The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 4


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 4

  1. 1. 10th October 2007 Welcome back to The Science of a Legacy! Following the 'adventures' of the Tegenaria Family as I ignore my pile of project work for the week. This little beauty is Chapter Four: 'Snap'ping at you heels, Love. Generation Two boys, Corvus and Repens are off to La Fiesta Tech and are after pretty much one thing.. Click the arrow, and hang your salmon out to dry. (Again sorry about the graphics, I remember to turn them up half way through!)
  2. 2. Yup that's right, Corvus and Repens were all set for Uni - so off we go! Weeee etc.
  3. 3. "Corvus likes ponies, so Corvus grew up in clothes to ride them!" Aaargh, go go go Harold & Merkins.
  4. 4. Repens grew up rather lovely, and before he had even declared his major (Biology, obv) his little peepers passed over Kerie. "My, what a fine specimen! I must know more.."
  5. 5. However, Repens isn't much of a charmer and stepped on Kerie's foot as soon as he were able. "Awfully sorry m'dear, may I rub it in a soothing fashion to aid your discomfort?" "Oooow, no Repens! I'm a dormie, and we take care of ourselves! Except when it comes to showering of course."
  6. 6. I decided I'd see if Corvus could major in Maths, for no reason other than I felt he deserved more credit than Repens was giving him. However, he was not doing even as well as Repens in the love market and every dormie girl was repulsed by him. "Dance with Corvus pretty lady?" "Eww, no! You ugly monkey sim!"
  7. 7. "But you pretty lady.." Elise Whatsit, I hate you. I officially hate you. NO ONE rejects my Corvie!
  8. 8. "Corvus clever! Corvus do maths make!" "You what now? Pfft, I'm trying to watch TV." "Ho ho ho, that simian will never change! What a brother, when I've already got Kerie all wrapped up!"
  9. 9. "It must be from pretty lady after we talked about how clever Corvus was!" Sadly no, it's Repens's. But he seems to have found the next legacy spouse in Kerie, and my was it fast!
  10. 10. Squee, you're so cute Repens! I remember my first kiss, though it took so long for those little hearts to burst.. Hanging around for hours! What about you?
  11. 11. *slurp* "Yup, that's how you do it meastro!" "Repens, I.. I think I love you!" "I should hope so my darling sugarsnap, we're triple bolted!" And they are. And I cant argue with that.
  12. 12. Kerie's face is always obscured by that annoying hair, but I'm sure she'll do. I'll give her a makeover post-uni, so the pictures aren't confusing! "My little kumquat, what's say we go finish this in my room where Gin can't interrupt us?"
  13. 13. Ha, chatting about how you both find Melody Tinker hot.. Curse you Melody, curse you! "And Corvus said hello to the pretty lady, but pretty lady ran away.." "Man, man! What you gotta do to keep a girl like Melody is..."
  14. 14. Erm, this worried me when I saw it, but once I listened to what was actually going on. "You pretty lady dig The Corvus?" "That's a good flirt for an ape, now just keep practicing and also say this.."
  15. 15. "You want WHAT?!" Oh Corvus, you haven't chased off another one, have you?
  16. 16. What, she's hanging out with you?! How did you manage that.. "Corvus thinks Erika is The One.. He feels all bolty for her!"
  17. 17. And apparently she does too :) Aww, yay. I'm glad he's happy. They only have two bolts unlike Repens and Kerie's three, but with Corvus two is still a major achievement and I'll happily marry these two into the world of motherload and puppies.
  18. 18. "Ah my sweet, my dear baboon of a brother is settled, as are we. Now, do you know what this picturesque pose means?" "We're all snuggley." "Close my dear, close." And a happy night was had by all ;)
  19. 19. The next morning: "Oh what a glorius niiiiiiiiight! It all just felt so riiiiiiiiiight! So Kerie don't you fiiiiiiiiiight! We'll be together come what miiiiiiight!" It's good to see a bit of Atrica in him >_<
  20. 20. "Ah, this exquisite bouquet will look lovely in Kerie's slumber chamber!" And you want 5 top level businesses, so you'd better learn how to make Snapdragons pronto!
  21. 21. No Corvus, Erika's turn ons do not include stink. "But Corvus strong to protect Erika from evil!" Aww.
  22. 22. Even though they've been perusing the laydees, Corvus and Repens still find time to do things as brothers.
  23. 23. Wrong wrong wrong. She'd better be entertaining herself with an SSX..
  24. 24. "Erika, Corvus love you. You love Corvus too? You pretty." "Hmm, he speaks so strangely, but I just want to protect him from the world and that weirdo brother of his.."
  25. 25. And so, without further ado, Corvus took Erika to a pretty little downtown garden. "Erika marry Corvus? Make Corvus happy."
  26. 26. "Oh of course! You're so special.." And it looks like Corvus is going to get the happy ever after he's always wanted ever since he was a noseless child playing with his doll house. I'd always said only someone who really liked Corvus and had good chemistry would marry him, and I'm glad :)
  27. 27. Meanwhile, down the road at swanky Londonste: "Kerie, a life without you would be like an axolotl without a cave. Will you do me the honour of marrying me to continue the proud name of Tegenaria?" "Oh Repens, if that means good then yes!"
  28. 28. And the heir is engaged. Score. I'm glad both my boys are happy!
  29. 29. And with the engagements done, the boys are out of the dorm and into a Greek house, affectionately called The Trout House. Modest little place, before a decorated it because I forgot to get a photo after.
  30. 30. ..And the upstairs. Erm, tadah?
  31. 31. Not forgetting his aspiration, Repens proposes an idea to his brother. "..And we make as much money as we can! And get this Greek house to level 10000 and then join the secret society!" "And then get puppy?"
  32. 32. "NO you ape! My, why will you never come round the my way of thinking? I am certain that you do not understand the aforementioned task of getting our family right to the top!" "Repens hurt Corvus.."
  33. 33. Things didn't get better for Corvus that day.. A few too many cow belches and he was left in tears by the flower bench. You! No one makes my Corvie cry! Why I ought ..
  34. 34. "..And then Repens hit Corvus and the mean cow made Corvus cry and and.." "Don't worry love, I'm here. Now let's have a nice cuddle and it'll be all better. And say me Corvus, don't refer to yourself by your own name." Well, it looks like Corvus doesn't need me anymore! Hmph, fine then..
  35. 35. "Hi Repens!" "Want to explain this, pookie?" "Would if I could Kerie, would if I could."
  36. 36. "Elise! I NEED TO BE YOUR FRIEND." "No way, I need to go and suck some more lemons." Get away from my Repens, you B-.. witch.
  37. 37. I agree Corvus, we don't like Elise around here. I would do something about her, but we';re running out of time this generation..
  38. 38. The We Hate Elise But We Love Pizza Club (tm) Meeting One: Why cheese conquers all
  39. 39. "Say, you Bovine looking fellow, would you care to leave our abode? You see, I have to arrange some posies and you always make my sibling cry. So do us the honour and depart, post hast." "Moo? Y'what mate? I am so out of here.."
  40. 40. Voo gerbits! I've never had Snapdragon's before, but I have a feeling I'm going to need them this generation. Props to you, Repens.
  41. 41. "How to live with monkeys: The pros and cons, by Repens Tegenaria" With some SD's in place, Repens could finally pull his grade up. Hopefully Corvus is doing likewise..
  42. 42. "Huhuuuhu, wheeee! Bubbles!" I'll let you have your Atrica moment, you..
  43. 43. Corvus is better at making friends than skilling, which he's been awful at since toddlerton. Wouldn't you think Tina the Cheerleader would have thought about the weather before leaving the house?
  44. 44. Nevermind, we need a placeholder and she's Corvus's best friend.
  46. 46. Corvus is graduation too, but I had Repens throw the party as he's heir. Besides, Corvie is quite happy to simply smustle the night away.
  47. 47. I didn't know fiancées graduated, or whatever, as well if you invite them.. Heh, cool.
  48. 48. "Brother happy. Cor- er, I am happy too. Yay!" Too cute. (Look look snapdragon wow!)
  49. 49. Group smustle! Atrica, you're on the wrong step.. "I'm just getting my pleasure groove on, wait a sec!"
  50. 50. Repens! Now you're out of step! "Gin, something feels really weird.."
  51. 51. "Excellent! I made it. Now I can advance this family above and beyond the call of the Sim! See you back home, guys."
  52. 52. And Corvus made it too, though all-be-it in a less than great outfit. And so there's uni in a nutshell for you! Tune in next time to The Science of a Legacy as Generation Two takes over, and maybe as Gen 3 enters, I'll finally have a villain. Who knows? I don't, as for once I haven't played ahead. Thanks for reading everyone, this is GintasticNecat avoiding paying the BT bill.
  53. 53. "Huuhuhuuuu! Corvus! Pretty!"