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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 22


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 22

  1. 1. 24th July 2008 Three updates in a month? I haven't done this for ages! I should be unemployed more often.. But welcome to The Science of a Legacy Chapter Twenty-Two: No Greater Love. Last time, which you really should read or you won't have a clue what's going on, everything was laid out. No more secrets in Strangetown! And it's up to Generation Five to sort out what to do with what they now know. Shall we? I think we shall.
  2. 2. I am here today to tell thee a tale, A tale with love of all kinds! The good, the bad, the downright strange, It's sent Gin a bit out of mind.. University is at an end, It is time for us to move on, But there is no greater love, Oh, no greater love, Than that a Tegenaria finds! So listen closely my little friends, And heed the words of a Shrew! We all have dreams as sweet as slugs, And sometime, they come true..
  3. 3. All his life, Norris Bauchman had wanted to know more about his father. Who was he? Why wasn't he there? What had happened to him? ..And why was his mother such a Class A bia-tch? Over the last few years, he's been slowly gathering the answers and had decided that today - today would be the day the he, Norris, would finally meet the man he had so wanted to. For as long as he could remember.
  4. 4. Norris had checked with his cousins, Wesley and Fred, who had grown up living with his father when he worked, and carefully chose a time to catch a taxi back to Strangetown from La Fiesta Tech. After receiving a bite from a wolf whilst he was a teenager, Norris found himself not fearing much. But as he knocked on the door, he felt himself tingle with both nerves and excitement. It had taken him a while to come to terms with who his family really was, and also what they were.
  5. 5. It wasn't long before the door opened, and the moment of truth arrived. "Hello? It's a bit early for my delivery from the farm, who is i-
  6. 6. "Oh my.. No, no it can't be. N-Norris?" Allozyme stammered, stunned to see this young adult on his doorway. But he'd thought about his son so much over the last twenty years that he recognised him in an instant, even though he hadn't seen him since he was a baby. "But I, but we - The Watch! We were just planning the how to come-"
  7. 7. "Ara and Vole told me. But I want to do this on my own terms. And so.. here I am." Norris said. He still couldn't quite believe that he was having this conversation. Here, on a doorstep in the same neighbourhood where he grew up. It was a bit surreal, if he was honest with himself. "Yes, here you are indeed." Allozyme smiled. "Please, come in. I feel we have a lot of catching up to do.."
  8. 8. They two sat at the dining table, and though still nervous - Norris wasted no time. "It's just so.. strange that this is happening!" he started. "After all the time! This could have happened a lot sooner if.. If.."
  9. 9. "If Lisa hadn't lied to us both." Allozyme said. "But why?" Norris replied, "that's the one thing I can't quite understand. What happened between you two? Was she always like this?"
  10. 10. Allozyme sighed. His ex-wife wasn't someone he particularly enjoyed thinking about. But he felt he had to explain it to Norris, the best he could. "We were both blinded by what we wanted out of life, and our own self-importance.." he started. "I felt that my family didn't appreciate me, but that Lisa did because she sought me out and wanted to start our own, new, family. She thought I would help her rise in society as I was well- know, but for the wrong reasons. So we got married, believing it to be for the best for both of us. Of course it wasn't.. Except for you."
  11. 11. "Seeing you as a baby was the happiest time of my life. The only happy time, really. I was so thrilled to be a father, but Lisa was upset that you weren't the daughter she'd always wanted. She wanted a pet to raise to follow in her 'great' footsteps and thought that a son was just a waste. But I loved you, so much. I finally had someone who'd always understand me! But then, it all went horribly wrong.." "You died, right?" said Norris. "Yes, but little Ara survived because of it. Something I'd never change, but I just wish Menidia had thought more before using the bone phone.. So when I came back, like this, Lisa was ashamed. She cared more for what others thought of her family, rather than caring for the family itself. So when she threw me out, I assumed she'd left and taken you with her, to get a new start somewhere far away from me."
  12. 12. "I wonder why she didn't.." Norris thought. "But I'm glad she didn't. All the guys have been amazing, and.. I get to meet you." "I know I'm probably not what you'd imagined," said Allozyme, "but it means everything that you're here. And that you're doing so well in your life! I wish I could have been there, my son is all grown up now, and, and I missed it." "Well you can be here now!"
  13. 13. "You'd want that? After all this time?" the zombie asked, trying (and failing) to hold in his excitement. "Well.." Norris smiled. "if that's okay with you? I've always wanted to know who you are, and I feel like I'm finally starting to. And I don't want that to start and end today!"
  14. 14. And so they didn't let it! The rest of the day passed with chats, games, laughing at bad zombie dances and general getting-to-know-each-other-dom. It may have seemed a mundane day for a normal family, but for this one it was the best either had ever had. "What is this rubbish?" Allozyme growled. "It makes no sense!"
  15. 15. "Am I winning?" he asked. "No! "Well then I challenge you again! I lost my one nice point when I died you know, I don't put up with stupid games." "And I lost my eight nice points when I became a werewolf! I'll take you on again!"
  16. 16. A few hours later.. "Right, that's it! I give up!" Allozyme said, and slammed down his control. "Aww.. But we've only been playing, oh, four hours. I should be getting back to La Fiesta soon."
  17. 17. The two got up and walked to the door. Norris turned round suddenly and looked sullen. "I wish I didn't have to go already.." he sighed. "Well, you're welcome here anytime you please." Allozyme smiled. "Meloti and Styx would love to meet you, I'm sure. But I'll be moving into my own place soon, as they've just had another baby and Wesley will be moving back in after he graduates. So, if you don't fancy going back to live with Lisa after graduation, my door is always open."
  18. 18. "You mean live with YOU?" Norris eyes opened wide. "Well, only if you don't have other plans, I mean I-" "B-But I've wanted to live with you my entire life! It's all I've ever wanted."
  19. 19. "Th-thank you.. Dad." At that, Allozyme rushed forward and gave Norris the biggest hug he could muster. He felt tears pricking at his eyes, the zombie didn't think he ever been happier in his life than at that moment.
  20. 20. "Oh you're welcome Norris, always so welcome.." Allozyme drew back with the biggest smile on his face. "You will telephone, won't you? If you ever need anything?" "And even when I don't." Norris said. "And there's someone you must meet, she's-" Allozyme chuckled. "A girl, eh? Well, I can't wait to hear about that. But we shall have to save it for next time, the sun's setting. Probably best to get back to your dorm before shedding hair all over the taxi, right?" They hugged one last time, and Norris left. Even though the two had not seen each other for over a decade, they both felt a great love for one another, and couldn't wait for that to grow over time.
  21. 21. Meanwhile, younger more romantic-type loves were blooming back in La Fiesta. "Fred?" "Coor shoody!" "You're sneaking out of class again to visit Billy, aren't you?" Root sighed. "..Maybe."
  22. 22. Fred and Billy's relationship was going strong, and it wasn't long before they fell in love. ..Incredibly sweetly.
  23. 23. And because they're just that little bit too sweet together, I let Wes buy that expensive bed he's been Wanting so badly.. and promptly gave it to his sister.
  24. 24. I'm hearing no complaints about that though. From these two, at least! "Now I understand what Uncle Arvi is always on about.." Fred sighed. "You talk about woohoo with your Uncle?" "No, he's just a bit odd. Great taste in shoes though!" she giggled, and dove back under the covers.
  25. 25. Things weren't going so well for Gadus. He had the female population's attention alright, but he still didn't really know what to do with it. "Oh he's just so dreamy.." swooned a dormie, "I'd shrimp with him any day!" "Ooh! Ooh! Me next, me next!" squealed a cheerleader. "I wanna voo his gerbits!" "..Yay?" Gadus sighed.
  26. 26. After moving out of the dorm, the heir had felt it was time to stretch his Romantic wings a bit and give the term papers a break. It had started well enough, the poker gal who'd snubbed him Downtown had come to Shrimp Shack claiming she'd seen the error of her ways. Gadus was pleased to get a kiss, but wasn't quite sure he bought it.
  27. 27. But things began to deteriorate quickly, the more women he dated. "It just doesn't feel right!" he growled during a date one evening. "What doesn't sweetie?" asked Olivia. (Who's a lovely heiress from StyxLady's Just Another Legacy) "You need more kisses?" "No!" he sighed. "Just what's the point of these dates, they never last anyway.."
  28. 28. Eventually, it was just painful. "I don't care if you knew my Uncle. Really. You're going to leave anyway, so you might as well just go now." The llama obliged. Gadus was really beginning to question his choice of aspiration. What good was all this romancing, if it never added up to anything in the end?
  29. 29. But the legend of Gadus must have spread further than campus, as women from as far as Downtown began stopping by to see him. "'Ello Chicken! I've 'eard all about you, I 'ave! Been waitin' for a nice clear night like this 'un to come finds ya. Oi'm Coun'essa Cadence, fancy a date, pookie?" Gadus sighed. Another one? But he was feeling a bit low, and this would cheer him up. At least for a little bit.
  30. 30. "Alright." he said. "But could you stop speaking like that please, it's a little hard to understand." The he saw her teeth. "Oh great goat, you're a vampire aren't you? Night.. Oh. I see now." "Bit slow, inn't ya? Grew up in London tahn, 1793. But it's been a long time since I saws one as 'andsome as you!"
  31. 31. Odd as it was, Gadus knew a compliment when he heard one and switched into Romance mode. "Well they just don't make them like they used to, do they?" he said as took her hand. "because you're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on." "Ooo, bless my little pink petticoat!"
  32. 32. Gadus stopped. "Don't say things like that!" he shouted. "Why not, chicken bum?" "Because.. because it's kind of sweet! And that's confusing! And I don't like being confused." he said. "Give us a kiss!" "What? No!"
  33. 33. But the vampire grabbed him anyway. And confused as he was, Gadus still wasn't going to refuse a kiss if he was forced into one. ..It was kind of fun.
  34. 34. "Oow, I dear near popped my clogs again that was so good!" Contessa Cadence hissed. "Wwargh!" Gadus jumped back. "The woman's insane! Help, I want to go inside now.."
  35. 35. "How does a cockney vampire even get to Strangetown?" "Flew across the sea, didn't I?" "But we don't have a sea!"
  36. 36. Well, the Contessa enjoyed their date anyway. "My pookie neck will love these! They go so well wiv my eyes." she sighed.
  37. 37. Roight! Erm, right! On to more simpler relationships, with less vowels. "Billy, stop!" Nihm laughed. "I've got to go and meet Norris!" "But you're always meeting Norris these days! You're no fun anymore, Nihm. Actually, that doesn't matter! I'll bring Fred back after class, yippee!" And Billy ran off to jump on the couch in preparation. Nihm composed herself and picked some feathers out of her hair. It was true, she'd been spending an awful lot of time with Norris since they'd met at the end of last year, but it was something she was glad to do.
  38. 38. And true to his word, Billy dragged Fred back to Marvin Dorm after class. They both took physics, though neither really understood why. "Billy Billy Billy! Why aren't you joining in the Smustle? We always Smustle before we makeout!" "Oh, I know. But I want to make out first today." "Koocha!"
  39. 39. "Because you're MY alien!" Most of their days were generally spent like this, in some form of embrace or other. But I want to squish them. So I let them.
  40. 40. However, things like sleep and skilling do sometimes call. "But it's raaaining.." Fred complained. "I don't want to walk home in the rain!" "You can stay until it stops if you'll marry me?" Billy asked. "K!"
  41. 41. "Nihm, are you ok?" Norris asked. "You just stopped mid-sentence! I know dorm food is bad, but still.." "No, not it's not that." she said, swallowing. "It's just.. I'm.. happy."
  42. 42. Norris led her up from the table. "And I'm happy too." he smiled. "Nihm, I know a lot has happened, for both of us, but I just wanted to say that.. I'm really glad I found you. And I think. I think that I love you." Nihm grinned. "Bedroom! Now!" she shouted, and ran upstairs.
  43. 43. Norris obediently followed and cuddled up next to her. "That didn't scare you, just then?" he asked. "No, not at all. Because I love you too, Norris. Tegenaria, Bauchman, whatever. I just like it that you're my wolfie."
  44. 44. A while later, they scrambled out of bed. "You know what? I think this has been the best week of my life!" Norris grinned. "And I have a feeling it's only going to get better from now on.." Nihm smiled back.
  45. 45. "What!" Gadus cried, "You're back again? No one ever comes back!" "Yes they do darlin', you just ain't lookin'. I 'ad to fight off two birds wiv a fryin' pan on me way over!" Contessa Cadence trilled. "..Is that bad?" Gadus asked. "I haven't been able to get your voice out of my head for days, and it still makes no sense when I hear you speak!"
  46. 46. "You need to atriculaaaaate, like thiiiiis!" And he got down to sing. "I have cheese for breakfast, I have cheese for lunch, I have cheese for my dinner, No salad for me at lunch!"
  47. 47. "Oow, that was me favourit' song, 'ow did you know?" she crooned. "Er.." Gadus thought about this. "No idea, Dad just used to sing it to us when we were little." He laughed. "You really liked it?"
  48. 48. "Ow yes, I really really did! It made me go all wigg-lay inside." Gadus stood up, and felt a bit funny. Whoa.. Me too actually.. he thought. But is this a good kind of funny? Not sure. Better test it. "So, er, Contessa?" he said. "Fancy checking out upstairs?"
  49. 49. Gadus decided to go with his gut, Ara said it had worked out well for her. And really, what's the worst that could happen?
  50. 50. "I do love a good bonk!" Gadus just laughed at her. "You are a funny one, aren't you?"
  51. 51. Due to her slight case of vampirism, Contessa Cadence was up before the dawn. She quietly snuck out of Shrimp Shack, and away into the night.
  52. 52. The next morning, Gadus woke up to find himself alone. "What was I thinking?" he cursed. "Of course she left, they always leave! I thought she.. Oh, it doesn't matter what I think. I was right before, love never lasts beyond a dream date." He sighed to himself. "I don't know why though.. I just want a love that'll last forever, not one night. But if that's the case, then I have no choice."
  53. 53. And so that was it. Fearing it was the only way he'd ever be happy, Gadus set about falling in love. As many times over as he could.. First there was Olivia.
  54. 54. At least he asked Number Three first..
  55. 55. And she agreed.
  56. 56. As did Jasmine Rai.
  57. 57. And Trista Shaw.
  58. 58. And Renee Travers.
  59. 59. Even Genesis the Maid agreed to meet him after hours at Ara's Aesthetics. But his antics weren't going unnoticed..
  60. 60. "I'm seriously worried about him, Root!" Ara was saying to her cousin over breakfast "He just looked so crushed the other day, and now he's.. serial dating! And he still doesn't seem happy. You're dating, what, five girls? How come you're as perky as a, as a.." "Shrew?" Root suggested. "I love the G-Man, but I don't think he takes the same kind of Pleasure in dating as I do. I think he's looking for.. 'The One' or something. 'Love that never ends' he said to me, and that just makes no sense!" "Mmm.. I'd best be getting dressed actually, I've got another etiquette lesson with Goopy this morning."
  61. 61. Ara was trying her best to help Goopy become a gentleman, and slowly but surely - she seemed to be getting there. "So.. We went into the photo booth, but didn't woohoo?" he asked. "Yes, that's what wedding nights are for!" Ara said. "Plus this way, you get a neat-o photo! Come on, let's work on your walk."
  62. 62. "Hello, what's this all about..?" Menidia Tegenaria had been enjoying a weekend stroll, Ocean had gotten lost somewhere in the maze as usual, but hadn't been expecting to come across her daughter on the other side. Right. Ok. Got to impress Ara. Goopy thought. Ok Goopster, now get your swagger ON! "Goopy! You're not supposed to be shaking your hips like that!" Ara shouted, oblivious to her mother in the background.
  63. 63. "Oh, sorry Ara.." Goopy said, coming over to her. "You're so clever, you always know what I'm supposed to do." And he gave her cheek a stroke. "Well, behind every good man is a-" "Well, your Grandmother would certainly be proud to hear to say that!" interrupted Menidia. "Bit caught up, are we?" Ara blushed, finally noticing her. "Com on Goopy," she said, "let's find somewhere a little more private"
  64. 64. "Phew, that's better.." she said, as they entered the picnic area. "That was your Mother then?" Goopy asked. "Yes.." "Well I can but hope you'll be as beautiful as her when you're all old." "Goopy!" Ara said indignantly.
  65. 65. "No really, Ara. I mean it." he said as he got down on one knee, while everyone around watched. "I want to grow old with you."
  66. 66. "Will you marry me?" "Oh Goopy.." Ara sighed, "That was the most romantic thing you've ever-" "Look, just answer the question already!"
  67. 67. "Yes. Yes of course I'll marry you." "I was hoping you'd say that.." he smiled. They hugged each other tightly, smiling all the while. "Now." Ara said when they broke apart. "For some lessons on impatience!"
  68. 68. Ara and Goopy weren't the only couple out and about that sunny summer's weekend. "That bowling alley was amazing!" Nihm was saying, "how ever did you think of it?" "Don't know" said Norris, kissing her arm. "Just felt it was in my blood somehow. Now let's go inside, I'm hungry!"
  69. 69. Before eating they decided to have their pictures taken. "We're really awesome, aren't we?" "Yeah, us!"
  70. 70. "..But I kind of prefer the real use of photo booths!" smiled Nihm, a few minutes later. Olive Spectre was less amused. "She is like no reaper child of mine.."
  71. 71. But eventually, the decided that sitting down may be a good idea. "I've had an amazing day Norris, as always!" Nihm sighed. "Me too.." said Norris, with a very soppy look on his face.
  72. 72. "I always do when I'm with you!" "Ok, that may be pushing the cutseyness just a li-ittle too far!" Nihm laughed.
  73. 73. "But.. I am willing to accept any air kisses blown my way!" she smiled. Norris looked lovingly at her. "So," he said, "have you got any plans for where you're going to live after graduation?" "Mm, not really. My Mum probably wants to move back with her, with The Watch and all."
  74. 74. Norris tried hard not to look disappointed. "Oh. I forgot about all that." he sighed. "But I suppose I should give this a try anyway. Um. Nihm. Um.."
  75. 75. "Oh my goodness Norris, is that what I think it is?" she gasped. "Errrm.. Maybe?"
  76. 76. "Oh, Norris.." "Iknowyouhaveotherthingstodobut, erm, willyoumarryme?" he gabbled, daring not to breath in case it all went wrong. "Becauseyoumakemeveryhappy."
  77. 77. "Oh Norris.. It's beautiful!" "So you'll..?" "Oh, of course! How am I ever going to meet someone like else you? I couldn't imagine being with anyone else."
  78. 78. "And I'd love to meet your father, too!" "Like I said. Best week ever!" After a few more trips to the photobooth, the dream date was complete. Other people's dreams? Um..
  79. 79. "I've made out with 10 sims! Hey, this actually feels good!" "Oh, I'm so pleased! But now I've got to go and grade papers, byee-ee!" ".. Oh wait, my aspiration just dipped."
  80. 80. "I've woohoo-ed 10 sims! Ba-linka!" "That was ama-azing, Gadus! But I got to go write my term paper, see ya!" Ara opened the door and shouted to her little brother, as the dormie walked off. "Gadus! Phone! Someone sounds eager to talk to yo-ou!"
  81. 81. It turned out to be the Contessa, and annoyed with her as he was - Gadus just couldn't refuse a free date. Plus she'd said something about wanting to test out the twirliness of her dress, whatever that meant. "Erm, am I doing it right?" he asked. "It's just.. I've never done this and I don't want to look bad." "Nonsense! You could never look bad, swee'ie."
  82. 82. "Then why did you leave that night?" he asked. "Er, 'ello? Gotta leave before sunrise and all! Don't wanna be no Kentucky Fried Vampire." "W-was that it?" "What? You forget or summink?"
  83. 83. A tap of the shoulder made Gadus turn round. "Well if she doesn't want you, I still do!" charmed Stacey Mendoza. "Oh, um, no thanks. I'm actually on a date with Cadence and.. Can you let go please?" he said, trying to pull away.
  84. 84. He was feeling very compelled to look at the Contessa.. "Don't worry chicken feet! I forget when my birthday is all the toime! I'll help you understand, come 'ere pumpkin!"
  85. 85. "This is.. new.." thought Gadus. "I feel very strange. Er, Cadence? You sure this is right?" But her mouth was a little bit busy.
  86. 86. "Muffin, you never said you could already fly!" "Argh! Two strange feelings! All at once! I don't undertstaaaaargh..."
  87. 87. "Something's wrong, isn't it?" he said, a bit bemused. "Yes sugar, that woman bewitched you, she did! But I sorted it so you'll remember I sleep at funny times. Now try a BLEH!"
  88. 88. "BLEH!" Gadus pounced. "Ooow, you would 'ave me right scared if I didn't want to snuggle you! I fink you could get the 'ang of this. Now let's go bonk again!" "BLEH!"
  89. 89. "Gadus.." Ara looked up as her brother returned to Shrimp Shack. "What the heck happened?"
  90. 90. It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this.. he thought, It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss! "Don't worry Ara" he said aloud, "it won't be forever." "Oh yes it bloody will!" came a shout from behind him.
  91. 91. "HISS!!" Hey, I'm actually getting the hand of this.. he thought, post-bonk. And this really would be eternal! But then, I kind of need to sunlight to see where I'm going.. I don't fall over as much as Dad, but still.
  92. 92. But he did make up his mind. Because I don't want to cope with a vampire at university. "Eternal life not for you then, sweetie?" the gypsy asked. "No, I don't think so." "So you'll just be wanting the one potion then?" "Oh, I don't know.. Best give me a few." Gadus smiled.
  93. 93. "I don't know.." he said once he'd got back inside. "It looks kind of weird.. But much as eternal love may be for me, I don't think eternal life is!" And he swallowed the whole thing in one gulp.
  94. 94. "Eeee!" he cried as it started to take effect. "I actually like Uncle Arvi's slug smoothie betteeeeer.."
  95. 95. "There! All better!" Um, not really no. "Gadus!" Ara was shouting again. "Have you finished faffing about with that Vampire? We've got a business to run!" Thankfully Gadus had been cured, and his skin finally regained all it's blood as the siblings headed off to Ara's Aesthetics.
  96. 96. Alright. Alright. "Enjoying the view, Gin?" Ara smirked. "Just shut up and sell me something.."
  97. 97. Which she did, happily. "How's tricks, my heir-to-be?" my Simself asked. "Well, I've just gotten my Gold register badge and been cured of vampirism, but am still unsure about the ins and out of a lifetime's love." "Good, good. Glad to hear it! Gota wedding to plan, byeee.."
  98. 98. Efficient as the brother-sister team now were at running the business, customers are still there just to make everything difficult. "I am at the front of the queue, this boy is as fast as can be, but this simply isn't good enough!" Allyn, Allyn! But where is your sweet disposition?
  99. 99. "I left it in Regalton. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to steal this lovely Victorian dress!" Allyn Thompson - showing her Garden Club colours. Doting housewife she may be in Dicreasy's Victorian Legacy, but here.. Not so much.
  100. 100. But Ara does get her 125th star to push the shop up to a Level 10! From our good friend Zaitrario the Pirate, no less. There then followed a very scary glitch where Ara and Gadus couldn't leave the lot, and I feared for them all. Luckily Nadinye and DrSupremeNerd saved me, for which I owe them fish that hasn't been in anyone's pants. Goat bless
  101. 101. But they did make it home, so far glitch free. Just in time to graduate! "And I'm energised and ready to go. Let's have us some party time!"
  102. 102. Gadus' graduation party got off with a bang, as placeholder wossername got struck by lightning. A few cared. Most preferred the time honoured tradition of Smustling in a big heap in the doorway.
  103. 103. Everyone had passed their final exams and had come to Shrimp Shack to celebrate. Ara sought out Norris and gave him a huge hug. "I'm so proud of you, you know?" she said. "You've been through so much, and you're still just our favourite new-cousin!" He laughed. "Not that new anymore! And I couldn't have done it without you all."
  104. 104. The Smustle was continuing into the night, as all good Smustles do. "Norris, you're kind of out of step, man!" Gadus said. "Sorry, just waiting to make out with Nihm again!" "And I was to make out with Fred!" Billy had become part of the group since he and Fred started dating in the first year. A knock of the dear broke up the Smustle, and everyone was free to make out with whomever they chose. Except when it was inappropriate and I had to shout "NO!" at ACR.
  105. 105. "You fink I'd miss your big party?" said Cadence, bounding through the door. "Issa shame you ain't a vampire anymore, but I'll make do." "You'll have to" Gadus said, swooping her. "I'm still not sure, but I think I understand what love is now. It's not being able to get your annoying voice out my head for days! Or waking up in the night just in case you'd snuck in and bitten me! It's.. thinking about you all the time." "Norris!" Nihm was saying behind them, "hottub again"? "Hottub again!" "What would parties be with us to raise the score?"
  106. 106. "It's like a prison! There's so many people you can't get to the door!" "Well it is a party Norris!" Ara said. "Well I've never been to one before!" "I think you're going to have quite a few wedding to go to!" Vole shouted over the crowd. "Look at us all!"
  107. 107. "Oow, I love weddins!" cried Cadence. "Can we 'ave one too"? "We-ell.. I kind of have to have one being heir, even though I'm not quite sure about them. You see, my parents chose me to-" "Oow, your parents! I getcha, I'll go and introduce myself to them now! See you there!" .. and Cadence skipped out the door. "Cadence! Wait!" Gadus called after her, but then smiled and gave up.
  108. 108. "Oooh, I do love this new fabric softener! My dress smells loike daisies all the live long day. Now. Which way to Strangetown?"
  109. 109. "So, does a vampire count as eternal love then, Gadey boy? That what you were looking for?" Root asked, and everyone else looked at Gadus expectantly. "You know.." he thought. "It just might be." "That's what I wanna hear, G-Man!" trilled the Shrew.
  110. 110. Gadus went out onto the porch, to see if he could have a think. It was usually quite a hard thing to do in any rate, but now.. "What is that noise?" he asked. "Is.. is someone having woohoo in my photobooth?" "It's just Norris and Nihm." said Sam "They do this a lot." "Well that's just - whoa. I feel strange again." he said.
  111. 111. And with a pop of confetti and a roofraiser of a party, our heir's time at University was over. Now for the bad growing up outfit and uni stats picture parade! Gadus graduated with the best thingy, having maxed all his skills, been the Big Sim on campus and been accepted into the Secret Society. He is not however, engaged. But he does have silly clothes and hair. HA!
  112. 112. Ara also graduated with the summo eats a sandwich loudly thing, and was also in the Secret Society. She's maxed most of her skills, and is engaged to Goopy Gilscarbo. She's gone from tiny shorts to wasting no material up top!
  113. 113. Aww, I actually like Vole's dress! Not sure if it's quite her though. But she also graduated with a top degree, has a good set of skills, and is engaged to the DJ Darren Hanby. She'll be inheriting the Shrew house for the next generation.
  114. 114. Root has an inner love of the army.. He needs his stylish Pleasure Shrew hair back, bad. He graduated with a lower degree than the others, but he was more interested in dating. He didn't want to settle down, but towards the end of his final year he met Sandy at the secret society and they decided to move into together, to make dream dates that much easier - without having to marry.
  115. 115. Norris has gone for the casual denim look, how.. boring. But he also graduates with a top degree and maxed skills, engaged to the lovely Nihm Agelenidae. He joined the Secret Society and was Big Sim on campus, learned the truth about his family and was reunited with his father. Happy days!
  116. 116. Fred's off to the circus! Apparently. But she's engaged to Billy Vetinari in their own special way, and got the lordy degree as well. Another secret society member and Big Sim on campus, she's maxed most of her skills. Meloti will be proud!
  117. 117. Wes looks like some scary 'home movie' maker to me. My goodness these guys all need to get home.. Another top degree and secret society member. Good skill set, and engaged to dormie Kitty Leong, who annoys me but Wes stalked her to death and wouldn't give in until he had her! He's going to inherit The Laboratory. Everyone was a member of the Shrimp Shack Greek House. And that's university done for another generation of Tegenarias and family! It's time to make our way back to Strangetown, folks..
  118. 118. "You think now is a good time to talk about this? I've got to go, there's a crashing coming from outside, Arvicanthis may have fallen in the dustbin again.." "Meni!" Ocean shouted as he hung the phone up. "What's that noise outside? It sounds like it's coming inside.."
  119. 119. "Ooow, isn't this place lovely? It'll be perfect for all them li'tle babies!" "I think," Menidia said as she turned to her husband, "that that may be our future daughter in law.." ---- Done! I'm finally done with uni, muahaha! I'm sorry that you didn't get to see all of the kid's stories here, but there will be a lot more photos up on my livejournal ( over the next few days. All the kids, or not kids anymore, will be available for download as adults over the weekend, if you want anyone. Thanks to the usual CC suspects, and Diet Coke for keeping me hyper whilst writing this! Also, and all the lovely people there. This has been Gin, avoiding sending off financial forms!
  120. 120. "How come he's allowed to hit on people? I hate those Tegenarias!" And we hate you, Matthew Hart.