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ESWN 1.7

  1. 1. Hello yet again my dear little fishfingers! Last time we packed all four Gen 1 kids off to college and I had you choose a wee little heir for me, which you did with stunning swiftness and deftly clicking fingers. As such, this is the last Part of Generation One. Apparently I take too many pictures and thus string things out, but still – hurray! I would say “Hmm, I wonder who they chose..” but it was kind of a landslide 
  2. 2. “What? I thought we were just taking smustle pictures for the fun of it!” Ah, dear little „Orrible – there‟s always a method to my madness. Congratulations heir of the Nightmares! “Erm, what does that involve exactly?” Ooooh, not a lot! Just go do college and we‟ll sort it all out later.
  3. 3. “YAY „Orrible‟s in college!” “So?” “So we‟ve finally got enough money to buy double beds! YAAAAAAY! Oh and it‟s nice to see you little brother and all that.”
  4. 4. But „Orrible didn‟t get such a warm reception from everyone at SSU. “ HAHAHAHA You‟ve got a slightly large nose!??!” “Ow! Well I hardly think you‟re in any place to judge..” “Whatever. I‟m going to go pull your sister‟s hair now, mehehehehe.” “That‟s not very friendly. No wonder Blight‟s been moaning we need to get a cow trophy..”
  5. 5. “Oh don‟t mind him – cows are a protected species here anyway. Riverblossom rules!” “Hey.. Don‟t I know you?” The red-head smiled. “It‟s Liz silly! Liz Fuchs. We used to date as teenagers.” “To be fair I used to date quite a few people.. But yes, you took me on a tree walk once? Got a bit excited by the Ever Burning Tree in my garden?”
  6. 6. “Yup. It‟s nice to see you though „Orrible, I just know you‟re going to love SSU! Just don‟t hurt the cows.” “Not even a little bit?” “No.”
  7. 7. “Settling in alright, little brother?” asked Blight that evening as the boys gathered around the newly purchased games room. “Thanks for the money by the way – all this new stuff is awesome.” “That‟s okay, glad I could help. I would say Mum send her warmest regards – but y‟know.” “Heh, no worries. Have a good first day though?”
  8. 8. “Yeah actually – there are so many pretty girls on this campus.” said the heir coyly, fiddling with his poker chips, wondering how to broach the next subject. “I hear you‟ve found a special one already though.” Blight smiled.
  9. 9. “Gretchin? Yeah, you could say that. Now thanks to you we‟ve finally all got our own rooms, I really wanted her to stay the night, you know? But of course it wouldn‟t be right if I didn‟t reassure her I‟d make an honest woman of her – so I proposed!” “No way! You‟re only Juniors though! I don‟t have to do that, do I?” “I think you‟re fine „Orrible.” “Good. She said yes though, right?”
  10. 10. “Of course she did! I‟ve never felt so happy little bro, and despite that face I know you‟ll feel the same one day.” “Muuuh.. I‟m only little!” “Little and adorable, yes yes – so I‟ve been told.” “But then you got to.. Y‟know. Right?!”
  11. 11. “Right.”
  12. 12. Engagement and marriage and babies and what not were the furthest thing from Blight‟s twin‟s mind though. Burns was still just perfectly happy to enjoy both clothes on and clothes off dates with her „special friend‟ Alec. Thanks to the new beds, they‟d recently learnt a new dance as well.
  13. 13. “Pleeeease can you teach me this new dance you keep going on about Burns, pleeease?” “Um.. How about we just play red hands instead?” “Yaaay!” Bad Apple Occult is getting along surprisingly well at college, with more than a little help from his sister and little brother. ..Blight still ignores him though, and seems vaguely ashamed by the whole business.
  14. 14. Unfortunately for „Orrible, having spent his youth rolling around in flowerbeds in search of beetley weetleies for me, he doesn‟t really have any skill points. Or hobby enthusiasm. Or pool skill. Or anything required to be an OWBC heir. I wasn‟t going to skill him up as Gen 2 I‟m going for no promotions, but you lovely people pointed out to me that if I was quick I could reach his LTW before the next generation is born. So to make him a Celebrity Chef, operation max cooking, logic and creativity is a-g-go! “There are other food apart from Grilled Cheese? NO WAI!”
  15. 15. “But I can‟t see a naked dancing chick over there!” “Why not? I‟m sure there is one.” “I dunno Blight..” “Well, there usually is.” But even the hardest working little bug nut heir can‟t take too much skilling without crying for dates.
  16. 16. “Liiiiiz!” “Oribbllllllllllllllle! Are we done elongating things?” “Yes, I suppose. Thanks for coming, you‟re still the only girl I‟ve got a high enough relationship with not to be rejected!”
  17. 17. “How sweet. How‟re your studies going?” “Okay I guess. Blight keep‟s trying to cheat when he‟s helping me with chess, but I don‟t want to tell him I know because it seems to make him so happy. Anyway, I didn‟t really come here to study – I have something I want to show you.”
  18. 18. “This is my bed! Everyone seems to be really excited that I brought them with me which is nice, I‟m glad I could cheer them up, but I did save the best for me. There‟s some really magic things under the covers – wanna see? I think you‟ll really like it, Liz.”
  19. 19. “Oh my combine HARVESTER!”
  20. 20. “That was a strange expression.” “Well, what do you outsiders say when you‟re happy?” “Me? Well currently all I can think is..
  21. 21. MORE PLEASE!”
  22. 22. And now he‟s got a taste for it, „Orrible did decided that he really did want a lot more. The red head wasn‟t the only one who got to experience the magic things in his bed. He forgave Jane Stacks for not tipping his siblings in their time of need, and so did I because Doc reminded me how without her a certain Reaper Child would not exist Even if he wants to stalk everyone EXCEPT ME. But Jane seems very happy to be repaid with „Orrible Magic.
  23. 23. “I thought you came out here to get the groceries?” “I did, but it‟s not my fault I was distracted by your lovely skin! Would you like to come inside from the total lack of cold?” “Oh WOULD I!”
  24. 24. “So you see here, this is my first donkey – she was called Sparkle.” “Aww, she‟s lovely!” “And this was my fifth, Twinkle and oh! This one is my favourite, Sparkley-Twinks. Oh sorry, I must be boring you with this..” “No, not at all! I‟ve spent my whole life with insects – animals rock! I love nature.” “..I think I love you.”
  25. 25. Some talked less though. “I‟m sorry, what did you say your name was again?” “I didn‟t – but it‟s Emma!” “That‟s a really pretty name, I think that- argh! You really are eager aren‟t you?”
  26. 26. “I‟m super-sorry that the llamas lost. They so should have had this season in the bag!” “I know right?! Oh I just have nothing to cheer about any more..” “Here, let me give you a hug – you deserve it.” “VO GERBITS?!!?!??!!!!!!!!”
  27. 27. And it wasn‟t long before all „Orrible‟s special new friends came back to see him again. His Magic Bed really was very popular. Some say it wasn‟t as goos a Magic Box, but who could really judge? But alas alack, all good things cannot last forever, and a house constantly full of female walk-bys was bound to lead to problems.
  28. 28. *BOINGY HEART NOISES* *Sighing from me* *Getting in the way from the walls* *Giggles* *Grrs*
  29. 29. “Helloo-oo other girl „Orrible is dating! Isn‟t this a comical state of affairs?” “No it is NOT. I don‟t know where you grew up Missy, but this is NOT the type of behaviour I was raised to endure.” “Wow „Orrible, you sure date some weird girls..” “Hush, hussy!”
  30. 30. “‟Orrible, can I have a kiss too? Pleeeeeease? You‟re giving everyone else kisses!” “No now Occult, you can have a Family Kiss later. .. NO! No Liz, that‟s my brother.” And so our heir apparent has his first ever taste of grovelling to a girl for forgiveness. But being „Orrible, it only took but a couple of phone calls and a timely placed rose for all to be well again.
  31. 31. The whole concept of females though was still a bit lost on Occult. “Are you sure you‟re not the same girl?” “Yes.” “So my brothers have actually been dating different girls the whole time?” “Yes.” “No way! I was sure you were the same one! Ever thought about changing you hair?” “...”
  32. 32. He did understand that his sister was dating a boy though, even if these special dances still eluded him. And as the twins senior year draws to a close, I decided she decided that she may as well follow her brother‟s example. “Naked Alec!” “Yes Clothed Burns?”
  33. 33. “Will you marry me? *eye twictch*” “Oooh, yes! This ring shall be the only thing I will were ever again!” “Result!”
  34. 34. „Orrible was thrilled with this news. “I‟m so pleased you‟re going to marry my sister Naked Alec! You‟re fun to play with.” “Stop molesting my fiancé little brother, if it has escaped your attention he is NOT a girl.” “That doesn‟t mean it‟s not fun!”
  35. 35. “You sure you‟re going to be okay on your own here?” “I‟m not going to be alone, Occult‟s still here.” “Like I said, you going to be okay alone?” “Oh be nice!” “Fine, call us though if you need anything. Except taking advantage of my wife-to- be though.”
  36. 36. And with that, Blight once again managed to grow up into ridiculous clothes! Blight Nightmare – Leo 4 10 4 7 1 Family – Golden Anniversary Graduated Summo Cocky Llama (or whatever it is) with a 4.0 in Politics Engaged to Gretchin Chen Byeeeeeee
  37. 37. ..And Burns grew up in her knickers. It‟s rather fitting actually  Burns Nightmare – Leo 4 10 5 4 5 Popularity – Become Visionary Graduated with a 4.0 Llamas in Art Engaged to Alec Howe Big Sim on Campus Secret Society Member Toodleoo! I wasn‟t going to play the spares of this challenge, but I really like the twins. So they get to have happy lives and will pop up in future with their spawn!
  38. 38. I don‟t know whether it‟s a requirement or not, but I‟ve carried on Family Scrapbook my making sure there‟s a picture of each of the kids in the college house with their significant others. Except for „Orrible who I just used whoever he was on a date with. And Occult who er, doesn‟t have anyone. Yes okay, I feel bad for him at long last. Kinda.
  39. 39. „Orrible‟s still happily mixing work with pleasure, and we‟ve nearly finished all the skills he needs to top his career straight away, yay! Only nearly though, he keeps getting distracted. “But come on! That is a really weird noise.. What the heck could it be?” No. No – it can‟t be! Is that.. It is!
  40. 40. It‟s the sound of Occult actually being useful! “Well I‟m still Evil Susan‟s son! If there‟s a chance to shoot a big idiot cow I‟m going to take it, Bad Apple or not.”
  41. 41. “MEHEHEHEEEEE! Prepare to meet my one shining moment, you pain in the bum bovine. I‟VE GOT A GUN.” “Moo? I thought this one was useless?” It would appear not..
  42. 42. “And then I shot it! And it ran away! Ha, I finally did something to make Mum love me. I bet YOU wouldn‟t shoot a cow.” “I‟m not entirely sure if she loves anyone, Occult. But you‟re right, I would never shoot a cow. It‟s kind of mean don‟t you think? He doesn‟t know any better. Besides, all the girls who grew up in Riverblossom wouldn‟t be too happy – treasured beast and all that.” “..Wuss.” “I‟ll stop helping you build up your social!” “..Sorry.”
  43. 43. Cow shooting or not, Jane Stacks was clearly impressed by something! Aww, you‟re really growing on me Jane. Unfortunately, I‟m not letting „Orrible near these things until he graduates, just in case. Sowwy! *sells*
  44. 44. Though I think Occult would have preferred if I‟d kept it. “Waaaa, I‟m actually moaning about my aspiration for the first time ever! Help meeeee! SOMEONE PLAY WITH ME.”
  45. 45. ..I think everyone‟s a bit busy at this particular moment in time.
  46. 46. But just because we‟re at college doesn‟t mean we‟ve forgotten Drew Rule fun! Yeah, so you remember how I said „Orrible came here a bit lacking in skill points? I think if he hadn‟t just had a fun date time we could have been in real trouble here. “But I feel in trouble NOW.”
  47. 47. “Oww, why did I have to do that? I‟ve only got two mechanical points!” Because we can only fix things at noon and I sent Occult to unblock the toilets because he‟d have killed himself doing this. Actually.. “Don‟t, that‟s a horrible thing to say. I love my brother.” You love everyone! Would an energiser make it all better? “..Yes.”
  48. 48. “Hurray! I‟m still adorable and alive!” Indeed you are. Well, work doesn‟t seem to be going particularly well does it? Let‟s get back to what you‟re much better at.
  49. 49. “Thank you so so much for forgiving me Liz. You‟re so lovely, I couldn‟t bear to have lost you!” “Aww, that‟s okay sweetie! You weren‟t brought up with traditional Riverblossom values, you weren‟t to know any better. And I like your hair and pretty little face.”
  50. 50. “Rosey Day? You serious? Well, that the prettiest name I‟ve ever heard. Here, let‟s celebrate for the rest of the day.” “*squee!*”
  51. 51. “See squirt? I told ya I could lift you up. Not every chick can do that, I‟ll darn well tell you that.” “I never doubted you for a second Callista.”
  52. 52. “So how‟d that song go again, Crystal?” “I love „Orrible, Orrible rocks! Especially his awesome hair and dinky little socks. That one?” “That‟s the one. ..Sing it again? You really do have such a lovely voice. What? You have other ideas? We-ell.. Okay then.”
  53. 53. “Whoa – that hair is amazing!” “Thanks sweetie.” “And that corset – wooowee!” “Aww, thanks.” “Um.. Woohoo time now?” “Sure.”
  54. 54. All in all, „Orrible was pretty pleased with his lot in life. “Vo gerbits! Someone else is „hooing my boyfriend, but he‟s so cute that I don‟t really mind! Whoooo!” “I just had woohoo with someone who isn‟t going to kill me – yaaaay! Love him.” “Yay for my happy Romance life!” But once again, all good things cannot last forever.
  55. 55. *SLAP SLAP SLAP* “I may be alright with you making magic in a photobooth right next to me „Orrible, but I will NOT have you telling dirty jokes to other girls when I randomly run in the house screaming!” “..Seriously?” sighed the red head who‟s date was now a now a no-go.
  56. 56. “So HELLO „Orrible – I shall grry face you forever more for this. GRR!” “You‟re too confusing Crystal! *double minus grry face back*”
  57. 57. “I‟ll be in the other room whenever you‟re ready to carry on with our date, okay?” “Okay Liz. I – hey ow! What‟re you doing now Crystal?” “Poking your weak and feeble body! GRRRR.” “Please don‟t?” “NO! Grrrr.”
  58. 58. “Sniffle.. That hurt! And.. And I don‟t like knowing I‟ve upset someone! I never meant to make anyone sad.. Oh waaa, and now I‟M sad!”
  59. 59. “I hate „Orrible, „orrible sucks! I HATE his stupid hair and his nose looks like a duck!” “It does? Oh.. But that‟s just so mean.” “‟ORRIBLE!” “Coming Liz..”
  60. 60. Alright my dear? You see I can call you my dear now, because I‟m actually warming to you a great deal since the cow incident. “I‟m off – it‟s getting to strange and full of girls around here. Girls who don‟t want me. Good bye rug, it was nice to sit on you and get in the way of everyone. And all that.” Ah yes. Well actually he‟s just going away for a little bit so he can place hold for me when „Orrible graduates.
  61. 61. “I geuss it‟s just you and we then, eh Sweet Dream?” .. “We-ell, you‟re right. And Callista, and Crazy Crystal, and Liz, and Emma, and Jane, and Rosey, and Candice, and Heather, and..” .. “Oh I know. You‟re always right after all Sweet Dream. It‟s time to do some work I guess.”
  62. 62. Aye, it is/ As senior year rolls on it‟s high time „Orrible got on with all those little things he needs to do. Xylophone trick? Check!
  63. 63. Keeping a 4.0 grade? “I really appreciate all the extra help you‟ve given me Professor.” “Oh that‟s alright, you are a very.. Special student after all.” “Really? Well, you‟re my favourite Professor as well as it happens.”
  64. 64. “Really, REALLY my favourite!” ..Check.
  65. 65. Finishing up the last of his needed skills. “I‟m sorry I shouted at „Orrible, I love his magic bed! So please take me back again Or I‟ll be embarrassed and all red!” “Thanks Crystal, that‟s really sweet of you to be so understanding. We‟ll sort things out after I‟ve finished getting the last cooking point, okay?” “VO GERBITS!!!!”
  66. 66. And being supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, „Orrible manages to fulfil his FT requirement before even leaving uni! Good boy. “Hey kid! Cheesy line about another kind of work out once you‟re off that bike?” “*pant* sure! *pant pant* Just as long as someone explains why the Sim with only one active point has fitness as a hobby? *pant*”
  67. 67. And of course, there was one more thing our little heir needed to do.. “Liz?” “‟Orrible.” “I have a proposition for you.”
  68. 68. “Well clearly as we‟ve had rather er, different upbringings, I‟m sure it‟s not going to have the word „marriage in it? Is it? Oh my green grocers „Orrible – it‟s not is it?! Oh my... I‟ve been waiting for this day my whole LIFE! I‟m calm, I‟m calm.. Oh, please just SAY so „Orrible!”
  69. 69. “Okay! Erm, wow Liz, that was certainly.. Um. Actually, I was just going to ask you if you wanted to come back to Riverblossom with me? I‟m not sure if I‟m quite ready for er, that word you mentioned. But I like you a lot and it would be pretty cool to have you around at home.”
  70. 70. “Oh. Oh I see.” “Aww, Liz! Don‟t look like that. I know it‟s not the Riverblossom way of doing things, but do you think you can cope with the „Orrible way of doing things? Just for the moment? Please?” “Can I have some time to think about it? I mean.. This isn't how I was raised at all!”
  71. 71. 47 seconds later: “Okay, I‟ve decided – YES PLEEEEEEEASE!” “Really? That‟s awesome, thank you so much Liz!” “Well, I can‟t have anyone else filling the post can I? Oh, I just can‟t wait to meet your Mother – she‟ll be so excited!” “Erm.”
  72. 72. “So how was your lonesome senior year?” “Not that bad – thanks for coming back Occult. I did miss having you around – it‟s not quite the same without your snow plough snores shaking the house. I couldn‟t sleep in all the quiet! You sure you don‟t mind hanging around here for a while?”
  73. 73. “Nah, I‟ve got Sweet Dream ! And some weird creepy lady came up to me in the street apologising profusely and promising me a good life when I graduate. Something about her told me it might actually happen too – my very own pretty girl to kiss and cuddle at last! I‟ll be fine little brother, off you go and grow up. You deserve it for all the looking after me you‟ve done too.” “Well I‟ve got to pass my final exam first.” “Oh yeah – didn‟t that start two hours ago?” “Oh sheep‟s whistles!”
  74. 74. But despite that little setback, „Orrible managed to pass his final exam with flying colours. And make a bunch of money. Hurray! And off he runs to freedom. Well, as much freedom as an OWBC heir is allowed. So, not a lot really.
  75. 75. “Bye bye little brother!” “You sure you‟ll be alright? There‟s gilled cheese in the fridge, and my number‟s on the board as well as a suggestion of sensible times to go to bed. And try not to go out in just a towel so often!” “Just GO.”
  76. 76. “Yo little brother! Taxi service here! For some reason Mum sent me to get you, apparently she thinks the taxi drivers around here ride far too safely.” said an all grown up Blight, come to collect „Orrible. “But you ready for the adult world of full strength coffee and all that goes with it?”
  77. 77. “Oh yeah. I‟m ready.” Generation One Heir „Orrible Nightmare – Libra 4 10 1 7 8 Romance – Become Celebrity Chef Graduated Sumatra Cockerel Loudly with a 4.0 in Drama Big Sim on Campus Secret Society Member Cutest Thing EVER And that‟ll do for now! And is also the end of Generation One, hoorah. Now Evil Susan can look forward to some grandbabies in various forms – won‟t she just love that? HA, you just wait.. Her expression is priceless :D