady you've ever seen?!" "Totally! OMGNOOOO she got in the hair dye! Haha, who are you meant to be anyway?"
  80. 80. "Who am I? WHO AM I? I'm Vee Semper. I've been told by little Bertie you've read of me pinky, even though you're not actually heir. I was first born on the second generation of the most glorious Legacy family there ever was, even if my parents did try and sell me. Never-the-less I was chosen for heir. MY two girls should have carried on our line! But nooo, as soon as 'holidays' were introduced to our fair community we lost everything. Gone. Blackness. The big bork."
  81. 81. "And you think I'm going to let you carry on your family? It should have been MINE! Yes it's true what Atrica said, these orbs will protect your family from disappearing into the blackness of the bork but I'm not letting you take them. My blood is all that matters, not any of that filth that runs through your veins."
  82. 82. The two sisters began to approach the woman who stood in the way of them and their quest, showing as little fear as they could muster. "Well I'm the only generation three heiress around here now! My name is Carapace Tegenaria, and my sister Saeva and I will not let you take this away from our Grandfather, and from his vision of true pleasure! I'm sorry about your daughters, but you have to let go! Right, Seev?" "Er.. yeah, sure. Carrie, please! I don't want to go any closer! She's raving.."
  83. 83. "Let go?! Never. You're heir you say? Well, 'heir' you aren't having the key to your family's safety, not unless you're prepared to take on me, and all my power.." Carapace: "Oh yeah? And what power would that be exactly? We've got the power of the Third on our side!"
  84. 84. "As if that means anything.." As if in slow motion, a bright light began to shine from Vee's finger, and an shimmering purple flame started to circle. And eerie cold filled the chamber, as the flame revolved faster and faster..
  85. 85. "We have to leave Carrie, NOW!" "No, we have to finish this for Grandfather, now DUCK!" The sisters began to move as fast as they could towards the door, but the light was bearing down on them at an astonishing pace. For both of them, escape seemed impossible..
  86. 86. "CARAPACE!" "SAEVA! Get the Orbs! Don't let Grandfather down! I lo-...." But it was too late. Vee's power engulfed Carapace, and as she was not blessed like her sister, was powerless to do anything to stop it. The flames swirled round her crumbling body, and she began to fade away, from Saeva, and from the world.
  87. 87. "What have you done?! You evil evil witch.. Oh Carrie, oh goat oh goat.. I knew we should never have come here! All she ever wanted to do was look after me, and now.. and now.. I can't do this, I CAN'T!" Vee: "What, was that it? I was hoping for a slightly more spectacular show.." Grimmy: "Oh don't worry Vee, I'm sure you'll get another chance, you always do. Didn't you want to burn all Romance Sims in your family last time we met? Oh hang on, I think I'm getting a call coming in.." "The third? Whatever. You're dealing with far more than you could ever comprehend now.." Vee lifted her arm and an eerie cold filled the room. In almost slow motion, fire-like light shot out of her finger, straight to where the girls were standing.
  88. 88. "What? Gin? No, I'm sorry I'm already here. No, you cannot have a phone plead for this young woman's life! And her sister's in no state. Yes, I know the heir's of Legacy's are not meant to die.. No wait, what am I saying? What Legacies have you been reading.. I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do. Carapace Tegenaria is dead."
  89. 89. "NO! If Gin can't save Carrie then.. then I'm going to have to! I've had it with you and your cackling and your strange lighty finger thing! Grandfather always told me to come alone, and if I had then this would have never happened to my beloved sister! I can stop this, I have the POWER OF THE THIRD!"
  90. 90. And as she realised what she needed to do, a blinding light filled not only the cavern, but shot up into the sky, radiating from Saeva and her new found drive. Saeva's power had finally come to full term..
  91. 91. "Good work Grimmy. Oh, shiny.. But that's not going to impress me! I know you've given up, just look at you, you snivelling mess of a Sim, it's just as well you were never heir.. Now get out of here, though I wouldn't mind doing to you as well what I did to your sister, heheheeee!"
  92. 92. Full of rage and with strange new power searing through her, Saeva ran up to Vee with a look of determination on her face. "You will never get away with what you did to Carapace. And I'm going to stop you, and make sure you never hurt any of my family again! And I'm going to get those Orbs, and you're going to LEAVE!" "Oh as if, darling.. It's not like I didn't have help in this matter. And as if you have power compared to me, pfft."
  93. 93. "I Saeva Tegenaria, the TRUE heir to this family promise you, Vee Semper, that you will wish you'd never dare come back and put a dark cloud over my family. I owe my Sister and Grandfather that much." "Oooh, err. I er.."
  94. 94. And without another word, Saeva leapt on Vee and pinned her to the ground. However, neither woman was going to give up the fight for the Orbs easily..
  95. 95. "Pigeon face!" "Toad foot!" "Sardine ear!" "Porcupine beeeehind!" With all her love and emotion, this time a strange light began to appear out of Saeva's hand and shine in the face of her enemy.
  96. 96. ..And this time wrapped itself around Vee! The villain fell to the ground, unable to move and in Saeva's complete control as the goodness of Saeva's power surrounded her. "Take that you wench of an Ex-gacy! Now don't come near my family again, do you hear? I'm taking these Orbs to protect those that I love, and that does not include you! Now run. Run away and never return."
  97. 97. Saeva released her control, and allowed an exhausted and weak Vee to stand. "You Tegenaria brat! I was not expecting that.. Ow ow ow.. Take the stinking orbs, I can find other ways to get your family back for replacing mine. You will suffer oh you will oow.. suffer!" "Not as long as I'm around, Missus. Now GET!"
  98. 98. As the rain started to fall, Vee Semper streaked across the Tegenaria lawn, and away into the storm. "She will not get away with this.. No way, no way.."
  99. 99. "So these are them? This is really what all this fuss has been about? 1..2..3....11, yup they're al there. That's what Grandfather said we needed. And they'll protect us from disappearing like Vee's family? I do hope so, I don't want to end up like her.. I'd best get these back to Dad."
  100. 100. "Saeva! You made it, and you have all the Orbs! Oh, we knew you had the Power of the Third for a reason.. But where's Carrie.." "OH DAD! There was this awful woman, I'd read about her when I was a child but I didn't think she was real! And and she wanted the orbs for herself and OH DAD! She killed Carrie! Grandfather told me to go alone, I should have listened!" "It's ok my darling, it's going to be alright now.." "Sniff.. I've got to go back to Trout House, something Vee said has made all this even worse..
  101. 101. "Carapaaaace! No, not my daughter! This woman cannot get away with this.. No, never." Kerrie took the news of the loss of Carapace nearly as badly as Saeva. She married Repens in the hope to bring new strength to the family, which she did in the form of Saeva, but sadly it didn't stretch far enough to protect her younger daughter.. It was a sad day in the Tegenaria household.
  102. 102. And so Carapace's grave joined that of her Grandparents, a painful reminder of the dangers of Legacy life, and why one should always follow the directions of a quest to the letter.. Be it alone, or not. And so, with a heart full of sadness and remorse, Saeva headed back to Trout House - alone.
  103. 103. It only took her seconds to find Bertie upstairs, and let her feelings known to him. "Bertie! You KNEW Vee would be waiting for us in the Third Cavern! Why didn't you tell us! I trusted you, and all the time you were just setting us up to.. to. die!"
  104. 104. "Of course I knew! I've known Vee my entire life. She's been the only one worth talking to, what with you girls and your sheer.. girlyness! My goat, you'd never just SHUT UP!"
  105. 105. "Vee came to see me when I was just a kid. I thought she looked like some kind of weird purple alien and told her so."
  106. 106. "She said I had just the kind of attitude she needed to work with her. I was thrilled, it was horrible being stuck in that house with all the 'niceness' and fully puppies and kittens, I mean yuck! So I decided that I would help her, she seemed like someone who could help me out as well."
  107. 107. "So I told her where you lived, so she could check it out like she told me she wanted to. And also I recommended it as somewhere where she could pick up a free paper. She always appreciates thoughtful touches like that."
  108. 108. "And even when we lived in that nasty dorm, she'd call me up and ask how I was doing. And also that I needed to make sure that you carried out the task you'd been set, if I'd just encourage you at the right time.."
  109. 109. "I didn't know she wanted to -kill- you, I just wanted a way out from all you useless people! Now just SHUT UP!"
  110. 110. "Dim as you seem to be Bertie, it still doesn't change the fact that Carrie's dead and without YOU she may still be alive and here with us now! And I'm afraid -dear cousin- I just can't let that stand.."
  111. 111. "NOW GET OUT OF MY TROUT HOUSE! If you ever darken any of my doos again, you will be as welcome as that purple people eater chum of yours. You are no cousin of mine."
  112. 112. Bertie wasted no time in dropping out of La Fiesta, and stormed out the front door of Trout House, set on never returning and headed in the direction of Strangetown. "Stupid girl, she knows nothing about how wonderful Vee is and how much she's suffered. She should just SHUT UP and leave us alone! But at least I'm free of them now.."
  113. 113. Saeva couldn't believe her own cousin had had a hand in her sister's death, and was more distraught than ever. She felt like nothing in the world could ever be cheerful again. "I can't do this! I just can't continue with this Legacy life! I know I'm the heir again now, but oh goat.."
  114. 114. Luckily, Bubbles was still on hand to try and soothe her distraught cousin. "Seev, calm down! I know this is awful but there's still hope, right? You got the Legacy Orbs! Your family is safe now. That's what matters. Carrie wouldn't want you to give up, she died protecting you so you can keep this family going! You need to honour her memory and do that."
  115. 115. "I know this means you can't marry Matty as you intended, but you still have those other three guys, don't you?" "I.. guess, but what happened to you believing in true love and all that! And me and Matty?"
  116. 116. "I know, but desperate times Seev! Who do you like best out of Roach Man, Pizza Guy and Sean from the dorm? You have to just choose one, time's running out. I'm sorry it's come to this, but they're not -that- bad, are they?"
  117. 117. "No, but I want to marry Matty like we said, and for Carrie to be at the wedding and and.. Oh you're right Bubs. I'll ask Sean. He always stood by me before and you know, at least doesn't smell of chemicals or cheese, just good old fashioned green stink.. I've heard some people like that in a man! And at least Mum and Dad are safe now.."
  118. 118. "I wish none of this had ever happened, I don't want this power. I just want to be safe with a biscuit chatting with Carrie about boys! Oh no, what will her fiancé Lee think of me when he hears? This is a disaster.." And so Saeva prepared for that evening, when she'd have to propose to Sean, and break off her engagement to Matthew Hart - and begin the hard road of Legacy heirdom once more.
  119. 119. Meanwhile, across the other side of Strangetown.. "Bertie, you made it back! I'm so pleased my little minion, we can't have them nasty Tegenaria girls tainting you anymore.." "They threw me out Vee, but you're so kind - I knew I could crash here!"
  120. 120. "Well I don't know for how long, the neighbours may get ideas. Sims are funny like that. You do realise that I had to kill one of your cousins to get out of that little mess earlier?" "Oooh yes, Saeva's reaction was quite funny, she went on about dark doors and everything! She just doesn't get it's all for the greater good. She should just SHU-"
  121. 121. "You need to stop that annoying phrase right now!" "Shut up." "Grr, Bertie! And I'm told that Carapace had begun to suspect you anyway, it's no wonder you were thrown out like a sardine from a tin! If you're going to work for me, you need to be more careful in future. I can't have another plan going down the drain like this one!"
  122. 122. "Well it's your fault it went wrong!" "You should have warned me about the powers more fully, I felt like a zombie in there. Some spy you turned out to be.. You also failed to mention there had been an heir switch - I thought I'd got the danger! And in the end that pinky-dinky heiress managed to walk off with the Orbs.. We need them!"
  123. 123. "You have no idea Bertie.. Now idea what it feels like to fail. Again! Though I am a lot more worried than I was before, this one may cause a threat in her current state. Maybe her power will wane, or her offspring will be vulnerable, or.. Oh, I don't know at the moment. She has the Orbs after all. Her family are protected for the time being."
  124. 124. "But they won't always be! I'll need to recover from the shock earlier, but there is plenty of time to regroup, and your parents don't suspect a thing yet! Side routes always work very well I'm told, hahahaaa.. Bertie, I have a suggestion.."
  125. 125. "Oh Vee, I knew you'd be alright! Saeva could never hurt you! You're so powerful and purple and clever and cunning and and and I lo-" "Bertie! Do not get such ideas. In words of your own: Shut up."
  126. 126. Back over at Trout House, a concerned Repens has come to comfort his only remaining daughter on the terrible events of the previous day. "Oh Daddy, I'm so glad you came! It's been so hard without Carrie, and I've had to give up my love and I don't know if I can face carrying on the family!" "Hush little one, hush!"
  127. 127. "It's been frightening to think that there is a force that tried to threaten our family, but you must have heart Saeva! We are a clade of distinguished survivors, and you are one of the strongest!" "But what if things like this keep happening? To you and Mum? To my children?"
  128. 128. "But it won't! Don't you see mushroom? Vee will be too cautious to come near us now! You've vanquished her!" "..For the time being you mean." "I hope for long than that my dear. But as Atrica always said, look to the future! Sean is a good man and will help keep you strong. All your offspring shall be viable and hearty!" "Yay?"
  129. 129. "Yay indeed sweetheart. Keep faith, this is the right path for you! Indubitably!" "Love you too, Dad. I indubitably do. I know what I need to do in that case."
  130. 130. Later that evening, Saeva prepared for her big night with Sean and to make one of the hardest calls she had ever had to. "Oh Carrie, I wish you were still here, you'd know what to do! I don't want to marry Sean, but I know I need to in order to continue our legitimate legacy line.. My heart and head are so confused! I miss you so much.. I know I can't put it off any longer, I'll call Matty and explain what's happened."
  131. 131. Her fingers trembling, Saeva could barely dial Matthew Hart's number. But thought of her Grandfather and Father kept her strong, as he prepared to break the news to fiancé that she must wed another.
  132. 132. "Oh, I so don't want to do this.. Oh, hi Matty! .. No, I'm not so good actually. Things have happened in my life and family. Carrie's gone Matty, some evil evil woman took her away from me .. Yes, I am the heir again. .. Yes, I know, we can't be together and I'm so so sorry, but I can't marry you. The engagement's off. .. Oh, don't make this harder than it already is! Mat-" The phone line went dead. With a heavy heart, Saeva headed out into the night to promise her life to someone else.
  133. 133. It was only a short journey to the Botanical Dining Restaurant, where Sean was already waiting for her. "Seev, I haven't heard from you for a couple of days, has every thing been alright?" "*Sigh* Yeah, it's been just great Sean. So great in fact, that I was wondering whether you'd make my life complete. You've helped me through a lot, and have always been a true friend."
  134. 134. "Would you help me for the rest of my life?" She slid the velvet box across the table and Sean was caught short of breathe. "You mean it? Oh Seev, I've always felt so strongly for you, but I've never been sure how you felt! Oh wow, I mean, this is amazing!"
  135. 135. "Yes, of course my answer is yes, Saeva Tegenaria! I love you." "*More sighs* I love you too Sean." In a small voice she added: "..I hope.."
  136. 136. While Saeva was out securing her second proposal of the semester, Bubbles was taking it easy back in Trout House. "I hope Saeva has a good night, she and Sean really will do well together, I'm sure. Now, what's been going on the in Simiverse today.."
  137. 137. "Oh no way! 'Rogue Legacy Villan on the loose, last spotted in Strangetown suburbs'.. Oh Seev! If only you'd been this before you went off with Carrie! I still can't believe Bertie knew all alone, my own brother! Oh dear.. But I'm not going to abandon Seev, she seems so alone. Oh goodness, I hope the newsgoats don't find out about Carrie's death, more publicity is the last thing Seev needs at the moment. Oh, I do hope she finds true love with Sean.. Huh, is she back?" But all Bubbles heard was a door slam and a thump on feet on the staircase.
  138. 138. "I love you Seev!" "Y'know Sean, you're really very sweet.. Oh ok, I can't deny my wants panal much longer! Woohoo?" "Woohoo? WOOHOO!!"
  139. 139. Dear Diary, Last night I proposed to Sean. At first I had doubts because I just didn't bolt him in the way I bolt Matty. But he was so kind throughout dinner, and just seemed so happy to be there. I have no doubt he loves me, and maybe one day I will in return, he's a good guy and deserves it. It's just all so soon after Carrie and I don't quite know what to make of it all. I had a dream last night Bertie got eaten by a purple people eater, I wonder what that means..
  140. 140. As the days went by, Bubbles and Saeva tried to live as normal a life as they could. For Bubbles, this meant spreading her love far and wide. In her er, own special way.. "WOOHOO!"
  141. 141. ..Moving in a more than willing place holder to look after Trout House while the girls returned to Strangetown and their families..
  142. 142. ..Saeva went back to mastering as many skills as possible, this time with the help of the newly landscaped garden pond..
  143. 143. ..Which meant that Trout House finally got an actually TROUT! YAAAAAY! It's proudly displayed above the oven.
  144. 144. Saeva also took the time to immerse herself in life with Sean, and as her final year drew to a close, she found herself feeling closer to him than she had previously thought possible. "Ok Seany, make a fishy face, glup glup glup!"
  145. 145. "Oh Seev, you're so cute when you're thinking of aquatic life!" "Mmmmmm, you really are not so mmmmm bad youursmmmmm!"
  146. 146. "Patrick! I know you're just a placeholder who's been made over in the style of Fall Out Boy, but I think I love you, ehehheeee!" "Gee Bubbles, golly gosh, WOW! Do you have to both leave tomorrow?"
  147. 147. Sadly they did. After the events of the last year Saeva felt a big blowout party wouldn't be appropriate. Instead she settled for a quiet dinner of her favourite - seafood. "I wish Carrie could be here to enjoy this.. But I bet she's with Grandfather and Grandma in the 10 lane bowling alley in the sky! She'll be full of pleasure, I just need to think about that and move forward. The Tegenarias are safe and it's all thanks to her!" Outside, a taxi drew up and it was time for Saeva to leave Trout House for good.
  148. 148. "Ok, I'm going to for Grandfather and Father, PLEASURE - indubitably!" And this is where I shall leave you for now. My goodness, what a double chapter! Now if I can put Castaway down long enough, soon we shall find out what Saeva does indeed make with her life! Will her marriage to Sean go ahead? Will she ever be happy? (I hope so!) And what will become of Bertie and Vee? Thanks for reading everyone, as always CC done by many people more talented than me! Any comments are always appreciated too! This has been GintasticNecat, avoiding making notes of various methods of speciation!
  149. 149. "HAAAAPPPY!" Carapace Tegenaria, I'm going to miss ya. This nicest Sim I have ever played, and a Fortune aspirator who only wanted to heal the sick and give them biscuits. I think this picture sums you up rather well ;)