Abel OWBC: Chapter 4


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Abel OWBC: Chapter 4

  1. 1. The Abel OWBC Chapter Four: In Which They Dream
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Abel OWBC! So, in the last chapter the Golden Trio, Lute, Peri, and River, were born. It was right after their births that I realized that it would be impossible to do the Golden Trio with a Bad Apple. For practical reasons, I’ve decided to just make Oasis have another kid and make that kid a Bad Apple. For those of you who are thinking that this is breaking the rules, I know. I get it. But it’s not like I’m changing the BA because I want to. I have to in order to do the Golden Trio challenge. Okay? Okay.
  3. 3. With that in mind… Oasis: “Alright! Let’s have another kid!” Phil: “Okay. Try not to have triplets this time.” Oasis: “Hey, if I have triplets, I can work my way to completing this ten kids want I have.” (She will never have 10 kids.)
  4. 4. Oasis is working her way to being able to build a servo. She currently has a silver badge in robot making.
  5. 5. Meanwhile, Peter and Phil are making their way in their careers. Phil still hasn’t been able to find a job in the Science career, which is rather odd.
  6. 6. How time flies by! It’s time for the triplets to grow up at last!
  7. 7. First up is Lute. She is a Virgo with 10/2/10/3/10.
  8. 8. This is Peri, featuring a hairstyle that vaguely reminds me of Simon Baker. Peri is a Cancer with 9/7/6/3/10.
  9. 9. Then, finally, we have River. He’s a Capricorn with 9/3/1/7/8. Lute and River inherited Phil’s nose whereas Peri got his mother’s nose. Both Peri and River have their dad’s mouth. They’re all cute, of course. They only get cuter too.
  10. 10. Except for this. This isn’t cute. Lute: “Daddy! Mommy! Let me out!” Peri and River: “Too loud!”
  11. 11. Yay! Oasis is finally showing in her second pregnancy!
  12. 12. Lyndi managed to get out of having to teach one of the little darlings how to talk. Will she ever help out with the wee ones?
  13. 13. Lyndi also got out of having to teach the kids how to walk. I just realized that all throughout the last chapter, I spelled Lyndi’s name wrong. Oops.
  14. 14. Phil: “I wonder why Lyndi couldn’t have done this.”
  15. 15. She did have a legitimate excuse, though. She was too busy topping her career and completing her lifetime want! It’s about time too! She retired right away, of course.
  16. 16. I just realized that all three of them are wearing shorts. Oh, and they’re incredibly adorable.
  17. 17. Like with her first pregnancy, Oasis has been making robots for the family while pregnant. After all, she needs to do something to help them earn money.
  18. 18. Lyndi was roped into helping teach the triplets a nursery rhyme. I find this interaction really cute.
  19. 19. Squishy: “Ah…what a beautiful day. If only I could run around and frolic through the nonexistent flowers.”
  20. 20. Oasis: “Work, work, working all day. But, hey, look at that! I’m glowing. Wait. Phil! Is it bad for me to be glowing?” Phil: “You should be fine, dear!” Oasis: “I hope so…”
  21. 21. Peter: “Finally! I reached the top of my career! It’s about time! Now…to collect my retirement money…wait. What’s that screaming sound from upstairs?”
  22. 22. Lyndi and Phil: “Oh my gosh! She’s giving birth!” Oasis: “Neither of you are being helpful!”
  23. 23. It’s a boy! He has brown and dark blue eyes (wow, what a shocker). His name is Rude. He is, of course, the Bad Apple. That’s set in stone now. Now then, you’re probably wondering where in the world these names come from. And it’s not from the dictionary…
  24. 24. Lute was actually named after a character in the short story “The House on the Planet” by Tanith Lee. I read this short story in the anthology Firebirds Rising. Peri was a really cool name that I found. River was the body of water I chose to name a kid after. Rude was actually named after a Final Fantasy character. I only learned about Rude through Youtube, though, because I’ve never played Final Fantasy. Although, it does look like a very cool game.
  25. 25. Oasis: “Muhahaha! My servo is complete! Now he and I can take over the world together! …where did that come from? I think I’ve been building robots for too long…”
  26. 26. Oasis: “Hey! Look at that! We have neighbors across the street! Cool!”
  27. 27. Birthday party time! Brick and Odd made it to the party as did a random teenaged girl.
  28. 28. Wow! Those outfits aren’t half bad. But where’s Lute?
  29. 29. Wow! They all grew up into fairly decent outfits. And yet…I’m still giving them makeovers.
  30. 30. River: “Hey, everyone! I have an announcement to make! I like smiling! I hope that my face will freeze like this one day! That is all.”
  31. 31. Peri: “Hey, everyone! This party rocks!” You know what would be awesome? If Peri won the heir poll.
  32. 32. Lute: “Wow. You two really need to stop saying, ‘Hey, everyone.’ It’s a bit annoying.” Peri and River: “Hey, everyone! Lute is a kill joy!”
  33. 33. Oasis: “Alright, guys. Hold those poses. Look like you love each other. And…there! Perfect! Now, I’m off to pester your father about having another kid.”
  34. 34. Lute: “Hey, do you guys know what this is?” Peri: “Um…mom said it’s a servo.” River: “That’s cool! I didn’t know we had a robot!” Lute: “It’s not moving. Is it dead?” Peri: “No. Mom just hasn’t activated it.” River: “How do you know all of this?” Peri: “I overheard her talking to dad.”
  35. 35. Lute: “You eavesdropped on them?” Peri: “No! Eavesdropping and overhearing are two different things.” River: “…right.” Lute: “Eh, who cares? I’m more curious about the robot. Maybe mom really didn’t build it. Maybe it came from space.”
  36. 36. Peri: “Only aliens come from space.” River: “Yeah. He’s right.” Lute: “Of course you’d agree with him.” River: “Guys have to stick together.” Lute: “Whatever. Let’s go to bed now, okay?”
  37. 37. Oasis: “Hey there, Rude! Aren’t you a cute little baby? Yes you are. You’re so cute. Are you hungry? Yes you are!”
  38. 38. Oasis: “Don’t grow up too fast on me now, Rude.”
  39. 39. Early the next morning… Peri: “Hey, Lute, did you have a weird dream last night?” Lute: “That depends…” Peri: “On what?” Lute: “What did you dream about?”
  40. 40. Peri: “There was a huge fire. Mom, grandma, and grandpa were freaking out.
  41. 41. Mom caught on fire. Grandma tried to put her out with an extinguisher. But it wasn’t working right or something.
  42. 42. Because mom died. Dad showed up and pleaded with the Grim Reaper to give her back. The Grim Reaper told him that he had mom’s soul in one hand. Dad had to figure out which hand. He chose the wrong one. Then, I woke up.”
  43. 43. Lute: “I had that same exact dream!” River: “So did I. Weird, huh? Except in mine dad went to the genie and wished for mom to come back. She came back as a zombie, though.” Peri: “Do you think that that will really happen?” Lute: “Nah. Dreams never come true.”
  44. 44. But just in case, the triplets went downstairs to make sure. They just sort of stared at their mother until she asked them what was wrong. River: “We all dreamt that you burned to death. In my dream, though, you came back as a zombie thanks to dad.” Oasis just stared at them in disbelief.
  45. 45. Lute: “Looks like the bus is here. Bye, mom.” Peri: “Yeah. Bye, mom.” River: “Bye! Try to stay away from any sort of flames, okay?” Oasis: “…okay?”
  46. 46. Once the kids were at school, Oasis told Phil about the triplet’s…unique shared dream. Phil: “Yeah. Definitely stay away from fire.” Oasis: “It was just a dream, sweetie.” Phil: “It has to mean something, though.” But they couldn’t think of what it could mean, so they put it off for another time.
  47. 47. After school, the kids brought home a friend they’d met. River: “So, are you really an alien, Osbert? Are you?” Osbert: “Yes. I am an alien. But I’m different from the aliens that you hear about. My race doesn’t abduct people.” River: “Cool! I wonder why Peri hasn’t been pestering you with questions, though? He’s always been fascinated by aliens!”
  48. 48. Osbert got bored after awhile and went to jump on Oasis and Phil’s bed. Lute caught him doing that and stopped him. Lute: “So, um, you should probably go home now.” Osbert: “Okay! Try not to be a stranger, though! I love having friends! Bye!” Lute: “Er…bye…”
  49. 49. At long last, it’s time for Rude to grow up!
  50. 50. I expected Rude to be a clone of one of his siblings but it would appear that’s not so! Rude is a Taurus with 9/4/9/10/3. And yes, I did it again. I keep forgetting that I’m not supposed to check what his personality is, even though that’s all I look at.
  51. 51. Oasis immediately set to teaching Rude how to walk. After all, it’s a rather useful skill.
  52. 52. Peri: “Come out, come out wherever you are, aliens.” Peri does this on his own now. In fact, his hobby is actually science. I think.
  53. 53. Meanwhile, Lute and River are just studying by reading.
  54. 54. Small children get cold, so Peri had to come inside and play chess after awhile. This picture also shows off how adorable Rude is.
  55. 55. This picture also shows off how adorable he is.
  56. 56. Peri: “So, do think mom will really die?” River: “Pfft. As if!” Peri: “But what if—” River: “Mom will be fine, alright? Geeze. You’re such a worrywart.”
  57. 57. Phil volunteered to teach Rude how to talk. Phil’s a good sport about volunteering for things. It could be because he’s a Knowledge Sim.
  58. 58. Oasis: “Why do I feel as though this is dangerous?” By the way, Oasis has maxed out her Tinkering hobby. Yay!
  59. 59. River: “Score! Not only did I get an A+ but I also brought home a friend from school! Her name is Jem and she’s Osbert’s twin sister.”
  60. 60. Squishy: “What is this…I don’t even…UGH!” Jem: “You’re funny!”
  61. 61. Lute felt that she and Jem were dressed too similarly, so Lute changed her look completely. Yeah. She pretty much just changed into yet another outfit, just another color, that I constantly use for girls.
  62. 62. Lute: “What now, Jem? I have on a different outfit!” Jem: “Huh? What are you talking about?” River: “I have no idea where my slouch came from. It definitely wasn’t from my dad…”
  63. 63. Rude: “Mama? Why you hiding?” Have I yet mentioned how adorable the kids are? I have? Oh.
  64. 64. It’s been such a long time since I last had nice Sims. And yet I kind of miss the let’s- play-whap-I-mean-catch thing that mean Sims do. Well, I guess Rude will do that once he’s older…
  65. 65. I always find it so adorable when toddlers dance along with the music.
  66. 66. Peri: “Hello there, random dog with glowing eyes! Do you want to play fetch?” Muhahaha…-cough- Where did that come from?
  67. 67. Lute: “What are you reading, Peri?” Peri: “Oh, just the science section. It’s quite fascinating. Did you know that Sims can become werewolves?” Lute: “Really?” Peri: “Yep! There’s apparently a werewolf in some place called Edins. Her name is… Sheena Aldrich.” Lute: “Edins, huh? Sounds like an interesting place.”
  68. 68. Yay! It’s time for Rude’s birthday!
  69. 69. Everyone is cheering him on! I wonder what he’ll look like as a child. Well, I guess we’re about to find out.
  70. 70. Naturally, he’s still adorable! Rude grew up into a cowboy shirt. But that’s alright. Here’s to hoping that he continued his trend of growing up into fairly decent outfits.
  71. 71. River: “So, what do you think about being grown up now?” Rude: “I’m not quite grown up…” River: “But you ARE taller.” Rude: “Oh. That’s true. I do like being tall.” You might notice that their kitchen is now a little less green. /random
  72. 72. See? Now their kitchen is just kind of boring looking. Or maybe not. By the way, Rude loves attention. He will seek it wherever he can.
  73. 73. Rude: “Whee! This is fun! My bed rocks!”
  74. 74. Rude: “Muhahaha. It is time to retrieve Squishy.” I must admit, he looks a little scary in this picture. And I thought that no one would go rescue Squishy!
  75. 75. Squishy: “I have returned, my pink army!” And that is where I will end the chapter! I haven’t played beyond this point in the game so the next chapter might take awhile. Although, I doubt there will be quite as long a wait as with chapter. I hope that you enjoyed!