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The White Legacy--Generation 2, Chapter 5


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The two youngest members of the White family go to college.

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The White Legacy--Generation 2, Chapter 5

  1. 1. It Might Be Sparkly The White Legacy: Generation Two, Chapter Five
  2. 2. Welcome to this final chapter of Generation Two of the White Legacy! Are you excited to see Generation Three moving? Because I AM!! But first we have to survive college… goodness gracious dearie me. In chapter four, the older three of Toro and Brie‟s children (Cygnus, Par, and Arc) left for college. Dez was offered an invitation to become a warlock for the Good High Witch Chantelle‟s order, which he took when Merry came into her full power as a witch when she became a teenager. Also, Brie dyed her hair pink. Er, light red.
  3. 3. Brie: “Chantelle.” Chantelle: “Mrs. White.” Brie: “What‟s the occasion? You rang the doorbell instead of just teleporting inside.” Chantelle: “I did promise you this visit to help find your children a nice magic school. I thought it might be sparkly to leave a good impression this time.”
  4. 4. Brie: “So, Headmaster Sweeney. You, um, run a magic school? Not a regular private school?” Headmaster Sweeney: “Well, as a matter of fact, it is a private school attended by non-magical children and teens during normal school hours. After normal school hours there is a block specifically for the magical teenagers where they study magic, magic theory, potion and reagent brewing, and enchanting. In this way, those teens with extraordinary talents, such as your Dez and Merry, receive both a worldly and extra- worldly education. We also try to tie simpler classes, such as furniture building, with the magical by teaching our students how to enchant the furniture they make.” Merry: “…you‟re going to make us stay at school longer? That‟s the single worst thing I‟ve ever heard.” Toro: “Merry!“
  5. 5. Headmaster Sweeney: “Well, Mrs. White, I have a confession to make. Lady Chantelle has already contacted me and told me about your childrens‟ natural abilities, and I had already begun the entry paperwork when I received your invitation for dinner. However, your salmon was superb.” Brie: “You let us feed you and didn‟t tell us we were already accepted? …well, okay. So long as my kids are in. I‟ve been holding onto those Wants for ages.” Headmaster Sweeney: “Your children—particularly young Merry—have extraordinary gifts, Mrs. White. It would be a shame to let them go to waste.”
  6. 6. Brie: “Hey, Toro.” Toro: *wince* “Yes?” Brie: “Merry‟s a teenager now.” And you haven‟t chosen an heir yet! Toro: “This is none of your business, Author. Back off.” As a matter of fact, this is very much my business.
  7. 7. Toro: “Dangit, now I can‟t sleep. I just haven‟t chosen yet, okay? I have five children, four of which are interested in heirship, at least one of which will get extremely upset if she isn‟t chosen. Most of them would make excellent heirs, and I just can‟t choose!” Well, choose quickly, okay? I want a decision before Dez leaves for college. Toro: “But he‟s leaving in two days!” Exactly.
  8. 8. Merry: “Hey, Dezzy! Mom and Dad are asleep!” Dez: “…yes?” Merry: “Yes, and let‟s go celebrate getting into the snooty magic school.” Dez: “…it‟s one in the morning.” Merry: “Yes, and? We‟re still awake, aren‟t we?”
  9. 9. Merry and Dez snuck out together and flew out of Riverblossom Hills and into the city. Of course, being teenagers, and also being a witch and a warlock, this flight ended up turning into a— Merry: “RACE YOU TO THE GROUND, DEZZY!!” Dez: “…!!”
  10. 10. Merry: “That was the best thing EVER! I totally won! I pulled out of that dive later than you did! How far do you think we dropped? Two, three hundred feet?” Dez: “…at least four.” Merry: “We‟ve GOT to do that again!”
  11. 11. Merry: “So, what should we do first? Infest a club with spectral servants? Use Aqua Deletus on a swimming pool? Find a singer onstage and use Spiritus Poultria on them? Turn someone into a toad? Man, I wish I could do that. Dez, would you stop messing with your wand and help me come up with something to do? Wait, where are we?”
  12. 12. Merry: “Omigosh, this is the Lulu Lounge! Come on, let‟s go inside!”
  13. 13. Merry: “This is stupid. What is this, PG Hour? And where are all the men? It‟s two in the morning, for Pete‟s sake! Come on, Dez, let‟s find somewhere else to hang out.”
  14. 14. Bartender: “Listen, kid. It doesn‟t matter how long you sit there and pout; I am not selling you any juice.” Merry: “Come on, I just want a taste. Don‟t you want a taste, Dez?” Dez: “…no.” Merry: “I could make all of the water you‟ve got stocked disappear, you know. I‟m a witch. I can do that.” Bartender: “And I‟m Xena, Warrior Princess. Scram.”
  15. 15. Merry: {If only I actually knew that spell, you would be out of a job. Call me „kid‟… I‟ll come back and break your legs someday. Just you wait.}
  16. 16. Merry: “We need to get one of these at home. I‟ll bet there‟s a scholarship for this.” Dez: “…” Merry: “Ooh, what‟s that over there!?”
  17. 17. Merry: “Ooh, these are great! I‟m so beautiful! You have some huge zits, Dez. Why don‟t you use some acne cream or something?” Dez: “…Author? I‟m tired.” Let‟s get you two home, then. Merry: “Whaaaat!? It‟s only five! There‟s still a whole hour to go before Mom and Dad wake up!” And you have to fly all the way home, remember? Merry: “Oh, yeah. I really need that spell for stopping time…”
  18. 18. Chantelle: “Dez and Merry White? What are you two doing out so early, and so far away from home?” Merry: “None of your business.” Chantelle: “This is not what we expect from the members of our order, Dez. Go home immediately, and go right to bed. I will be contacting your parents after they wake up.” Dez: “…yes, ma‟am.”
  19. 19. Merry: “I just don‟t see why you let her boss us around like that. It‟s not like she‟s our mother.” Dez: “…she‟s the head of my order.” Merry: “Well, when I join an order—if I join an order—I‟m not going to let her tell me what to do. …Was this room decorated when we left?” Props if you know what that character on the wall means!
  20. 20. Merry: “Well, „night Dezzy. We should totally do this again on another night. After we‟ve studied magic a little longer and we know a few more spells.” Dez: “…yeah. „Night Merry.”
  21. 21. I hope you‟re doing research on who to pick as heir. Brie: “Come on Tory, stop hogging the computer, it‟s my turn…” Toro: “Would you two stop pressuring me!?”
  22. 22. Merry: “Alright, so maybe the after-school block wasn‟t so bad after all. It would be better if there weren‟t these scratchy, ugly uniforms. You can do something about that, right Author?” No, no I can‟t. Merry: “So you can‟t make it so I can wear robes to school?” No. Even if I could, I wouldn‟t. Have you seen your brother?
  23. 23. I love the private school uniform for high school-aged men. Merry: “Gross, Author! Gross! That’s my brother you’re talking about!!” Dez: “…”
  24. 24. Wait. Show business? Toro: “Yep. I just became an Icon.” I thought you went into the Slacker career track? Toro: “I meant to. It never came up before my birthday, though, so I went with the next best thing.” Show business. Now get inside, there‟s a certain decision you need to officially make.
  25. 25. Brie: “Hello Par. Could you corral your brothers and tell them it‟s time to come home for the Big Announcement? …Thanks, sweetie. I‟ll see you in a few hours, then. …Why isn‟t your father making this phone call?”
  26. 26. Brie: “Oh, he would be, but he’s busy pacing in the living room. I have a feeling he hasn’t actually made a decision yet.” Is that true, Toro? You haven‟t made a decision yet, have you? Toro: “Of course I have! I‟m, um, just a little nervous, that‟s all. Did I mention that four of my children want the title? Someone is bound to blow up over this.”
  27. 27. Toro: “Alright. I‟m ready.”
  28. 28. Par: “Wow, I never knew that!” Arie: “Oh, yes. He was the worst one out of both of us for toilet splashing, according to your grandma. She would take her eyes off him for just a second, and baby Toro would toddle off and make a mess out of the toilet bowl…” Toro: “You don’t have to be here, Arie. I could ask you to leave at any time.” Arie: “Oh, I wouldn‟t miss this for the world. Go on, dear brother.”
  29. 29. Toro: “Now as you know, you five are the third generation of the legacy my mother, Snow, started. You‟re growing up now—some of you have grown up—and it‟s about time I declared who is going to be the heir, before Dez leaves for college this evening.” Brie: “We‟re very proud of all of you, and love each of you very much. Don‟t anyone take your father‟s decision personally, alright?”
  30. 30. Toro: “Par, you specifically said you didn’t want to be heir, so I didn’t consider you. Is that okay?” Par: “Absolutely, Dad. Also, I have some news for everyone!” Toro: “Can it wait until after—” Par: “I‟m engaged!!” Arie: “Really? That‟s wonderful, Par! Congratulations!” Let‟s focus on Toro‟s announcement, please? I‟m dying to know who he chose. Continue, Toro.
  31. 31. Toro: “Arc, for some reason you never struck me as the type to be happy stuck in the main household as heir. Is that alright with you?” Arc: “You mean I‟m not the heir? But I thought—well, okay, I guess. It would‟ve been cool, and as a spare, the infinite money and the immortality won‟t be… you know what? Thanks, Dad. Being a spare sounds awesome.” Toro: “I thought you might see it that way.”
  32. 32. Toro: “Which just leaves you three. This is a very important job I’ll be passing on to one of you. You will be taking up a permanent place in the history of this family, and while this means that some day you will have to die, I truly believe that you—” Merry: “This is all very touching, Dad, but quit with the dramatics. We all know that I‟m—”
  33. 33. Toro: “Dez, you’re it. You’re the heir.” Dez: “…thanks, Dad.” Merry: “What!?”
  34. 34. Merry: “But Dad, why? Why him? It was supposed to be me! I‟m obviously the heiress! I‟m the most talented, the most beautiful, the most—” Cygnus: “Merry, chill out. It‟s not that big of a deal.” Brie: “Sit down, Merry.” Toro: “Merry, I know you wanted it, but I think Dez would be better at it, and I have to do what‟s best for this legacy.”
  35. 35. Toro: “Alright, then. That‟s decided. Cygnus, you, Par, and Arc drove here, right? Would you be willing to give Dez a lift back to campus? He‟s already called the school, he‟s all packed and ready to go.” Cygnus: “Sure thing, Dad.” Merry: “But—but—but—”
  36. 36. Merry: “NO!!” Toro: “Merry? Are you okay?”
  37. 37. Merry: “I DESERVE to be heiress!! It‟s MINE!!”
  38. 38. Merry: “Dez, get out of the way!!” Dez: “…”
  39. 39. Arc: “Dez, help me get her in her room. You‟re the other one with magic.” Brie: “That would be very helpful, Arc, Dez. I‟m going to go call Chantelle. Dangit, where did Arie go?? Cygnus, Par, can you stay here with your father?” Cygnus: “‟Course, Mom. Are you okay, Dad?” Toro: “Y-yes…” Merry: “No! I will not be dismissed this way! He doesn‟t deserve to be heir! This isn‟t FAIR!!”
  40. 40. *tap* *tap tap*
  41. 41. Pearl: “[Latimeria? Can I come in?]” Merry: “Who are you?” Pearl: “[A friend. A friend who can help you.]” Merry: “You can help me reclaim the heirship from Dez?” Pearl: “[Yes, I can.]” Merry: “Okay. Come in.”
  42. 42. Merry: *hiccup* “So, who are you!?” Pearl: “Oh, my dear… you‟ve been through so much pain tonight…”
  43. 43. Pearl: “Come here, darling. You look like you need a hug.” Merry: “Um, no. I don‟t do hugs. You will keep your distance. Now tell me what I can do to become heiress.”
  44. 44. Pearl: “Very good. I see we‟re on the same page. You know, Latimeria, I‟ve watched you since you were a baby. You have one of the greatest natural talents I‟ve ever seen. You could be great—much greater, certainly, than that idiotic brother of yours. You‟re absolutely right. You deserve to be heiress. There is so much you could do as the one in charge of this legacy.” Merry: “Mmm… there‟s still one problem. I‟m not in charge of the legacy. I‟ve been shut up in my room. The door is locked.” Pearl: “Then burn it down! You are a witch, Latimeria, a witch of great power. With just a little bit of training, you could be one of the greatest there ever has been—and ever will be.”
  45. 45. Pearl: “Join my order, Latimeria. To attempt to curse your own father in a moment of anger—that is exactly the type of thing we watch for in our young apprentices. Those prissy little angel wannabes your pathetic brother has fallen in with is censoring your education and trying to push you towards the weaker path of magic. With me, you could accomplish so much more—even more, perhaps, than just taking over your grandmother‟s legacy. I will personally come every evening and teach you of the superior magics, the spells Chantelle‟s order are too afraid to try. Give yourself until the end of your freshman year of college, Latimeria, and you will be able to easily take the place of your wretched, useless brother.”
  46. 46. Merry: “…okay.”
  47. 47. Dez: “…Merry? Want some hot chocolate? ……..Merry?” Arc: “DEZ!! We’re leaving! Time to go!” Dez: “…goodbye, Merry.”
  48. 48. Toro: “Morning.” Brie: “Morning, Tory. Have you been up all night?” Toro: “Couldn‟t sleep.”
  49. 49. Toro: “…do you suppose she‟s still there? In her room, I mean.” Brie: “Well, maybe she‟s up by now, showering or making herself some breakfast or something…” Toro: “No, what I mean is, is she still here, or do you think she, um, ran away last night?” Brie: “Oh, Tory…”
  50. 50. Toro: “Merry? Are you there?” Brie: “Why is there a cup of cold hot chocolate on the floor…?”
  51. 51. Toro: {Phew…}
  52. 52. Brie: “Is she there?” Toro: “Yes. Still sleeping like an angel.”
  53. 53. Merry: “…what is this for?” Toro: “It‟s breakfast, silly.”
  54. 54. Merry: “I don‟t need it. I‟m going to school.” Brie: “Merry, how about I call the school and get you a day off? We could watch a movie, enjoy some time together—” Merry: “Don‟t call me that. I said I don‟t need it! And I don‟t need you! Leave me alone!”
  55. 55. Toro: “She‟s a teenager. All of them went through this phase.” Brie: “She tried to curse you last night, Tory. I‟m not so sure this is just a phase.”
  56. 56. Life in the White house fell into a routine after that. Merry would come home from school and go straight to her magic studies and ignore her parents as much as possible.
  57. 57. Toro and Brie would do everything they could to establish communication with her every opportunity they got, but she always talked back, or else steadfastly ignored them.
  58. 58. Failing this, they spent a lot of time in each other‟s company, and often in each others‟ arms, trying to reassure each other and themselves.
  59. 59. And unbeknownst to them, Pearl continued Merry‟s education outside of the classroom and in the dead of night, among the outlying farms and thickets of trees on the outskirts of Riverblossom Hills.
  60. 60. She progressed very quickly.
  61. 61. Merry: “Alright, let‟s try something here…”
  62. 62. Merry: “…this kind of ti—”
  63. 63. Merry: “—ckles. …cool.”
  64. 64. Toro: “Did you see that, honey? She‟s traveling like those older witches now…”
  65. 65. Toro: “…Brie?” Brie: *snore*
  66. 66. Brie: “Are you making ramen, Merry? Wouldn‟t you rather some turkey? It‟s in the oven right now, I‟m just about to take it out…” Merry: “I can cook for myself.”
  67. 67. Merry: “Bye Mom, Dad. Hope you like my goodbye present. I‟m going to have so much fun in college.”
  68. 68. Well, off she goes.
  69. 69. Brie: “Did you catch her cab before she left?” Toro: “No… I saw it drive off, but I didn‟t quite catch it.” Brie: “Do you think she started that kitchen fire on purpose?” Toro: “No! …probably. She did just walk off while the alarm went off and got in the cab. I don‟t want to admit it, but I don‟t think she would be above starting a fire like that.”
  70. 70. Brie: “Come here. This isn‟t your fault, you know.” Toro: “I know.” Brie: “Something was bound to set her off eventually, whether it was the heirship announcement or whatever else. Can you imagine what she would have done as heiress? She could‟ve destroyed the family. You made the right decision. If she makes any more trouble, Dez has his magic and he can fight her off.” Toro: “I know. I love you, Brie.” Brie: “Love you, too.”
  71. 71. Well, Toro, I guess it‟s time to turn the reins over to Dez. We‟ll follow him and his siblings through college, and then he‟ll come back and it‟ll be all about him as the reigning heir. What do you think? Any last thoughts? Toro: “Hmmm… Brie?” Brie: “Yes?” Toro: “How do you feel about one more date?”
  72. 72. Well, that‟s it! This chapter was a little shorter than all the ones before it, but I have a feeling you don‟t mind that. Say goodbye to Toro and Brie as reigning heir and spouse, and see you in college!
  73. 73. OHAI, Patrick!! This is your very first haunting! What‟s the occasion, huh? Patrick: “I am merely here to collect a few of our belongings. While the Luau is stocked with a great number of delicious foods, there is nothing quite like one of Notoro‟s berry pies. …Also, I hope to see Notoro or even perhaps Aubrey. I do believe they could do with a touch of a scare.”