The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 21


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 21

  1. 1. 15th July 2008 Aha, yes - you can have some answers now. Welcome to The Science of a Legacy: Chapter Twenty-One - The Secrets of Nihm, where I certainly don't choose character names so I can have chapter titles that remind me of children's stories. 'Cause this ain't no kiddies tail! ..But I may get someone a womrat called Mrs. Brisby. I'm sure you want to know why I left you dangling at the end of the last chapter, but first we have to go back in time a little bit..
  2. 2. Strangetown: 25 years ago "Corvus want no more death.. Everyone always goes away! Corvus must help."
  3. 3. "But Corvus can't do it alone.. Need to talk to him.. Need help."
  4. 4. ... "Yes, that is what I am asking." ... "You will help Corvus do this?" ... "Agreed. Then that is what we need.. Thank you."
  5. 5. Present Day "Your father is Death? I guess you do understand how I feel, then.." Norris said to Nihm as they sat in the Down and Out Bar. "Guess this place just attracts them." she sighed.
  6. 6. "Have you known for longer than a day though? How did everyone think I would react when I found out my Dad was one of the undead.." Norris grumbled. "I mean, I understand how that happened - he was killed and brought back - but how does Death actually become your father? Surely that must be worse." he said.
  7. 7. "No. That was never the problem, I'm proud of who I am. But we don't sound too different, you and I, Norris. You see, my Mother was killed and then brought back as well, meeting Death along the way."
  8. 8. "But.. but you're dead!" Ara was still struggling to breath on the doorstep of a Bluewater Village cottage. The woman in the doorway just smiled at her.
  9. 9. "Sometimes death doesn't always take, Ara. Come inside."
  10. 10. "So.. What does that mean, exactly?" Norris asked. "It's a bit of a long story." "We've got all day, it's not like either of us is in a rush to get back." he smiled. "True.. Alright, seeing as if anyone would understand - it seems like you will.." And Nihm began.
  11. 11. My Mother was killed a long time ago, about 70 years she reckons. She'd been murdered, but was able to pass over to the other side happily and watch her sister and her family grow old and prosper. But one night, she said to me, she was pulled away from that; and this is what she told me happened..
  12. 12. She felt the same magic that that taken her life in the first place wrap around her, and bring her away from the ghostly plane of existence. "Oh my goodness!" a woman had cried, "This hasn't happened for years.."
  13. 13. She ran over to my Mother, and stood over her body. "Oh dear, oh dear.." she fretted, "I do hope this one's alright.." But the magic around my mother was beginning to die.
  14. 14. "Oh, thank goodness for that." the woman said as my Mother managed to get up. "Come over here deary, the journey's always a bit rough. Oh dear, someone forgot to feed the fish again.." she sighed. My Mother was confused, she'd been happily haunting the downstairs bathroom of her family's home a few minutes ago, and now had no idea where she was.
  15. 15. The woman gestured to a garishly designed couch, and my Mother sat down. "Where on Earth am I?" she asked. The woman laughed. "Oh sweetie, we're not on Earth at all! We're in Purgatory, hadn't you guessed?"
  16. 16. "Funny, I hadn't thought Purgatory would be so 'strikingly' decorated.." "Oh, that's just how Grimmy wanted it. He said he would probably make those that come here feel more at home. He thinks you humans go in for this sort of.. thing." "So, the Grim Reaper is here, is he?" my Mother asked.
  17. 17. "Oh yes!" the woman replied. "His study's just over there, through a suitably menacing looking door, just as you'd except. But you must wait until you are summoned, my dear, no one disturbs him." "And those pictures of spiders?" "Why dear, that's your Family Tree." she smiled.
  18. 18. "Don't worry, it'll make sense in the end. These things always do. My name is Hannah, by the by, as you've probably guessed I'm Grimmy's assistant here."
  19. 19. "Funny, I always thought it was Crumplebottom.. But I'm Carapace Tegenaria, though most people call me Carrie. If you don't mind me asking, how do you end up with job down here?"
  20. 20. "Water nymph. Drowned. Can you believe it? But Grimmy didn't know what to do with me after that, so just set me up here. It's.. Well, let's just say that I don't get as many visitors as you'd think. You're the first I've seen for, um, bit long to count really. Most people aren't held you see, they just go straight on.. But he'll call for you soon, I'm sure."
  21. 21. So then my Mother began waiting. And waiting.
  22. 22. It was a small room, and even though sense of time was a bit wonky down there, she said, it began to feel like months.
  23. 23. Or possibly even longer. Never wants to look at another animal print again, she said when she told me!
  24. 24. But eventually, the day did come when she heard the sound of the door at the end of the room being unlocked. It was strange, she said, but she was actually glad to hear the voice of the Grim Reaper. "CARAPACE TEGENARIA! COME, IT IS TIME WE DISCUSSED THIS SITUATION."
  25. 25. She went in, and found that the place wasn't really like she had been expecting. "LOOKING FOR THE BLACK VELVET DRAPES AND CANDLE STICKS, ARE WE? SORRY TO DISAPPOINT, BUT THAT'S JUST NOT MY STYLE. NOW COME, SIT."
  26. 26. "Wow, this is actually quite comfortable.. But again, why?" "I DON'T GET AWAY MUCH. I'VE ALWAYS FANCIED CHINA YOU KNOW, IT SEEMS LIKE SUCH A FRIENDLY PLACE."
  27. 27. "BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT WE ARE HERE TO DISCUSS. CARAPACE, A FEW MONTHS AGO A RECIEVED A CALL FROM YOUR UNCLE." "Uncle Corvus? Called you? Why would he do that.. He doesn't even like calling the repairman!"
  28. 28. "HE WANTS TO STOP INCIDENTS LIKE YOU HAPPENING AGAIN. 'NO MORE DEATH' OR SOMETHING." "So.. he asked Death for there to be no more death? That make.. well, no sense at all actually." "WE HAVE BARGAINED."
  29. 29. "Oh dear, things like that never seem to go to well.." "I TOLD YOU, WEREN'T YOU LISTENING? I WANT A BREAK! CHINA, REMEMBER? NOODLES AND ALL THAT? I TOLD HIM THAT HE CANNOT STOP THE INEVITABLE, BUT I WILL GIVE HIM A CHANCE TO LOWER THE LOAD.. FOR A WHILE." "And how exactly do you plan to do that? I've been watching them, Seev looked after them and now they're fine - there's not even a threat to everyone now!"
  30. 30. "THAT MAY NOT ALWAYS BE THE CASE, AS YOU WELL KNOW. BUT IN RETURN FOR HELPING ME OUT, I SHALL SEND YOU TO HIM TO AID. HE SEEMED VERY NICE ON THE PHONE, BUT.." "I know, I know. He's my Uncle after all, I know what he's like. Bit full of kittens sometimes." "INDEED."
  31. 31. "So that's it then? You brought me here, for goodness knows how long, just to tell me that I can go back? That I can be alive, and see my family again?" "WELL.. NOT EXACTLY. THEY CANNOT KNOW YOU ARE BACK."
  32. 32. "What!? What's the point then? How can I help them if I can't even see them!" "YOU SHALL GO BACK AS CARRIE AGELENIDAE, IT'S ALL IN KEEPING WITH YOUR SPIDER HERITAGE. THING. YOU WILL FIND A WAY TO HELP THEM, FOR YOU ARE NOT GOING BACK ALONE. BUT YOU ARE GOING BACK." "And how exactly do I do that?"
  34. 34. "She said it didn't hurt so much, coming back." "But, that's amazing!" said Norris. "I wonder if my Father ever met the Reaper like that.. But how did she come back with you? Zombies can't have children, that much I do know, so how are you..?" "Shh, there's more to the story than that!"
  35. 35. So that no one would know she was back, Nihm went on, Death sent her to the far side of Bluewater Village, where her family rarely visited. And true to his word she was now known as Carrie Agelenidae.
  36. 36. Soon she found out what Death had meant when he'd told her she wouldn't be coming back alone.
  37. 37. But she was happy. She wasn't able to have contact with anyone, and even though she didn't long for her family in the way her sister had, she still missed them. It was good to know she wouldn't always be alone.
  38. 38. It was hard, but she kept the promise she made to Death and stayed hidden. However, she did decide that she needed some company as she wasn't even allowed to work, and bough Rooster to keep herself company.
  39. 39. Not being able to work was leading to money problems, but my Mother'd always been an optimist even in the darkest of times. With what she'd been brought back to do and her baby's imminent arrival, she couldn't help thinking that things were going to be ok.
  40. 40. Obviously, that changed a bit when it actually came time to give birth! And her sister'd been through this four times? She couldn't believe it..
  41. 41. But then there she was, her little daughter. Somebody she'd never thought she'd meet, having been killed whilst she was still at university and all.
  42. 42. Again she was grateful to the Reaper, for letting her come back. She was more determined than ever to help with the cause, her Uncle must be right. She wanted to protect them all, and especially her baby daughter.
  43. 43. "And that baby was you, right?" "YES, Norris! Geesh, aren't you listening?" Nihm scoffed. "Genius this one.."
  44. 44. "So yes, as you have surmised Norris - I'm the daughter of Carrie and Death, conceived in Purgatory." "Nice, must have got cheap holidays there.." "Norris! Do you want me to carry on, or not?"
  45. 45. As I was saying, we didn't have much as I was growing up while my Mother still had to keep a low profile in Strangetown - until the time was right. But she was the best parent anyone could ask for, and I loved every second of it!
  46. 46. She always said it was important that I understood everything about my life, and her life, as it was so out of the ordinary. So I was only six when she explained all of this to me, which I'm now telling you, Norris.
  47. 47. I didn't really understand at first, I mean, what child would? With all that murder and talk of Reapers. But she was patient, and it didn't take long for me to accept it. And I was actually really excited!
  48. 48. Like I said, I'm proud of who I am and I love my Mother more than anything in this world. I didn't need a father when I had her looking after me, and I loved my life and what we did.
  49. 49. "So what is it that you exactly do?" Norris asked. "There's all this talk of Death, and stopping things happening, and.. what? I doesn't make a whole lot of sense." "I know, I know. But it does after a while, and you get used to it when you understand how important it is to protect your family."
  50. 50. Ara walked into the little house, and was surprised to see it full of people. People she knew! Goopy ran ahead of her and sat down on the couch, smiling. "Thank you Goopy," Carrie said, "for getting Ara here safely." "No problem, Boss!" he grinned.
  51. 51. "Ara, I told you I was going out - I thought I made it clear you were supposed to come too! And when you didn't, we had to send Goopy to go and get you!" said Vole, who didn't understand why her cousin looked so shocked. "Yes, you didn't give her any trouble.. Did you, Goopy?" Carrie said warningly. "Well.. she's here ain't she?!"
  52. 52. "Enough of this!" said Allozyme, "Now she's here we can finally start the meeting. We've been waiting long enough, let's get this show on the road already." "Patience, brother.. I don't think our little Ara quite understands what she's doing here, it seems to me. Apparently nobody did a good job of explaining to her.." said Meloti, and shot a glare at Goopy who shrunk a little in his seat.
  53. 53. "Ara.." Carrie began, "do you know who I am?" "Of course! You're Great Aunty Carapace, Grandma used to talk about you all the time.. But you're supposed to be buried in our garden?" Ara was a bit unsure about this now. "I was, but I was brought back - though in a different way to your Uncle Allozyme. Didn't you even notice that my gravestone disappeared a while ago? But Corvus needed me, and together we've formed what we're calling The Watch."
  54. 54. "Obviously we can't ask everyone to help us, but just a couple each generation.. But do you think you may want to help us. Ara?" Ara grinned. "You want me to help you? ME? Oh, wow! Do er, what?"
  55. 55. Corvus got up to come talk to his Niece and Great-Grand Niece, while Allozyme and Meloti laughed on the table. "Only a few per generation is right.." giggled Meloti "I love Arvicanthis, but somehow I just don't think this would be his idea of fun." Allozyme joined in, "Ha ha! Oh dear.. We'd all be prancing around in silk capes and make up for sure.. With cardboard ears on our heads!"
  56. 56. "Yes, Carrie is right." Corvus said to her. "Corvus decided that I wanted to do something to help stop people dying who don't have to, and do thought of setting up The Watch to stand guard for our family. But clever as Corvus is, I thought I probably shouldn't do it alone. So Corvus brought Carrie back - who knows more about this than her? And we've been recruiting ever since."
  57. 57. "You and Vole care so much about your cousins, we knew you two would be the perfect choice to join us this generation. So Ara Tegenaria - will you join us? And help look after our family from any more disasters in the future?" "Oh Uncle Corvus, I'd be honoured! Oh wow.. But, but do I have to keep it a secret?" she asked. Carrie smiled at the whole room. "I think it's high time our presence was known." she said.
  58. 58. "I agree." said Meloti. "It's high time we started doing some good for our family. And we all know what that means, don't we?" "You mean..?"
  59. 59. "I do." said Meloti. Carrie sat down with the two of them. "I really think Meloti's right." she said. "Vole is already preparing to take over the education system of Strangetown once she graduates, and as for the other materr.. I mean, it's been quite long enough now I think, nine chapters or something ridiculous - we have a father son reunioun to take care of!"
  60. 60. "You know what? I think that's the best news I've heard in my entire life. To the University! Er...Chapter?"
  61. 61. The three started discussing exactly how to stage said reunion, but Goopy decided that he should talk to Ara about how he'd handled the morning. "Er.. I'm sorry if I scared you." he tried, "I'm just used to always being cast as the goon, it's been a bit hard to break free of the stereotype since Miss Carrie asked me to help." "Scared? Scared?! I don't think that quite covers it. I thought.. I didn't know what I thought! But you could use some subtlety, Mr. Gilscarbo."
  62. 62. "Tell you what. Take me out for dinner and I'll try and teach you. That's the least you can do!" "Of course Ara." Goopy smiled. "Shall we say tonight at seven?" "Seven-thirty."
  63. 63. "Well that doesn't sound too bad!" Norris was saying. "Setting out to help and protect everyone? Geez Nihm, I don't know if I'd be brave enough to do that.. But you must feel so worthwhile.." "Oh, believe me - it wasn't easy." she said. "It sounds great, and I know that the aim is for good, but growing up like that wasn't exactly your ideal childhood."
  64. 64. Locked away from the rest of the world, unable to earn a living or even socialise.. The hiding wasn't so good. Sometimes it got to Mum, and became more than she could take. Especially when we found out that her sister had died, before we were ready to share what we were doing to stop events like that.
  65. 65. Those times weren't so good at all. But y'know, that what flying shrinks are for and Mum soon felt better.. Just about.
  66. 66. That afternoon she painted a picture and hung it in her bedroom. She told me that we must never forget that we are here to protect, because there were good people who need our help. And I know she's right, and that it's something I want to be a part of.
  67. 67. "But how have I never met you before now?" Norris asked. "We grew up in Strangetown at the same time after all.." "I went to private school. That was about the only perk back then! We knew all Tegenarias were banned from private education by Professor Bauchman, but because my Mother was now an Agelenidae I was accepted."
  68. 68. Even as a teenager I wasn't allowed to go out much, just in case someone found Mum. Thank the Reaper for MSN and Facebook! I spent a lot of time on my computer, as I was becoming more independent Mum could get back to building The Watch.
  69. 69. It meant a lot of people I didn't know coming to our home, which fast became The Watch's base, and Mum would spent hours discussing the hows and whys over our kitchen table with them. Sometimes I'd overhear their conversations while my games were loading.. "Carrie, I'm feeling the loss of Saeva as well, but we cannot get distracted."
  70. 70. "We were told that we won't be able to stop the inevitable.. You know the way of a Legacy, as well as Corvus. We cannot save anyone from old age, except those permitted to use elixir. It's threats and villains we need to be on the look out for! I don't want anyone to hurt my pretty Erika lady. Or my little woofies!"
  71. 71. "Yes, how's that going by the way?" "Oh, not very well.. I'd be helpful if someone paid more attention to it." I didn't get that bit or who he meant, but then I probably wasn't listening properly. I'd play The Sims 3 a lot, and there was this one guy who wanted to raise a bunch of pets - and it was annoying as heck!
  72. 72. Some of the visitors were a little.. odd. But Mum always said they were the best to help us. But it was something I just got used to dealing with. I mean, I'd always known my father was Death, what else could shock me after that little bombshell?
  73. 73. And then some were just downright crazy! "Goopy, I know you've got a bit of a bad reputation - but I think that that's misplaced. I have a feeling you could be very useful to The Watch, and that you have a good heart. So I've got a very special task for you."
  74. 74. "Well I've just opened my new sewing boutique, does it involve that?" "No." "Does it involve the ladies then? Goopster's reputation with the ladies is true, I tell you!" "Really? Huh. Well, not really. But I want you to check out the current generation of Tegenarias, tell me about them, and then once Corvus and I have decided who would benefit most from joining The Watch - tell them about us. I need eyes on the street that won't be connected to me."
  75. 75. "Miss Carrie, it would be an honour." "Thank you Goopy, I knew I could trust you." Yup, downright weeeird..
  76. 76. It was around then my Mother was able to get a financial consultants job, where all the business was conducted online. It was great for her, she adored everything we were doing for The Watch, but she said it felt great to have a real job and be making money as well.
  77. 77. But that did mean that sometimes I had to entertain other members of The Watch while she was finishing up. And I was not kidding when I said that Goopy bloke was weird! He just comes across all.. wrong. Mum said he was just trying to be nice in his own way, but honestly? It just creeped me out.
  78. 78. But it didn't matter, I'd made a good friend at Private School. Sam came over a lot, her Mother approved of me - being privately educated and all. "Hey, Sam? Sam Bauchman? She's my sister! How's she doing? Is she-" "Shh! You asked to hear my story, or what?" "Sorry, sorry."
  79. 79. As I was saying, Sam was a great friend, and with Mum working and The Watch nearly up and running, I had a lot more time to focus on myself. Nature's amazing, don't you think? Anything fluffy or fuzzy or even creepy crawly - it was just so interesting! I loved exploring Bluewater to see what new species I could find.
  80. 80. ..Though sometimes I really wish I hadn't found them!
  81. 81. Eventually we managed to save enough money to send me to La Fiesta Tech, along with what I'd earned from my scholarships. It was really hard to leave my Mother, it had just been us for so long! But she said it was for the best that I got a great education, because she hadn't been able to. With the dying and everything.
  82. 82. "So I packed my bags and ended up here! Well not here in this bar exactly, but at Marvin Dorms." "I know it, kind of exclusive?" "Mm. But I have amazing housemates! There's even another Reaper child there, I was so happy when I found out. But not the same Reaper, or something, which I kind of get because he's always cheating at stuff.. I'd never do that, so we're definitely not related."
  83. 83. "But his brother is an alien obsessed with juggling and couch bouncing.." "So when you say 'amazing housemates', you really mean..?" "No, no! I love them all to bits, and like I said - I'm used to anything by now!"
  84. 84. "And of course Sam is there too. Apparently she'd had less trouble getting here than she thought she would. Well, more so than me.."
  85. 85. She said she'd found being at home difficult after her brother, well I guess that's you now, left for university. Her Mother was still wonderful to her, but she was really missing him and didn't feel right about ow he'd left. "Yeah.. And I miss her too." "Norris! Stop interrupting!"
  86. 86. So it wasn't long before she plucked up the courage to talk to her Mother about it when she came home from work one day. In a round about sort of way. "Samantha, darling, why are you not working towards your cleaning scholarship? You don't have forever you know." "Well.. Er.. I don't think cleaning's really for me." "Quite right, quite right. A true lady always has a maid, ha ha!"Meow
  87. 87. "I was thinking that it was about time I went to University, Mother? I am old enough now, and I've worked really hard.." "You want to leave? Already? My, it seems only yesterday you arrived and I finally had some joy in my life.. But I suppose my beautiful little girl has to grow up sometime."
  88. 88. "What.. You mean I can go? Just like that?" "Well I don't see why not! I do control all the education faculties in this area, and I'm sure we can secure you a place at La Fiesta Tech - in a top dorm as well. I know there is some awful riff raff at that institution, but I want to have you as close as possible."
  89. 89. "Oh Mother! Thank you!" "Just don't let me down Samantha, you are my hope and shining light after all. And I became the woman I am today during my days at La Fiesta, so I can but hope that you will follow in my footsteps." "Oh, I will! I promise!"
  90. 90. "That's my girl. I love you, Samantha, and it won't be the same without you here." "I love you too Mother, thank you."
  91. 91. "Good luck my girl.. I'll be waiting here for you when you come back, a fully fledged lady. Just like your Mother." "Pfft."
  92. 92. "What?" Nihm said. "You don't believe me? I know it's a long story, but.." "Oh no Nihm, I do believe you. It's just.. Oh, never mind. We're just more similar than I'd thought, you and I." "Tell me about it, we even have the same preference in whiskey!" "True." Norris smiled. "Look, I know we've only just met, but.. But would you come outside with me please? There's something I want to show you."
  93. 93. Deciding it was for a good cause, both Norris and Nihm managed to tear themselves away from the bar and into the open air. "Wow, I hadn't realised how stuffy in there it was!" she said. "So, what's up? I can't believe I didn't freak you out with that story, most people would have run a mile! But.. thanks for listening. It helps to talk." "Pleasure's all mine." Norris smiled. "I felt compelled to listen, and I'm glad I did. I definitely feel a.. connection."
  94. 94. Nihm smiled at him. "Oh come on, Norris! Don't get all sentimental on me already." "There's just something I want to show you, because I think if anyone would understand, you would. Just.. don't freak out? Please?" "Oh come on Norris.. Hello! Reaper child here! I've seen enough not to be shocked by now."
  95. 95. "And besides," she added, "what could be scarier than a dude stuck in a llama suit for all eternity?" They laughed, as the evening began to set in.
  96. 96. "Ok. Please, please don't be scared, alright?" "I told you Norris, nothing's going to phase me. Besides, I'm really intrigued now! Just hurry up and show me already." "Ok.." he gulped.
  97. 97. And at 8 o' clock on the dot, Norris' transformation began. Whatever Nihm had been expecting, it sure as fish wasn't that, and she jumped back from the glowing ball that was her new found companion. "No way.." she breathed,
  98. 98. "..That's so COOL!" Norris took his customary post-morph howl before turning back to her.
  99. 99. "So, er.." he began. "I'm a werewolf. Clearly. And my father's a zombie. And I've spent the day in the bar." "Well so have I. And like I keep telling you - Reaper child! Thank you for showing me this, we really do share a common bond, don't we?" Nihm smiled. "Occult as it may be. You know that connection you were talking about?" "Mmm.."
  100. 100. "Well I feel it too, c'mere!" And she grabbed Norris and gave him a big kiss. They felt a sprinkling of fluffy pink hearts, but thought they'd probably imagined it.
  101. 101. Back in Strangetown, a dinner was about to take place. "Oh dear.. Maybe this little 'tasch looks a bit man-ho. Maybe? Gotta be on Goopster form! Um.."
  102. 102. "AHAHA! What am I talking about? I am THE Goopster! I'm perfect just the way I am. Home-made jacket and all. Now let's get this date on the dream. Er, is it a date? I'd better check.."
  103. 103. "What do you mean 'is this a date'? Well I don't know! ... You've sent a car over for me? Oh Mr Gi-, I mean, Goopy.. That was very thoughtful. See, I knew you could learn! Where are we going? ... Oh cool, I love surprises! Well, nice ones anyway. Where my hands aren't tied. ... GOOPY!"
  104. 104. The car Goopy had sent picked Ara up fine, and she found herself deposited outside Downtown's fanciest and most sought-after restaurant - Londoste. "Oh Goopy! Isn't this a bit fancy? How did you get a table anyway? You didn't woohoo the entire staff, did you.." she asked reproachfully. "What? No! I made all the tablecloths, so the owner owed me one. And no, it's not too fancy, after today I really think you deserve the best." he smiled.
  105. 105. "Do we have to be on guard here? I mean, for The Watch? On the lookout for danger and so on." Ara asked as they were being shown to their seats. "You're really taking this seriously, aren't you? I'm proud of you and I'm sure Miss Carrie would be too. I- oh, hello? This is a strange new feeling for the Goopster.."
  106. 106. "Oh it all looks so yummy.." Ara sighed, looking at the menu. "I can't decide!" "I find chocolate sauce always goes down well." "Remember what we talked about? Subtlety? But.. I know!"
  107. 107. "A toast, to The Watch, and the day, and to you for pointing me in the right direction." "Now that's an idea I could go for!" Goopy grinned, and reached for a glass. Oddly, he couldn't take his eyes off his dinner companion.
  108. 108. "..and to Mum, and Dad, and Gadus, and.." Ara's toast was apparently still continuing. "..and Vole, and Fred, and puppies, and-" "And to you." Goopy cut in. "For being destined for greatness, just like I said."
  109. 109. This managed to stop Ara, as Goopy took a long sip of the champagne. (My goodness there's a lot of 'juice' in this chapter, isn't there?) "I didn't know what you meant then, but.. Yeah. There's more to Legacy life than just heirs and spares, isn't there? Everyone's important." she said.
  110. 110. "None more so than you though, little bit." Goopy said, as they got up. Ara gave him a huge hug. "Thank you so much, Goopy. I can see why Carrie says you have a good heart, because you really really do."
  111. 111. "I still think your methods need a little polishing, but we can help with that!" She stopped. "Oh dear, I feel a little weird.."
  112. 112. "Oh." "Something the matter Ara? Champagne gone to your head?" Goopy asked. "N-no, I just got a strange feeling, that's all.." "Well. I always find it best to act on strange feelings. The Goopster's always right!" he smiled.
  113. 113. So Ara decided to act on her strange feeling. And the Goopster was right. And that's it fo-
  114. 114. "Hold up, hold up. I'm the Generation Five Heir, and I haven't been in this chapter at all!" Yeah I know, sorry. But there were things that had to be explained! "But I've been doing lots of really interesting stuff!" It's true, you have. I promise I'll get right back on it next time. Because that really is it for now! Who knows how many chapters it'll take me to finish college.. But hopefully you don't mind, because it'll mean even more Tegenaria and assorted others goodness! Thanks to many places that have made the CC that I stole, I seem to get it from far too many places these days, and thanks EAxis for giving the world Goopy. Really. This has been Gin, writing instead of looking for a flat. Bye-eee!
  115. 115. "I want to join in your woeful drinking.. No one ever plays me!" "Shoo Charles Worthington Shampoo or whatever it is, trying to shoot a plotzy scene there!" "Oh it's like woe on a polo court."